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Hermione sat down to dinner by herself. She had an Arithmancy mock exam tomorrow and she needed to revise. She propped her book up against her goblet of pumpkin juice and started to read. Suddenly, Fred and George plonked themselves down opposite her, knocking her book over and the goblet over that.

'Oh, you two are so annoying!' she cried, trying to mop up the orange stain that was spreading over the pages she was trying to read.

'Sorry Hermione,' said Fred, grinning, 'but we thought you needed some company.'

'Yeah well I don't. I'm trying to revise if you hadn't noticed. Will you just leave me alone?'

Fred shrugged at George and muttered 'Girls!' as they sauntered off to the other end of the long Gryffindor table to talk to Lee Jordan.

Hermione returned to reading her book but soon gave up as the words were indecipherable. She returned to Gryffindor tower and slumped into an armchair by the fire where Harry, Ron and Ginny were sitting. Harry and Ginny were sitting very close and kept sharing glances at each other while they were all chatting and Hermione gave Ginny a quizzical look. She knew that Ginny was obsessed with Harry and she had a hunch that Harry liked her back. It looked to her like things were on the move. At around eleven o'clock Harry and Ron went up to bed and Hermione said to Ginny, 'so what's going on with you and Harry then? You looked very cosy!'

'I know, it was great,' said Ginny, beaming, 'but I still have no idea what's going on. Sometimes he seems really keen and sometimes he's really off. I think he's really worried about what Ron will think.'

'Yeah I agree. I don't think he want's Ron to get mad. He's in a difficult position. I think you should just have a word with him and tell him how you feel.'

'Maybe I will.'

The next day, Hermione was sitting with Lavender and Parvati at lunch as George approached her. 'Hermione, I just wanted to say I'm really sorry about yesterday. You know what Fred's like sometimes. Anyway, I hope we didn't spoil your revision.'

'Oh don't worry about it,' she said, smiling, 'I just had my exam and it went fine.'

He smiled and left and Hermione turned back to talk to Lavender and Parvati.

'I don't know why George hasn't got a girlfriend,' said Parvati, 'I mean I wouldn't go out with him myself because I've got Seamus but he's really good-looking and funny and he obviously has a sensitive side.'

Hermione looked back down the table at him, 'I suppose you're right. Maybe people are put off by the twin thing, I mean him and Fred are always together.'

That evening Hermione and Ron sat in the common room talking about Gryffindors chances against Slytherin in the next quidditch match.

'It's gotta be Gryffindor, 'said Ron, 'I mean we've got Harry on our team! Talking about Harry, where is he?'

'No idea,' Hermione confessed, 'but Ginny's not here either.'

'What's that got to do with anything?' said Ron sharply.

'N-nothing, I was just commenting.'

'Right,' said Ron, grumpily. He wasn't stupid; he had noticed that there was an attraction between Harry and Ginny but he had been determinedly ignoring it, hoping it would go away. 'Oi, George!' He called across the common room, 'what you looking at?'

'Nothing,' said George, 'Just your ugly face,' and he turned back to the conversation Fred, Angelina and Alicia were having.

Just then, Harry climbed through the portrait hole, closely followed by Ginny. They were both grinning. They made their way over to where Ron and Hermione were sitting and sat down.

'Erm, we've got something to say,' said Harry, now looking seriously at Ron. Hermione could tell what was coming and knew that Ron could too but he had a determined look on his face. 'Ginny and I have decided to go out.'

'Some mate,' said Ron, 'you make me sick Harry. It wasn't long ago you were mooning over Cho Chang and now you've moved onto my sister.' He got up and stormed off to the boy's dormitory.

'I was expecting that but it doesn't make it any easier,' said Ginny.

Harry put his arm around her and said, 'don't worry about it, he'll come around.'

'Don't let him spoil your happiness,' said Hermione, 'I think it's great you two have finally got together, you're so cute. Ron's just jealous.'

'Did I hear someone talking about Ron?' said Fred, as he and George came over to join them.

'Yeah, he's having a tantrum because Harry and Ginny are going out.

'Really?' said Fred, turning to Harry, 'I would say look after her or ill kick your ass but she doesn't need any looking after. Have you been on the end of one of her bat bogey hexes?'

They all laughed.

'So er, what exactly did Ron say?' asked George.

'He told me I was a bad mate and stuff which I guess I am, I mean who goes out with their best mate's sister?'

'Not regretting it already are you Harry?' said Ginny, looking hurt.

'Of course not. I just feel bad that's all.'