Miss Lynn Meets the Digimon

Miss Lynn Meets the Digimon

"Here we are, Miss Lynn, this is the Digiworld," Izzy said.

"Wow, it's really, well, strange over here."

Tentomon swerved ahead, which scared Miss Lynn. "It's a giant bug!" She shrieked and picked up a rock and hit Tentomon on the head.

"Ouch! Izzy, you need to make new friends!" Tentomon groaned.

"Don't worry, Miss Lynn," Izzy explained, "It's just Tentomon, he's my friend." He picked him up. "sorry about that, buddy."

"Pleased to meet your acquaintance." Tentomon murmured.

"Hi Izzy!" Gomamon shouted. "Is Joe with you?"

"No," he mumbled. "sorry, I just brought my secretary along to meet you guys."

"What's a sec-ret-ary?" Agumon asked.

"Hi," Miss Lynn said. "I'm Dawn Lynn. It's nice to meet, uh, whatever you are."

"They're called Digimon." Izzy said. "I've met them when I was ten years old. I went to summer camp with six of my friends, then it started to snow and somehow, we got here."

"Quite a story, Mr. Iz-,"

"Dawn," he pleaded, "call me Izzy, that's what all my friends call me."

"Izzy, sorry." She murmured, "You must have been scared, being here as young as you and your friends were."

"Oh, I always had Tentomon here when I was in trouble," he pointed to Tentomon. "Besides, we had a lot of interesting adventures."

"That's right," Tentomon said, "when he's in trouble I digivolve!"

"Digivolve?" she looked spacey for a moment and reached her finger to her lip, rubbing it softly. "Oh, they like get stronger, huh?"

"That's right." Izzy said. "Let me introduce you to them. That is Agumon, Tai's digimon," Agumon laughs, "Biyomon, Sora's digimon," Byiomon smiles and says hi, "Gabumon, Matt's digimon," Gabumon blinks, "Palmon, Mimi's digimon," Palmon giggles like Mimi, "Patamon, T.K's Digimon," Patamon starts to fly up and down, "Gatomon, Kari's digimon," Gatamon purrs. "And of course, you've already met Tentomon."

"Hello!" Tentomon said friendly.

"Gee, they all look so cute." Dawn admitted, "Sorry I threw that rock at you, Tentomon." She bent down to him.

"It's okay!"

"We'll go set up camp," Agumon said, "you guys must be sleepy."

"Izzy, why are you and Dawn dressed up like that?" Tentomon asks.

Izzy looked down at his tux. "Oh, we came straight from Tai and Sora's wedding." He laughed. "Maybe I should have changed first, I even left my laptop behind!"

"Izzy, why don't you show me around?" Dawn asked. "It's a really pretty place, and you know a lot about it."

"Sure," Izzy agreed.

"We'll call you when we're all ready." Biyomon shouted.

"This is amazing Izzy," Dawn laughed, "It even looks somewhat like earth. The trees, the air, the creatures even speak the same language!"

"Yeah, it does." Izzy said, he looked at Dawn, and suddenly found something beautiful about her. She had long black hair and green eyes, a trim figure. For his secretary, she was a beautiful woman. And in that stunning white and black dress, Izzy found himself staring at her.

"The sunset looks very nice," Dawn said. "Oh, I wish I brought my camera!"

Not wasting a moment, Izzy took her hand, pulled her to him and kissed her sweetly on the lips. Surprised, Dawn almost pulled away, but Izzy kept hold on her.

"Hey, Izzy!" Tentomon yelled, embarrassing them both.

Izzy and Dawn pull away suddenly, blushing. Dawn laughed, "So, uh, what's for dinner?"