12 year old Alexa was very sad this morning, she had to bury her beloved pet in the forest. He had been a bad pet and tried to escape, when all Alexa had wanted to do was play with him, she had taken very good care of him and fed him well but this morning he had broke free of his chain and ran away. "Daddy Daddy!" she had cried "He's gone!". Henry doted on his daughter and was angry to see Alexa so upset, holding the broken chain. Alexa had chosen this one all by herself this time. "Will you get him back Daddy?" she said her eyes full of tears.

"No sweetie, he's been bad he has to be punished, but I promise we will go shopping for a new one tomorrow, a better one"

"Really Daddy?" she said her eyes shining once more "Can I pick one?" she asked already forgetting about the old one. "Daddy I want you to kill the old one, he's been a bad boy" She announced darkly.

"We'll both go get him, princess, he cant have got far" He said already picking up his rifle, and loading it. Alexa grabbed her own weapon and they headed out the door. It wasnt long before they spotted the fleeing 'pet'. Henry brought it to its knees with one bullet. It went down with an anguished cry as the bullet slammed into its leg. "You got him Daddy!" she announced happily, skipping over to her fallen pet. It cried out softly as Alexa reached down to stroke his hair. "Hush puppy" she whispered "you've been a very bad boy" it whimpered at her icy cold touch, "why did you run away? that was a very bad thing to do" she said looking directly into his eyes " you have to be punished"

"No!" he pleaded "please don't! Im sorry I'll be good I promise"he cried desperately trying to get away from the strange little girl."

"It's too late for sorry" she sing songed "I'm going to get a new pet, I dont need you anymore" She grabbed hold of him by his barely there T Shirt.

"No!" he begged, tears streaming down his dirty face "No please one more chance!"

"You've had your chance" she replied coldly,her childlike innocence gone,shoving her hands deep into his chest

"AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH" the tortured scream seemed to last forever, as a huge blue light lit up the forest, power coursed through Alexa's veins as she took the very essence of the human beneath her. Eventually the body lay limply and Alexa triumphantly pulled out the boy's heart. Her father watched on proudly. "Very good Alexa" he praised. Alexa slowly stood up, the heart in her hands, she popped it into the plasticbag and wiped her bloody hands on her white dress. "Its a shame Daddy" she said oddly " he was my favourite so far, why do they always run away Daddy, why dont they stay?"

"I promise sweetie, the next one wont escape, I shall make sure of it" he said as they entered the cottage after burying the boy deep in the woods. "The next one will stay forever".

Alexa grinned happily "I want a really nice one then Daddy, a pretty one to take care of forever"

"We shall go shopping tomorrow Alexa, you shall have your new pet, go and take care of your trophy" . Happy with the prospect of having a brand new pet tomorrow, Alexa skipped away contentedly to her room and opened up her cupboard, humming to herself she sought out an empty jar, and wrote out a label, deposited her trophy into the jar and stuck on the label. She admired her collection as she placed her latest jar on the shelf 'Andrew - 24th February - 13th April 2005' She had a nice collection now her favourites were 'Peter' 'Carl' 'Martin' 'Simon' and then her very first 'William - 4th November - 26th July 1858'

"You were all very bad boys" she whispered to the jars " but the next shall be different, he is going to stay forever, my daddy will make sure of it"

Alexa went to bed sleeping soundly of the thought of her next prey. He would be the best one yet, because he was never ever going to leave her. "You will be my play mate forever" she whispered to the empty room.

Dean Winchester woke up with a start, normally it was Sam who had the nightmares but recently it was Dean who had trouble sleeping, he looked over at the bed opposite in the dark motel room, the tall form of his younger brother was outlined, sleeping peacefully. Dean rolled over and sighed groping for the alarm clock, 3.30am. They were both exhausted after the previous days work, hunting down a demon,and whileSammy had got to sleep with relative ease, something was keeping Dean awake and he could not put his finger on it. The hunt had gone relatively easily, the demon was officially toast, the people of Little Hampton could sleep easier at night but Dean couldnt. He got out of his bed as quietly as he could so as not wake Sam and pulled on his jeans and examined his reflection in the bathroom mirror. "You look like shit Winchester" he muttered to himself, dark circles were forming under his eyes from continous lack of sleep. He washed his face and drank some water before clambering back into bed, falling into a restless sleep.

As light streamed into the dingy motel room, it was Sam who rose first, far too chipper for Dean's liking. "Rise and shine Dean" he grinned "It's a beautiful day" Dean groaned and pulled the covers more tightly around him.

"Go away Sam" he moaned "What's got you in such a hyper mood?"

"Nothing, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and pretty soon were getting out of this dump" he replied, eyes shining. "So hurry up and get your ass out of bed!" He said throwing a pillow at Dean's head.

"Why don't you make yourself useful Sammy and go and get us something for breakfast? There's a grocery store across the street."

His brother pouted and was about to reply "It's..." before Dean interrupted "Actually, no on second thoughts we'll both go, dont want you coming back with any of that health food shit" he grinned, quickly pulling on his clothes.

The store was pretty empty save for a middle aged guy and a young girl, it was quite big though and required exploration to find even basic items such as milk. Dean wandered off with his basket, unaware the young girl was watching his every move.

Alexa had got up bright and early to go shopping, her dad had promised somewhere different to where they normally shopped for pets and drove the 65 miles to Little Hampton. Alexa and her father waited in the car park of the grocery store, waiting until somebody caught her eye, lots of young men walked past but Alexa didnt want any of those. Until one walked on by. She let out an excited gasp and her father followed his daughter's gaze to two young men, seemingly brothers enter the store. "I want that one" She declared excitedly.

Henry studied the two young men, hoping she meant the younger looking one, he would be much easier to overpower then the stronger, more powerfully built brother. "The tall one?" He enquired hopefully.

"No" Alexa replied, her eyes fixed lovingly on her new prey. "The other one, the one with the pretty mouth"