Hairy Snape By BertaS March, 2006

Disclaimer: I am just playing. They aren't really mine, pity.

Description: A potions accident starts unusual circumstances happening for our favorite Potions Master and those around him.

Warnings: Slash, language, adult and sexual situations. Harry is in the later part of his seventh year and is 17 years old which in the Wizarding world is an adult.

Hairy Snape

It was Friday and the last class of the day. Severus Snape swooped around the dungeon classroom as his seventh year NEWT class finished their potions. At the beginning of the class they had each been handed a list of instructions and told to identify what they were making and write fifteen inches on what it did and what variations there were, due by the start of the next class. None of them realized that they were all making different potions that all did the same thing to a lesser or greater extent.

After all the fires were extinguished and the students were decanting their potions for study and grading, Snape approached Ron Weasley saying, "Shall we test one? Weasley hold still."

Of course Ron, being Ron, had not discerned that he had managed to make a simple potion that if rubbed on his chin would stimulate hair growth giving him the nice thick beard he had been trying to grow since his fifth year. He therefore did not do as instructed and unfortunately moved in such a way as to trip Snape up and knock over both his own and Harry's cauldron.

The result was that Snape was drenched in the potions as every one scrambled to get away from the spreading puddle on the floor most, including Ron and Hermione, ran for the door.

Eventually Snape yelled angrily, "Weasley Detention, NOW GET OUT!"

Harry, who was sitting on the table behind where he and Ron had been working, was the only one still in the room, "They're already gone."

"Why are you, pitttfff, still here then?" Snape said in a muffled sneered.

Harry sniggered, "In the panic, three more cauldrons were dumped on the floor. I'm sitting on a workstation, so as to avoid sharing you current condition, or worse."

Harry assumed that the Potions Master was nodding as the wet mass of growing hair moved and he again spoke but it was muffled enough that Harry couldn't make it out.

"Professor, are you okay?"

"Murff egggelll ogg terrrr."

"Will a Scourgify get rid of this stuff?"

"Ess mkkk stogggg nnnn ptfff." The mass of hair moved again in what seemed to be an affirmative.

"Hold still." He aimed his wand, "Scourgify." He almost hissed. The potions master shuddered as the hair that now covered him from head to toe was cleaned and dried making it a little easer to breathe and talk. The strength of the spell had meant it felt like being in the middle of a sand storm but the discomfort only lasted a few minutes.

Snape jumped when he heard Potter cast the spell four more times. "Potter, pffttt, what are, pttfuu, doing?"

Harry laughed, "I can't get off the table until the floor is clean."

"Pffhtt, Weasley can clean it in de-phet-tention."

Harry laughed again, "I'll leave him some, and remind him to bring his tooth brush."

The Potions Master let out an evil laugh that did not seem to be hindered by the hair that kept getting into his mouth.

"Come on Professor; let's get you to Madam Pomfrey." Harry was attempting to assist the man to his feet.

The hair shook violently, "Phhht don't want that woman any where near me." A hairy hand gripped Harry's arm, "Potter, you can't do that to me." He then proceeded to cough and sputter. They had been getting along better this year. They both seemed to the other to be making an attempt to be less annoying.

"Alright, sit down. I do know one spell to remove hair." The uncertainty in the boy's voice caused that older man to pause.

"What spell? Fffhttt."

"Follicalus Depleticus."

"What's wrong with it? Tttggack, how do you know about it?"

Harry huffed, "Professor, has it escaped your notice that my best friend is a girl? I happened to have had the privilege of being seated next to her in the common room when she found it and went off about," his voice went up into a passable imitation of Hermione, "I'll never have to shave my legs again." Harry shuddered, "All the girls where in a tizzy and giggled for the rest of the night."

Snape shuddered as he could think of little worse than a house full of giggling Gryffindor schoolgirls. His mind finally latched on to one word, "Never?" Snape wasn't sure that that would be a bad thing, as long as they were able to keep hair where hair belonged.

"Yeah, Hermione says it's permanent."

Snape nodded again and sighed, "Very well, at least help me get, phhhet, this stuff off my face so I can breathe."

"Okay, let me find…" Snape could hear the boy moving around and muttering. He was not very happy about not being able to see what the boy was doing. He was startled when he felt the hair on top of his head being gathered into a tail and some kind of clamp put on it.

"Potter, what are you ..? Ffahh, what is that?" demanded that potions master as he lifted his hand only to have the impudent brat gently swat it back down.

"A lot of the girls use these clippie thingies. I kind of raided their bags." Harry grinned, "Your hair is usually a mess but I assume you do want to keep it, right?" there was more than a hint of amusement in his voice and it irritated the older man.

"Indeed, proceed." Even through the hair Harry could feel the glare and see that Snape had straightened his spine and clenched his jaw.

Harry finished deciding how much hair to tie back trying to err on the side of to much instead of not enough this was made a little easier by the fact that the hair on the mans head had grown at least twice as much as any of the rest. He finally moved to stand between the Potions Master's knees, took a deep breath and working a small area at a time proceeded to clean the eighteen inch hair off of his teachers face.

Where Snape had hair before, his eyebrows and what had been a line of razor stubble along his jaw was about six or seven inches longer than the areas that had had none. Getting the man's eyebrows even was a little tricky but a slicing hex cut them to a manageable length, which made it a little easier. Thank Merlin his eyelashes had decided to only grow about a quarter of an inch and no hair had taken root on his eyelids.

Once Harry had cleaned the area around Snape's eyes, nose and mouth he worked along the hair line across his forehead, around his ears, and along the back of his neck. Once he had what was staying on the man's head, Harry quickly employed a talent that Hermione and Ginny had taught him, the braid that now hung down the Potions Master's back was long enough for the man to sit on.

Harry found that as he worked the spell was getting easier to control but it was tedious because it was limited to small areas. He was beginning to think that this was meant for something other than what Hermione had thought since he couldn't do more than a two or three square inch area at a time. A noise in the hall had caused both of them to jump while Harry was working on Snape's chin.

"Come on Professor, we need to move to a more private area. Some one might decide to come back to see if we're dead." This seemed funny to Severus and somewhere in the back of his mind he thought the combination of potions must have been having a slightly soporific effect. There was also that he had gotten some in his mouth and ingesting anything that was supposed to be topical was never good.

As Harry led him out of the room Snape noticed that there was still plenty of gooey looking gunk around the legs of the tables and chairs as well as on top of several tables not to mention the mess the cauldrons would be in by the time Weasley got around to cleaning them, this actually made him smile rather evilly. He barely noticed that Potter had disillusioned both of them before going into the hall. And he completely missed Harry incinerating the pile of hair from the floor.

Harry was surprised that Snape followed him so placidly. This of course did not last long. It would take something a lot stronger to steal Severus Snape's snark. In fact it would probably take massive quantities of narcotics to get him to act pleasant or cheerful, although with his personality he would most likely become an uber-paranoid with the munchies.

"Potter, where are you going?" Snape snarled as he tripped on the hair flowing over his boots and out of his trouser legs.

"Just down this way Professor, there is a short cut." They went around a corner and Snape inhaled sharply as they ran smack into and went through what he was sure was a solid wall. He didn't hear Harry hiss at the wall just before they made contact. They were in a short hall that Snape did not recognize when they came to a stop in front of a portrait of a dark haired man in green tunic and leggings, he was carrying a bow and leaning against a vine covered stone wall. Harry canceled the disillusionment and bowed to the portrait.

"My Lord, the Potions Master and head of your house has had a small accident and needs a short cut to his quarters. Do you think you could oblige us?"

Harry was amazed that Snape had not caught on to who this portrait was when he pinched the bridge of his nose with one hairy hand, "Mr. Potter, this portrait does not hide my quarters, since they are…" he stopped and glared at the young man. It was not as powerful as his usual glare as he seemed a little disoriented and glassy eyed but the look clearly said, 'How dare you try to trick me into telling where my quarters are?'

Harry just grinned, "Yes, yes I know, they are about half way up the central tower, and I'm and insolent brat. However this portrait is capable of giving us access directly to any point in the castle."

The portrait in question cleared its throat, "Ah hum, any where on the original property, my boy, as long as it currently has a door."

Harry grinned, "Wicked, you didn't tell me that before."

"You didn't ask." the portrait smirked.

Harry laughed, "Alright Sal, eventually I'll have time to just sit and talk but, right now I need to assist Professor Snape with his hairy little problem."

The painted man laughed patted the wall behind him and hissed causing a shiver to run through Severus when he recognized Parseltongue.

Beside the portrait a door appeared, then with another round of hissing, the door clicked open. Just before the door closed Sal called out, "Professor Snape, have I leave to visit you in your quarters?"

Snape sighed, "If you must." It still had not registered with him that he had just met one of the four founders, specifically the one that his house was named for. A small part of his brain wondered just who the portrait was but the majority didn't really care.

An hour and a half later a very frustrated Harry Potter and an exhausted and still quite hairy Severus Snape were sitting on the rug in front of Severus' hearth. Snape's right arm, neck and chest were now completely clean.

While working on Snape's right arm Harry had made his first actual mistake and removed some hair that Snape thought should have remained. Severus had raised a thick eye brow as he watched the boy work, "Mr. Potter, do you realize that I have not had hairless pits since I was thirteen?" Harry had mumbled an apology and continued working.

Harry frowned each time he would find a scar while working, which annoyed Severus, who at this point was refusing to speak, other than to say things like "Damn it, Potter, would you hurry up." Or, "You'll be lucky if I don't take every point Gryffindor has." And, "Can't you do larger sections? Put some power into it, boy."

This last comment had Harry dropping his wand hissing the spell angrily in Parseltongue as he swiped his hand across Severus' arm. He has discovered that though his wand didn't respond well to Parseltongue, it made wandless magic simpler and gave most spells more power; unfortunately it also made this one a bit more painful.

Neither of our young gentlemen had the experience to make the comparison between relatively pain free shaving and the torture of being waxed. This spell did neither it killed the hair follicles. It was just, the more power used the more the pain receptors were stimulated.

Severus had hissed at the unexpected pain and looked to where Harry had used wandless parsel magic. The outside of his left arm from shoulder to elbow was bare.

Severus swallowed hard, "I see you actually can do this in larger sections." His tone and the look on his face said that he was not sure this was a good thing.

Harry smirked, as he simply moved further down the older man's arm. Harry hissed again running his hand across Severus' forearm from elbow to wrist. They both felt the pain at the same time and cried out.

Severus yelled inarticulately before growling out several explicatives, all the while holding his hand over the Dark Mark.

Harry screamed as he grabbed at his forehead and his eyes blazed red for an instant. He quickly hid his face in the hair on Snape's lap and tried to think happy, loving thoughts. It took several minutes for him to calm down and realize that the older man was awkwardly patting his back and trying to say something soothing, it was not working very well as he was still cussing from the pain and wasn't used to trying to be comforting, especially to Potter.

Harry rolled looking up at the professor, stretched slightly and sighed, "Thank you, Professor." As he sat up he continued, "We need to hurry and get you de-haired. He'll be calling you soon." Harry rotated his neck; "I'm pretty sure he saw through my eyes, at least briefly. Turn around." Harry closed his eyes and sighed, "I hope that bastard has as bad a head ache as I do." Harry took a couple of deep breaths, "How do you want me to do this, quick or painless?"

Severus reached up and pulled his braid out of Harry's way, "If the Dark Lord is going to summon me, we need to hurry."

Harry watched as Severus braced himself. Then with a loud hiss he swiped both hands fingers spread down the man's back. He hissed again in anger when a multitude of scars were reveled.

Parseltongue was a great language to cuss in. The Potions Master's back was a mass of long thin white scars punctuated with almost pock like, marks. The fact that Harry knew he couldn't actually say anything was extremely vexing.

Harry ordered Snape to lie on his stomach and repeated the process with the man's lower back and buttocks. When Severus whimpered, Harry realized too late that he had managed to hit at least one or two sensitive areas. "You okay? I can be more careful."

Severus had growled, "Just get it over with."

Harry moved to Severus' legs when he wrapped his hands around the back of Severus' thigh, he made sure that he was far enough away from those sensitive areas not to cause that kind of pain again. Just above the knee he was able to wrap both of his hands all the way around removing all the hair from the lower parts of Sev's legs and from his feet.

Harry had moved quickly and Severus was almost in tears from the pain. Harry leaned over the older man and squeezed his shoulder. He started massaging when he found knotted mussels, working his way down. When he got to the swell of Severus' arse he noticed there were spots that still had long strands and small clumps of hair.

"Professor, are you ready to continue?" Harry ask softly.

Snape nodded, "Yes, I think so." he started to roll over. Harry held him with one hand in the small of his back.

"Lie still," Harry commanded, "and spread you legs a little more for me." Severus tensed, "Shhh, its okay, I'll be careful, as little pain as possible, alright?"

Severus clutched the small pillow Harry had handed him when he lay down and tried to do as instructed even though he was frightened. He heard Harry whispering and felt two fingers slid down his crack. He was relieved at how little it hurt. But with the lack of pain came the realization that he was being touched in places he didn't recall anyone ever touching before.

Contrary to popular belief, the Dark Lord did not encourage rape or any other sexual act, beatings and torture both physical and magical where handed out to victims and those that served him alike. But when it came to sex the man was quite the prude, insisting his followers be modestly covered at all times in heavy robes even at events that did not require their masks. The rumors of Dark Revels were just that, rumors.

It was around this time that Severus wondered briefly just where his clothes had disapeared. He hadn't noticed exactly when Harry had removed them he assumed it was after they were in front of the fire. He was so lost in thought and the pleasure of being touched so intimately that Harry had to shake him to get his attention. Harry had considered swatting the man on his tight little arse, but had decided that it would only get him hexed.

When Severus rolled over for Harry to work on the lower portion of his front he realized that his previous thoughts had an unwanted and embarrassing effect. He was quick to pull the small pillow from the sofa over his face in an attempt to hide the red that was now staining his cheeks and creeping down his neck.

Harry blushed a little and smiled as he saw the reason for the Potion Master's embarrassment. He took a deep breath in an attempt to control his own reaction and continued to carefully remove the unwanted hair from Severus. He transfigured a broken quill into a small pair of scissors and trimmed the hair that he was leaving. He had elicited several whimpers and a couple of moans from under the pillow during this process.

"Profes… Um… Severus, you can come out now, I'm finished." Harry said gently.

The man's voice was muffled when he answered, "If you would just push on the pillow until I stop thrashing I would very much appreciate it."

Harry smiled, "Not after all that work." He quickly snatched the pillow away and leaned over the older man pinning him in place. "You are having a perfectly natural reaction to physical stimulation." Harry chuckled, "If you hadn't, well," Harry shrugged, "killing you might then be considered a mercy."

Severus looked away blushing again, "Rather perverse, don't you think, that I should have such a reaction to a student that due to current circumstances, I am not allow to even be civil toward." He spoke quietly in an almost wistful tone.

Harry chuckled as he allowed his hand to trail down Severus' chest, "I think I would be very concerned if you were to actually be civil in public."

Severus let out little noise between a moan and a whimper when Harry's hand found its target and began to gently stroke him.

Harry leaned a little closer, "Severus, you can tell me to stop, if you want to." He leaned in a little more and sucked on the man's ear lobe. When he let go he ask, "Do you want me to stop?" he received a moan and a negative shake of the head for an answer.

Harry watched the older man closely as he brought him to the brink several times varying his technique to see what Severus liked.

Severus thought he would loose his mind if he weren't permitted to climax soon, and was whimpering and begging incoherently.

Harry already knew the answer but ask, "Are you close Sev?"

Severus cried, "Yes!"

"Yes what?" Harry purred, hoping to get Severus to call him 'Harry'.

He was surprised when Severus growled, "Yes Sir. May I cum now, please?"

Harry recovered quickly from the shock of being called 'Sir' by his professor and kissed the man's neck below his ear whispering, "Are you going to call my name?"

Severus whimpered again, "Potter?"

Harry chuckled, "No Sev, my given name." he moved to lick at Severus' nipple.

Severus moaned and arched up, "H…Harry?"

"Yes Sev," Harry mumbled as he moved lower, "that's right."

Severus' eyes flew open when he felt himself enveloped in something hot and wet. He was astonished to see Harry Potter trying to swallow him. His eyes quickly rolled up and he screamed Harry's name as he came down the boy's throat.