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Ginny and Hermione sat, quietly whimpering, praying for a miracle while Harry and Fred struggled fruitlessly against the death eaters that were holding them from escape.

'Stop struggling!' shouted a Death Eater close to them and kicked Harry in the gut. Harry slumped to the floor, gasping for breath.

Voldemort stepped closer to them, 'Before you meet my friends I wish to show my gratitude to Draco for bringing you to me.' He gestured for Malfoy to come closer. Malfoy stood next to his master, a satisfied smirk on his face. 'You will be given the honour of torturing your classmates before they meet their fate.'

They struggled desperately to escape but the strong death eaters held them painfully still. Draco paced between them, choosing who to torture first.

'I only want Potter,' He said.

He raised his wand and yelled 'crucio!' into the night. Harry writhed in pain, thrashing so hard he released himself from the death eaters grip. He wanted to die, the pain was too much. He could hear the death eaters roaring with laughter and malfoys glee ringing in his ears. Then all of a sudden, the pain was gone. He lay panting on the floor, covered in sweat and mud. Shakily, he stood up and whipped out his wand, pointing it at Draco.

'Expelliarmus!' Shouted Voldemort, and Harry's wand sailed out of his hand and into that of his nemesis, leaving him defenceless.

'Sectumsempra!' Malfoy bellowed, and Harry felt a white hot pain sear across his face as though he had been slashed with a sword. He stumbled backward into the group of death eaters who pushed him to the ground. He felt his face and warm blood gushed onto his hand. He could hear Hermione and Ginny screaming into the night. Panting, he got to his feet again. He wasn't going to let Malfoy torture him on the floor. He wouldn't show cowardice.

'You make me sick!' He shouted at Malfoy, 'You're a coward and can only fight when you've got your pathetic cronies backing you up. You know you could never beat me in a fair fight!' He spat on Malfoys face.

Malfoy roared with rage and wiped his face with the back of his hand. 'Imperio!' he shouted, but the spell wasn't aimed at Harry, it was aimed at Fred. Fred's eyes slid out of focus. Suddenly, he raced at Harry, punching him and kicking him. Harry fell to the ground and Fred pounced on him, hitting him in the face. He felt his nose break and again, blood gushed from his nostrils, running in rivers down his neck onto his robes. Just as suddenly as he had started, Fred stopped hitting him. He got up looking dazed and confused. The death eaters were laughing and jeering.

'I think that's enough Draco,' Voldemort said calmly, 'we don't want Mr Potter to die. Not with the treat I've got in store for him.'

With that he waved his hand over to the edge of the clearing. With horror that gripped his chest like a vice, Harry saw three dementor's gliding through the trees towards them.'

'Kiss them,' Voldemort ordered, 'but leave the little girl. Say goodbye to your souls'

Harry didn't have time to try and respond before a dementor was upon him. He could hear Hermione's screams and Fred's shouts as he felt the icy coldness attack his insides. The dementor's cold, clammy hands were upon him, lifting him upward. It removed its hood and with another surge of terror, Harry saw its face for the first time. It was grey and slimly looking and covered with scabs and scars. It had no features except one gaping hole where its mouth should be. There was no tongue or teeth, just blackness. Harry felt drained and weak. He struggled against the dementor but it was too strong. It lowered its face and Harry felt himself passing out.

Suddenly, there was a flash of silver light as someone yelled 'expecto patronum!' All three dementors were chased away by a huge silver animal.

Confused, Harry sat up and looked around. He could see that Fred and Hermione were all ok and thankfully, had not yet been kissed. Voldemort yelled with rage and ordered the death eaters to look for who had conjured the patronus.

'There's no one here master,' said an old looking death eater as they finished searching the trees around the clearing.

'Fine,' snapped Voldemort, 'then I'll have to kill you instead.' He rounded on Harry, Hermione and Fred, raised his wand and was about to cast his spell when one of the death eaters shouted out and pointed behind voldemort.

Ron had just dropped out of a tree, directly next to him. One of the death eaters cried 'Avada kedavra!' A flash of green light erupted from his wand and sped towards Ron. As if by instinct Ron leapt out of the way and pushed the unsuspecting voldemort in its path. In what seemed like slow motion, they saw the look of surprise and fear on voldemorts face as he fell to the floor.

'Fool's!' He called, 'I cannot die like a mere mortal.'

Hermione and Ginny looked stricken, sure that Ron was about to be killed. Voldemort stood up and pointed his wand at Ron's heart. 'Nice trick little boy, you learned how to produce a patronus and saved your friends. But now you're going to die just like them.' Ron was looking over Voldemorts shoulder as he spoke.

'Kiss him,' he said.

'What?' shouted voldemort, 'what are you talking about?'

Suddenly, a pair of cold, clammy hands was dragging him backwards. The death eaters fired killing spells at the dementor but it could not die, for it wasn't alive. The dementor lowered its hood and moved its face closer to Voldemorts. Voldemort screamed as a rattling breath was drawn as the remainder of his soul was sucked from his body.

The dementor dropped his soulless body to the ground and the death eaters all rushed forward to him. His eyes were blank and staring and he didn't say a word.

As the death eaters backs were turned Ron shouted 'petrificus totalus!' and they all fell to the ground, stiff as boards.

Two hours later, they all sat in the hospital wing, around Harry's bed.

'You're going to be just fine,' madam Pomfrey said reassuringly, 'I've healed your wounds and you can go as soon as you feel up to it.'

Harry thanked her and sat up in bed.

Fred shifted uncomfortably in his seat. 'Ron, I err have something to say. I um, well I just want to say I'm really sorry. You were amazing tonight and you saved all of our lives.'

Ron shrugged. 'You don't need to apologise, it should be me apologising. I've been the biggest prat these last few weeks.'

'You can say that again,' Harry said, grinning at his best friend, 'but as far as I'm concerned you're forgiven. And when did you learn how to do a patronus you dark horse?'

Ron grinned, 'well I can't let you be better at me at everything can I. I've been practicing.' He looked sideways at Hermione. She smiled weakly at him.

'Ron, I can't say I forgive you for what you did to me, I don't think I will ever be able to and you know that. But you were amazing tonight and I can't thank you enough. Things may not ever be the same between us but I'm certainly willing to try.'

Ron smiled at her, nodding.

'Oh this is so great!' Ginny said, beaming, 'we're all friends again and Voldemort is gone. Who would ever have thought it would be you that defeated him eh Ron?'

Ron shrugged, 'seeing you all in danger, I guess I summoned some kind of out of body courage. Lucky I fancied a walk by the forest tonight or I would never have seen you.'

Just then the door of the hospital wing opened and Dumbledore walked in, beaming at them all. 'Well madam Pomfrey tells me you're going to be just fine and I am exceptionally glad.' He said, 'As for you Mr Weasley, you will receive an order of Merlin first class and an award for special services to the school for your help in the capture of lord Voldemort and several of his death eaters.'

Ron gasped.

'Who says you've never achieved anything better than your brothers eh?' Said Fred, cuffing Ron on the back with pride.

'And what will happen to Voldemort and his death eaters now?' Harry asked.

'Well,' said Dumbledore, 'they'll be taken to Azkaban and all serve life sentences. They will be interrogated encase they want to incriminate any of their fellows but then will be left in the charge of the dementors.'

Harry smiled, 'Malfoy deserves it.'

'He deserves more,' said Ginny angrily, 'he killed Fred and nearly killed us. He deserved to die.'

'We don't kill people for their crimes in the wizarding world Miss Weasley,' Dumbledore said, 'but you say he killed George. How do you know?'

'He left Hermione a letter explaining,' she said.

'Well that'll certainly be taken in as evidence against him then. Perhaps he, like his master deserves a little kiss,' said Dumbledore, a slight slime playing across his lips.

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