Since the last chapter brought good responses (desperate I'd say actually - my question again is why no one writes this pairing at all?) I've decided to update it faster. I really can't find inspiration for my other seven stories anyway for now.


Warning: Will contain spoilers for episode this is my view of what should've happened after the almost 'kiss' between Sora and Leon.

Angel and Devil
By Royal blueKitsune

She landed on the trampoline softly, eyes closed and arms outstretched to the side, her petite figure practically glowing in the white light. She was really least that's what Leon thought.

The role had been created for her, that much was obvious. And he was just the partner to accompany her...

Everything had gone according to plan up to now and he truly hoped that nothing went wrong anytime soon.

Following her queue, Sora started jumping just as the large doors behind her opened slowly, mechanically, letting the morning air invade the stage. It was still dark outside but no one was paying any attention to it anyway. All eyes, including those of the Kaleido Star artists- were trained on the redhead girl as she prepared to amaze her audience.

The redhead jumped higher and higher, getting closer to where he was waiting for her. Tension ruled amongst all -audience and artists alike- but no one was more wired than Leon. This was it...the moment he had been waiting for all his life; the very reason that his sister had trained herself to no end.

The very reason she had died.

Sora concentrated all her powers in that last jump, knowing that after this there was no turning back. She was going to prove that she had what it took to achieve Angel's skill...she was going to make Leon and Layla proud.

She was going to prove Leon that she could do it.

Her eyes gleamed with determination and she jumped high, extending one hand to her silver-haired partner. Leon caught her effortlessly, propelling her even higher up in the air; for a split second Sora swore that she saw something strange glinting in his violet colored eyes. Something tender that hadn't been there before...something that made butterflies dance like crazy in her stomach.

The young woman soared high into the air; body poised gracefully in what reminded Leon of a swan. Pure white, delicate and unworldly beautiful.

And the sun came up from beneath the waves, stealing an exclamation of surprise from everyone's mouths. Golds and oranges mixed with blue to create rich violets, soft pinks and blazing whites that soon spread across the sky lighting it completely.

Beneath the bright light, Sora bloomed like a royal butterfly. She curled into herself and her costume dissolved into mere ribbons, revealing the white and gold ensemble she wore beneath it. A top and slip lined with golden threads and a translucent pair of silvery wings...a costume so beautiful in its simplicity that it stole his breath away.

The trapeze lowered beneath her and Sora used the opportunity to once more propel herself into a series of complicated pirouettes and turns before allowing herself to fall towards the crowd...and towards him. Leon spun on the trapeze and balanced her on his feet easily before throwing her yet again into the air and into the Kaleido Stage magic.

It was all magic. Just watching her turn, twist and spin in the air expertly, made his heat swell with an unknown feeling. He could almost see her spirit -the spirit of Sophie- guiding Sora onto her road...helping her reach the dream his sister had never managed to.

They danced around each other for what seemed like hours; a continuous dance where both maintained eye contact constantly. The audience was spellbound and everything was going according to plan...until they almost kissed.

If it was something Leon had expected, it had not been an almost kiss from an angel. He had not expected Sora to take advantage of their closeness and lean forward as if to place her lips upon his...and he hadn't certainly expected himself to respond to her innocent gesture so wantonly.

There was disappointment when she pulled back, oh yes. There was also confusion, of course. But the show had to continue...they had a duty to themselves and the public.

Leon watched in fascination as Sora's friends and all the artists soon joined their dance, each doing what they knew best. Even May...

'She has achieved it. A stage without conflicts...Sophie, your dream has finally come true.'

The show was success. It was obvious by the way the crowd cheered at the end, by the way they stood up and filled the Kaleido Stage with applause and praising.

As he held the petite starlet in his arms, as they stood bathed in lights in the middle of the stage, Leon had a sudden revelation...

The stage was quiet. The lights were turned off and the crowds had long cleared the space...leaving only her alone.

Sora swept her hand over a pole in an almost cherishing manner. Tonight she had finally proven -to herself and the others- that dreams could come true. The newly appointed Kaleido Star angled her neck so that she could see the trapeze she had preformed on only a few hours ago.

She had come here as simple girl with a dream. Everything had started bad: her luggage had been stolen, she had been mostly alone until she had met the girls, she had been forced to suffer the gossip of the others and mostly she had been forced to prove her efforts and abilities again and again.

It was almost find yourself suddenly on top of the world.

"I'm surprised to find you here Sora...I had thought you would be out with your friends celebrating."

In her surprise, Sora ended up tripping on her own two feet and almost colliding into the pole she had been admiring before. It was only thanks to Leon's fast reflexes that the young woman avoided the -quite- painful impact...of course that didn't dim the surprise of suddenly finding herself wrapped in his arms.

He looked so serious too, Sora thought taking a peek at her partner's grave expression. She couldn't really tell if he was angry with her for falling -like a clumsy twit- or simply just annoyed.

She almost blinked when he apologized softly and then set her down. He was looking at her strangely...with that same unnamable emotion she'd seen during the performance; the one that made the butterflies flutter in her stomach.

"I didn't mean to scare you. I'll be going now." Going? Where?

Sora latched onto Leon's arm, unwilling to let him go so easily. It was odd...she had never seen Leon look so wistful before. It was almost like he was sad. But for the life of her Sora couldn't understand how she could suddenly read him so well.

"No!" The redhead swallowed thickly and noticed that Leon was staring -quite intently- at their intertwined arms. Blushing, she pulled back. "I mean...please don't go? I would love to have some company."

Nervous smile. Pause. Start babbling like a complete idiot. "If you don't mind that is. I don't really want to stop you if you have anywhere else to go...I understand I mean. I know you must be a busy man and I'm sure you would like to be out celebrating after today's success."

Leon almost smiled. She looked so adorable all flustered like this. He raised an eyebrow, feeling an acute sense of amusement welling in his chest...Sora really didn't know when to stop did she?

"Sora..." She stopped abruptly, looking like a deer caught in the headlights. "There's no one else I would rather be celebrating with now than you...if you don't mind that is."

Leon kept his voice deliberately smooth and calm, enjoying the three shades of red that suffused Sora's cheeks at his double hint. This was something he could actually grow to enjoy...

"You would?" Sora suddenly felt very self-conscious of herself. Here she was dressed in a simple pair of shorts and a sleeveless shirt and Leon was looking as sharp and handsome as ever in his black suit. "Like to celebrate with me?"

And she was back to the babbling part.

'And that is not all I'd like to do. However, you might just keel with shock and I want you awake, aware and conscious if you don't mind.' The irony was not lost to him even as he used her words -again- against her. Pity she didn't know.

"So...what are we going to do?"

Her mind suddenly came to a screeching halt as the words sunk in. Leon focused on her, rather intense, and Sora swallowed nervously. Open mouth, insert foot. Had she just made an unintentional innuendo towards...something she'd rather not think of now or was he brain simply suffering from a hormonal overdose?

Actually, the question had seemed innocent enough...but, somehow, Sora's mind couldn't function past other possibilities. She was officially a pervert...Fool was rubbing of her. Sora almost groaned. And if that sentence wasn't perverse in its own way, she didn't know what was.

Bad thoughts. Bad!

"Now that you seem to have mentioned it." Uh-oh. Sora didn't think she liked his nonchalance too much. Actually it reminded her of a big cat...a sensuous, sexy, black panther with a body to kill. In more was than one.

Bad! Down...

"You and I have something we can do right now. Call it a debt you owe me." Leon was almost nose-to-nose with her now; she could kiss him and call it an accident. Sora almost wanted to slap herself.

"Yes?" Was that her voice? When had she been backed into the pole? Why had the butterflies gone mad all of a sudden? The redhead girl wasn't even going to ask herself why her knees were trembling and her mouth had suddenly gone dry.

He regarded her for a few moments -a few tense moments- and then, out of nowhere really, leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. Just like she'd tried to, during the show. Sora could swear that every bone in her body had suddenly turned into a pile of mush. Her first kiss...

Leon was everything she had dreamed of, everything she had ever wanted of her first crush...her first love. He was gentle yet he kissed her with such fervor and passion that she could swear she was going to fall apart at any given moment. He was sweet, coaxing her to give her all into this one kiss and she was more than glad to comply.

It was only too soon before they broke the kiss, arms wrapped around each other and breaths ragged. Sora curled her toes, feeling momentarily surprised that she was no longer standing on the ground but hanging in his arms. Again.

"That was...I mean why did you?"

"Perhaps you can remember our almost kiss during Swan Lake tonight. You pulled back before I had a chance to properly react." Sora's words stuck in her throat as Leon half-smiled disarmingly down at her. His smile was something she could definitely get used to. "I couldn't let the 'accident' go unobserved, now could I?"

Sora blushed a bright red and lowered her gaze, watching him through half lidded eyes. He had to wonder what she was thinking about. "Leon, why did you kiss me? You said earlier that you had a debt to repay...I, am I only a debt to you?"

Leon almost dropped the petite woman in pure surprise. Sora's tone didn't suggest that she was joking in any way. She was serious. She really believed that he had kissed her to clear a -foolish- debt.

He sighed...long and warily.

"Sora. Look into my eyes."

She obeyed automatically and he was disturbed to find that her eyes lacked their usual vibrant spark. Leon frowned. Sadness did not suit her...she was always laughing, smiling and being her cheerful self.

"You are not just a debt to me. During the show tonight I realized that you..." He struggled with his words, cursing his liability with them. Sophie had always told him that he was a man of little words...and now it was coming back to bite him.

"That you meant so much more to me than just another partner. I'm not vocal most of the times but I would like to get to know you better...inside and outside the stage. This may seem abrupt but..."

Leon never got to finish his sentence because Sora wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, almost making him fall of his feet in the process. She would've giggled at the stunned expression in his violet eyes if the kiss hadn't been proving to be such a distraction.

"Does this mean that you are going to go out with me?" Leon asked roughly, inbetween kisses.

She kissed him again. And again. And again. "Does this answer your question?"


I feel there is something wrong with this but I can't quite put my finger in it. It's rushed, it's a little rough on the edges but it's fluffy and romantic. Opinions?