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"Lilly in ten," Jackson said, hanging up the phone and strolling over toward the door. He opened it idly watching her skate into their living room.

Miley got up from where she was sitting, going over to the couch, "Hey, girl. So, back to what I was sayin'."

"Miley, give it up. We used to live in Tennessee – it was the same there as it is here."

"What are you talking about?" Lily came over and plopped on the couch next to her friend.

"We just got out of school for Christmas break and its 70 degrees outside. That's just culturally wrong! Why can't I have a White Christmas too?" she stood up at the injustice, her fist raised, about to get a rally going.

Lilly gave her a questioning eye, "Are you sure you're feeling okay? I mean, the only way it would be alright for you to be so outraged is if you used to live in New York or something. You didn't – end of story."

"So?" she plopped back down, "it's just wrong – that's all I'm saying."

"Point taken. So a better question is … are there any awesome parties for the New Year that Hannah and Lola might just be invited to?"

Jackson saw where the conversation was going, and tried to avoid it, "Hey look, it's Oliver. Why don't you go get the door Mile?"

Shooting him a glare she replied, "Why can't your big butt up and get it?"

"I, am comfortable, plus – he's more your friend than mine." He sank farther into the chair.

Opening the door for Oliver Miley burst out, "And he's wearing shorts! This is crazy!"

"Um, why can't I wear shorts? I was just at the beach and its 76 degrees."

"Sorry, she can't get over the fact that even though it's December the weather is still going to be perfect."

"Oh, so you're one of those 'White Christmas' people." He bobbed his head in acknowledgement going to take her spot on the couch.

After giving him the 'you're insane' look both Jackson and Lilly burst out, "Don't encourage her!"

"Fine!" Miley threw her hands up in the air and went back to her seat that Oliver was sitting in. Without a second thought she sat right on his lap primly as though he wasn't there. Instantly the room was in an uproar of laugher and arguing, Oliver trying to get her off of him and both Lilly and Jackson spurring them on in turn.

A few minutes later Robby came in, "Hey now, I didn't buy all that furniture so that y'all could look at it! There's plenty for everybody! Miley, get off of Oliver, please."

"But Daddy, he took my seat, and now I'm comfortable," she replied with an innocent smile up at him.

The 'seat' in question muttered something to his occupant, making her giggle as the presiding adult just shook his head and went over to the kitchen. Oliver continued in trying to push Miley off of him, which she continued to resist; finally Lily got bored watching them as they continued laughing, so she went over to the kitchen with Jackson and Robby. "So…" she started, but then seeing Miley's cell phone sitting on the counter she jumped over to it, "I just found a way to not be bored."

As she took it and was just thinking about who she could call it rang. Everyone looked over at her, and guiltily she looked up saying, "I didn't do anything." Miley just glared at her and extended her hand for the phone as it continued ringing. Lilly brought it over with little more than a scoff, but mentally she took note of Miley's true unwillingness to get off of Oliver's lap.

"Hello?" she leaned back into Oliver, "oh hi! Yeah, I know – the craziest." She laughed, "Oh yeah – just the other day in school I broke out into Christmas carol – but don't worry – nobody can do 'Oh Holy Night' like you can." Her seat got to be a little impatient and started to shove her again, so she was giggling spontaneously while talking. "You are? I am?" She wasn't afraid to laugh this time, "No problem, but I can bring my friend right? Well what's the problem?" Her expression changed 180 degrees, and she was swatting away his protesting hand. "You're serious? Oh, no – that's okay. Yeah… no problem; alright, I'll see you there."

Hanging up her phone Miley lay back on Oliver again, "Hey, turn that frown upside down." He poked her in the shoulder repeatedly, trying to make her smile.


"Well why not? C'mon! Are we invited to a party or not?" Lilly came back over and sat on the coffee table across from Miley.

"I just got invited to the biggest party of the year, that if you don't go to you're nobody, not to mention I owe Kelly for being the news highlight on her birthday at her party."

"Yeah – that was funny," Oliver grinned remembering the pictures from that incident.

"And I can't go!" She continued as though Oliver hadn't spoken.

Her Dad spoke up, making her realize everyone had been listening, "Why can't you go? All you had to do was ask. I'm not that mean a Dad am I?"

Shaking her head she bolted up and started pacing, and Oliver looked upward and sent a silent 'thank you' gesture to skyward, "That's so not the problem! Kelly said that to come you have to have someone with you –"

Lilly butt in, "Hello, what do you think I am, a mannequin?"

"No, it has to be a date –" She saw Lilly about to say something, "And friend dates don't count, it has to be a guy-girl thing! And I don't have a guy! Do you see my problem?" Frustrated she plopped back down onto Oliver, who had just finished repositioning himself to be comfortable without someone sitting on top of him.

"Oh, that one hurt!" Miley got half-way up for a second, and he moved slightly to avoid harm. She sat back down, "Thank you."

Leaning back against him again she sighed dramatically, "What am I gonna do?"

Robby and Jackson had both come had both come back over to the living room, and Jackson spoke up, "Well, call me crazy – but couldn't you just get a date?"

"Yeah, and while you're doin' that you can get off a Oliver." Oliver looked over at Robby, confused at his concern, and Miley just crossed her arms across her chest and glared ever so slightly at him.

Looking at Jackson she replied, "No, I can't just get a date, this is a Hannah Montana party – so I can't ask anybody from school, and all of the people who know me as Hannah are stuck up and wouldn't want to go with me anyway." She sighed again, going strait to depressed from her frustration.

Had anyone been looking at her, they would've noticed Lilly's twinkling mischievous eyes as she asked Miley, "You don't have to prove that you're like going out with whoever you bring do you?"

"No, why would you?"

"Well I dunno – those bouncers are really weird sometimes. But anyway – I have your solution."

She sat back up in interest, Oliver still oddly unaffected, Robby glaring at his daughter sitting on top of her friend, and Jackson simply amused. "You do?"

"Yes I do. Just take someone who knows you as Hannah Montana and Miley."

"Lilly, the only people who know all of me are in this room." She lay back against Oliver again, her hope gone.

"That's my point."

"I'm not going with Jackson Lilly."

"Did I say that?"

"Not in so many words, but you were implying –"

Lilly cut her off, "Miley, I wasn't implying that – at all."

"Well then what're you talking about?"

"Turn around," she did so, "Who's that?"

"Oliver." He saluted in acknowledgement. Miley turned back around to her friend, "I still don't get your point."

"Well it's a good thing you've got a career in music – your critical thinking skills are shot. Is Oliver a mannequin too?"

"Of course not," Lilly raised her eyebrows significantly, and it took a moment of confusion for her hinting to sink in. She turned around suddenly, like she was just now seeing who she was sitting on for the first time, "Oliver! You're a guy!"

"Yeah – thanks for noticing," he spoke up, a bit of resentment in his voice.

"No, I mean you could be my date!"

His eyes boggled, "Date? Your – Hannah's – date?" She was smiling ecstatically and just nodded vigorously, "Well – sure."

Miley hugged him tightly, and was about to say something when Robby spoke up. "Wait a minute; I don't think this is such a good idea."

"But Daddy, you just said that I could go!"

"That was when you didn't have a date."

"But Dad, didn't you hear the part about not going would make me a nobody? Plus, it's Oliver – Oliver, do you even know what you're saying no to?"

"Sweetie, you have to think about this – what's his name, what's your story, how is he not going to be Oliver? Can he handle the paparazzi?" He started to walk away, and she sprang toward him, "There's no way Miley."

"Daddy, just think about it – what could happen? I can handle myself, and I can probably handle the parts of Oliver that he can't."

Both Jackson and Robby gritted their teeth and he said, "Don't phrase it like that. Besides, he has to get permission from his parents before anything else is done." She looked over at Oliver and he was already digging out his cell phone and dialing his parent's number.

They all watched as he had quick conversation, "Hey Mom, yeah … I was wondering if on New Year's I could go to a party with Miley. Yes, of course… a huh, well we'll be out really late, and I'll probably have to come over here kinda early too. Okay, yeah … I know, bye." He looked up at their expectant faces and said, "She reminded me to brush my teeth because I have a dentist appointment tomorrow."

Lilly spoke up when everybody else was silent, "Oliver, focus on the issue at hand." He glanced down at his hand that he still had his cell phone in, "Can you go or not?"

"Oh, yeah – of course I can."

"See Daddy? He can come, what's your excuse this time?" Robby looked at her like he was having indigestion, and she stuck out her lip in a pout, "Please, please? I promise if anything catastrophic happens I'll take the blame and hardly complain at all."

He chuckled at that, "Well you don't have to promise that much – I wouldn't want to have to make you eat your words. I'll take you at less complaining and give you a maybe. How's that sound?"

Miley sighed in exasperation and went over to Lilly, "Lola, you're my best friend, so that makes you like manager of my social life – go over there, talk to my other manager and turn that maybe into a yes for me will you? Thanks. Oliver, let's go turn you into another person." She grabbed his hand and dragged him off of the couch and in the direction of her room.

Robby yelled after them, "Keep all the doors open, all four feet on the floor at all times, and only one person sits on the bed at a time!" Jackson and Lily looked over at him quizzically, "If she just hadn't sat on him," he continued, plopping down into a chair and plunging a spoon into a bowl of ice cream in front of him as Jackson patted his back sympathetically.

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