-Why do you not wish to join, Two-souls?-

My vision turned slightly, to face the silver mist behind me.

-Has your body-sister not joined? Is that why?-

I send out the negative response, my aura flaring blue for a moment.

-She is still alive-

I do nothing, still staring down at the pinprick of light symbolizing her existence. It moved to follow two living-light symbols, following them silently. She has been following my body-friends around... I think she believes I will return to them. A nice thought, but my blood-bonds are stronger after death.

-Do you wish to contact her?-

I look back sharply, the equivalent of a spirit-glare shooting at the Original

/You know that is not allowed/

-I made the rules, you know. I can change them... or make a loophole.-

I turn back to my sister-light, staring silently as she moved about the earth. I sense the Original drifting closer, looking at the dots as well. I know it doesn't need to, the Original knows what is going on, everywhere...at any time.

It knows what all forms of life do and have done. It has a good idea what it will do as well.

It knows I will comply... I just cannot refuse.

-A child is going to be born, but its body cannot support a newly formed soul. It needs one that knows how to hold on to life, or it will die shortly after getting its first breath-


In my mind, I see a young woman with a large stomach, black hair and blue eyes. The father has blue eyes as well... I see a familiar building in the background, out the window... They are in Amity Park

I relax, preparing for what is going to be an odd sensation from what I remember last time.

I feel that strange, tearing and morphing tingle, before I reach out, holding firmly to the soul-carrier of the child. It grows around me slowly, and I know what the Original meant. A new-made soul could not possibly wait this long on the life-plane without abandoning the body.

Finally, It solidified, and I was bound to the body. I opened my eyes, for the second time in my existence, aware of sights and sounds and smells and touch, rather than simply sensing them and being aware. They MENT something now.

In the back of my mind, I felt this body's instincts screaming for me to start crying, to wail as loud as I could to get attention and to breathe. I ignored it, fully aware that this body was that of a newly born infant, and I needn't be so annoyingly loud as other babies were. So, I simply threw out a command to the muscle groups I had known so well in my past life.

Doctors watched in amazement as the child had opened its bleary blue eyes shortly after being born. The head nurse was prepared to smack its rear to get it to cry, to breathe. Instead, her eyes widened in surprise. She held the child gently, feeling his pulse and breathing rate. Both were completely normal, aside from the fact the child was not screaming his lungs out like every other normal baby did.

She looked over to the exhausted mother, who was looking very much heartbroken. Her eyes were closed, small tears glistening on her eyelashes.

"Mrs. Spatrisano, your child is perfectly healthy, if not a bit shy. He is breathing normally, so don't worry too much."

She took her child in her arms with trembling hands, small sobs racking her body, changing from infinite sadness to pure joy. Her child was alive and well, she was a mother.

//Five Years later//

"Ethan! Come down, you are going to school today, whether you want to or not!"

"I don't!"

"What did I just say"

"I don't have to go if I don't want to!"

"Come on down, kiddo, you need your ears checked'

"You are denied!"

The two parents shared amused looks, the father grabbing his coat and making a show of opening the front door to their home.

"I guess your mom and I will just have to go eat some ice-cream by ourselves."

She smiled, taking the hint. "Thats right, we wont have our silly son to bother us while we enjoy our dessert, before dinner."

They stifled chuckles as a strangled cry emanated from the upstairs bedroom of their only child, outrage and disbelief quite clear in the tone.

Loud thumps were heard across the ceiling from the floor above, an appalled shout coming from the top of the stairs.

"You barbarians! Trying to trick me with such low methods! You are foolish and unworthy mortals!"

A long-suffering sigh was cast down the wooden steps as their son traipsed down and across the living room to the front door, grabbing his coat on the way.

It had been five years since he had been with the Original, watching his sister's progress through the light-scape. He almost missed the all-knowing feeling you got from staring down at the world, paths and choices to be made, all happening below you.

Despite what he told his parents (jokingly) he really was looking forward to Kindergarten, the chance to go to Sam's current workplace too good a chance to pass up.

And, since he was in the body of a five-year-old, he had the ultimate chance to mess with her mind.

Once more, Mr. And Mrs. Spatrisano traded amused looks, each wondering what had taken to their son's mind to have to smile so wickedly. They had a feeling he was planning a prank again.

They hoped he wouldn't do anything too horrible, lest the poor teacher be driven away. Last babysitter had run from their house after a (so he said) rather stupid prank. The presence of several dozen dead spiders attached the the mirror, with cherry-flavored cough syrup drizzled in the sink rather disproved his claim, though he denied any connection to the multitude of ants also harbored in that bathroom, claiming it wasn't his fault they decided to come in and claim the syrup residue just as the second babysitter was arriving.

After that, they got his approval with potential babysitters before leaving them to his mercy. They already knew he was quite the manipulator, coming up with things they couldn't even imagine and using them to benefit himself and (sometimes) others.

So, they couldn't help but feel a little apprehensive as they let him out of the car to walk up into the school. Both were listening to their son, cackling evilly, a mischievous glint in his blue eyes.

Sometimes they wondered what life would be without him. Not nearly fun, they mused.

(heh... My mum's maiden name was Spatrisano. I am half Italian, and a huge mixture of other European races on my dad's side. 1/16th German, I know for sure..)

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