Author's Notes

Yes, this is another of Rainbow's stories about a new generation of Sailor Senshi. Once again, while I did not make up the original Sailor Moon characters, I did make up the new Senshi and the villains. As another warning, there are a few things, such as the Starlights being in Crystal Tokyo and Chibi-Usa NOT being the Moon successor, that are at least somewhat non-canon. Also, if you do not like the idea of male Sailor Senshi, do not read this story.

Candy Yaten is Cosmic Sailor Moon

Sugar Meiou is Cosmic Sailor Mercury

Cupcake Tomoe is Cosmic Sailor Mars

Jamocha Hino is Cosmic Sailor Jupiter

Cinnamon Kaiou is Cosmic Sailor Venus

Strawberry Taiki is Cosmic Sailor Uranus

Chibi-Usa Tsukino is Cosmic Sailor Neptune

Chocolate Kino is Cosmic Sailor Pluto

Marshmallow Mizuno is Cosmic Sailor Saturn

Caramel Tenou is Sailor Earth

Banana Aino is Sailor Nemesis

Peppermint Seiya is Sailor Comet

Kiwi Mizuno is Sailor Sun

Vanilla Kino is Sailor Asteroid

Granola Aino is Sailor Eclipse

Peaches Hino is Sailor Nebula

Chapter 1: Mizuno Siblings

"Sailor Mercury...I hate you..." a voice whispered. Ami screamed as she saw the figure of a girl who was glowing with an aura that was a mixture of blue and pink. Then the girl was struck down by another whose body kept flashing from red to purple and back. Ami squinted, trying to see the girl's face.

"Please help me, Ami. I like you so much. Please help me get rid of the evil Sailor Mars and Sailor Saturn," the red and purple girl pleaded. The aura filled Ami's vision, and then she awoke, wondering exactly what that dream meant. At breakfast time, she had an announcement for her two children, Marshmallow and Kiwi.

"Remember when I said a special day is coming for you girls? That special day is today, because Hotaru Tomoe is going to come over and give you a present, Marshmallow. And I think it'll be time for me to give you something as well, Kiwi," Ami told them slyly.

"Why would I get a present now? It's not my birthday," Marshmallow pointed out, her silver eyes rather unreadable.

"Because, well, it'll all be explained when Hotaru comes," Ami said, and she would say no more, leaving her two teenage children curious but also confused as to their mother's secretive behavior. Luckily, they didn't have to wait too long, as Hotaru arrived later that morning. Before she even spoke to any of them, she pulled a purple wand out of her pocket. It was topped with a 12-sided crystal, and each facet was marked with the symbol of Saturn.

"This is for you, Marshmallow Mizuno. It is a gift, yes, but also a curse. It is the power of Saturn," she said. Marshmallow stepped up, and then took the wand, with a challenging look to Hotaru.

"Of course I accept this. Were you trying to scare me? I already know about the Senshi powers. And, well, if I'm Saturn, then there's no changing the reality of the situation," she said, her voice almost daring Hotaru to snatch the wand back, which of course she didn't do.

Hotaru then gave Kiwi a strange look and touched the boy's forehead. When she looked, Ami could see that her son now had a circle with a dot in it glowing iridescently on his forehead. Ami nodded and pulled out a wand that matched the other one, only this one glittered in all the colors of the rainbow.

"Kiwi, this is yours. It appeared when you were born, so I assumed it was meant for you. I've just kept it, and I think you should have it now," Ami told him cryptically. Kiwi nodded, taking it, and then he stared back at Ami confusedly.

"How come it's got these circles on it? And which Senshi has rainbow colors?" he asked. In his head he was going through a mental list of all the former Sailor Senshi, but could not place which one he was supposed to be.

"That symbol, the circle with the dot in the center, is usually used in astrology to signify the Sun, so maybe you're Sailor Sun. If that is so, then you are the first, because there was not one before. Helios, of Elysion, may have had the name of the Sun God in Greek Mythology, but he was the guardian of the world of dreams and also the Earth," Hotaru explained.

"What part did she, or he, play in the Silver Millennium?" asked Kiwi.

"I...I actually don't know. It's odd, but I did notice a pattern. Minako's two daughters, Banana and Granola, each had wands appear when they were born. So did Seiya's son Peppermint, Makoto's younger daughter Vanilla, and Rei's younger son Peaches. Possibly the six of you are meant to be a special Senshi team," Ami suggested.

"If that's true, then why weren't they there before? I thought Queen Serenity in the Moon Kingdom sent all the Senshi to Earth to be reincarnated in bubbles at the same time, or at least close to the same time. Why are these 6 only appearing now in Crystal Tokyo?" asked Marshmallow impatiently.

"Maybe because there's a new enemy coming soon, and we'll need extra help? Last night I had a weird dream about someone saying she hated me, and then someone else told me to help her kill Mars and Saturn," Ami noted.

"What did they look like? Was it someone who was mean to you when you were a kid?" asked Marshmallow.

"I couldn't really tell. The first one had a blue and pink aura, and the second had a red and purple aura, but they were glowing too brightly for me to see their features. I think they were wearing Sailor Senshi outfits, though," Ami answered. Marshmallow giggled.

"Maybe they're our kids from the future. Like how Chibi-Usa went and visited the Queen when she was a teenager," she said.

"But why would our children come back to attack us? Wouldn't that mean they wouldn't be born then?" Kiwi pointed out.

"There's one other piece of this puzzle I thought you'd like to know," Hotaru spoke up, "Michiru-mama has been getting messages from her mirror that show that the new enemy is a bunch of fake Sailor Senshi. More precisely, while they are not true Sailor Senshi, somehow they have acquired powers that mimic ours and outfits to match."

"Foolish Ami. Foolish Ami who loves her dreams and romance. I know what you're thinking. We're fakes who want to be like you. You've got it wrong, Ami Mizuno. If you underestimate what you've only seen in your dreams, then you'll be crushed like the bug you are," an arrogant girl's voice taunted. Oddly enough, the voice seemed to be coming from a strange swirl of pale blue and pink that smelled very sweet, like sugar.

"Who...that's the girl! That's one of the girls from my dream!" Ami exclaimed. The swirl materialized and formed the figure of a girl in a blue Senshi outfit that sported pink bows. Her black hair was styled like Kou Taiki's had been, and her amethyst eyes were cold and disapproving as she stared at Ami.

"Really? I, Brittany, shall show you how much it hurts to believe in your dreams," the girl snarled, flinging what looked like candies at Ami. When they hit her, however, she shrieked. They were SO cold! Not to mention they kind of hurt.

"But do you believe in the Senshi powers? Saturn Cosmic Power, Make Up!" yelled Marshmallow, holding up her wand and transforming into Cosmic Sailor Saturn as purple lights flashed around her.

"I shall join my sister. Sun Planet Power, Make Up!" added Kiwi, and he transformed as well. To everyone's surprise, he was wearing a Sailor Senshi outfit too, complete with short skirt and bows, only his was rainbow-colored where his sister's was the deep indigo color of Saturn.

"He's...he's just like the Starlights. They turn into girls too when they transform," Brittany said with awe. Cosmic Saturn giggled and lifted up her brother's skirt. While he had underpants, just like she did, he also had something she didn't.

"Nope, see? He's still a guy. I can tell he has a...OW!" she shrieked as Brittany shoved her down. Unfortunately, she was still holding onto Sailor Sun's skirt, and so they both crashed in a heap on the floor.

"Marshmallow! Don't do that to your brother! How crude!" Ami exclaimed, blushing and peeking through her fingers.

"Aww, come on, it's just a penis. Don't be so scared. This is the scary thing!" Cosmic Saturn shouted, and the Silence Glaive appeared in her hands. Brittany swung her foot out and kicked the Glaive out of the startled girl's hands.

"Solar Primordial Ooze!" called Sailor Sun, and he flung rainbow-colored slime all over Brittany. She sunk to her feet and began to moan in pain.

"It hurts! It's like...YOU! You are not worthy of science. You are not worthy of wearing glasses," she hissed, flinging an extra-large frozen candy at Sailor Sun's head, where it promptly struck him.

"Silence Glaive Surprise!" shouted Cosmic Sailor Saturn, pointing her Glaive at Brittany. A second later, an explosion blew Brittany off her feet, slamming her into the wall. She slumped over, disappearing in a flash of blue and pink.

"Hmm...I think I'm gonna like this Sailor Senshi thing," Cosmic Saturn said with a snicker. That's easy for you to say, you've got a big pointy stick thing, thought Sailor Sun as he glared at her, rubbing the spot on his head where he had been hit.

"So there's another enemy..." Hotaru sighed, "I guess the job of a Sailor Senshi is never done, even if it's just giving up your powers one last time. My daughter, Cupcake, will probably be a Senshi sometime too and I'll have to teach her too."

"I still wonder quite where Kiwi got his powers from, though. It just seems odd, since there's never been a Sailor Sun before. Although, one could also argue that it's strange that that there HASN'T been one in the first place since the Sun is very important to the solar system. Why would it be left out?" Ami asked, somewhat rhetorically.