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Kai:So it's about Me and Kinomiya?

Kitty-chan:Si,it's about you.

Kai:Hope you don't write angst again.

Kittty-chan:Quit it Kai.Do the disclaimer.

Kai:Luckily for us and unluckily for kitty-chan,she doesn't own beyblade.

Kitty chan(rolls eyes)


Chapter one:Imaginary

"He is there Dr. Granger.He always sits alone on that bench near the sakura tree."Said a short old man with a sad tone to a stormy-eyed doctor,pointing at a young man with silver black hair whose back was at them.

"Is he always alone like this?I mean,he seems really distant."Said the young doctor in response and ran a hand through his semi-long midnigh blue hair.

"Yes.Since the day he was brought here,he acted like this.He doesn't speak so much.In fact he speaks whenever you ask him a question and then he'll give you a short answer...Can you see how thin is he?He hadn't had a proper meal since that incident which made him lose his mind...He refuses to eat properly... "

The old man's voice barely audible.It was two years since the two-toned hair first brought here,but there was no signs of change.Poor boy was far too gone with his pain and sorrow.

"We used to force feed him at first...He wanted to die one way or another and wanted to starve himself..."

"What about now,Dr.Dickenson?"Dr.Granger intrupted him.

"He is really numb and morbid now...He has no energy to resist any thing and that's the main problem.He won't resist his pain and heartache.So,he is drowning in depression more and more every day.You know,he can not admit that his loss is real.He doesn't want to believe it."Answered Dr.Dickenson.

The young doctor shuddered.It seemed that some kind of icy haze was surrounding the boy.Dr.Granger could feel sorrow and pain in the space.

"You know,many doctors were given the case of him.But non of them succeed.Do you think you'll have any chance?"

stormy eyes were determined."Yes,I have."


Kai sat on a cosy leather sofa and took a sip of his drink.His childhood friend had invited him to his engagment party which now he was really sorry for attending it.The party was as boring as hell.Every single place in the saloon he had put his feet on,were at least four irritatimg girls which kept telling him that he is a hot sexy guy and if he would dance with them.

"I wouldn't dance with any one of them even if I liked girls.They are horrible with all those stupid make-ups!"Thought Kai to himself,pouting his lips at the thought.

"Um...Sorry...Can I sit here?...The other seat's...well...are occupied..."He heard a sweet voice asking him.

He looked up and found himself drowning in the purest sapphire eyes ever.There was a guy standing infront of him with sweet and rather beautiful face and was smiling sheepishly at him.

"Of course you can sit."Replied Kai as he looked around to see why the othet seats are occupied and nearly choked his drink when he saw different couples are making out on them in the middle of the party.

"That's one of the bad points of alcohol."The dark blue-eyed boy stated.

Kai simpley nodded."'re right."He said.

The boy smiled,but still he looked sheepish."What's your name?"Asked Kai.

"I'm Takao...Takao Kinomiya...Nice to meet you!"Said the boy,now smiling widely.

Kai smirked."I'm Kai...Kai Hiwatari and nice to meet you too Takao."He said.

"Really?You are Kai Hiwatari?That multi millionare?"Takao was as interested as a chibi now.

Kai rolled his eyes.He hated when people mentioned his money.It made him feel like a useless fucking money bags.Made him to forget his humanity.

Takao bit his lips as he saw hurt flashing through Kai's beautiful scarlet eyes."I didn't mean to sound like that!You got to believe me!I was just ecxited that

I've met a famous person!"He nearly pleaded.

Kai turned his gaze back at him and saw honesty in that navy orbs."Ok...don't bother yourself so much over it.How old are you?I'm 19."He said.

Takao shrugged."I'm 17.Well,I eat so much,you know..."He blushed."But I'm still thin and a little short...may be it's because my kendo trainings..."He murmered.

Kai frowned."I don't think you're short...may be thin,but not short..."

Takao grinned."Really?You think so?"He asked innocently.

Kai nodded."Let's get out of here,Takao.We can talk better in a bar or some where like that..."

Takao nodded as well."Kay...let's go."He blushed like a red trafic light as Kai took his hand,leading him out of the mansion which the party was threw at.


Kai was deep in his thoughts when he felt a hand on his shoulder but He didn't show any reflex.He didn't even bother to look back to see who has come to visit a forgotten silent lunatic like him.

The scent of lavender and chocolate mixed and filled the air as the stranger took a step closer and sat himself beside Kai."Hi!I hope you don't bother my presence!"He said with a cheerful tone which was so warm and comforting.

Kai frowned.But still didn't look at the man who was speaking to him.He was feeling strange.The man's scent was so femiliar...was the scent that once was even in his dreams,making them sweet and peaceful.

"Hey!Come on!Look at me!You know...I don't feel right when you keep staring at the sky while I'm talking to you."

Kai turned his head rather lazily to see who is this man that keeps nagging in to his ear like some bee,but froze when his gaze fell on the shining stormy eyes and silky midnight blue hair.He felt the earth stopped from spinning,the time from going by and his heart from beating.He felt every thing falling in to a deep daze.

"Ta...Taka..."He whispered,hope flashing in to his eyes as he was reaching out a desprate shaky hand.

Dr.Granger was shocked.Taka?Who is Taka?

"Taka...I knew it...I knew that you won't leave me...I told every body...they didn't believe me...Taka...They kept saying that you're dead...I...I've missed you..."Said Kai,throwing himself in the young doctor's arms even before he could blink.

"You gotta forgive me Taka...I didn't mean it...I...was such a fool for hurting you...Taka...take me away with you...Taka I'm afraid...I don't like here..."The

slate- haired boy cried in to Dr.Granger's chest.

"Taka?Aah!Now I knew it...Taka is the boy which his death made Kai lose his mind...But why he keeps calling me Taka?"Thought Dr.Tyson Granger to himself.

"Hey...look...I still have our wedding ring!See?...Here...Look...I even have our wedding day photo!"Smiled the other boy shakily and showed Tyson a photo.

Tyson's eyes went wide.There was a slender boy standing next to Kai with a huge smile on his beautiful face.The boy had stormy eyes and navy hair and looked so sweet.Tyson felt that he is looking at his twin,that he is looking in to a mirror not a photo.

No surprise that Kai had mistaken him.

He smiled gentley."Kai...I am not Taka...I am Tyson...Dr.Tyson Granger.Your new doctor."

Kai looked at him with look like that he is telling a joke."Don't...make fun Taka..."He whispered misrabley.

"Look Kai...I am Tyson...We can be good friends...but I'm not Taka."

Kai didn't reply.He just cuddled in to Tyson's chest."Love you Takao."He murmered and drifted in to a sleep which he hadn't had in nearly two days.Tyson sighed.

It was so complicated.He start to stroke Kai's cheek automaticly.After some minutes he realized what he is doing and blushed madly.He couldn't understand why he is so interested in this boy's case,but he was determined to heal Kai's broken heart.

There was only one problem;How could he shatter this mentally sick handsome boy illusion?


"So,Tell me,do you have any girlfriend or boyfriend?"Asked Kai,leaning against his seat in the bar.

Takao stared at his feet."No...You one really loves me...all of the ones I had only toyed me..."He sighed sadly,voice quivering and tears shimmering in his eyes.

"No are so innocent,you can easily be fooled...if you don't mind my honesty."Said Kai with a flat voice,though deep down he was hurt to hear that from Takao's mouth.

Takao blinked in surprise at first,but then laughed."Yeah...I guess you are right..."He said and took a sip of his soda."It's getting late.I should go and book a hotel to stay in for tonight.Thanks for your wonderful presence with me."He continued.

Kai raised an grey eye-brow."Why don't you come to my mansion and stay with me tonigh?This way is better."

Takao seemed hesistant.Many times he trusted people and ended up emotionally shattered and physically broken.He didn't want to taste that bitter memories again.

"You don't have to come you know.It was just an offer."Said Kai.

Takao smiled."I think that I can trust you...please don't betray my trust."He said,his eyes begging to Kai to assure him.

"I won't."Smiled Kai.


Tyson sighed as he felt Kai is nuzzling him absently in his sleep. The last thing on the world he was thinking about was Kai mistaking him in his dead love's place.

"Why do I care so much about him suddenly in the instant I met him?He make me feel weird..."Thought Dr.Tyson Grnger and looked at Kai's calm face fondly

with a smile on his face.


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