One Fine Day

Summary: Starfire pines after Robin from afar.

Author's Note: This is my first fic that pertains to the show. I'm conviced though I don't actually know the show well enough to write more so I stick to AUs.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans or One Fine Day by the Chiffons.

Starfire watched the birds fly along the side of the tower, her slim body floating along merrily beside them. The bright sun shone on her face as a slight summer breeze swept her hair back. He eyes were closed as she hummed a tune she recently heard on the radio.

One fine day

Robin seldom allowed her to use his because he said she would 'mess up his presets', but when he saw that she was upset at not being able to listen to the 'songs of love' he bought her one of her own. A smaller, pinker version of his. Kind of the same tint of pink he turned when she over-excitedly hugged him, nearly crushing his ribs. After that, she and the small stereo were impossible to turn down, much to the rest of the tower's dismay.

You'll look at me

And you will know our love was

Meant to be

"Farewell friends, I shall see you again tomorrow," she called out as the small blue jays flew away. Looking around she spotted Beast Boy and Robin training below. It was a strange new technique she had recently seen them using. Robin would throw a small disk and Beast Boy would morph into a dog and catch it. She wasn't sure how that would help but Robin would call to Beast Boy and invite him to get 'exercise' so it must have been a new training method.

Starfire floated to a nearby tree as she watched Robin repeatedly throw the little blue disk and Beast Boy catch it. She did this often, secretly watch Robin. She knew he would gladly spend time with her if she wished but she understood that he needed time for himself. But she couldn't help herself; she had always been drawn to him. And now wasn't any different.

One fine day

You're gunna want me for your girl

The arms I long for

Will open wide

And you'll be proud to have me

By your side

Of course, it had been obvious to the rest of the team that Starfire was infatuated with their spiky haired little leader just as much as Boy pined after Raven. Although, at least Beast Boy could hide his affection at least some of the time while Starfire swooned every time Robin entered a room.

Though I know you're the

Kind of boy

Who only wants to run around

I'll keep waiting and

Someday darling

You'll come to me when you want to settle down

She would often stare out the window, her head leaning on her hands and watch as Robin did his extensive training regiment by the rocks. Or the others would catch her not eating and merely watching Robin through the corners of her eyes. At times she would even audibly sigh or accidentally let whispers slip from her mouth even with him in the room. No one knew whether Robin didn't care or if he was just plain stupid.

One fine day

We'll meet once more

And then you'll want the love you

Threw away before

At this point even Starfire herself had admitted that she was hopelessly in love with their fearless leader but it wasn't anytime soon that he would return her feelings. But being the optimistic Tamaranean that she was, she still hoped and prayed that his covered little eyes would finally open and find her standing right there waiting.

One fine day, she hummed to herself, you'll look at me and you will know that our love was meant to be. She was so engrossed in the song in her head that she hadn't seen a blue disk headed right for head.

One fine day

You're gunna want me for your girl

"Starfire?" She awoke to find herself in Robin's arms, "Oh, thank God you're okay. I'm so sorry. What were you doing up in a tree anyways?"

Star shook the dizziness out of her head, "I was, observing… a bird." She smiled as she saw the worried look on his face turn to a grin. She looked up above her and saw a few clouds pass by.

"It is one fine day, is it not Robin?" He just smiled and helpd her up.

"Yes, Star, it is one fine day."

A/N: I love this song. If you've read my other stuff, you'd know that I'd referenced it in Making Mr. Right. If you haven't read my stuff, please do so. Even though I used it there, it best reflects the RobStar relationship, or lack thereof.

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