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England, May 1900

The gray mists clung damply to the faint glow of the latterns swaying in the breeze. Their bleak light barely held back the suffocating darkness gathering around the docks. For a moment, the air was full of silence. In the next, the quiver of waves ran like thunder as a monstrosity of human achievement rose from the depths. The verible fortress sat, gleaming in it's own way, impenetrable to the naked eye.

Then, suddenly, an opening appeared. A ramp, on which a group of uniform man ran out, followed closely behind four men and one woman. The group seemed tense, looking around to see that which couldn't be seen. After a moment, one of the four men, obviously the captain of the vessel, turned to the uniformed men and spoke quick orders. The uniforms quickly gathered back onto the ramp and into the ghostly vessel. The ramps closed behind them,leaving onlyan uncomfortable silence in their wake.

"So where is this Condor guy anyway?" Tom Sawyer muttered, distubing the silence at last. He tugged his jacket closer against him in the damp fog.

"It's Can-o-dor, Agent Sawyer," replied Mina briskly, her cold blue eyes flashing, "Canodor. And he said he would meet us at these coordinants."

"I know that, Mina," Tom shot back, "I'm only noting Mr. Canodor's lack of manners."

"He's just trying to be cautious, Mina," muttered Jekyll softly, "Don't fault him for that."

"Personally, I'm with Tom on this," Came a voice fom underneath a floating hat, "With our run of luck. You know, perhaps I should take a peak around, just in case."

"That won't be neccesary, Mr. Skinner," spoke an unfamiliar voice from the dark.

Immediately, the group whirled around, Nemo placing a firm hand on his sword as Tom went for his pistol. In the shadows of an alley, a thin form was barely visible.

"Do not be alarmed," the voice said softly and soothingly, almost hypnotic, "I am unarmed.

"Then why are you hiding in the shadows?" demanded Nemo, not relinquishing the grip he had on his sword, "Who are you?"

"An observer, who wishes not to be observed," replied the voice. The thin form disappeared for a moment and pulled back slightly more visible.

"Well, seeing as you've been observed, why don't you come out now," said Skinner, "We're all getting rather tired of these theactrics."

"We promise not to harm you," added Jekyll, hoping a friendly offer might assure the figure of their good intentions.

Oddly, a cold laugh that sent shivers down the doctor's spine was all that replied at first.

"I hardly think I need to worry about that, doctor," the voice replied as the figure moved to become clearer, "More along the lines of the exact opposite."

Into the dim lamp light stepped a girl.

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