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The sun was high in the sky as a single Konoha chunin trenched through the placid desert. This young dark-haired girl had left her native home, to forever care for the desert flower she so loved. Hinata had some regrets about leaving that place; its memories filled her, but some things were just more important. Still, she knew that she would never be complete without Temari, the on she would always cherish. Althoughtorn at the thought of no longer seeing her friends so frequently, she knew that it was her duty as a lover to be with the one she loved.

As she walked Hinata thought about everything that had happened since her beloved had hit her with those intense and emotional words: Overjoyed at the thought of being near Temari forever, Hinata had made up her mind in an instant, and had sealed her answer with a loving kiss. Hinata remembered that moment; what had started of as a simple, gentle kiss Hinata gradually transformed, into something deep, hard and sexual. Temari responded passionately thoughin obvious pain as she held Hinata tightly to her chest. Hinata soon remembered that Temari had several fractured bones, and a huge gash down her side, and that having the weight of another person on top of you, probably isn't the best things for such injuries. She quickly jumped off of the hospital bed.

"I'm sorry… that was probably pretty painful, with how injured you are." Hinata spoke with an embarrassed laugh.

"Yeah, it did kind of hurt, but… to tell the truth, I have never felt better." Temari cooed lovingly at the other girl. Hinata smiled brightly at the other's words. A few hours later Kankuro had returned to the room.

"Sorry if I'm interrupting anything but I just got a message from Gaara." Kankuro spoke shyly and hesitantly.

"It's ok, were only talking. With the condition I'm in, that's about the only thing we can do, unfortunately." Temari said with a sensual smile at her girlfriend, eliciting a blush from both her active parties.

"Gaara has ordered that you return to Suna as soon as you are able to walk well enough to make the journey." Kankuro spoke reluctantly.

"Isn't that a little unreasonable, she should stay here until she's completely healed." Hinata said intently.

"I know you'd like that, Hinata, but I can see why Gaara wants me to return quickly." The blonde girl responded peacefully to her lover.

"Why's that?" Hinat asked.

"He wants my medical treatment to be completed in Suna. It may seem unreasonable, but he doesn't want to end up owing to much to Konoha." Temari explained.

"Correct, using Konoha shinobi allowed us to take down the syndicate easily, and then when we screwed up and allowed Akazawa to escape, it was you Konoha guys that covered our ass. Not to mention that a Konoha ninja saved the Kazekage's sister's life." Kankuro added.

"I see." Hinata replied with a frown.

Around a week later Temari had left the village. Hinata was to leave to come join her shortly after. Hinata couldn't contain her enthusiasm. The thought of leaving to go live with the woman she loved coursed continually through her mind as the day of her departure grew closer. Still, as that day was soon almost realized, Hinata knew there was something she still had to do. She had to tell everyone she was leaving, and then say goodbye. The young girl was a little scared as to what her friends might now think about her; she had stayed constantly with Temari until she left, and hadn't ventured out much since then. She realized that everyone must already know all about her situation by now, but that didn't change the fact that she needed to say her goodbyes. Hinata walked calmly toward the open area her team usually used for training. She knew that these people in the least would always accept her.

"Hinata!" Kiba called enthusiastically upon seeing the girl.

"Oh hi everyone." Hinata spoke shyly at her two teammates and the sensei who watched over them.

"Hello, Hinata, I suppose you came to tell the team something important." Kurenai spoke intently knowing what was to come.

"Well, yeah, I guess. I mean, I-I… I decided to leave the village." Hinata looked away, scared, from her friends as she spoke.

"Its ok, Hinata, if that's what you feel you have to do, then it's alright. Just know that you will always have a place here with us." Kiba spoke reverently.

"You shall never be forgotten, and you shall be sorely missed, but when we think of you we shall know that you are happy." Shino gave a small smile as he gave his piece.

"Akamaru's really going to miss you Hinata, I don't know if he'll be able to take it." Kiba had a tear at his eye.

"I'm sorry, I know this causes a lot of trouble for you guys, you'll have to find a replacement for me and everything." Hinata said longingly.

"There is no one who could ever replace you, Hinata." Kurenai cried lovingly as she hugged Hinata.

"But it's ok, you've always been one to do the right thing, Hinata, and we all support you." Kiba said emotionally as he gave Hinata a forceful hug; Akamaru brushed gently against the girl, and she petted him gently.

"I wish you happiness in your life." Shino said simply, though it was obvious that he held great emotion behind his words; Hinata reached out and hugged him as well.

After saying her goodbyes to her teammates and sensei, Hinata felt a little better. These people really cared about her and really wanted her to be happy. Sure it would be sad to not see them that often, but Hinata knew she would still be able to visit occasionally. Hinata continued down a village street, and soon found herself in the presence of some familiar Konoha shinobi. Gathered there were Akimichi Chouji, Nara Shikimaru, Yamanaka Ino, Haruno Sakura, and Uzumaki Naruto, the majority of the ninja from Hinata's own year.

"Hey Hinata." Ino called out with a wave.

"Oh hi guys." Hinata responded in a reserved manner as she approached the group.

"So is it true what everyone's been saying about you." Ino asked abruptly.

"A-and what... what would that be?" Hinata asked reluctantly.

"You know, that you're a… that you like girls." Ino replied somewhat embarrassed.

"Well yeah… I guess it is." Hinata had a scared look on her face as she spoke.

"Oh well, then tell me, don't you think I'm the sexiest kunoichi ever." Ino said suddenly.

"My god, you can be so stupid sometimes, Ino!" Sakura exclaimed at her friend.

"I'm just curious, if lesbian girls find me attractive." Ino attempted to rationalize herself.

"Do you want other women to find you attractive?" Chouji questioned confusedly.

"Well, I don't know, I mean if both men and women are captivated by my incredible beauty, then that's like everyone, and yeah." Ino gave another broken argument.

"I swear, I will never understand women." Shikimaru shook his head disdainfully at Ino.

"It's not women, Shikimaru, it's Ino that is impossible to understand." Sakura chimed in.

"Well, back to my question. You so totally want me, right Hinata, I mean don't I have a great body, and you like blondes right?" Ino took a provocative pose, as she questioned the dark haired girl.

"I'm sorry Ino, but I'm actually quite committed to what I have now… I suppose, you are kind of attractive though, I mean now that I think about it, I haven't ever really thought about anyone besides Temari before." Hinata answered, trying to avoid catching Ino's gaze.

"Oh really well I guess that's cool. I guess you guys are getting really serious then." Ino responded a little embarrassed of herself.

"Yes, while actually, Temari asked me to move to Suna village to live with her." Hinata gave a reserved sigh as she finally managed to convey her message.

"Wait, you're moving away from Konoha." Naruto spoke, finally looking up from his large cup of ramen.

"Oh that is so cute! It'll be like you two are married. If there's a wedding I better be invited." Ino gave an enthusiastic sigh.

"I don't know exactly what's… proper in their culture." Hinata spoke with an embarrassed smile strung across her face.

"So how serious about this are you? You're really going to leave?" Chouji questioned intently.

"Well yeah, I mean, I already returned my Konoha headband and everything." Hinata spoke steadily.

"You did what? So it really is that serious, huh? I suppose you're going to leave and never look back." Naruto spoke with a hint of anger in his voice.

"Actually, I'm sure that I will have plenty of time to visit." Hinata gave a quick smile.

"So when are you leaving?" Sakura questioned.

"Tomorrow." Hinata said simply.

"So you waited till the day before you left to tell us you were leaving." Naruto spoke in a concerned tone.

"What can you expect, women are always so troublesome." Shikimaru remarked lazily.

"We are all going to miss you, Hinata, things simply won't be the same without you around." Chouji cried emotionally.

"Yeah they will, Chouji, realistically how many times have you ever actually talked to Hinata for a prolonged amount of time?" Shikimaru responded in a bored tone.

"Shikimaru! Why do you have to be so inconsiderate, you know you'll miss Hinata, We all will." Ino spat angrily.

"Yeah I guess we all have known her for a while, but we just got to get used to the fact that this sort of thing happens, no matter how troublesome it is." Shikimaru sighed.

"Thank you all for being good friends." Hinata gave a beaming smile to the group before focusing her gaze on the Naruto. "Hey, Naruto, before I go I wanted to tell you something."

"What's that, Hinata?" Naruto asked.

"I just wanted you to know this before I left. I have always… looked up to you. For as long as I have known you, you have been my source of inspiration. Without you I don't think I could have possibly acquired the strength to get to where I am right now in my life. I just wanted to thank you." Hinata spoke emotionally.

"Really? I never knew I was that important." Naruto shot proudly.

"Well yeah, so just promise me that when I'm gone, and living with Temari, that you won't think any less of me." Hinata smiled brightly as she spoke.

"Well actually, I probably will be thinking about you more, when the two of you are together." Naruto gave an awkward grin.

"What do you…" Hinata gave a confused look at the young man.

"You pervert!" Sakura yelled as she punched Naruto forcefully to the ground. "Hinata gives you that emotional speech, and the all you can do is… I just can't believe you, Naruto, you are such a moron."

"Well she did ask, if I'd be thinking about her…" Naruto shot back angrily. Hinata just gave a short laugh knowing that she would miss her good friends.

Hinata had said goodbye to her friends, and had been met with so many different emotions along the way. The memories of the joy, love, sadness, and embarrassment of the moments all mingled in her mind as she continued walking. Hinata knew she had one more task to complete, one more person to say bye to, and this one scared her. Hinata had not returned to the place she called her home in well over a month now, not since Temari first arrived in Konoha. Now she made her way through the large Hyuuga compound, toward the home she had long avoided. As she reached this place she soon found herself in the presence of her own father, Hyuuga Hiashi.

"What are you doing back here?" Hiashi shot at her violently.

"I-I just… just wanted to tell you… that I-I'm leaving the village tomorrow, f-father." Hinata spoke nervously.

"You have lost the right to call me that. You have dishonored me, and the Hyuuga name. It is best you leave, for you no longer have a place within this family." The man spoke cuttingly.

"I-I'm s-sorry… I-I just…" Hinata started, as tears ran freely down her face.

"Leave, and don't come back!" Hiashi yelled strongly at the crying girl.

Hinata left the house in full tears. She ran a short distance before taking up a spot on a small bench. She sat there a moment thinking and crying. Was what she was doing really that wrong?

"Hmm, don't you see that you have no reason to cry." The sharp voice of Hinata's cousin Neji called from a distance.

"But, father, he… h-he… Why doesn't he understand how I feel?" Hinata cried.

"It is you that doesn'tunderstand." Neji laughed mockingly.

"What do you mean?" Hinata asked suddenly.

"Things aren't as simple as they appear. Under normal circumstances, if Hiashi simply decided to choose your sister as his heir, as a branch member of the Hyuuga family you would have to have the curse seal placed upon you. Very likely you would not be allowed to leave the village. You know how they are about protecting the secrets of the byakugan. By disowning you, he's really doing you a favor. By claiming that you are no longer his daughter, and no longer a member of the family, he'sgiving you your freedom. You should really be more acceptant of such a gift." Neji spoke bitterly, but lightly.

"You're right, I guess my father really must care a lot about me after all. I never really thought about how things would work out with the family. Thank you Neji." Hinata spoke as her tears vanished.

"Whatever, I just can't stand such pathetic displays of emotion, I had to say something." Neji spoke in a ridiculing, but somehow warmingtone as he turned and left.

Hinata stayed there for a while staring at the sky, thinking about everything. Tomorrow she would begin her journey to the desert she would come to call home. Soon Hinata was greeted by the site of another familiar face.

"Hanabi? What are you doing out so late?" Hinata questioned her younger sister.

"I heard daddy yelling at you, and I just wanted to see if you were okay" The younger girl spoke in an upset voice.

"I'm fine now, thank you." Hinata forced a smile with her words.

"Well, I don't understand everything, but I heard you have to leave." The child spoke with sadness.

"It's okay; it's what I want anyway." Hinata gave another smile.

"Well, I'm still going to miss you sis. Here I brought you some of your things from your room." Hanabi spoke giving her older sister a small bundle.

"Thank you, Hanabi, I'll miss you too." Hinata as she gave her sister a hug.

"Maybe you can visit sometime. Maybe daddy, will change his mind about you as well eventually." Hanabi smiled a little as she spoke.

"I don't know about that, but I will visit you." Hinata said.

"Good. Oh and Hinata one more thing." Hanabi said suddenly.

"What's that, sis?" Hinata asked

"Is it true that you like to kiss girls?" Hanabi questioned her sister out of nowhere.

Hinata turned a vibrant red. "I, uh… well… yeah… I guess it is true." Hinata struggled for her words in her embarrasment.

"I always thought that girls were only supposed to kiss boys, but if you do it, it must not be wrong, maybe I should do it too." Hanabi spoke steadily.

"No it's very wrong, I am a bad person, and you should never do anything I do." Hinata spat suddenly, knowing full well how bad things would turn out for the family if Hanabi as well as her engaged in an "inappropriate" relationship.

"Umm, OK sister, I won't." Hanabi responded confused.

"Good." Hinata replied, relieved that the subject was dropped.

Hinata had left early the next morning.

Hinata made great stride through the vast desert before her, her memories held close to her heart. She found her eyes soon graced by the vision of the vaguely familiar desert city. As she got closer to her destination, her tired body soon picked up its already brisk pace. Hinata was soon upon the village entrance. Standing there in the shadow of the Suna gate was the angel ever present in Hinata's every thought and dream. From that moment on Hinata would love and be forever loved by the one she so treasured, for then and forever Hinata would love her desert flower.

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