Summary: A routine mission to Sunagkure may result in Hinata discovering what it means to truly love someone. HinataTemari.

A/N: Hello out there, all you peeps who are reading this. This story details a romantic relationship between Hyuuga Hinata and Temari. Also, if you haven't already noticed, this is a Yuri pairing, so leave if that bugs you. This fanfic carries an M rating for strong sexual imagery and content.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, but it would be really cool if I did.

The sun was high in the sky as the small group of Konoha chunin trenched though the quiet desert. The group had been called to Sunagkure in order to assist the Suna ninja on some mission. Hinata didn't really care what the mission was; she knew that whatever it is, it meant she would be away from those she cared about at some length. She thought about those close to her: about Shino, about Kiba, about Kurenai Sensei, about her family, and mostly about the one she had always cherished, Naruto. Hinata realized it was her duty as a shinobi to go on such missions, but that simple fact didn't change how she longed to see her friends.

The group arrived atits destination and was soon given an audience by the Kazekage. Hinata remembered this man; she had seen him before, at her first attempt at the chunin exam. She studiedhim carefully; he had about him that same feeling of exotic mystery and great hidden strength that she identified with men like Shino and Naruto. The Kazkage caught her longing stare and gave a ridiculing smirk, Hinata blushed intensely as she quickly averted her eyes; what could she possibly be thinking?

The Kazekage began the mission briefing: apparently a criminal ninja organization had recently moved their base of operations from Hinata's homeland, to this country. The group had been causing trouble for the Suna ninja and assistance from Konoha was necessary, as a large portion of Hinata's group had dealt with this organization in the past. The enemy base was located two days from the village, they would be leaving at daybreak; the Kazekage would take care of each ninja's payment himself upon mission completion, the mission would be led by the Kazekage's own brother, a Suna jounin named Kanuro.

The operation went smoothly, the ninja renegades were, for the most part, all either apprehended or killed. Hinata tried her hardest to focus on the mission and she was mostly successful in her goal; she managed to bring down seven of the outlaw shinobi on her own. Kankuro was quite impressed with Hinata's skill, and made sure to note it. Hinata was also somewhat impressed with Kankuro, he had that same sort of wild instinctual essence that made Kiba and Naruto so interesting. Still, even with someone as interesting as Kankuro around, Hinata couldn't help but think about her home, about her friends.

The group returned to the village; they would sleep the night there and begin the long trek home in the morning. Hinata entered the room that she had been assigned; she sat down on the bed there and closed her eyes. She knew she wouldn't sleep; she had barely slept at all since she had started this mission. Hinata stared blankly at the ceiling; at least tomorrow she would leave for her home.

Suddenly, a knock sounded on Hinata's door. Surprised and confused, she jumped to her feet to answer the door. Standing there was a woman. She was older than Hinata, but not by many years, she had frizzy blonde hair, and piercing green eyes. Hinata thought she might of seen her somewhere before, but didn't really remember. However, there was something about this woman that made Hinata feel very unusual.

"Um… how can I help you?" Hinata asked in her usual, shy, reserved manner, as the woman entered her room.

"Lord Gaara sent me to give you your payment for the mission, since you never came to claim it." She replied coolly.

"That's right!" Hinata thought, she had forgotten all about the fact that she was getting paid for this mission. Her mind was to preoccupied on the thoughts of seeing her friends again, of seeing him again. However, now, as Hinata thought, she could not remember his face, the odd feeling had swept over her entirely, she could not think straight.

"Oh… ok" Hinata replied even shyer and more reserved than usual, as she examined her reward. "Wow, this is a lot."

"Well, you are Hyuuga Hinata, aren't you?" The woman asked playfully.

"Y-yes." Hinata blushed a vibrant red as she spoke.

"Kankuro raved about how excellent you were out there; he made sure that Gaara paid you a nice sum."

Hinata thought to herself as she and this woman talked about the mission. What was she thinking, what was she feeling, why did this woman make her feel this way? Perhaps she reminded Hinata of what she wished she was; perhaps she was merely jealous of her exotic beauty. Why would Hinata even notice this other woman's beauty, why would she care about this person she had only just met. She thought for a moment, the woman had something about her, a certain energy, Hinata couldn't label it, but it was the same sort of energy that made …

Hinata gasped; she couldn't think of any of the usual names. For that moment, the thoughts and memories of her friends, her family, Naruto, they all vanished. Everything was replaced by an odd, uncontrollable desire for the woman in front of her.

"Well, I think I'll be going then." The woman sighed, as she stood and turned toward the exit.

"No!" Hinata exclaimed without thinking.

"What? Why not?" The woman replied in a confused manner.

"Uh… what I mean is… I just… could you please tell me your name before you go?" Hinata's eyes were transfixed on the desert flower before her as she tried to find the words to express her deeply confused thoughts.

"It's Temari." The woman replied as she began to walk toward the door.

"Temari," Hinata thought, "what a beautiful name." Hinata's thought were confused, her heart was racing, her stomach was knotted, she was losing control of herself. She soon became certain of one thing, that no matter what, she could not let this woman leave he room, she had to do something. Hinata stood up and put her hand on Temari's shoulder. Temari turned to face the girl.

"What do you want n…"Temari's words were interrupted by Hinata's lips meeting her own. The two young women stood there their mouths interlocked in a deep passionate kiss. Hinata found herself pleasantly surprised that Temari made no effort to resist her and instead inserted her tongue deep into Hinata's open mouth. Hinata and Temari's kiss grew deeper, more passionate, and more intense, until it was broken by the younger girl's desperate gasps for air. Hinata, unsure of what she was doing, steadily began removing the clothing Temari was wearing, piece by piece until even the other girl's undergarments lay strewn across the floor. Hinata soon found herself undressed as she lustfully began touching and licking the naked body of this stranger. Temari's hand drifted serenely to a resting spot between Hinata's legs; the Suna jounin stared endlessly into Hinata's eyes as she forcefully inserted her fingers into the younger girl. Hinata gave a low moan as she began to feel the oceans of pleasure swell up within her and then finally overwhelm her.

Hinata and Temari, once more kissed, this time longer and harder then before, the two young, soft female bodies rubbing gently together as they did so, Temari's hand gently stroking Hinata's soft and lustrous dark hair. Again, Hinata began to lick and kiss the flesh of the beautiful girl before her, until she found her way to Temari's eagerly waiting pleasure spot. She began to sharply tongue the sexual organ vivaciously, reveling in the tastes and smells of the older ninja as she touched herself. Temari moaned and cried as the young Konoha kunoichi pleasured her, and these moans and cries only served to intensify the young Hyuuga's lust, until the older girl released her climactic juices into the other girl's ever waiting mouth.

The two shinobi collapsed, exhausted, on the bed. After a moment's time, Temari, once more kissed the girl passionately then withdrew, a scared look on her face, as if she had just realized what was doing.

"Why did I…? Why did we…? I don't under..?" Temari asked confused and broken unsure of anything.

The Hyuuga girl struggled to find a reply to the feelings of the other, she really didn't know anything, she didn't know anyone, she didn't even know herself. Confused thoughts raced endlessly through every corner of her mind. The only thing that was certain to her was that somehow, for some reason she was in love with the women lying next to her, that she loved Temari.

"I love you." Hinata said simply finding both her courage and her answer.

Temari gasped as she took in the other's word of compassion, this girls beautiful white eyes were transfixed upon Temari's own as if they could see the deepest recesses of her soul. Temari's confusion vanished in the Konoha girl's gaze.

"I- love you." Temari spoke softly discovering the truth of the words as she spoke them.

Hinata wondered, how people who had barely just met, who were little more than strangers, could truly love each other, but she didn't question it; she now understood the truth of her feelings and would be true to them. Hinata knew she would sleep tonight, she knew that tomorrow she would leave this wondrous place. As she stared at the naked girl beside her, she couldn't help but wish that she could stay here forever, that this night would never end, and that tomorrow would never come. The two kunoichi then found rest wrapped in the soft, warm embrace of one another.

A/N: Many of you are probably wondering why this story exists, Temari and Hinata, have never really interacted before on a large scale before, why would I write a fanfic depicting a relationship between them. Well, the simplest answer would be that I am a perverted Temari obsessed weirdo, and unless you want to read the rest of my needlessly long explanation, then I suggest you stop reading here.The full story, for those who are interested, is that I wanted to do something different. The majority of yuri Naruto fan-fiction have one basic plot. That being that there are two girls, with a romantic interest in one guy, for whatever reason the guy becomes out of reach to both of them, and they end up together. This is seen most prominently in Ino X Sakura fanfics, but could also be the plot of something like a Temari X Ino fanfic, or even a Hinata X Sakura one. Now granted this is not the plot to all Naruto yuri out there but it does make for a large chunk of it (since the majority of Naruto yuri is InoXSakura). I wanted do something different, I wanted to make a fic where the two girls are not friends, or rivals, or enemies, where they are little more than acquaintances, and even that being a stretch; I wanted the relationship to be spontaneous, seemingly out of nowhere, something out of fantasy. I did not want to come up with an original character to complete this task since that would be lazy, boring and uninteresting; I instead wanted to create something tangible with predefined characters. I thought to myself, which two characters don't know each other like at all. My mind immediately turned to Temari, since I love her, and since she is from a different village from the others, so wouldn't know the rest as well. I decided on her partner being Hinata, since I'm not certain, but I don't think the two have really ever talked to each other before, and Hinata's personality is easy to write. So anyway, feel free to tell me how much you hate me, and want me to die, and how this story is a laughable mess, that fails in every way imaginable, because I really appreciate good criticism.