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Chapter 1 – The Prom Ball-Banquet

Who could have guessed, that during the last term, on the very last day of school, what Hermione Granger had been waiting so long for was going to happen... at last?

The Prom Ball-Banquet at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was due to start in just a few more minutes, and Hermione was staring nervously into a mirror. Her reflection showed a young witch wearing beautiful red dress robes and a perfect hairdo made, it almost seemed, by magic. The make-up definitely made her look very different, very beautiful. She had never cared about looks before, but today, tonight, everything was different…

Minerva McGonagall, actual headmistress who was still mourning Albus Dumbledore (just like most of the magical world), decided that everybody needed a few moments without worries. A little of fun would harm no one— neither would it offend Dumbledore's memory. So she decided to organize this little celebration to say good-bye to the generation of Hogwarts that supported her in all aspects from the moment she became Headmistress. She also decided to allow younger students, from 5th and 6th year, to go to the Prom if they wanted to.

Hermione had got all the possible help from her friends; Ginny Weasley had been wonderful, and even Luna Lovegood had loaned her a purse (an unusually normal one, coming from her). Even Padma Patil, Luna's housemate from Ravenclaw, had called on her twin sister Parvati, who had a special gift with tailor enchantments and together they made some arrangements to her robes. Of course, Lavender Brown didn't go near these proceedings – she was still being very cold to Hermione since the events of the previous school year. Although the good thing was, she never realized her best friend Parvati was giving Hermione a helping hand.

She had all this support, and yet… she felt so insecure… so nervous…

The knowledge that she was about to graduate from Hogwarts with the best marks in the year had shocked her a little at first, but after some thought, she wasn't all that surprised. But now that wasn't important; knowing that tonight's banquet meant the last good-bye to the place she had adopted as a second home for almost seven years made her very sad and melancholic. And the memory of Dumbledore's tragic murder by Severus Snape at the end of the last year… well, that could make any Hogwarts student cry. And yet, with all this bad news, the prospect of tonight's celebration and the support of her friends still made her smile, even though the butterflies in her stomach were still fluttering away.

Hermione's biggest concern was the prospect of facing one of the things she feared the most, yet the one she had so long hoped for: her deepest desire.

It wouldn't be easy to forget the reaction of her best friend, Harry Potter, when she told him… It was while Ron was in Hogsmeade, testing a new invention of his brothers, the great and funny twins Fred and George, at their new store. It was an advanced version of the Daydream Charm, but this ambitious project took things to a new level; contained in something similar to a wardrobe, for "the important pre-dream relax – mainly after a day of doing nothing at all", as the twins used to say. Harry and Hermione agreed in saying that this was very similar to "Virtual Reality" for Muggles.

"Really?" asked an incredulous Harry. "Well! It's about time! I thought he'd never admit it!"

"Admit what? He hasn't admitted anything, Harry!" she argued "It's not a big deal, really, it is just a simple—"

"It's not a big deal?" Harry interrupted her, his eyes widened in awe. "Hermione, what's wrong with you? It's taken him ages for him to realize! And by the way, he hasn't told me about this! I am going to have a few words with him."

Perhaps, Hermione thought, smiling, Harry could be right. It was a big deal, but just when she was about to agree with him, Ron came out of the Day Dream Wardrobe looking very happy; actually, he wore a relaxed expression very similar to a person that had just been put under the Imperius curse, but a little less absent…

Ginny's reaction had been very similar to Harry's regarding the "About time!" remarks, although she hugged Hermione and seemed to be… almost relieved, as though she had just been saved from having to sort out the issue herself.

"Wow! Hermione, that's great!" she said, thrilled.

"Well, will you calm down?" Hermione was a bit exasperated, but she couldn't keep herself from smiling. "This means nothing, remember the Yule Ball in our fourth year—"

"You are absolutely right!" Ginny interrupted her. "But he wouldn't dare do something stupid… No, I can't take risks. He is so going to listen to me… that little…

After this, the fiery-haired girl left, mumbling lots of things to herself and leaving Hermione laughing alone inside an empty common room.

But she just couldn't believe she was about to meet her date for the evening, the boy who would take her to the Prom, and she was even more skeptical about the fact that this boy was nothing more and nothing less than Ronald Weasley.

The moment he asked her would be, no doubt about it, one of the most memorable moments of her life. Very different from the Yule Ball, when he had thought of her as a last resort. No, this time he had really had her in mind from the beginning.

She closed her eyes remembering that precious moment— Ron being nervous, trying and failing to appear calm and the shock and surprise she herself had felt. When she opened her eyes, however, she decided that she didn't have to be so insecure about herself. Looks didn't matter at all, for he had seen in her something more than a pretty face; he saw her differently. She was not his friend anymore, the one he always argued with; she was something more important. She felt it. And that was the only thing she wanted on her mind tonight.

Finally decided, she went down the stairs to the common room, where he was waiting. He was wearing the handsome dark blue dress robes Fred and George had given him as a special gift, a product of the profits from their joke shop. She knew Ron only used these robes on very special occasions, so her smile became even wider.

Without saying anything, he took her hand and they made their way to the Great Hall, smiling, talking without words.

Just like the Yule Ball during the Triwizard Tournament, the four house tables had been replaced by several small, round tables covered by tablecloths with the Hogwarts shield embroidered on them. In fact, the decoration was very similar to the one from the Yule Ball, but the enchanted ceiling had never reflected such a beautiful sky; it was a really a "magical" atmosphere, or at least it was to Hermione…

Five minutes after they entered the Great Hall, they found Ginny and Harry dancing together and joined in. They were very happy, genuinely having fun.

During the few occasions when she was not with Ron, like when he had gone for drinks or with his friends, Hermione was able to realize two things. First, that Ron always kept an eye on her (she knew that because she, too, was watching her dance partner) and second, that, strange as it seemed, most of their classmates were not surprised at the sight of Ron dancing with Hermione. Actually they seemed to be… relieved, like Ginny, as if this was something they all knew would eventually happen.

The plan was that the party would only last until 11:30 p.m., but since by 11:20 everybody was just starting to have real fun, McGonagall announced that she and all the professors decided to give them until 1 a.m. to enjoy. After all, these were some of their last few moments at Hogwarts. Besides, it would be fair to say that she was not having a bad time.

And so the hours went by, the best ones in Hermione's life, and Ron didn't seem to be having a bad time, either. In fact, he was enjoying it just as much as she was, or so it seemed. They couldn't help but smile at each other.

Nothing could ruin those special moments with Harry and Ginny dancing by their side, none of them worrying about the Horcruxes or Voldemort, anything or anyone.

Just a little while before midnight, Ron asked her to go for a walk in the moonlight.

"Hermione… er… I don't know what you think, but from what the ceiling shows, I can tell that the moon is very beautiful tonight, though not as beautiful as yourself, of course," he said, and she turned red, making him smile. "It would be such a shame to miss it… Would you like to go for a walk?" It looked as though this question was a very difficult to ask, but she answered immediately

"Sure! I mean, yes, Ron, I'd love to go for a walk with you."

The moment they stepped outside the warmth of the Entrance Hall, she felt herself shivering in the cold of the night. Ron handed her his cloak. He seemed to be so nervous… But she felt just as nervous, maybe even more.

They walked around for several minutes… or more? Several hours, perhaps? They both lost sense of time. They talked about so many things: school staff, their plans, the people they would keep seeing after Hogwarts… until they reached a place near the Whomping Willow. Its leaves were making a very curious sound— calming, yet disturbing as the huge tree moved with the wind.

Ron suddenly stopped and turned to face Hermione, who was startled and still extremely nervous. She asked, "Is there something wrong, Ron?"

"No, nothing…" he answered "Er… Hermione… l-listen… I… t-there's something important that I wanted- that I want to tell you". He said this very quickly and, he almost didn't seem to remember English at that moment, for it was very difficult to understand what he was trying to say.

"What is it, Ron?" she asked, as she was getting more and more nervous every second.

"Y-you a-are the most amazing person I have ever met… and I don't know how to tell you… I… I…" She thought she knew what he was about to say. She could feel her legs shaking beneath her robes, waiting and trembling… "I have made mistakes, lots of them… I've said things I didn't mean… I have hurt you, but it's just… I never know what to do when you are around… 'cause when you are… I… barely know who I am… I guess that must be because I… I lo…"

Ron didn't know what to say next, it was as if he had run out of words. He simply leaned slowly to Hermione's face. He caressed her cheek and stroked her now curly brown hair. They were just inches away from each other. He smiled nervously. She could feel the heat coming from his face… It was really going to happen… at last… Her nose touched his…



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