Marital Bliss


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Full Summary: Yamato and Mimi are going to start a family! As happy as it sounds, the game of love is not to be taken for granted.


Mimi tied her long, creamed-coffee brown hair into a quick ponytail, in order not to stain it while doing some chicken curry for lunch.

She stirred the curry casually, her thoughts fleeting.

Suddenly, strong arms envelop her waist, snapping her back to reality.

"Yamato!" Mimi snapped, looking up at the groggy, messy-haired blonde who just surprised her a minute ago.

Yamato looked down at her.

"You look quite disturbed," he said.

Mimi sighed, withdrawing the stainless saddle from the casserole.

She placed it above the chopping board, which is lying a few distance from her.

Yamato leaned over to kiss her neck then he shifted his lips to her shoulder, nibbling it as gently as possible, careful not to annoy Mimi.

Mimi reached for the casserole's stainless top, covering the boiling meal.

Yamato released himself from her, leaving her a soft peck before proceeding to the bathroom.

It has been years...

Wonderfully enough, the bond between Mimi and Yamato never faded. Though, there have been some bad and happy experiences along, both should always be cherished and kept.

Sure, Yamato and Sora were a happy couple during their high school years, but when Mimi came back from New York to pursue College in Japan, things definitely took a turn.

Mimi has been on TV for about a year and a half already. She could be seen in TV every weekend morning, presenting the TV audience some new cuisines and cooking it live on TV.

Obviously, she has her own cooking show and it was called Chef Princess Mimi. It ran for about an hour. According to the crew, mothers liked her show, giving her much confidence during tapings.

On the other hand, Yamato is also a TV personality. He is part of the band called Wolves. He plays the lead guitar and is randomly chosen for the vocals since there are two vocals for the band. Sometimes, he plays the drums as well.

But Yamato was being practical. He is trying to get a master's degree, making him possible to be a teacher if ever his band's career ever ended.

And yet, they're about to have a baby.

They weren't married yet---they are just living together, which is a whole lot different from being committed.

If having a baby meant getting married, that would mean they should marry amidst the peak of their careers.

Mimi held the casserole's top cover up, causing the heavenly steam from the curry to take over the kitchen.

She reached over the saddle and took a taste of what she was cooking.

Yamato appeared in the kitchen once again.

"Wow, I love it," Yamato mused.

It was Thursday---one of Yamato's day-offs.

Mimi's tapings spans for approximately three days while Yamato's schedule spans for about five days a week.

He sat on one of the dining chairs.

He watched her transfer the curry into a big bowl.

As soon as Mimi finished preparing the curry, she proceeded to put some rice on each of their bowls.

Matt noticed something wrong at Mimi's attitude for the past few days.

She was dull, disturbed…sometimes, she was too quiet.

It was very surprising to know that while she's taping, her mood is very different from what she's currently feeling at home.

They started eating in a rather silent manner.

Yamato looked up from his food.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

She nodded, chewing her food.

"Sure?" he tried to confirm once again.

She gave him the same response.

Yamato sighed in frustration, putting his chopsticks down.

"I don't like the way you're acting," he confronted her, slightly glaring.

Mimi gulped her food, her facial expression stayed as it is.

"You know, Mimi, if---"

"Yamato," Mimi spoke.

His eyes loosen as she spoke.

Mimi looked up at him, smiling weakly.

"I don't mean to frustrate you," she said. "But I want us to talk about some matter later…okay?"

Yamato flipped from channel to channel, feeling anxious of whatever Mimi has in mind. However, he tried to hide his anxiousness by pretending to be absorbed in the TV. Unfortunately, he can't find any good show because he wasn't focused.

Mimi finished doing the dishes and is now on the computer, looking for great kiddy snacks to share the audience during summer. But she was getting nervous that at times, she find herself stopping in the middle of what she was doing every five minutes or so.

She couldn't take the tension anymore---so does he.

Mimi stood from the computer chair and surprisingly, Yamato did.

"Hey, you know---" both of them spoke.

Yamato stopped while Mimi looked away.

"Mimi," Yamato called.

Mimi looked up.

He pointed his head towards the small patio of the condominium.

It was about one-thirty in the afternoon.

Mimi sat on the side of the lounge chair.

Yamato leaned his back on the patio's pillar.

"Mimi, you know that I've got only a little time to stay at home and be with you," Yamato started, staring at her. "If you have something to tell me, tell me now."

She slid her hand under her pink tank top, stroking her belly.

"I want to get married," she announced.

Yamato continued to stare at her. "That's it?"

Mimi looked up at him, quite confused of his reaction. She expected him to go ballistic and state his reasons about having a career and stuff but no…he simply asked her a confirmation.

She blinked, quite taken by surprise.

He approached Mimi, sitting next to her on the lounge chair.

Yamato leaned over to tenderly savor her lips with a soft but rather long kiss. His pace grew faster, leaving Mimi numb in his kiss.

She pulled away, her eyes not looking at him.

"I thought you'd go ballistic," she confessed.

Yamato pulled a stray strand of hair from her face. He blew against her ear.

"Look, I was sorry about my reaction about the opinion of marrying you a year ago," he said. "But it's different now…we're having baby."

"If you thought it that way, why didn't you suggest it?" Mimi asked.

Yamato shrugged. "I don't know but one thing's for sure...I love you."

Mimi smiled, planting a soft kiss on his lips. "I do too."

She was only two months pregnant but it wasn't that noticeable yet. But somehow, she's added some weight.

"Wow…you'll be Mrs. Ishida," he said, resting his head on hers.

Mimi giggled, caressing his cheek.

"I made you laugh again!" Yamato said triumphantly.

"It was a giggle," she corrected him.

"Whatever you say," he said, not in the mood for any verbal sparring or whatsoever.

Then silence broke between the two of them.

"I'm psyched," Mimi said.

Yamato looked down at her. "Me too."

'The twenty-two-year-old chef Mimi and the twenty-three-year-old rock star Yamato.'

He kissed her neck, passionately enjoying the sensation of his lips against her smooth, scent-rich skin. His lips travel down her neck, moving towards her collarbone.

As he was doing this, Mimi sat back on the lounge chair, helping herself with Yamato's kisses.

What could be awaiting them?

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