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Signals that would help in the story: Sasuke's mind/what he's thinking

1. translation of meaning of Japanese word

Ten years ago…

Sasuke! Please take me with you! The pink haired konichi cried out. Then with his famous smirk(annoying girl...), he was gone before her eyes and Sakura felt a sudden pain, and darkness engulfed her,

as his hand hit her neck making her unconscious.

Waking up the next day…

In her house that morning Sakura woke up to the birds chirping in the morning air. With a beginning whisper that grew into a horrid shout. He… He… He really left me! She screamed through her sobs. Naruto and Kakashi came running into her bedroom trying to calm her down.

It was no use though. They all were in despair.

There friend. Teammate. Their Sasuke was gone.

10 years later… Present Day

Sakura was now, a skilled medical konichi, and tutored by the one and only best medial nin/ konichi, Hokage Tsunade. Sakuea was the best of the best and top ANBU captain and medical nin, next to Neji the top ANBU captain and ninja.

Sakura's pink hair that had grown back since her battle 10 years ago protecting Sasuke and Naruto from Ochimaru. Her hair had grown back beautifully and now, flowed through the air as she trained. Multiple kunai's flew at her and she dodged them all very successfully, and with her new technique that she learned how to use in a book had finally worked. The technique was to restrain a person with invisible medial threads used for stitches and tie them up, while at the same time catch or dodge each kunai that was flying towards her. Finishing up the attack with the new technique she created called the Phoenix Kazay-ucha.It was a fire element attack and the attack always made Sakura look like a fascinating beautiful goddess with a phoenix of fire flowing around her. Her hair flows through the wind and the chakra had made fire shoot-out and engulfs her training partner. Around Neji a shape of a phoenix on the ground encircled him, traveling upwards burning Neji right at the point of just burning part of his shoe.

Ha ha, Neji I thought you'd be able to get out of that situation!

Well, I couldn't you had me all tied up with an enormous amount and strong chakra. You did very well today. You had great control of the fire element attack. That technique…. the Phoenix Kazay-ucha made you look like a lovely goddess. Neji said with a smile.

"Na Neji, have you fallen for me and my beautiful looks?" Sakura said teasingly.

"You wish," said Neji now, laughing it off.

Naruto stood in the bushes watching the two of them for a couple of minutes.

Why? Why is it that Sakura has changed so much, and become emotionless, but she becomes alive when she is training or when she is with Neji, Kakashi, or me in private. Why not in public though? Everyone thinks she has become cold and emotionless. Even now, Sakura is not friends nor enemy's with Ino, since theirs no man to fight over for or about. Then revealing his chakra, he stood up and acted like he was just running into them with emergency information, which he did have, but decided to watch the two people training.

Oy! Oy! Sakura, Neji! Old Granny Hokage Tsunade wants you guys in her office now!

Naruto! Don't address our Hokage like that! Neji said.

Yea, yea. Now go! It's an emergency! Naruto said with a smile as he get excited to find out about the exciting information.

With that, Sakura, Neji, and Naruto all ran back to Hokage's headquarters to see what they were needed for.

In the Hokage's tower…

Knock. Knock.

Come in! Said a firm voice of a Hokage.

"Uh, Tsunade-sama you called for us?" asked Sakura looking around the room seeing everyone from the Rookie 12, they hadall graduated from the Academy together ayears and yearsago.

Ah, yes I did. I call everyone one part of the Rookie 12 before, because…. Tsunade's voice trailed off. Clearing her throat she went on. A certain someone has comeback. I believe you all know the Uchicha that had ran off 10 years ago, to get stronger and get his revenge. He was part of the Rookie 12. No other person than the man named, Sasuke Uchicha.

Sakura cringed, but made no sudden gesture that everyone could see. Her cold emotionless eyes returned to her emerald green orbs. Neji and Naruto hated the sudden mood change, but it was now a natural routine they go through. Sakura was now in her emotionless state.

Then the door opened, revealing a man, even more handsome than before. With his raven hair, and black orbed eyes he looked at every one. "Yo." he said in a cool fashion as always.

(Everyone's change…. hmf… I'm the strongest still though.) Sasukes thought( ) remember

Sasuke Uchicha is back with us, and will not be punished as decided the Hokage continued. He has saved the village from a massive destruction, and returned with many injured men to save their lives.

Tsunade look straight and directly at Sakura, your assistance will be needed immediately. Do you have enough chakra to heal all the wounded?

Sasuke with a questioning look (Sasuke thinking: Sakura is now a medic huh?) and everyone looked at Sakura.

As they watched, Sakura did a regenerating technique with hand seals to restore an enormous amount of chakra to herself, that she had used during training. When she was done she answered, "Yeah, as always."

As everyone walk towards the hospital, Tsunade gave orders.

We are going to need everyone's help! She stopped at a room in the hospital.

Uchicha! Sakura in here, NOW! They walked in as ordered. Sakura you know the drill, check injuries, mysterious taboos and all that crap within this man. I don't fully trust this man just yet.

"Hai," Sakura said with reassurance for the Hokage.

Everybody follow me! You are restricted from opening this door and I am going to put a seal here. Only Sakura will be able to undo the seal when she is done. I order everyone to help with whatever expertice you have in the medical field! You may feed, take care of the wounded! Do whatever that WILL BE HELPFUL!

HAI! Everyone said in unison.

With that the door closed and was sealed.

Sakura looked up into Sasuke's black eyed orbs and he looked in to her green ones.

….. (awkwardness)……

Breaking the silence, Sakura asked Sasuke to sit on the medical bed. She did an eye technique the Xray-ukagen with hand seals to see if he had any broken bones. He had only had cut wounds. She put forth some chakra in that areas needed to be healed. The next thing was to check his heartbeat. She looked for one tool used to hear the heartbeat, but it was missing from the gear box.

As she was looking for the tool she needed, Sasuke was watching her.

(Sakura has grown into a beautiful women. Shes…. I guess what you say sexy. This is non-sense why am I thinking this? What a nuisance. The reason I came back here was you and your voice 10 years ago….)

She cussed under her breath, and looked at him.

Hey Sasuke, I know this is weird but I need you to take off your shirt in order for me to hear your heart beat, and I need to see if your heart is regulating right. The scope is not here so I would need to put my ear against your chest.

He took off his shirt and obeyed. He looked up to the ceiling when she put her ear close down to his chest. They both flinched when they met skin to skin contact. They both thought each others touches were quite nice and warm.

So… Sakura… you've gotten strong I suppose…

Shhh. Sasuke I can't hear your heartbeat if you talk amongst it. She looked up at him with cold eyes.

Ah, gome. (1.means sorry ) he said with a growled under his breath. (What the hell!)

Again, she put her ear next to his chest. She said numbers out loud and calculated it when she was done.

Your heartbeat is kind of irregular so I suggest you relax for awhile.

Next was his fever. When she went to look for the thermometer it wasn't there either.

She had to just use her forehead to get his temperature.

Sasuke I need to see if you have a fever. Her head leaned in to his forehead, at that moment something nextdoor panged. The emergency room was close to their room. The loud PANG had made both Sakura and Sasuke jump, making their foreheads skid together and accidentally locking lips.

Somehow Sasuke was now on top and Sakura was on the bottom.

Lips still locked together.

(This is what I am back for... Sakura…)

Sasuke made the kiss deeper. Flicking his tongue around insideher mouth.

mmmm…. Sakura was making sounds.

mmmmmmmmmmffff! Sasuke released his lips from her.

Breathlessly she said, "STOP… huff…. huff…GET OFF OF ME! With a strong push, the Uchicha wouldn't budge. The push made their bodies go against each other, making jerking movements against each other. His gronin was growing hard, each time they bump or go against eachother.

In the darkness, now in the night of Konoha. There they are inside ofthe sealed room.

He was still on top of her, now smirking. Bending down to her ear, and leaning against her hands in attempt from Sakura of trying to keep him off of her.

"You know Sakura… I came back because of you. Your voice, your face are always in my dreams…" Sasuke said against her ear, making her cringe…