Hairy SnapeBy BertaSStarted Jan. 2007

Disclaimer: JKR own them. I'm just playing with them and hoping to make them happy for a while.

Description: A potions accident starts unusual circumstances happening for our favorite Potions Master and those around him.

Warnings: Slash, language, adult and sexual situations. Harry is in the later part of his seventh year and is 17 years old which in the Wizarding world is an adult.

A/N: I know it has been a really long time coming and a lot of you feel a bit cheated on the last chapter; the plot just keeps getting in the way of the sweet sexiness of our Sev and Harry. I will try to do better, and not take so long with chapter 18.

From earlier in the story

Harry chuckled and hissed at the sink, when it opened Severus stepped closer and peered down the hole. When he straightened he stepped back and drawled, "Only a Gryffindor would jump down that," he shivered slightly, "without knowing what was at the bottom."

Harry shrugged, "Lockhart went first." When Severus frowned and raised his eyebrow in disbelief, Harry sniggered, "He didn't have a choice." Harry's smirk was quite evil, "Ron and I pushed him."

Severus snorted, "I see." He glanced into the hole again and shook his head. "Might I suggest that we gather some supplies, before doing any actual exploring?" He paused frowning, "I believe it would also be prudent to tell someone what we are doing as well."

Harry sighed, "Oh, well alright, I guess." He looked down the hole and hissed, there was a series of grinding clunking sounds. Harry smiled, "See, a nice long set of stairs…" he shrugged with a crooked grin, "sort-a."

To Severus it looked worse than it had before as there were now wedge shaped protrusions sticking out of the side of the pipe at regular intervals

"I do hope that you do not intend to attempt climbing that," he gestured to the hole and shuddered, "while loaded down with crates of irreplaceable potion ingredients."

Harry chuckled and hissed, again were grinding and clunking noises. Severus was watching the 'stairs' slide back into the wall of the pipe and was shocked when Harry hissed once more and jumped into the hole.

Severus started to panic and jump after him when he noticed that Harry was not sliding but slowly floating down ward and grinning up at him.

When Harry finally stepped back in to the lavatory, Severus growled, "Twenty points from Gryffindor for attempting to give me a heart attack."

Chapter 17 – Me You Too

After ranting for several minutes about how careless Harry was with his own life, Severus quite suddenly wrapped his long arms around the younger man whispering, harshly, "What would I do without you, you foolish boy?" He then clamped his lips on to Harry's, kissing him hard, almost possessively.

Harry relaxed into the kiss, returning it but allowing Severus to maintain control. When they finally pulled apart in need of air, Harry soothed, "I'm sorry Baby. I didn't mean to scare you." He caressed Severus back looking a bit embarrassed, "I forgot you couldn't understand what I was saying. When I said 'Hisss thasssa'…" Severus shuddering caused him to stop.

Harry closed his eyes a moment and took a deep breath, "Feather Fall." He said carefully. "That's about the best translation I can do. Well, 'fall softly as a feather' really, but…" he shrugged, "It lets you float up and down the pipe without touching the walls."

He leaned up and kissed the taller man softly, "I'm sorry I frightened you, Ssss-hev-rhisss."

Severus let out a little gasp, before shuddering. Realizing that his last word had come out as more of a hiss than he had intended, Harry ask softly, almost whispering, as he stroked Severus hair, "Does it bother you Baby, when I speak Parseltongue?"

Severus shivered slightly again, "Sometimes." He looked away, frowning, "The Dark Lord would…" He took a deep breath, "He would start hissing then become angry with us for not understanding." His frown deepened as he tried to suppress the shiver but Harry felt it anyway.

Harry pulled him into a tighter hug, "I know," he smirked up at Severus, "No one likes a Dark Lord that can't control his temper." There was no need to embellish as they both knew what happened when Voldemort would have a temper tantrum.

Severus almost laughed, "Mr. Potter, I will have you know that poor control is a requirement for the job."

Laughing they kissed again. Harry pushed Severus against the wall as they did. When they eventually stopped, Harry leaned against Severus and sighed, "I'll try not to slip into any hissing when I'm around you Baby." He shook his head, "I don't ever want to scare you."

"It doesn't always…" Severus blushed bright red, "I mean, it does but…" He huffed, "It also…" he let out a frustrated growl, "I am uncertain as to how to articulate what it does to me." He shook his head frowning in thought before gently taking Harry's hand. "It goes straight here." He placed the hand on the bulge in his pants where he was hard not just from Harry pressing against him but from the hissing Harry had been doing earlier.

Harry frowned slightly, "It scares you, but turns you on at the same time." It was almost a question.

Severus nodded still embarrassed, "I'm sorry."

"No," Harry smiled caressing Severus through his pants, "Don't be. Ssss-hev-rhisss."

Severus hips bucked into the caressing hand even as he inhaled sharply. "What is that Harry? What you are saying, what does it mean?"

Harry smiled as he kissed along the taller mans jaw toward his ear where he whispered, "Your name. You will have to tell me if this becomes too much." He hissed again, "You understand?"

Severus gulped, "You mean like a safe word?"

Harry paused in his nibbling, "Yes, I believe that is what it's called." Then he smiled up at Severus asking curiously, "Have you chosen one?" before he bent back to Severus' neck.

Severus nodded, "L-Lily." Harry's head popped up and he stared at the other man. "Lily is my safe word." Severus got out in a rush, "My research indicates that it should be something of significance to both of us, but," he shrugged with one shoulder, "not something either of us would be likely to call out during the height of passion." He shrugged slightly again smirking, "It apparently works as you certainly stopped and listened carefully to what I had to say."

Harry chuckled, "Well yes, it did that. He shifted his hand to Severus' hip, "Rather killed the mood though. Didn't it?" He raised an eyebrow and smirked.

Severus ducked his head, "I apologize. That was not my intention."

Harry raised his hand and pushed a few strands of hair behind Severus' ear, "I know." He smiled, "It's a good choice though. It does exactly as it is meant to do." He looked around Myrtle's bathroom, "I think, perhaps we should continue this in another location at another time. Okay?"

When he received a nod he sighed, "I really should make an appearance in the Gryffindor common room this evening anyway, especially since I don't actually have detention tonight."

Severus chuckled, "It is after curfew as well Mr. Potter." His expression turned almost menacing, "I suggest you watch out for Filch and other faculty members on your way back."

Harry laid his hands on the wall to either side of Severus head and held a short hissing conversation with Hogwarts before refocusing on the tall man whose eyes were huge and was nearly panting. Harry chuckled, "I have a way into the dorm without anyone seeing me."

As he glanced at the door he was now leaning against Severus snorted, "Indeed. Now I see how you are. You would leave me to the tender mercies of Filch," he sneered, "and that mangy cat of his?"

Harry grinned, "Open the door Ssss-hev-rhisss." His tongue flicked out gently caressing Severus' ear causing him to whimper.

Severus turned in the small space Harry was allowing him, opened the door and poked his head through into his own quarters which appeared as though he had come from his bath. He stepped through the door, "Cheeky little brat, aren't you?" He turned to find the door closed. He snatched the door open only to find his bath just as it always was.

Sighing Severus leaned against the door jamb. He was disappointed that Harry had not seen fit to join him. Severus went through his nightly routine, cleaning himself and preparing for bed.

As he lay down he once again became aware of the arousal that he had been ignoring. The sounds Harry had made had been that similar to those that the Dark Lord had sometimes made, but they were also very, very different, much more sensual. Voldemort had never caused this reaction.

Just thinking about Harry pressing him against the wall in the girls' second floor loo while he hissed in his ear was enough to make him groan, especially when he found himself holding his cock, stroking it gently. As he realized what he was doing he almost made himself stop. All his research, as well as his own inclination, indicated that he should not be doing what he was doing without permission. However Harry had not specifically forbidden him to relieve the pressure that had built from Harry's teasing.

He let go of himself long enough to lick his palm, feeling very naughty as he brought a taste of himself to his lips before he renewed his grip on his cock.

He watched his cock sliding in and out of his hand. This was familiar as it was the only touch he had ever known before Harry touched him in ways he had never even dreamed of before. This gave him a thought and rolling partially onto his side and slid his left hand down over his hip to his bum, then farther behind himself to touch his opening. He wiggled to get more comfortable as the position was a bit awkward. He explored with his fingers as he continued the more practiced motion of his right fist on his cock.

It took a bit to work up the nerve to actually slip one long slender finger inside himself. He moaned when he did, enjoying the feeling. He wiggled some more as he pushed it as deep as he could before withdrawing it and repeating the process several times. He wished he knew how to find that spot that Harry had touched, the one that would have him coming so hard that he would see stars.

He needn't have worried about it as only seconds later he had spilled himself over his own fist. He relaxed rolling slightly trapping his left hand under him his finger still buried with in him.

He sighed as he brought his right hand to his mouth to clean the spunk from it. He was beginning to like the taste, although he thought Harry's tasted better than his own.

He smiled as he shifted his weight on his left arm pushing his finger deeper. He was quick to realize that if he didn't stop he would be repeating the entire exercise. He was rolling to remove the finger when he accidentally found the spot he had been looking for earlier. His whole body shook, his hand jerking away from his arse and he thought he would cum again but there was nothing left to come out.

When he was finally able to move again he noticed that he was a bit sore, he hadn't been when Harry had touched him there. Once he rose and stretched he realized that the soreness was more from the awkward and somewhat uncomfortable position than anything else.

As he made his way back to the bathroom he thought about how to go about asking Harry to do more than they had been doing. Severus slept very soundly that night with an unaccustomed smile on his face as he dreamed of the young man and all the things his books said that two willing people could do together.


Harry softly closed the door once Severus had stepped through, knowing that if he joined the Potions Master in his room he would not be leaving until morning. He felt bad knowing that he had sent Severus away unsatisfied, but he also didn't want to push Severus into anything he wasn't ready for.

Harry briefly leaned against the wall trying to will away his own arousal before giving up and stepping into one of the stalls. Taking the problem in hand it only took a couple of strokes while he imagined Severus doing the same thing to have him panting and spilling his seed into his hand. He smiled as he thought of asking Severus to touch himself as he watched.

Harry was once again leaning against the wall when Hogwarts began to push images into his mind. It was obvious from the lighting that some of what he was seeing had taken place at some earlier time. He saw the Headmaster talking to Fawkes. Malfoy sitting on his bed apparently writing a letter. Mrs. Weasley in the Hospital wing sitting with Ginny.

Susan in the Huffelpuff common room explaining why he and Severus were sleeping together, something about him and Severus being stuck together by a cauldron full of glue and them having been given 'happy potions' so that they wouldn't attempt to kill each other while in such close quarters. This was followed quickly by the other girls saying almost the same thing in each of the other common rooms.

The last set of images he received was of each of the couples that were or had been together that day. He was shocked at the amount of sex that was going on in the school. And he was stunned to see Luna and Neville together. However he totally missed why Hogwarts would show him those scenes. She wanted him to know that it was alright for him to be with his mate without having to cause him embarrassment by speaking directly on the subject. Salazar had warned her that most humans did not discuss such things out loud.

Just before he pulled away from the wall, he asked for a door to the room directly across from the Fat Lady's portrait. Moments later he was walking into the Gryffindor common room.

It was several days before Harry and Severus were able to spend any substantial time alone together as they, and several others, including the Headmaster, Ron, Hermione, and surprisingly Neville as well as a horde of house elves, were busy retrieving the usable parts of the basilisk. Not to mention the amount of cleaning the elves did while in the chamber of secrets, the place nearly sparkled. It was so clean you could probably eat off the floor.

Harry was equally amused and annoyed. He was amused that Severus had been like a kid with a new toy and annoyed that the Potions Master has sealed himself in his lab for an entire weekend.

Severus had been completely absorbed and Dobby was the only one that was able to enter the lab. Severus had actually jumped in shock the first time the strange elf had popped in and insisted that he eat something and chastised him for not taking better care of his health.

Myrtle & Voldemort

Myrtle could tell that Tommy was not happy. Oh, she was sure she was not the first of his victims to confront him or his Death Eaters for the untimely deaths they caused. The problem seemed to be that Tommy didn't even recognize her.

She knew that most such as herself would shriek and demand retribution. It was after all what she had done to Olive Hornsby. She was sad when she thought about Olive and a few silvery tears leaked out as she realized that she actually missed the mean old bitch.

When she had agreed to spy on Tommy, she had decided to play it a bit differently, by simply being there, standing, or rather floating, mostly just behind him or at the edge of his vision. She was making him quite paranoid, well more so than usual.

He-who-must-not-be-named aka the Dark Lord aka Lord Voldemort aka Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Tommy knew that he hadn't killed any Hogwarts students in a long time. The last one had been the Diggory boy at his rebirth, not that he had committed that one with his own hand but it was on his orders so he supposed that it counted. Not that he was counting of course.

Yet here she was watching his every move. She was young, a Ravenclaw by the crest on her robes. She couldn't be more than a third or maybe fourth year.

The first time he had noticed her, was as he was getting out of the shower that morning which he had not spent much time in the last couple of days as the water was ice cold every time he stepped in. He had insisted that others check it and had nearly killed Rodolfphus when he was able to get hot water. He was going to make the one responsible pay for this little prank. He had no way of knowing the water temperature was caused by his new guest sitting in the shower head.

Myrtle was highly amused that she had managed to scare the begeebers out of the most feared dark wizard of the century when he caught sight of her in the mirror as he was wrapping a towel around his skinny hips. He truly was not much to look at and she was in fact quite revolted.

He had planned to call a meeting that morning but was reluctant to do so until he knew who this girl had been and why she was there not to mention how she had found him. He was supposedly hidden. No one should be able to find him without one of his Death Eaters telling them his location and they were all under compulsions not to tell anyone.

He was annoyed that there was no information on what was happening at Hogwarts. He wasted to check on Snape's health, which he was determined to see decline, rapidly.

Students were just so unreliable as spies. They just didn't write home often enough and when they did, what they wrote was mostly drivel. They just didn't seem to grasp that there were more important things than who they should accompany to Hogsmead.

After several hours of the ghost simply following him around like some kind of weird puppy, quietly watching him read. Well more like reading over his shoulder, she was a Ravenclaw after all, he finally shouted for Pettigrew. As the rat faced man entered the room Myrtle let out a bloodcurdling shriek, causing the man drop to the floor cowering and whining pathetically.

The Dark Lord turned to glare at the ghostly girl, "Are you planning to announce all of my guestss in ssuch a fashion?" he ask in as bored a tone as he could manage, trying to act as though her shriek had not made him nearly jump out of his skin.

Shrugging, "Maybe," she giggled. "Does it annoy you?" she asked a bit hopefully.

Voldemort looked back at the cowering man in the doorway, "In thiss case, I supposse it was actually a bit amusing." He didn't want anyone to say he didn't have a sense of humor, a warped and sadistic one to be sure but he did find some things funny.

Myrtle could tell that he was pleased by the small pout she assumed but she hid the fact that she was pleased to know that she could read him so easily. She thought their first actual conversation had gone very well. His screaming and cursing in the bathroom didn't count, as she had not spoken.

"Get over here, you idiot." snapped the Dark Lord, "and give me your arm." As Tommy pressed his finger to the Dark Mark, just above the silver hand, Pettigrew whimpered and tears ran down his fat cheeks. Voldemort thought his phrasing was quite humorous as the man had already given him a hand, literally.

Myrtle recognizing the man's name but having never actually met him, she leaned closer, "Ooh, Petey," she giggled, "that looks like it hurts." The look she gave the fat man was quite evil as though she was enjoying his pain, and in a way, it was true, she was. Lily Evan had been one of the few, like Hermione, that had been nice to her.

She had in fact spent most of the previous summer at Hermione's home. She was fascinated with all the new innovations and changes in the Muggle world in the fifty years since her death. She remembered her mother talking about the people down the lane and the new thing they had called a television. Now according to Hermione everyone had at least one telly, many had one in each room.

When the masked Death Eaters began appearing she used a little trick she had learned while watching movies, on the telly, something called videos with Mr. Granger. Hermione's parents were so nice that she had not felt the need to mope and moan very much during the whole summer.

Myrtle appeared to pull the flesh off of her face leaving only a bony silver skull and bulging eye balls behind her glasses. She looked almost like she was wearing a Death Eater mask. She shrieked intermittently and swooped through those she recognized.

Tom couldn't decide whether he was annoyed or amused. He had to admit that the look on Lucius face as the girl shot through his stomach was rather priceless. It almost made him wish he had a camera, even if they were a muggle invention.

Myrtle was very pleased with the reaction of the feared Death Eaters. They were all terrified of her. More importantly none of them seemed to recognize her. As long as that was true none of them would tease her as they had when they were in school.

Once they were all assembled Myrtle took up station just behind and to the side of Tommy's left shoulder. She glared at everyone while taking mental notes on everything that was said and done.

She decided that she would have to talk Harry into getting her one of those enchanted quills like Professor Bins had, the one that would write his thoughts on the students' homework papers. Then Harry and his tall sexy friend would have a running transcript of each meeting as well as Tommy's day to day mutterings.

She had noted before she let him see her that when he thought himself alone, Tom Riddle would speak to Voldemort. It was bit frightening as Voldemort would then answer. Their voices were similar but different, she was of the opinion that the man was suffering from a multiple personality disorder not to mention he was a psychopathic megalomaniac. She was surprised that no one had noticed it when he was in school. There certainly should have been warning signs. She wondered if his problems had been caught and dealt with when he was young if she might still be alive.

When the meeting was over she faded out of sight and Voldemort held Lucius back "Find out who killed that brat that is now haunting me. I want to know who she is. Your son should know if any of his classmates are missing."

Lucius had bowed and replied, "Yes, my Lord." as he backed away, "I will write him immediately on my return home."

"See that you do." He then shouted, "And send someone to fix that damned shower."

Bowing again Lucius repeated, "Yes my Lord." as he left, glad that he had escaped without being cursed.

The Dark Lord was becoming more and more unpredictable in what would set him off. He would hex even the inner circle now when before, one had to screw up royally to incur such fits of temper.


Classes were done for the day and Severus was relaxing in the tub while he waited for Harry to arrive to wash his hair as his detention, when there was a small splashing sound and a sort of a weird coughing noise.

Severus thought he would die of embarrassment when he realized that Myrtle, the ghost of a young girl was sharing his bath.

She giggled and said, "Oh poo! You didn't scream like old Tommy did." She giggled again as she tried to look through the bubbles at the tall dark haired man. "Not to mention that little rat Petey Pettigrew's reaction." She grinned.

The door opened and Harry walked in. He smirked at the look on Severus' face. "Am I interrupting?" Severus had asked Hogwarts to allow Harry access to his quarters anytime the young man wanted.

Myrtle just giggled as Severus sputtered, "It's not what it looks like. We… She… I…"

Harry laughed as he sat on the edge of the tub, "Are you giving a report Myrtle or is this just a social call?" He reached out soothing Severus by caressing his hair.

She made a moue, "I was bored with looking at ugly old men." She tried again to look at Severus, "You two are much better looking." She giggled again at Severus scowl. "You're a lot more fun too." She frowned, "Besides, the called a plumber in to check the pipes and I thought it would be a good time to let you know about yesterday's meeting."

Myrtle went on to tell them that all the attacks on Muggleborn's families where on hold until the sexy Severus Snape, her words not Toms, was captured and killed. She winked at the man in the bath with her. She let them know that Lucius had been task with finding out who she was and who had killed her. She giggled thinking it might be fun to drop hints that could be misinterpreted. She also detailed the quill and notebook that she wanted Harry to get for her.

After Myrtle left and Harry finished with Severus' hair he got out of the tub and Harry went to the wardrobe to find something for Severus to relax in. "Sev?" Harry called as he searched through the clothing, "Where did that robe you were wearing the other day go?"

Severus shrugged as he emerged from the bathroom wearing a loose bathrobe and using a towel to dry his hair. "What robe would that be?" he almost sneered. He had assumed and somewhat hoped that Harry would prefer him in nothing.

Harry turned to look at the older man, "The slinky one you were wearing the day my friends came to check on us."

Severus looked away briefly before defiantly saying, "I incinerated it."

"What? Why?" Harry asked confused. "It was dead sexy."

Severus shuddered, "It no longer matters. It is gone." He sneered, "I no longer have to wear it. No longer have to worry about getting all the blood and dirt off it for the next time HE calls." He was practically shouting by the time he finished and turned away trying to regain his composure.

Harry encircled the man with his arms and laid his head against Severus shoulder, "I'm sorry Baby. I didn't know he made you wear special robes."

Severus shrugged shaking his head, "How would you possible have known?"

Harry hugged the man tightly before moving them to the sofa. "I used to see quite a lot in my visions. I'm surprised that he would pick something so sexy." He smiled slightly as he inhaled the fresh clean scent of the soap Severus had just bathed with.

"Potter, you are a barbarian." Severus smirk took the bite out of his words, "That was a very expensive over robe, designed specifically to be worn over regular clothing."

He looked down blushing slightly, "It was the first thing I found to throw on that day. I didn't even realize what it was until I had taken it off." He shrugged sighing, "At which point I incinerated it and banished the ashes."

Harry pulled Severus closer, "I'll buy you something better, something even sexier. Something you can wear just because you want to," he grinned his voice dropping, "and because you know that it will turn me on."

Severus smiled and leaned into the younger man, "Do I really require special clothing to achieve that result?" He kissed the neck his face was buried against as his hand gently slid up Harry's arm.

Harry chuckled, mumbling, "No, m'love," as he slid his hand inside the loosely tied bathrobe pushing it off his shoulders pulling back slightly to allow his eyes to devour all the smooth creamy skin that was revealed.

Severus moaned as Harry kissed him hard pushing him back on the couch. Harry's hands seemed to be everywhere at once, touching him all over. When Harry's lips left his he whimpered only to feel the younger man's teeth scrape across his throat before moving to his chest. He arched up into the mouth that suckled on his nipple. As he lay back one foot automatically fell to the floor as he unconsciously opened himself fully to Harry's touch.

Severus brought his hands up to hold onto Harry. One hand tangled in the messy hair. He was unaware he was pulling the younger man's hair as he unconsciously tried to push Harry's head lower toward his cock.

Harry captured Severus' wrists and pinned his hands above his head. He was surprised but thrilled when Severus uttered the words, "Please Master, don't stop."

"I'm not stopping." He let out a long string of hisses that had Severus's cock jumping before continuing, "Just taking you up on something you offered the other day, down in the chamber." His grin was almost feral.

Severus looked at where Harry was holding his hands as he felt leather straps being wrapped around his wrists. The straps seemed to be growing from the arm of the sofa. He was confused when instead of tying the ends securely; Harry closed Severus' hands around them whispering, "If you let go, I'll stop. Then we'll have to start all over. Do you understand?"

Not trusting his voice Severus glanced at his bound hands than nodded. None of the books he had been studding had mentioned anything like this, being bound but in control of those bindings. He was not prepared for the intense feeling of power he felt at Harry trusting him to remain bound although he could easily release himself by simply letting go.

Smiling Harry slid his hands from Severus' elbows all the way down to his hips. He reveled at how smooth and soft the hairless skin was. He almost didn't see the scars anymore, he was too busy admiring how beautiful the man under his hands was.

Severus writhed and bit his lip to keep from shrieking with laughter as the fingers lightly trailing across his armpits and ribs tickled intensely.

Harry chuckled, "Don't hold it in Baby." He kissed the bound man softly, "I love the sounds you make." He trailed his tongue down Severus' throat, collar bone and chest. He accidentally touched the mark he had made on Severus' chest causing the man to arch up almost off the couch with a strangled scream before falling back limp and panting.

Harry pulled back to watch Severus. He hadn't intended to allow him to finish so quickly. When Severus opened his eyes, Harry chuckled, "You let go." Before reaching up to place the leather strap that the man had released back in Severus' hand. "Looks like I get to start all over."

Harry bent to kiss Severus' lips asking, "You okay?" when he pulled back.

Severus nodded as he shifted slightly, and whispered, "Yes Master. I apologize for disobeying you, it was not intentional."

Harry chuckled, "I know." He leaned down to run his tongue around Severus' navel and the semen pooled there. He mumbled, "Mmm, you taste good." He then hissed as he lifted his eyes to watch the reaction of the man under him.

Severus whimpered and his cock stirred with renewed interest as Harry continued to clean him with his tongue, exploring with his hands as well as his mouth while hissing the man's praises. Not that Severus had a clue what the young man was saying.

Severus was having trouble putting together whole thoughts and was soon reduced to mostly moans, groans and whimpers. The only things anchoring him were the thin leather straps that he was clinging to. Harry was touching him down there again unerringly finding that spot with his finger as he sucked Severus' cock into his throat.

Harry was amazed, as he always was, at how responsive and vocal Severus could be. He didn't want to push to far but he needed to know how far Severus would let him go. Severus certainly seemed to enjoy what he was doing with his fingers. He let the cock slip from his mouth so he could watch Severus. He could see that he was close and stopped moving his fingers as he leaned up kissing Severus softly. When he pulled back he grinned. "We don't what you to cum too soon, now do we?"

Severus whimpered, "Please, Harry?" as he writhed and wiggled on the fingers impaling him.

"Not before I do Baby." He pressed himself against Severus, rutting against his thigh, "I know you aren't ready but I want to be in side you." He then hissed, "Ssss-hev-rhisss."

Severus arched up while thrusting his arse back on Harry's fingers, a high keening noise starting deep in his chest and rising out in a scream as he came even though Harry was not touching his cock.

Harry immediately ground into the thigh he was humping as his own orgasm was practically ripped from him. They both lay there panting trying to regain their breath.

Eventually Harry let his fingers slide out of Severus and sighed, "Love you Baby."

"Hmm, me you too." Severus nuzzled the top of Harry's head as best he could, "May I let go now? I do not think I could handle starting over again."

Harry leaned up on his elbow, "Me either." He reached up and unwound the bindings before rising and pulling Severus to his feet. Leading him to the bed and crawling in after him he tucked them both in.

They woke early the next morning still wrapped in each other's arms.

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