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Chapter fifteen: poisonous betrayal

Golden eyes opened slowly as the owner of them blinked several times to become fully conscious. Rei yawned heavily and stretched his body like a cat before noticing that he had fallen asleep on the coach before the TV. He sighed, remembering his fruitless efforts in contacting Tyson. He must have fallen asleep while trying to dial the young doctor's number for the millionth time. He smiled when he felt a fluffy blanket over his body. His lover must have put it on him. Mystel was really a jewel. He stood up, deciding that all he needs right now is a hot shower but the ringing of his cell phone got his attention. He frowned, frustrated, and looked at the caller's ID which he did not recognize. "Just perfect, an idiot who has dialed the wrong number." He sighed and picked up the phone. "Hello, this is Rei Kon."

The voice which he heard from the other side of the line, made him grit his teeth in anger. "Hello there, Am I talking to the kitty avenger of Takao Kinomiya's death?" laughed the husky voice from the other side.

"Tala Ivanov you bastard…." Rei's catlike pupils were narrowed to slits dangerously.

"My my…we have a little kitty with sharp claws here…." Tala mocked.

"Shut the fuck up, you son of a bitch. How dared you to just pick up your damn phone and call me?" Rei was shouting by now.

"Well, let's say this dare of mine has some thing to the pocket which you had stolen from my office and also to Takao's death." said Tala icily.

"What do you mean?" replied Rei, careful to give Tala the upper hand.

"You know well what I mean Kon. I believe we can discuss this matter. Why don't you come to my office for a friendly talk?"

"There is absolutely nothing friendly between me and you and there is nothing to discuss about, too. We will each other at court." was Rei's immediate answer.

"I see that you are so rash. Why don't you think about your little lover's safety for a moment? I have nothing to hide now that you've broken in to my office. So, you know that what things I am capable of doing, don't you? May be a bad car accident or some thing…" Poison was in the Russian's voice.

Rei's breath got hitched in his truth. No matter how bad he wanted to avenge Takao, he didn't want to put Mystel in jeopardy. The loss of his lover was unbearable for him. He sighed in defeat. "Ok. I'll come to your office. When should I come?" He asked.

"That's a good boy. The sooner you come, the better. Let me see, why don't you come right now? It is Sunday and no one is here…so we can talk in peace."

"All right. I will be there in an hour."

"Why so late?"Asked Tala suspiciously.

"Well, I have to shower and get dressed. It will take a while."

"Ok, just don't forget to bring back the things that you have stolen." Said Tala and hung up.

Rei smirked inwardly though his mind was so stressed. Had Tala really thought that he was that much of fool? He had copied all the information that he had gotten from that pocket and the cd which he had loaded from Tala's computer. Every single information. So, there was no risk of losing them.

The soft voice of his koi brought him back to himself. "Rei-Rei? What is it? You don't look well…"

Rei wanted to ignore Mystel's question or just tell him some white lie but as his look fell on the concerned aqua eyes of his lover, his tongue got paralyzed. Damn, he was really incapable of telling lies to Mystel. He took a deep breath. "Tala Ivanov called me just now." He said softly and Mystel's eyes went wide. "What? Wha…what did he want?" His voice was shaking.

Rei walked to Mystel and made him to sit on the sofa as he himself sat down too. "He wants to see me in an hour, Stel-chan."

Mystel impaled. "Nooo! You should not go! He is a monster! Please! You, yourself know how cruel and inhuman he is."

"I know koibito. But there is no other way. Please try to understand…If we want to come out of this cesspool we have to go to the bottom of it at first. Don't you trust me?" Rei said as he brushed a stray hair from his lover's forehead to the back of his ear.

"I do trust you Rei, but it is Tala that I don't trust! Why can't you understand? I will die if some thing happens to you! Do you want me to end up in an Asylum like Kai? Are you that selfish?" Mystel was hysterical by now.

Rei swallowed the lump in his throat. If only Mystel knew that he was taking this risk for his sake…He took Mystel who was crying right now in his arms in one swift motion. "Please Mystel…be logical. Every thing will be all right. I need your support. You should be strong at least for my sake." He said and kissed Mystel's tears away.

The blond boy sniffed and nodded, ignoring the twisting pain in his heart. Rei smiled. "That's my boy. Now listen carefully to what I am saying. If I didn't return home till noon or didn't call you, you will do these things that I instruct now." He said and started to explain.


Kai gave his best friend a small smile as he walked in to his office for the first time after his honeymoon. "Hey Tala. How're things here? Good changes or bad changes?" He said as he realized that his friend didn't bring his head up to look at him.

"How about this? There is the worst of change since the president of the company left for his honeymoon with an excitement of a child in fear that may be his cute BRIDE would disappear and he forgot to give the vice-president the password key to the necessary files of the stock exchange?" Tala replied sarcastically stressing on the word bride.

Kai sighed. "I am sorry Tala. I know I am the one at fault." He admitted.

"Of course you are. You are so wrapped up in your love life that you have forgotten your work completely! Kai, there are things beside that little brat spouse of yours in the world too!" Said Tala angrily.

"What's your problem with him Tala? Even a blind man can see that you hate him. You speak in a way like every misery in the universe is his fault! Why Tala? Why?" Asked Kai, voice shaking with anger and sorrow.

"Why? Why? Are you really that blind to see? Well, let me give you a pair of glasses for seeing the other people's emotions! I am in love you, you bastard! I love you! All these years I stood in the shadows, hoping, LONGING that may be you would notice me. But what did I get? A brat appeared suddenly and stole you away from me."

Kai's eyes were wide and his mind was blank. That was the last thing he expected to hear from Tala. Love? That was impossible. No way! He took a step back, his whole frame shaking uncontrollably. He didn't know what to do. It seemed to him that he was lost in the middle of the purgatory. He turned around and fled from the room. To where he didn't know. But of one thing he was sure; he couldn't face Takao in this state, so there was no way he would go home now.

Tala's self control cracked as Kai ran out of the room and he started sob aloud hysterically. He was such a fool for confessing. Did he really expect Kai to leave his precious Takao and fall in love with him? He was an idiot.

He gritted his teeth. If he could not have Kai, then no one could. He picked up the phone to call Takao. He a brilliant plan for the boy. "He should pay the price of stealing Kai. A very high price." Tala murmured with a sick smile.


Tyson and Kai were playing chess. After the incident in Akira's house, things were awkward between them but the awkwardness only had lasted for several hours. Now they were acting completely normal, though one of was wishing with all his heart for his love to be returned and the other was trying to figure his confused emotions out.

"Checkmate." Kai smirked as he won for the third time. Tyson huffed and ruffled his hair in a frustrated manner. "Grrr….why can't I win for a change? Are you a genius in chess or some thing? Every time we played you have won! It is so unfair!"

Kai's smirk grew wider. "It is not my fault that your talent in chess is zero." He teased.

"You are so dead!" Tyson screamed and tackled Kai to the ground like a little frustrated child. Kai let himself chuckle freely as his back landed on the ground with Tyson sitting on top of him, smirking in victory. "Now you'll be sorry for what you've said and done to me Kai Hiwatari!" threatened Tyson and started to tickle Kai mercilessly. Kai's breaths get caught in his throat as he stared to laugh uncontrollably at the touch of Tyson's torturing hands. "Do…don't! I…can't…breathe Ty…Tyson…" Tyson smirked more and continued his tormenting. Now Kai was laughing so hard that tears were rolling down his cheeks. "Say the magic word and I shall stop." Tyson demanded.

Poor Kai had no other way. He was trapped. "ple…please…stop…" He nearly begged as he broke in to another line of giggles. Tyson's eyes flashed with victory. "Bravo. Now that you've said the magic word, you have my mercy." He said as he released Kai and bent down face to face to the ex-patient, giving him a toothy grin.

Kai's heart nearly stopped as his eyes got locked with Tyson's. There was a small distance between them so Kai could analyze Tyson's features perfectly. Tyson look so much like Takao yet he was different. He was a beauty with no doubt but he didn't have the feminine gestures of Takao. Unlike Takao that was in need to be protected, Tyson was independent and free. Like a wild flower which was used to the hardship of life. Kai swallowed thickly. Tyson was so close that his breath was ghosting on his neck. He was on fire and he didn't know why. The feeling of nearness was putting him in to some kind of phase and dizziness.

Tyson looked at him with confused eyes, still straddling on his lap. Obviously he had not any idea what he was doing to the Russian because he reached out and touched Kai's forehead softly. "Are you sick? Why are you so flushed?"

"It must be from all that laughing…" Kai murmured incoherently and pushed Tyson aside from his lap slowly.

"May be…I tickled you real hard…" Tyson smirked. He was about to tease Kai more when his cell phone rang. He picked up as he sat on the sofa. "Hello?"

The voice which he heard from the other side of the line was hysterical and thick with crying. "Are you ? Please…please…"

Tyson raised an eye-brow. "Yes, I am Dr. Tyson Granger. What can I do for you? Who are you?"

"I am Mystel…Rei Kon's lover…"

"Mystel?" Tyson repeated the name which caught Kai's attention. Mystel was Rei's lover. Why would he call Tyson? If some thing was up Rei himself would call. So why the blond boy was calling? Suddenly a real bad feeling crept deep in to his chest; just like a freezing piece of ice.

"Can I speak to him?" he mounted to Tyson and with a nod Tyson passed the phone to Kai. "Mystel, is that you?" Asked Kai gingerly.

"Kai…Kai…I need help…Rei is in danger…please…"

"Ok. Please calm down and tell me what had happened."

"Tala called…Rei went to him…and it is nearly noon…I know that he will get himself…killed!" Mystel wailed. He was clearly in some kind of hysteria attack.

Tyson grabbed the phone from Kai's hands again. "Ok Mystel. Get a hold of yourself. We are coming there. I will hang up now and we will come to you. Ok?" Tyson said softly in his professional tone which he usually used with his patients.

"Ok…but pl…please come soon…please…" It was clear that Mystel could not stop his tears. The poor boy had completely broken down.

Tyson hung up and looked at Kai who was looking at him a bit shocked and also worried. "Are you ready to go?" He asked the Russian.

Kai nodded, wondering inwardly why Mystel was getting Tala in to this. He had to find out though. He had a feeling that if this puzzle would be solved, his heart would be free from all the sorrow and guilt that he felt for Takao's death through all the years.


Takao was sitting on the sofa with crossed legs, trying to figure out different programs of the new laptop that Kai had bought for him. After several fruitless efforts, he gave up. "Grrr…Who knew that this laptop thing can be so complicated?" He growled and closed the laptop.

He was about to swallow the sweet strawberry candy which he was chewing for some time now when the phone rang. He reached out for the receiver lazily and answered and at the same time he gulped his candy. "Hello. Hiwatari Mansion."

"Hey brat, it's me; Tala." A husky voice said through the phone.

"Oh, Hello. How are you?" Takao asked, trying to be polite.

"Well enough for your concern. Any way, you should come here right now. I am planning a surprise for Kai and I need your help."

Takao brightened. "A surprise? Wow! That's great! I will come right now!"

"That's good brat. I am waiting for you. You can be sure that Kai will be more than just surprised." Tala smirked. The prey was in trap.


Rei glared as Tala flashed him a disgusting wolfish grin and sat on the chair in front of him. "So Rei, did you bring the things that I have requested?"

Rei nodded and threw a small leather bag at him. "This is it. I hope that you leave my boyfriend out of this now."

"Of course. But I have to discuss other things with you as well. Why don't you drink a glass of whiskey? Or whatever drink you prefer?"

"I can discuss things without drinking too. Thanks." Rei gritted his teeth.

"Aw…come on…I will drink the drink your choice as well if you have any doubt."

Rei was reluctant but Tala's insists were on his nerves. "A small glass whisky would be enough." He said.

Tala smirked and walked to his mini bar, pouring whiskey in to glasses which he handed one to Rei. Without a sparing a second the red-head sipped is whiskey and licked his lips. "I usually do not drink whiskey, but some times a change of taste is good."

Rei raised an eye-brow and took a small sip of his drink too. In the instant that the liquid touched his lips and throat, he felt a burning pain in his heart and a stinging feeling in his body. His breathing became hollow and his eyes became unfocused. He heard Tala's icy voice in his last moment of consciousness. "A lamb should always be careful of the wolf. You have lost little lamb." Then every thing went black for Rei Kon.

Tala laughed aloud. Stupid neko-jin. That cat-boy really had thought that he had drunk the poisonous whiskey. He had pretended and Rei had fallen for it.

Plan A completed.

Now, it was time to get to the plan B.


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