"What do you mean you don't know where she is! You're her guardians, for Christ's sake!"

He couldn't believe this! How could such a mix-up happen? Oh Tohru, don't you worry, I'll find you.

He watched the prude woman and her two bratty children, shake in fear at his mere presence. As well they should! He couldn't believe he had thought to trust them!

Flicking a loose lock of his long white hair behind his ear, he tried to calm down his temper; the effect only resulting in making them even more afraid. "Where IS Tohru?"

The two women only trembled in dread, the boy attempted to talk. "T-Toh-rru? S-she is-s s-s-staying w-with the S-Sohmas-s."

He looked at him with questioning interest. He had heard of the Sohmas, they were a large and wealthy family, but they were also very secretive and elusive. "What's she doing there?"

The boy could only cower under the man's gaze. "S-she decided it for herself! It was her choice, I swear!"

The man smiled seeing the truth in the lying brat's eyes. His voice was calm and cool, smooth as ice."Are you sure she wasn't pushed into it? Because the people she had called family, were nothing but a bunch of lying dogs?"

This time, the boy was so terrified; he began to urinate on himself, some of it getting on the man's boot.

He looked down with a look of annoyance, mixed with pleasure at making the fool sweat. With one quick flick of his wrist, he knocked the boy out cold.

The boy's mother screamed, "You heartless—! What is it you want? Why are you being so cruel? We don't even know you! As you can see, Tohru doesn't live here! She chose her friends over her own kin!"

The man shook his head smiling, while using the brat's shirt to clean off his shoe. "It amazes me that we're even related. I understand Tohru's motives completely. Whoever the Sohma's are, they have got to be better than having a bunch of backstabbers like you around."

The woman and her daughter went silent as they crowded around the boy's unconscious form. The man went to the door, and flipped on his coat. It was a long black trench coat with the kanji symbols for "T. S." were embroidered in silver down the front, and on the back, a large outline of a hawk was spray-painted in white, iridescent ink.

As he opened the door, he looked back at the three pathetic forms, looking up at him from the floor. "Oh, and Ms. Honda? Consider yourself lucky. If you hadn't been Tohru's aunt, and them her cousins? You would be dead right now. I'm going easy on you for her sake."

With that, he slipped out the door and into the night, leaving the three scrabbling to make a useless call to the police, for a man that they would never find…

Getting on his motorcycle, the Dagger, the man went through his options. Okay, what am I going to do now, Kyoko? I refuse to even consider failing you. I'll do as I promised; I swear it with my own blood!

Placing his goggles over his golden, amber eyes, the man revved up his engine. The Dagger, "piercing" into the dark night, sped through the streets, as if through the gates of Hell, never to return.

Few knew the man's real name. Most knew him by his infamous, but legendary alias: Taka no Shiro: The White Hawk.

The name was one, which was synonymous with risk and danger. Many held him as their hero, others as their greatest enemy.

The White Hawk was one who never forgot his debts and always got what he wanted, no matter what was in his way. He would do WHATEVER it took to achieve his goals. No one had ever caught him, and no one ever would. He was too fast…he was too strong…

Yes, The White Hawk always got what he wanted, and he would never, ever stop. He would find Tohru Honda, and he would start with the Sohmas…

(A/N: This scene starts in Vol. 1 of the manga and in between episodes 5 and 6 of the anime. Once you reach Chapter 1, the scene changes to three to four months later.)