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Once more, i don't own anything in a story, and I ain't ashamed to say it... hehe.

Anyway, the OC here is the lovely Hitomi Kaya by Hitoezakura from "How Is This Love?"

This is an AU of the fic, thus return to cannon, and to the Bakumatsu.

100 ficlet..

Thanx Sueb262 for the once-over...

Okita is in normal while Kaya is in italics..

Hope everyone, and specially Hitoezakura enjoys...


Maybe if he knew.

Knew that I watch him, as he returns, from these nightly wanderings, patrols, eyes lowered, blades dragging. But he still smiles. Can't I too, for him?

Maybe if I talked, maybe. If he sees me.

I closed my eyes today, as blade hit home. So he died. I did not know him, I did kill him, watched him collapse, his body crumple. I need to tell someone, tell them, that he smiled too, as he lay dying. But who?

She is looking at me again. Maybe if I raised my eyes. Looked up. Maybe, really smiled.


So the first true meeting between Kaya and Okita, I took liberties as this was left untouched in "How Is This Love?"

Thank you all for reading.. and ummm plz do that thing that I can't do here :D