Chapter 17: Peppermint and Sugar vs. Amanda

Peppermint opened his eyes and looked around. He didn't remember those fan girls living in what looked a bit like a jungle, with palm trees and hanging vines.

"Is this the world you went to when you and the others rescued Peaches? This doesn't look like a place with anime stuff in it," commented Sugar, who was standing nearby.

"It's not. It could be a different part of their world. Maybe the portal got messed up and we got sent to a tropical island instead?" Peppermint wondered, and then he got an idea that frightened him. "Where are the other Senshi? Are we the only two around? I thought Caramel was coming with us."

"She might be in a different part of the jungle," Sugar suggested, "Let's just go and look around. And if it's a trap, then we can fight those girls!" Peppermint agreed, as he couldn't think of a better idea, and the two of them started to wander along, looking for signs of the other Senshi or their enemies. Then they heard it.

"Is that a song my Mom used to sing? It sounds like one of the Three Lights' songs," Peppermint realized.

"That must mean Taiki and Yaten are here! We can rescue them and go home!" Sugar exclaimed, and she rushed ahead eagerly. Unfortunately, she tripped over a vine and fell into a small pool of water that was surprisingly deep. Luckily, she was able to pull herself out of the pool, since she knew how to swim.

"Are you okay? I thought about giving you a vine to hold onto but then I was afraid you might pull me in too and...I'm just glad you're safe! Caramel would be so sad if something happened to you!" Peppermint gushed, hugging Sugar's damp body.

"I want to know whose idea of a trick it was to dig that hole and fill it with water!" Sugar whined, "I bet that vine was left there as a trap!"

"How do you know someone dug the hole on purpose? What if it was just a natural water pool?" Peppermint asked, surprised at how angry Sugar seemed.

"Because it's like in some movie where they play music to lure someone and then they fall in a big pit! I don't think that's Taiki and Yaten at all! I bet one of those mean girls is trying to trick us!" Sugar declared, jumping to her feet.

"They still might have Taiki and Yaten anyway. I want to follow the music, I want to make sure Mom's best friends are safe and rescue them," Peppermint said.

"Then let's go!" Sugar commanded, and she charged off again.

"Wait! You might trip on something again!" Peppermint called, hurrying after her, although she was faster. She didn't trip on anything, instead, her charge abruptly stopped when she crashed right into Amanda, who was waiting with a CD player that had the Three Lights songs on it.

"You! You dug that hole as a trap!" Sugar accused, "Mercury Cosmic Power, Make Up!" When her transformation was finished, Amanda slapped her.

"How dare you. Little Pluto spawn, how dare you desecrate Sailor Mercury's powers," Amanda hissed at her.

"As the first Mercury would say, you're the one who needs to dunk her head in water and repent! Mercury Aqua Mirage!" Cosmic Mercury retorted. She shot her icy water attack at Amanda, who jumped out of the way and grabbed Peppermint. She picked him up, causing him to drop his transformation wand.

"Try that little trick again or he gets it," she threatened. In response, Peppermint bent his head down and bit Amanda's arm. She yelped in pain and surprise and dropped him back on the ground with a thud.

"Mercury Aqua Mirage!" Cosmic Mercury tried again, this time hitting her target. Amanda was knocked backwards, giving Peppermint the chance to grab his transformation wand.

"Comet Planet Power, Make Up!" he called, and his brown Senshi outfit appeared on his body, which quickly morphed to a female form.

"AAAH! You creepy gender bender! You're just as bad as your mother, or father, or whatever Seiya is!" Amanda shrieked, lunging at Sailor Comet before she had a chance to attack. She grabbed both her and Cosmic Sailor Mercury, who had attempted to punch Amanda instead of just reusing her Senshi powers. Cosmic Sailor Mercury and Sailor Comet saw the world suddenly fade to black, as if all light had been extinguished.

"Come back here, you coward! I know you're around here somewhere, Amanda!" Cosmic Mercury called out into the void. There was a blinding flash of light, and they were suddenly back in the grassy jungle. However, Amanda was nowhere to be seen.

"Look at the water!" Sailor Comet exclaimed, pointing to the pool of water that Cosmic Mercury had previously fallen into. When the two of them looked at the pool, they could see what looked like the inside of an elaborate cathedral. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were lying on the floor, the Deep Aqua Mirror and the Space Sword hovering over their bodies. Usagi was kneeling next to them, and it was obvious that this was a scene of the past, when Haruka, Michiru and Neo-Queen Serenity had been teenagers.

"That could have been prevented if Sailor Pluto had just told them they had the talismans. She let them almost die," said a voice that sounded a lot like Amanda's. Sailor Comet and Cosmic Mercury looked back at the jungle around them, but they couldn't see Amanda anywhere.

"But she saved them! She brought her Garnet Orb and they formed the Holy Grail together!" Cosmic Mercury protested in defense of her mother. The scene in the pool changed. Several scenes in rapid succession were shown. In each, a person's heart crystal was shot out by one of the Death Busters, and each time, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune merely checked to see if the heart crystal held a talisman, not seeming to care what happened to the people who were attacked.

"We must make sacrifices! It's to save the world from the Silence!" Sailor Uranus shouted before her face disappeared from the water's surface.

"If Sailor Pluto had told them that they were the true holders of the talismans, then none of those other people would have been hurt," Amanda stated, "And Seiya wasn't much better." The surface of the water rippled again, and a new scene was showing. This time, Seiya was playing softball with Usagi.

"Look how pushy Seiya is to Usagi! She keeps trying to tell him that she doesn't want to play softball, and he doesn't listen! Even worse, he is a liar!" Amanda accused.

"Do you want to break up with me?" Seiya taunted, leading to Usagi's protestation that she wasn't dating him in the first place.

"But it was the school sports festival, and that's something all the students have to participate in. It didn't have to exactly be softball, but Usagi would have had to play some type of sport, and Mom would be good at training her because she knows so much about sports," Sailor Comet reasoned.

"Oh, Seiya's evil goes beyond being a harsh sports coach to Usagi. If things had gone Seiya's way, not only would you have never existed, but poor Chibi-Usa Tsukino would have also disappeared from the timeline. Think about what that would have done," Amanda said triumphantly.

"Mom didn't know about Chibi-Usa at the time! That doesn't make her evil just for falling in love! People can't always help it if they fall in love with someone who doesn't return it, that wasn't Mom's fault!" Sailor Comet retorted.

"So you don't even care if that love would have meant that you never existed?" Amanda challenged him.

"Are you seriously trying to get him to hate his own mother?! Would you hate someone if you found out they used to have a crush on one of your parents before you were born?!" Cosmic Sailor Mercury shot back.

"If you can't be convinced of the true evil of Setsuna and Seiya, then you must be evil as well. And I will get rid of you and then your parents too!" Amanda roared. The illusions in the pool of water disappeared, and Amanda was standing on the other side of the pool. She leapt across the pool, and the two Senshi dodged her as she tried to grab both of them and failed.

"Are you really sure you want to kill anyone? What would your favorite Senshi think if you killed Seiya and Setsuna? Wouldn't Hotaru be sad? Setsuna was one of the Senshi who helped raise her. And Makoto Kino always loved the Three Lights. She wouldn't want you to kill Seiya," Sailor Comet pleaded.

"Setsuna was going to kill Sailor Saturn anyway, to prevent the Silence. So I will avenge Sailor Saturn!" Amanda declared. She picked up Sailor Comet and threw him, sending him flying through the air. Cosmic Mercury tried to catch him, but he just ended up landing on top of her.

"We're going to have to defeat her! Mercury Aqua Mirage!" Cosmic Mercury yelled, throwing a wave of icy water at Amanda.

"Comet Candy Swirl!" Sailor Comet called. He raised his hands high, and a gigantic lollipop began to form over his head. When it had become even taller than Amanda, he launched it at her. It landed on Amanda's head, knocking her out.

"Now we can find Taiki and Yaten and get out of here!" Cosmic Mercury cheered. A signpost with the Mercury and Comet symbols on it twirled down from the sky, and landed on the ground in front of them. Both Senshi's foreheads glowed with the same symbols, and then they both disappeared in flashes of blue and brown light.