Nancy's 18th Birthday

Nancy walked through school carrying books in her arm. It was the last period of the day and she was anxious for Saturday to come. Saturday was her 18th birthday and was thinking of throwing a big party. She got to her locker and took out books needed for her next class. As she slammed her locker door she was greeted by Slash a tall boy with black spiky hair and green eyes, who was out of breath and began to gasp for air.

"Hey…Nancy…do you have…the homework…for Calculus?"

"Whoa I'm taking advanced Calculus genius, I have Mr. Loomis and you have Mr. Macy two totally different calculus teachers.

"Shit." He cursed under his breath.

"Well then I'll walk you to your next class."

When they walked they grew silent, as an attempt to break the silence he asked her a question.

"So…what are you doing Saturday?"

"I don't know I wanted to throw a party and invite you guys."

"Aww how sweet!" He said in a cutesy voice.

"Shut up!" Nancy said playfully.

They got to the door of her classroom Nancy turned around and smiled at Slash.

"See ya around."

"See ya."

He watched her walk into the classroom and took a couple of steps back until he heard the bell ring.

"Damn it!" He cursed out loud as ran to class.

"Hey so what's the deal on Saturday?" Wendy whispered.

"Yeah are you gonna have a party?" Linda asked.

"Yeah I think so."

"I think you should invite the whole school." Linda said with an evil grin.

"You better not Linda or I'll kick your…" Before she could finish her calculus teacher Mr. Loomis called on her.

"Nancy do you know the answer to this question?"

Everyone turned around and stared at her waiting for an answer, she began to feel her face getting hot and she began to turn red like a tomato.

"A sub N equals N plus 4 over 1."

"That is correct, at least one of you over there is paying attention."

Everyone in the class began to giggle. Nancy slumped down on her desk and hid her face from embarrassment. Finally the bell rang and the day was over. Wendy, Nancy and Linda walked out of class together making plans for tomorrow.

"What are we gonna do when we get there?" Wendy inquired.

"I don't know we'll figure it out later." Nancy said.

"Wait! Who are we inviting?" Wendy questioned.

"Slash, Tommy, Jam, Pamela, Ruby, Brad, and Nicole."

"NICOLE!" Linda cried.

"Yes she's going whether you like it or not." Nancy said with a smile.

"She better not start shit with me." Linda said angrily.

"If you two would go a day without bickering I'd die of shock." Nancy laughed.

"So would I." Wendy chuckled. They reached to double doors and pushed them open, outside the air was cool and crisp it wasn't cold but kind of cool the sun shone brightly through out the town it was warm and soothing on Nancy's face.

"I promise you I wont do anything to ruin your day Nancy."

"Yeah right. I'd pay a dollar for every time I heard that one." Wendy giggled.

"Shut up!" Linda yelled.

"I'll see you two later." Nancy said as she motioned them a goodbye and all three girls hopped on their snowboards and went their separate ways. Nancy sped fast down the snowy street going to her house until she saw something that caught her eye and paid no attention to where she was going, till suddenly she hit something very hard and went tumbling down face first.

"OW!" She moaned.

She looked up and turned around it was Slash.

He stood up holding his hand up towards his head and began to walk crooked and then collapsed onto the ground hitting with a hard THUD! Nancy ran over to him and shook him hard trying to see if he was conscious.

"Slash are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine. Just got a cut on my forehead."

Slash had a tiny cut on the side of his forehead with blood trickling down. Nancy grabbed her little backpack and fished for a tissue and dabbed his cut.

"Sorry!" She squealed.

"Its alright. It wasn't your fault."

"Actually it was." Nancy replied as she cleaned his cut and applied a band-aid with pink little hearts on them. She gazed at him and noticed that he was smiling at her and she couldn't help herself but smile back showing her pearly whites. Nancy felt something inside like she had butterflies in her stomach that began tickle her insides but she quickly threw the emotion to the back corner of her mind and she stood with up embarrassment and walked away 'God I'm such an idiot!' she thought.

Nancy ran upstairs into her room and jumped on her bed and began writing down invitations since she didn't have enough time yesterday to do them. Her room was big and pink (pink was her favorite color) she had glow in the dark stars that covered her ceiling making it look like she had the whole sky in her room. She had a queen size bed that was fit for a princess and a pink canopy that covered the bed with little shiny pink metallic stars on it, on the walls she had posters of Hello Kitty. A few feet away in front her bed she had a desk with a computer next to it was a star shaped lamp. Next to the bed was a night stand with a lamp with a pink lampshade and a picture of Nancy and the gang in one big group in front of Sunset Rock, where in the background it showed the sunset and the mountains. On the left side was her bathroom that was also pink, pink towel, pink rug, pink everything. Nancy lay on her stomach writing down the name to each invitation she was giving out to in black pen writing in fat curly cursive handwriting. The last person she wrote an invitation to was Nicole, she glanced at the clock it was already four and wanted to give them out before dark. Nancy stood upon her feet, grabbed her jacket and dashed downstairs and out her front door realizing she forgot her snowboard and cursed.

The first house she dropped an invitation to was Linda. Nancy gazed at the mansion, which in her eyes was a beautiful house; it had Corinthian columns that went up all the way to the roof and in the front was a big glass window that displayed a twinkling chandelier, she strolled up to the huge white mansion went up to the huge polished, wooden, double doors and rung the doorbell. The door opened and the butler answered and stared.


"Um…is Linda here?"

"Yes right this way."

He gestured her in the house and went back to his business. A tall woman appeared with her hair rolled in a French bun wearing a red dress that went up half an inch to her knees and red stilettos with a strap around her ankle, in her hand she was holding onto a martini glass.

"Hello Nancy!"

"Hi Mrs. Maltinie."

She came over to her and hugged her wrapping her long arms around Nancy and then backed up a little.

"She's in the study hall, go down that hallway first door on your left, its nice to see you!" She said in a cheerful voice. Wow Linda is using her brain for once she thought to herself. On her way over there Mr. Maltinie welcomed Nancy with a handshake and asked how she was doing.

"How are you Nancy?"

"I'm doing pretty good."

"That's good, it's nice to see you kido." He said in a husky voice.

Nancy peeked in the doorway and watched Linda wrapping something up in baby blue wrapping paper and tying on a large white bow.

"Hey!" Nancy said.

"Shit, go away!" She yelled.

"Why?" Nancy solicited.

"Because I'm wrapping your gift stupid." Linda said jokingly.

Nancy scooted away from the door way till the close was clear for her to go inside the study hall.

"Ok!" Linda shouted.

"You didn't see nothing right?"


"You swear?"

"Yes! Fuck!"

"So what are you hear for?"

"Wow aren't you glad to see me." She said.

"Oh yes I missed you dearly." Linda said sarcastically giving her a puppy dog look.

"Shut the hell up." Nancy chuckled.

"I just came to give you this." She said as she handed her an invitation with Hello Kitty on the front and inside it read:

You are cordially invited to Nancy's 18th Birthday Bash.

When: May 16, 2006

Where: Nancy's House 218 Shalimar Avenue

Time: 4:00-12:00 midnight

Information: Nancy's house # 555-2904 and cell (657) 545-2201

DJ Phantom: 8:00-12:00 midnight

"Here's Brads invitation too." She handed to Linda.

"Your gonna have a DJ! That's so cool!" Linda said excitedly as she reread her invitation.

"I'm gonna get going so I can give out the rest of the invitations before dark, bye!" Nancy said as she jogged out of the room.

Just four houses down, the next invitation was for Nicole. She rung the doorbell and Nicole answered the door wearing a white tank top and blue basketball shorts munching on an apple.

"Hey what's up?"
Nancy handed her the invitation.

"Oh thanks!" She smiled.

"Who else is going?"

"The whole group."

"Linda too?"


"Great, so what else is new." She said rolling her eyes.

"You two better not start any thing." Nancy warned her.

"I'm not! She's the one that starts everything!" Nicole said defensively.

"Ok but please don't do anything to ruin my day."

"I won't." Nicole smiled.

"She threatened to tell the whole school about my party."

"Don't take that crap from her Nance, I'm surprised that you can even tolerate her attitude and gloating."

"Ok then I'll see you tomorrow." She said as she waved goodbye.

Nancy had to go two blocks to give Jam his invitation, she raced to his house so she can get everything done before the street lights came on. She knocked on his door and waited impatiently, she heard big footsteps coming towards the door and when the door opened loud music blasted from the living room. Jam was break dancing as he opened the door to Ludacris' Stand Up.

Nancy sniggered as she saw this and watched him perform his dance till it was over then she gave him the invitation.

"Thanks!" He said as he gave her a hug.

"Are you gonna have a DJ?"

"Um…did you read the bottom dummy?" She said lively.

"Oh shit! You are, cool!" Jam said laughing.

She was almost done but Slash's was the last one she walked feeling exhausted from making round trips to all her friends houses. She knocked on Slash's door as she waited she admired his mothers garden. Mrs. Kamei had beautiful red roses growing out of the ground, which smelled sweet like a perfume. Nancy bent down and sniffed the red rose and closed her eyes, unexpectedly the door opened and Mr. Kamei answered.

"Hello Nancy." He said warmly.

"Is Slash here?"

"Yeah sure come in."

"SLASH NANCY'S HERE!" He shouted, which made Nancy jump and then he quickly apologized. Slash darted down the stairs giving her a warm hug and offering her a seat.

"I can't stay that long I just came by to give you an invitation to my party."

"Thanks, in the meantime you want something to drink?"

"Yeah sure."

Nancy looked around the living room pictures of him and him family together, all four of them, his dad, mom, Slash, and his kid sister Jeanette who was eight and a nice little girl that had short black hair and shiny metallic braces.

"Here you go." Handing her a green glass filled with grape soda.


"Long day?"

"Yeah I'm tired, I haven't even gotten everything so I have to wake up early and get everything before 4:00 o' clock."

"Is everyone coming?"


"What about your family?"

"My parents yeah, but my whole family no."

"Who knows maybe they will."

"I doubt it, everyone's busy with there own shit, Juliana said she would try to make it and my nana and nano Neil said they would try to make it as well."

"Well Nancy you never know."

"Ok well I gotta go."

Slash walked her to the door when she turned around facing towards him and looked into his eyes.

"You know you're a good friend Slash, I'm probably more close with you than anyone else."

He smiled at her and let her go feeling he was falling for her, but was scared she didn't feel the same about him. With what she said to him made him have confidence in himself that maybe there was hope for them.