Marital Bliss


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Act Four: One Carefree Day

"Once you smell something weird, immediately check his diapers and then, you'll know what to do. And then, don't forget to send the laundry to the Laundromat, clean the house and…hmm…what else…?"

Yamato groaned as he drove.

This is what happens when he's left at home to look after Sato and the house.

"Oh yeah!" Mimi snapped.

Yamato jerked. "What?"

"Just take-out for lunch," she said. "I'll be back by one in the afternoon and…I've had lunch by that time so if you sill hesitate to cook, just take-out."

Yamato pulled up in front of the pastry shop, his face filled with displeasure.

"What is that face for?" Mimi asked.

"Can't you just slack off, honey?" he asked. "You're the boss of this place, once in a while you should slack off at home and rest."

"Okay, well, since today's Wednesday, this is the last day I promised to teach and look after my employees," she said. "So, honey, I promise to slack off at home tomorrow and some of the succeeding days."

"Oh good," Yamato relieved.

Mimi gave him a suspicious look. "You really want me to work at home, don't you?"

"You know how klutz I am at being a 'temporary houseband'," Yamato said.

Mimi glanced at Sato, who's obviously seated on his usual place in the car, still wearing his pajamas.

"Bathe him, okay?" Mimi said.

Yamato sighed and leaned over to give her a goodbye kiss but she shoved herself away from him.

"What now?" he asked tiredly.

"Well, I believe giving you a kiss after you successfully survive being a houseband today would be better," she said, winking at him.

Yamato frowned and sighed. "Yeah sure, bye."

"Two years and you're still complaining about these things," Mimi said.

She leaned over to give Sato a kiss on his forehead. "Be good to daddy."

Sato nodded.

Mimi waved at Yamato and stepped out of the car.

As soon as he drove off, Yamato slumped back on his seat. "This is going to be a long day."

"Let's take a bath!" Yamao chirped, trying to sound positive.

Sato looked up at Yamato blankly.

Yamato looked down at him. "You don't want to…?"

Sato pointed to the bathroom. "Bath?"

"Yes, Sato, I'm going to bathe you," he said, winking at his son.

Mimi studied the cakes that are displayed in the cashier counter. There seems to be no problem with the pastries including the cookies.

She looked at her new employees. "Guys, you impressed me."

"They impressed me too," Kumiko said.

"Well, I guess I shouldn't be looking after you guys at all," she mused.

"You could go home and rest now, ma'am," Yoko suggested positively.

Mimi thought for a while. "Nope."

"Huh?" Kumiko asked.

"I want to test Matt first," she said mischievously.

Sato splashed the water all over the tub.

Yamato's clothes are now drenched with water but nevertheless he still has enough patience to bathe his son---well, he hasn't even shampooed him yet!

"Sato, please sit still," Yamato said as he crouched next to the tub.

Sato jumped up and down as he enjoyed the feel of the water against his skin. "Whee!"

Yamato groaned. "Sato, dad's angry now."

He glanced at his dad.

Then as soon as he saw his dad's annoyed expression, his face started to warn Yamato that he's going to cry.

"No, no, no Sato! Dad is sorry!" Yamato immediately covered himself up.

He sighed, then after a moment, he lit up. "Sato, maybe we could take a bath together!"

Sato squealed. "Yay!"

Yamato grinned at him.

"You're actually torturing my brother, huh?" TK asked as he served her some glass of juice.

Mimi smiled. "Not exactly. It's been two years since we got ourselves a child of our own. He should know that he's a father now."

TK sat on the sofa in front of Mimi's seat. "It's really funny how my brother changed through the years."

"Hm?" Mimi looked up.

"You know, Meems," he spoke. "He's impatient, cold…just like a wolf. When you were in Junior high, well, you know what I mean."

She sighed. "Yeah, I know what you mean."

Mimi looked around the Ishida residence's living room. Mr. and Mrs. Yamato took a vacation in Okinawa. And now, the house is all up to Takeru.

"Well, when he was just 11, I was 10," she said. "Sora and I were great friends and that time, she was smitten with Tai."

TK looked up at her.

"Then she and Matt got together after I left for New York," she continued. "Then…well, some things turned around."

"About Sora---"

"I saw her yesterday," Mimi said. "She dropped by my pastry shop and we talked about what happened before…everything's settled now. And surprisingly, before she drop by my shop, Yamato saw her aunt in the supermarket."

"That's weird," TK said.

Mimi laughed softly. "Maybe, that's just coincidence."

TK shrugged. "A weird coincidence, that is."

As soon as Yamato and Sato were dressed, Yamato immediately wore his apron and tied a big handkerchief on his forehead.

He looked down at his son, who also wore an apron and a handkerchief on his forehead.

"Let's start cleaning!" he said.

Sora reached over to press the doorbell when the gate suddenly opened.

"Oh Sora," a woman said. "Nice to see you here again."

"Hi auntie," she said. "Thanks for last time."

Yamato turned the stereo on and grabbed the mop while Sato grabbed a damp towel.

The stereo boomed as the song as a feel-good song by V6 was played on it.

Sato started wiping the windows his own way while Yamato danced along the music while mopping the floor of their condo unit.

I say…

Feel your breeze

Anytime, anywhere in my heart

Sato bopped as he wiped the windows with his damp towel.

Yamato, on the other hand, continued to mop cheerfully, his waist swaying with the music's happy rhythm.

It seems that the two got carried away…

Yamato even imagine the handle of the mop as a stage microphone (the one which is long, with a stand, mind you).

"Come on, Sato, dance!" he said, an excited smile on his lips.

Sora crossed her legs as she took her seat.

"Mimi and I talked," she told her aunt.

"Oh wow, what happened?" Mrs. Kawamura asked.

"We settled things," Sora said.

Mrs. Kawamura smiled. "So, tomorrow's your reunion…in Taichi's house?"

"Yes," she replied.

Sora sighed as she fiddled with a strand of her short, soft red hair.

"Thank you for telling me where Mimi was or else I'll be forever guilty of writing her that stupid letter," she said.

"What letter?" Mrs. Kawamura asked.

> > >

Mimi looked at the mailbox and found some letters.

She scanned the letters and found a personal one.

As she sorted out the mail, she immediately slipped the personal letter away from the notices and bills.

As she seated herself on a dining chair, she immediately tore the letter open.


I've grown depressed for the past few days and if you're asking why I was feeling this way then you should've figured it out.

You took my first boyfriend away from me…and I would never forgive you for doing so. Now that you're happily steady with Yamato, I don't think anything might go wrong between the two of you and I hate that.

Did you know how frustrated I was? I hope you knew…because I'm deeply in love with Yamato. For three years, we've been together and then you came around once again, ruining everything. I don't want to look too hopeless but well, I looked more of a pathetic woman.

Just for you to know, I would never forgive you.


"Funny," Sora said, remembering what she wrote.

"You were definitely depressed back then, huh?" Mrs. Kawamura said.

"Yeah…but you know, auntie, thanks for not telling Yamato that I was already in Japan the time you saw him on the supermarket. I wanted to talk to Mimi first," she said.

"No prob," her aunt assured.

Sora pulled a stray strand of hair away from her face.

"It's like, all these things are planned by Him...but why after a lot of years?" she wondered,obviously referring to a veryrespected'man'. (I know you know about who she's talking about.)

Yamato continued doing some chores just like dusting some figurines and frames.

As he picked a frame up, he noticed it was their family portrait.

"Nice one," he said.

Yamato already cut his hair in this picture while Mimi's hair was still as beautiful as before. Yamato was just one and a half years old in the picture.

Sato approached his dad.

"Daddy, I clean window!" he mused.

"Oh real---" but he stopped as soon as he saw what Sato did with the windows.

He looked down at him. "Did you…like…wash the towel?"

Sato stared at the towel he's holding. "Dunno."

Yamato stared at the damp towel he held.

"It's dirty…" he said, groaning.

Well, what does he expect? Sato's just a mere two-year-old.

He looked over the windows.

It's like mud has messed them up.

Yamato sighed and picked the towel from Sato's hands.

"I'll do it," he said, the duster still on his hand.

The doorbell rang.

"Coming!" Yamato said, expecting it was Mimi.

As he opened the door, with an apron, a duster and a damp towel, he find himself flustered as he saw his former band mates visiting him just about during his houseband day.

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