Hello everyone! Android 22 here. I just wanted to take this time to first thank you for taking the time to give this story a chance! I know that this fanfiction is known for being very dark, so for it to gain the attention of someone is awesome! Before you start, I do want to let you know that this story was started back in 2006 and at the time, I was only 16 years old. The first 10ish chapters are a little dated and you can definitely see my age from back then. They aren't terrible, but it's always a good idea to warn people a head of time in case they are thrown off by some things. One day I plan to rewrite the first 10 chapters... but first I have to get the story finished! I also do not update very frequently these days, but I am bound determined to complete this story! So once again, thank you for taking the time to read my story. Buckle up, hang on, and be prepared to take the wildest ride of your life ;)

Story Summary: Goten admits his feelings to the purple haired prince. And what does Trunks do to admit how he feels? Beatings, harassement, turning family against him, bullying, spiders... After all these experiences, something inside Goten snaps. His thoughts start to run around like a serial killer, constantly thinking about ways to kill or rape or commit suicide. He becomes gothic, mentally insane, and a killer. Is this the crazed mind of a sociopathic schizophrenic or the desperate pleas of help from someone with a broken heart?

Warnings: THIS IS YAOI! THAT MEANS HOMOSEXUAL SEX! GUY/GUY FUCKING! Dark fic, blood, suicidal actions, hate, love, etc.

Disclaimer: I do not own DB/Z/GT. They all belong to Akira Toriyama. The OC's are mine. The fic is mine.

~*~Chapter 1: Confessions

Out in the back of Orange Star Middle School, a stupid little boy has blood running out of his mouth and is lying on the gravel ground behind the school. His friend of over 13 years lifts the stupid fucker's head by his spiky black hair and lands a cement-hard punch to his small nose, breaking the cartilage with a loud bone crunching sound. The little shit cries for him to stop, begging for the lavender haired prince mercy on his poor soul. The 8th grader wipes off the bright red blood on his "Hollister" shirt and walks around the dickhead. Just as the younger boy thinks that his beating is over, a cold, heartless voice rings in his ear, saying a word that would haunt him for the rest of his life:


Added with that was a kick to his stomach, causing the stupid boy to cough up more metallic-tasting blood. His puny, weak body pulsed in pain, his every heartbeat trying to kill him. Tears are staining his blood soaked face. No sound escaped his lips as the little prince with the lavender hair continued to kick the stupid-ass son of a low-class saiyan, repeatedly saying, "Faggot! Queer! You sick freak!"

The stupid little boy barely opens his eyes before getting a kick to his face, causing him to black out into unconsciousness.

That stupid little shit-faced boy was me; Son Goten. I made the horrible mistake of falling in love with my best friend… and telling him… then showing him. Now my best friend is letting me know how much he "loves" me.

I had woken up in a nurse's office in a hard, paper-covered bed in my middle school. The light hurt my big eyes, now black and blue with bruises. There were bandages on my nose, cheeks, forehead and no doubt all over my body. I had closed my eyes because of the light and my ears began to give off a piercing ring as someone tried to talk to me. My brain was so jumbled, it felt like it was swollen or something like that. As I came to, I kept thinking back to earlier today…

"You wanted to talk to me behind the school building? Why so secretive?"

"I need to tell you something that I can no longer hold in…"

"Well, what is it?"

"I need to tell you my true feelings for you. I've been living a lie all my life, Trunks…"


"I… I'm in love with you Trunks. I've loved you for my whole life…"


"Please Trunks… lemme show you my feelings… I love you…"

It was the biggest mistake of my life. I didn't let him say or do anything before I had wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him full on the lips. His mouth was slightly open in shock so I took that advantage by slipping my tongue inside and pressing myself against him. What the hell was I, a stupid little boy, thinking?

Then before I knew it, my erection was crushed by a powerful knee. I was punched on the jaw, causing me to bite my tongue and his foot found my head, swinging around and having my face find the ground. What was I expecting out of my confession? An awe-struck Trunks with his beautiful blue eyes full of tears saying that he loved me too? Then when we finally shared our fist kiss, we would feel the love so strong that we needed to catch our breath? What the hell was I, a shit-faced boy, thinking?

The painful awareness of his rejection finally hit me. Someone had put their big, warm hand on my cut cheek and cooed in my ear that the pain will be gone soon. I think it was my dad… or a male nurse. The person opened my mouth with their finger and I felt a smooth object come in. "Chew and swallow, Goten..." A familiar voice told me, and I obeyed.

Immediately the senzu bean was healing my body, washing away all my physical pain, a rush of magic making me shiver. My eyes open fully as I sit up in the nurse's bed, staring at my mom, dad, brother and Bulma. "Oh Honey! What happened?" My over-protective mother practically pounced on me in happiness. I made no noise and showed no emotion, staring at Bulma who so resembled Trunks.


My body began to experience a new emotion that rarely came to me, nice, sweet Goten. I began to shake in anger and repressed thoughts. I could feel my eyes swell with hot tears, but I wouldn't let them flow. My mother was holding my face, making me look at her worried face. Her make-up was running down into her nose and mouth. She had been crying for me…

"Honey, what happened?" she asked.

My voice came out in a choked whisper, my voice hurting from the crying and getting kicked on my throat, "I got into a fight…"

My mother's look of worry changed so fast that I winced. "WHAT? Goten, you know better than to fight with other children! You know that you are too strong!" I tried to voice a complaint, but she just kept on going, "What is wrong with you? You're turning into Vegeta's brat!" 'Trunks…' my heart ached. "Who did you get into a fight with?" my mother demanded.

"Trunks, mother…" I looked away towards the door to see Vegeta standing there with his tail swaying back and forth slowly, listening to the conversation with a smirk on his face. 'Probably proud of Trunks for all of this…' I think and my head (well… more like my brain…) began to hurt in my anger.

As my mother began to rant about Trunks, getting into an argument with his mother, I stare at the proud Prince hard. Him and his stupid smirk…

I've never felt hate towards anyone in my whole life. Not even towards Majin Buu when he was talking over the world. How could I? It's not his fault that he was created for evil and domination. He was simply a confused murderer needing to feel like he was something important… even if it was for evil. Maybe I'm the only one who truly understood Buu.

But my now pulsing headache was causing my anger to turn into searing hate towards Trunks' father. And Trunks himself. My staring hate of emotion turned into a glare, a killer's look. He stared back at me, giving me the same look. Thoughts, coming from no where, plagued my mind of their blood flowing from their eyes. My eye twitched and the corner of my mouth quivered, a silent growl forming in my throat. I was about to say something when Trunks came up beside him with an ice cream, licking it with that tongue that I got to taste for the slightest second like a slut.

Vegeta began to stroke his son's head affectionately and that's when my mother turned around, screaming at Trunks about beating me to death. My facial expression changed into one of hurt as Trunks looked at me in disgust. As my mother yelled at both of them, my father came up to me and held me in his powerful arms, sympathy for my beating. "Don't worry about them, Goten." He cooed in my ear.

My face contorted into pain-strickening sadness as I held onto my father, closing my eyes and letting the water in them trail down my cheeks. My body shook as I tried to hold back the sobs, not wanting anyone to hear my suffering.

"It's not my fault he's a faggot." Trunks' harsh voice rang through. He was going to tell everyone there about what I did… and I couldn't stop him. No matter what I said, he would have all the attention with that statement. "He's the one who put his tongue in my mouth. That's just sick." He stated simply and my mother's annoying rant stopped.

The uncomfortable silence crawled over me like millions of spiders. I could feel everyone's eyes one me, the feeling like tiny legs walking on my body. My crying stopped as even my father pulled back to look at me in complete shock. I turned away. I couldn't look at him… I couldn't look at anybody. I had no escape, no one to save me from my humiliation. Not even my own brother stepped in to help me. All he did, like everyone else, was stare.

Those eyes… so accusing and held the look of disgust. Disgust in me, in my ungodly actions to the guy I had mistakenly fallen in love with. I can still feel those eyes on me now. Stabbing me with accusations and false realities. It drives me insane still to have this feeling of paranoia, this feeling of shame; this feeling like someone was always watching me with their eyes, the feeling of a schizoid.

"We aren't friends anymore. Just thought I'd let you all know that. I don't want to be friends with some fag boy." Trunks broke the silence, giving me a cold look, and then walking away.

Pain again; in my heart, my head, my very soul which he took no mercy on. Not only did I loose the boy I was in love with, but I lost my best friend. The one I've known since I was a baby. My companion, my 'buddy' just beat me, trashed me, and walked out of my life. Things would never be the same.

My mother turned to stare at me, her face red with fury and more disgust. Here comes the screaming… I wince again.