This story is the result of a thought that occurred to me while I was watching Van Helsing. I wondered, "What if Dracula had a child with a human instead of with his vampire brides? What if she grew up to become a monster huntress like Van Helsing? What would her life be like?" I decided that I would write about it.

I own nothing except for Gabriella.



A young woman with long brown hair lie in a small bed holding her newborn child. It had been midnight when the child was born, and the mother, still somewhat exhauseted, waited patiently for nightfall. She stood and gently placed the sleeping child on the feathery mattress. She turned and dragged herself to the window, peeling back the curtain.

Dusk. Good, it's almost nightfall. I hope he gets here soon, She thought.

The woman glanced downwards at the street below. From a distance, she saw a mob of Translyvanian villagers-torch and pitchfork in tow-storming towards her home.

"Get the woman and child!"

"The devil's whore must die!"

"The spawn of Satan must be destroyed!"

Terrified, the woman ran and hid her child. Just then, the villagers burst through the door.

"No! Please, leave me alone!" The woman cried.

The villagers wouldn't have it. They dragged her out by her hair and tied her wrists together, beating and jeering at her mercilessly.

"Search for the child!" A man in the mob yelled. Several others stormed into the house, tossing every object here and there. Meanwhile, the crowd outside continued to have their way with the helpless woman.

Suddenly, a loud shriek pierced the now dark sky. Four creatures bore down on the mob scene below.

"Vampires! Hide!" The crowd screamed in terror and dispersed. The men inside bolted out into the night. The woman was left on the ground bleading to death. The lead vampire landed next to her and transformed into a handsome young count. He took the woman's head in his lap and tried to will her to live.

"The baby…" She struggled to speak. "The baby…hidden…in the house! Vladislaus, they didn't…find…"

"Search the house for the child!" The man yelled at the three women who stood with him. "My dear, they will find the child. It's ok, everything will be alright."

"I love you, Vladislaus…take care of her!" With these last words, the woman died.

The Man stood and let out and anguished cry of pure heartache. One of his brides, sister to the now dead woman, approached. "My Lord, the girl." She said quietly and handed the newborn to its father.

"Oh, my child" He whispered, torrential tears pourning down his face. "I shall name you in honor of your mother. You are my daughter. You are Gabriella Dragulia, daughter of Count Dracula!"