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It was a nursery but of the most sadistic kinds, broken toys were scattered on the floor, chains were hanging from everywhere and blood stained the carpet. Dean eyed his surroundings warily, his hunting abilities immediately kicking in; he looked for possible escape routes. Alexa picked up a long chain and sturdily attatched it to Dean's handcuffs, allowing Dean plenty of movement but still making sure he could not escape.

"I'll be right back" She promised, with a childlike grin, securing the door behind her. As soon as she had gone, Dean started tugging at his bonds, testing the strength of the chains, firstly around his wrists; they were not coming off anytime soon. Then he walked to the huge iron ring, the chain was attached to on the wall, it was sturdy as hell. Dammit! Dean cursed; he knew he was stuck with this demon child until Sam figured the hell everything out. Sam was smart, Dean comforted himself 'Sam will find you and then we can laugh about me being captured by a little girl' He just hoped that Sam was up to the task of being the rescuer rather than the rescued. Dean hated playing the damsel in distress. He stiffened a little as the door opened and in came the little bitch herself. His eyes widened in horror when he saw that she wasn't alone and also at what she carried.

"Time to play Dean" she sing songed.

This was so not a position that Sam had ever hoped to be in. He was completely alone, no dad no Dean and now no Impala. He stumbled along in the dark and cold, finally seeing his destination, the library. It was pretty deserted and Sam gratefully headed for an empty computer, just what exactly was he looking for though? He typed in the town and then 'disappearances' and within seconds he had a backlog of mysterious disappearances around the area, dating as far back as 1894, mostly young men. Some never found, some mutilated bodies, some merely drowned and of course like many places, the police obviously didn't bat an eyelid.

Sam got out a map and began marking the areas where the disappearances occurred, it seemed all the way across state. He sadly put a further red cross in Little Hampton next to where Dean had been taken. He furrowed his brow, looking at the map, there did not seem to be any obvious pattern, something had been snatching young men since 1894.

He looked at the date of one of the articles and began to read 'Mother distraught as young son vanishes'. William Turner, had been out on a fishing trip when he disappeared. William, aged 12 was last seen by a man at the riverside. His fully clothed body was found 32 days after his reported disappearance, floating in a river, the cause of death still remains undetermined.

The next one didn't happen until 1904, ten years later and this was a village over 60 miles away. 16 year old George Smith left his house at 8PM to meet his sweetheart. He never arrived and his body has never been found. Sam scanned through the rest of the articles, noting how the victims seemed to be getting older as time passed. The most recent one was Jack Swift, a 26 year old University graduate; whose car was found abandoned 24 days ago.

He made a list of names, dates and ages starting with 1894 –William Turner, aged 12 and missing for 32 days, all the way through to Jack Swift, aged 26 missing for 24 days and Dean. It was a very peculiar pattern, 25 disappearances, 16 bodies, over 112 year period, missing for varying number of days, the shortest 3 days and the longest, almost a year, forensic reports confirmed that the victim had died just 3 days prior to the body discovery.

'What kind of demon keeps their prey alive, almost a year' He muttered to himself.

"What do you think you are doing?" An angry voice came from behind Sam, startling him. He whirled around to be confronted with a girl, about the same age as him.

"Just what kind of sick freak are you?" She demanded, pointing at the array of articles and marked map. "Did you have something to do with this? Are you responsible for what happened to Jack?"

"No, No" Sam, held his hands up, immediately getting defensive. "My brother is missing and I'm just trying to find out what happened to him"

"So you go to the police and report it then! You don't start digging up old history" The girl replied, still eyeing Sam suspiciously.

"The police won't do anything" Sam declared "They haven't got a clue. People have been vanishing for years and they just ignore it"

"Sorry" the girl said "I saw you looking at stuff about Jack and I freaked. I just want him back"

"I want my brother back too" Sam said, "I'm Sam, Sam Holcastle"

"Nice to meet you Sam, I'm Lucy, Jack is my boyfriend. What happened to your brother?"

Sam looked a little pale. "Dean was taken from our motel room this afternoon"

"Why do you think this is happening?" Lucy cried "Do you think its gangs?"

"I'm not sure" Sam replied "but I'm going to find out, I'll find Dean and Jack".

"What makes you think you can find them?" Lucy said, looking at Sam sceptically. "Are you a cop?"

"Not exactly"

"Well then I want to help you" She said defiantly.

Sam hesitated, he didn't really know exactly what he was up against, didn't want to drag a girl into it, but what choice did he have? Lucy was stood there in front of him, jaw set determinedly, she clearly wouldn't take no for an answer.

He adopted his best winning smile as he asked her "Could you point me in the way of the nearest gas station?"

Dean meanwhile was in his own personal hell, tortured to within an inch of his life, the worst form of torture known to man – boredom. The little girl had gone to bed, some time ago, but had touched Dean's arm again, making him sick and weak. When he had woke up again, he found himself now chained to the ceiling, his wrists were manacled above him, a huge ball attached to his ankle, even at full strength it would have been nigh on impossible to try and break free. He was stuck in his current state, hung up like a piece of meat. Just to add insult to injury, there was a gag stuffed tightly in his mouth and it definitely was not clean, he tried to spit out the offending material, it was so disgusting.

Suddenly an electric light came on, blinding Dean and there stood Sam. Dean's eyes widened in disbelief and he started to try saying something behind the gag. When Sam made no move to help him, Dean suddenly realised, remembering the trick from this morning. His eyes darkened angrily and 'Sam' laughed, coming to stand close to Dean. "You boy" It hissed "Are going to be trouble, I can tell". Still wearing Sam's guise, it gripped Dean's chin forcefully. Dean snarled angrily "She chose you and I respect that but I will not hesitate to hurt you, I can leave scars she would never see on her 'pretty new toy'. You mess her about or hurt her in anyway then I will see to it, that your brother dies." He threatened menacingly. Dean tried to do something, anything but all he could do was dangle his chains and glare. "You will not try to escape, you will do as she says or Sam will die". "Sleep well" He said sarcastically, switching the lights out, leaving Dean alone. How ironic Dean thought "I'm the one in trouble and Sam is still being used as leverage, some things never change" He sighed.

"This is your car?" Lucy said as she and Sam approached the hidden Impala, the appreciation obvious in her voice.

"Yup, this is Dean's pride and joy" Sam replied.

"Wow, I've always wanted to drive a car like this" Lucy stated enthusiastically

"Really?" Sam cocked an eyebrow at the girl. She hardly looked like the car enthusiast type. She was pretty, with long brown held back by a hair band and dressed in tight fitting jeans and heeled boots.

"Jack's a bit of a car obsessive" She revealed then smiled sadly at the memory of her missing boyfriend.

"We'll find him, Lucy I promise" Sam said, as he poured the petrol he had acquired at the gas station into the tank. He got in and Lucy slipped into the passenger seat. The engine however still wouldn't start. "Oh come on!" He sighed, frustrated.

"Let me take a look" Lucy said, jumping out of the car and popping the hood before Sam could reply. Sam handed her a flashlight as she examined the engine like an expert, she didn't seem in the least bit bothered about getting dirty.

"Hmm, that's odd" She muttered

"What is?" Sam asked, feeling slightly embarrassed a girl was helping him with car troubles.

"Well I cant see anything that would make the engine not start" She frowned "Everything is in perfect working order, it's as if the engine just packed up and died all of it's own accord"

Sam got an eerie feeling that somehow it was the area that made the engine die, some supernatural force that was controlling it, he shuddered, and it was a creepy thought. "So what do we do now?" Sam said "We can't fix something that isn't broken in the first place."

Lucy looked troubled for a moment before her face brightened "I have an idea, get behind the wheel and try the engine again when I give the signal"

Sam was confused as to what she could possibly do but did as she said. Lucy's head disappeared under the bonnet again and then her hand went up in a thumbs up sign, Sam turned the key. To his amazement the engine purred beautifully. Lucy shut the bonnet, grinning triumphantly. Sam stared at her in amazement as she climbed into the car. "How did you do that?"

"Oh just a little trick that Jack taught me" She brushed off.

"That's some trick!" Sam said, still confused at to what she could possibly have done to fix a supposedly dead engine so quickly. He decided not to question her, he was just glad to have the Impala working again; he needed it to find Dean.

Next morning Dean woke up to find Alexa already sat, watching him intently. It was the single creepiest thing that he had ever seen; god only knew how long she had been there. "Morning Dean" she smiled, standing up. As she did so Dean could have sworn she was taller than yesterday, her features seemed to be older too. He shook it off; he must have been imagining things. Alexa took the gag off and then slowly released his wrists from the ceiling. Dean was too exhausted to even think about trying to escape her.

"How are you feeling today Dean?" She said, gripping his arm as she steered him out of the room. Once again, it amazed him at the strength of her, she was easily stronger than he was. But that was impossible wasn't it? He found it fascinating to think about just what kind of creature was she, nothing he had come across.

She led him into what looked like a kitchen where her father already was stood over a stove. He wore his usual face this time. There was a mirror above the table and Dean caught a glimpse of himself, it shocked him how awful he looked. He was extremely pale and tired looking and had dark circles around his eyes. Just what had that girl done? She forced him into a chair and served up a bowl of some foul looking gunk. "No" Dean said pushing the bowl away with his cuffed hands.

"You have to eat" She chastised.

Her father saw the exchange and immediately strode round to Dean's chair he held him in place so he couldn't turn his head away. Alexa grabbed a spoonful and forced it towards Dean's lips "No!" Dean panicked, trying to turn away but unable to break Henry's grip.

"Eat it boy!" Henry warned "You know the consequences" Dean reluctantly accepted the strange looking stuff and swallowed, it was as disgusting as he thought it would be, and he automatically gagged but he forced himself to swallow it all down, he knew Henry would not hesitate to carry out his threat against Sam.

"Good Dean" Alexa encouraged "Eat it all up"

It was humiliating to be patronised by a girl but Dean had no choice, he physically could not fight back, and his mind was too messed up for his usual verbal comebacks, Sam would have to find him, because he was not going to be able to save himself.

Lucy and Sam had checked into a motel shortly after getting the Impala working again. It was unlikely they would find anything in the dark; they would have to wait until morning. Neither of them slept though, too worried about their loved ones, they spent the night talking and planning their next move. Sam didn't tell her anything she didn't need to know, himself and Dean had been on a road trip. Sam was taking a break from college. It was almost true, apart from the demon hunting of course, which he left out. He learnt about Lucy too. She was 23, from Little Hampton; she was a university student studying Classic Literature. She left when her mother fell ill and returned home to look after her. Jack was coming to stay with her over the holidays. He never made it. They decided their next plan would be to check out where Jack went missing from.

Obviously it had been a month since Jack's disappearance and the police had been over the area but Sam hoped to find something that they wouldn't. He kneeled down at the roadside where Jack's car had been abandoned. There didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary. "What are we looking for?" asked Lucy. Sam wasn't too sure himself. "Just er things that don't look erm normal" He struggled to come up with an explanation.

"Right" Lucy nodded, wandering some distance away. Sam continued his examination of the roadside. His eyes suddenly spotted something, a grey powder streaked along the road. He turned to see if Lucy was watching him, no she had his back to him. Sam quickly smelt the powder, definitely a sign of the supernatural; he scooped a little into a bag and continued his search.

Lucy was still looking amongst the bushes; she turned to look at Sam who seemed to be intently examining the road. She reached down to remove the large rock and the thing hidden below it.

"Hey!" She shouted "I found something"

Sam jogged over alerted by her cries. "What did you find?"

She held up her discovery "It's Jack's ring," She said sadly "I gave him it for his birthday last year"

"Where did you find it?" Sam asked.

"Just there in the bushes on the ground" She replied instantly.

"I wonder why the police never found it" Sam mused.

"Maybe they weren't looking hard enough" She shrugged, nonplussed.

"I guess not" Sam said, uneasily, the ring couldn't have been lying out in the open like that, the police would surely have found it. So how did Lucy find it so quickly? And why would his ring just be lying there? Things didn't make any sense. Privately, he began to doubt Lucy, she could have easily planted the ring but for what purpose? Sam decided to be cautious around Lucy now he couldn't trust her.

He didn't show any of his suspicions to Lucy; he would confront her when the time was right. "What we really need to see is Jack's car" He said "Do you know where it is?"

"It's in impound I think in town"

"We have to see that car"

"But why surely the police would have taken all the evidence out of it?" Lucy said

"Not necessarily, the ring shows that they have missed things"

"I guess but how are we going to get to see the car, surely it will be locked up"

"There's always a way" Sam grinned.

An hour later, with his fake ID, once again working wonders, Sam was examining the car, as Lucy thought, nearly everything that could have been taken out the car had but the interior remained and it was this that Sam was interested in. There were flecks of blood here and there on the driver's seat but nothing noticeable. There were no markings on the door, the glass in the window had never been broken. A closer examination of the windshield revealed clues. A hair on the outside of the glass and small dents, like the car had perhaps hit something but there was no blood like there should have been. Sam's mind was already returning to Alexa. He imagined himself as Jack driving in the dark and suddenly a girl all dressed in white runs in front of the vehicle. There is no time to brake and he ploughs straight through. There is no sign of tire treads or emergency stop because like the Impala, the engine automatically dies. Jack would race out the car and find the girl, without a scratch on her. All it would take would be a touch of her on his skin and then that would be it.

He was broken from his thoughts by Lucy "Sam! The real police are here, we have got to go!"

Panicked, Sam and Lucy fled the impound, by climbing over the fence, Lucy had no problem at all, clearing the high fence and they ran quickly to the Impala and away.

"So did you find anything?" Lucy said when they were a safe distance away.

"I think Jack was tricked into thinking he had hit someone" was all Sam would reveal. Surprisingly, Lucy didn't seem to want to question it further "So where does that leave us?"

"I also found something else out" Sam said stopping the car.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yes" Sam said "why didn't you tell me you were in the car?"

"I wasn't" She immediately denied "I couldn't have been"

"You were in the backseat" Sam accused "I found your hairs"

"They could have been there for ages!" She angrily bristled

"Lucy, you can just tell me the truth, if you saw something, you really need to tell me, I will believe you"

There was something in Sam's eyes that said she could trust him.

"What did you see Lucy?" Sam gently probed.

"I had to lie, nobody would believe me" She said "I'm not even sure what I saw, I was asleep. Jack and I were returning from a party I never should have been at. I felt sick so slept on the backseat, Jack drove. I remember him pulling up and leaving the car and I wondered why. So I got out and and and…"Tears formed in her eyes. "Jack was gone and there was just this girl. She was really evil looking but the worst thing was" She finished barely in a whisper… "She didn't look human. How could I tell the police that? I just ran! Never even reported him missing. His parents did that!"

"This girl" Sam probed "Can you tell me what she looked like?"

"You actually believe me?" Lucy said in amazement "you don't think I'm crazy?"

Sam put his hand on Lucy's shoulder. "I believe you"

"She was streaked in blood and had these really evil looking eyes, she was dressed all in white, I mean she just didn't look human, her face was disfigured but I mean that's not possible is it, and things like that only exist in nightmares!" She seemed to look to Sam for some reassurance, that what she saw was just some nightmare.

Sam's grim expression offered no comfort. "Lucy, we have to realise there are things going on which are beyond the normal realms of explanation and rationality"

"You mean like myths and legends…"

"Exactly like myths and legends!" Sam exclaimed "only they are not myths, they're real"

"Oh god" Lucy whitened

"I know it's a lot to take in…" Sam started

"No, no, its not that. Ohio has always had this myth, this lore about a girl like creature searching for a husband, I never believed it, it was just a ghost story"

"Wait, you said a girl? Don't you mean a child?"

"No, no she was definitely not a child, she was probably about 16 or 17 years old"

Sam refused to believe the girl wasn't involved, but Lucy was so adamant, and spooked, she knew what she saw, so what was going on? Another girl perhaps? A sister? The question was, what to do now? Where did he go from here, Sam Winchester for once in his life did not have an answer.