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Jackson wasn't really sure how Lilly would react to the idea of a party. But even if he had thought of something, he would've been surprised. He had never seen her smile quite so broadly, and he was even more surprised at how quickly she finished cleaning the mess he had made. He tried to ask her what she was doing, and why, but before she could answer in full sentences she had sprinted upstairs. He was left gaping behind her, and he could only assume it was to change.

With that in mind he plopped down on the couch, expecting to wait at least half an hour. That was what Jackson disliked most about girls, they always took too long. Once when his sister and Lilly had a Hannah thing, he remembered they took forty-five minutes getting ready. And another other time it took them over an hour, but looking back on that he realized it was probably pretty hard if they were hand-cuffed together. All these thoughts wandered across his mind nonchalantly as he finished his first flip-through without any TV guide help.

Jackson continued to peruse more slowly now, but he still didn't really care what was on TV, it was just to pass the time, really. He found himself hoping against hope that Lilly was really different, that his sister simply had a bad influence on her. Even as he found himself subconsciously sitting up a little straighter, he knew it was an empty dream. Nevertheless, he couldn't help but turn around toward the stairs in the hope she'd be done by now.

"OW!" Jackson was lying on the floor, rubbing his head; he had jumped, fallen off the couch, and hit his head on the coffee table. Sitting up dazedly he saw Lilly standing behind the couch, hands on her hips, wearing a bemused smile. Jackson, although the pain in his head receded quickly, felt struck; he kept staring at her until he had blinked enough times to clear his brain.

Lilly was dressed in what Jackson considered to be Lola clothes, her mini-skirt, stockings, and pumps at least were 'Lola' clothes. He straightened, "Wow, you look great."

She smiled broadly, "Thanks Jackson," they stood there a second longer, "Isn't there a party we should get to?"

He snatched his phone from out of his pocket, "Right! I'll just call Coop and y'know – see what time he wants us there." Lilly was left smiling in the living room watching him through the door.

Miley and Oliver were in the middle of a laughing fit when the limo slowed to practically a stop. While the laughter drained from Oliver's face, Miley's lit up explosively, "We're here!"

She went toward the door to get out first, while Oliver sat where he was as though painfully restrained. They were stopped, and looking out the window Hannah reached behind her to grab onto what should have been Kyle's arm, but was air. Turning around she saw he was sitting rigidly on the opposite side of the limo, not making any effort to move. "C'mon Kyle – you're not scared are you?"

He relaxed a little, "Psh – no."

"Well c'mon!" She grabbed him by the wrist and pulled, simultaneously opening the door. "Just – follow my lead. They care about me, not you." Hannah climbed out, Kyle following, their hands now linked, "Oh – and don't forget our story."

He followed her, mocking hurt, "Gee, thanks. I never knew I was so important."

Smiling, she pulled him toward her with their linked hands, "You know what I mean." Kyle smiled down at Hannah and rolled his eyes, "Now put your arm around me."

He laughed as they walked into the crowd of celebrities, "Yes ma'am!"

Holding her almost a little too close for comfort, Kyle managed to fix a confident smile on his face in the midst of people who all seemed far too judgmental for their own good. The pair had barely made it three feet into the place when they heard a nasally, "Hannaaah!"

"Hey Traci!" Hannah greeted, kissing Traci on both cheeks.

"Darling,who is this?" Traci motioned to Kyle like he was a prize on a game show and she was the show girl lucky enough to present him.

"This is Kyle," she responded, beaming at her friend's positivity.

Kyle's eyes started to bug out a little bit as she inched closer, an almost predatory glint in her eyes. Afraid she

would jump him at some point he added, "Her boyfriend."

Traci seemed confused as he draped his arm around Hannah again. "Boyfriend?" Hannah smiled happily in response, "You sure know how to pick them, don't you Hannah?"

She grinned, laying her head onto his shoulder, "Yeah. I do." Unconsciously she started to play with the fingers dangling from her own shoulder.

Affronted, Traci spoke up, "I have to go make the rounds, cho."

Once she was out of earshot Hannah turned toward her escort, laughing, "Oh my gosh – I thought she was gonna eat you or something!"

"Yeah I know – " he glanced back in the direction she had disappeared, "so that's Traci huh?" She nodded, amused, and he started laughing. "Boy you guys really have her voice down." The couple laughed as they migrated farther into the mix, Kyle's nervousness momentarily forgotten.

Lilly was sitting on a barstool, twirling around and around as she waited for Jackson to figure out what time they should leave. After almost falling off twice successively, she steadied herself and pushed off hard from the counter again, doing her best not to hit anything. As the door slammed shut she almost fell off again but kept rotating, her view changing slowly from the living room to the kitchen and back, then Jackson in the living room and … She stopped herself with a jolt.

"This. Freaking. Blows." He sat down next to her, fuming.

"Why? What happened?"

He let out a frustrated sigh, "Cooper said he wasn't allowed to have a party tonight. Mama's boy," he added under his breath.

"Wait, so what's he gonna do tonight?"

"Max said they were going to go crash some parties or something."

Lilly was still confused by Jackson's down-trodden look, "And we're not going because…"

"No girls allowed," and before her expression could get aggravated he seemed to remember something. "What were you doing?"


"Spinning?" he echoed.

She nodded and went on as though there were no interruption. "Max and Cooper won't let us go with them because I'm a girl?"

Jackson spun around once experimentally, "No – it's all the guys who would've gone to Coop's party."

He spun around another time faster while Lilly thought for a second, and said, "Gimme your phone."

"What?" Jackson asked incredulously.

"Just give me your phone." Eyeing her warily he got it out of his pocket and handed it to her. "Thank you!" And the next he knew Lilly was outside talking loudly into his phone.

He started to spin on his barstool, trying to go faster and faster without falling. Vaguely he noted the harsh tone and words she shouted, wondering if she could get his 'popular' friends to change their minds. Lilly was strangely powerful that way.

Spinning so quickly he couldn't see straight Jackson heard the door slam and Lilly mutter, "Stupid – sexist – pricks!"

Closing his eyes he slowed, and when he felt her next to him asked, "So?"

She smiled winningly, even as he couldn't see her, "We're staying here." He nodded and she giggled, "What're you doing?"

Jackson grabbed the counter to stop and opened his eyes blearily, "Spinning."

She giggled again, "No you're not."

He stared blankly at her, "I'm dizzy." Lilly laughed out loud and spun herself around a few times slowly, her smile and laughter coinciding with the twirl. The chair stopped abruptly when the two's knees collided. She laughed and covered her mouth as Jackson appeared offended, until a glint of challenge graced his face.

Soon both were laughing, simultaneously trying to keep the other from spinning while doing so themselves. Jackson was even twirling Lilly intentionally just so he could stop her.

Oliver and Miley had successfully mingled long enough for Kyle to understand what he could and could not do with his hat. Hannah had been laughing at him when he couldn't see or keep the zoot hat on, and he felt this was an accomplishment to be proud of. More importantly though, Oliver and Miley had found a comfortable medium for Kyle and Hannah's PDA, and they had even worked out a system to avoid some people and talk to others through their PDA. Both were also fairly confident with the role they were playing, as together they had told at least a dozen people about their definitely non-platonic relationship.

"I don't know where she is. Why would I know where she is?" Kyle complained as he and Hannah continued to explore.

"I didn't say you knew where she was. I wanted you to help me look."

"I can't help! I can't even see. Why you're letting me lead you around – you must be crazy." She looked questioningly up at him, but he pretended not to see her. "Stupid strobe light – and how many fog machines are there? Really? I'd think twenty would be enough, right?"

She rolled her eyes, "Well aren't you the perfect guest. When we do find her, don't tell her that." He was just about to retort when Hannah squealed, "Oh my gawd! Kelly! Hey! What's up?"

Kyle covered his ears in protest as the hostess greeted them both cordially, if loudly. "Hey! I'm good." She stepped back and eyed them up and down, "So, who's this?"

Before Hannah could reply Kyle stepped up and shook Kelly's hand. "Hi. I'm Kyle. Hannah's boyfriend."

She smiled genuinely, "Nice to meet you – how long have you two been dating?"

Again, Kyle replied first, seemingly pondering for a second first. "Oh – it's been about a month."

"Really? Haven't seen you around."

Kyle elaborated, "Low-key month. We've been keeping it on the DL – you know," he lowered his voice, conspicuously pulling Hannah to him by the waist, glancing around the room. "Paparazzi – everywhere."

He and his date cast a smiling sidelong glance at each other, and suddenly both of them were blinded by a camera flash. "Hey!" Hannah spun around defensively, only to see a cute blonde standing not too far off with his hands up and a digital camera in hand. "Geez," she scoffed as he walked towards their little group. "I thought you were the paparazzi!" She punctuated her sentence with a thwap to his chest.

He was smiling unabashedly, "Sorry Hannah – couldn't resist. You and…"

"Oh, right, sorry. Lucas, Kyle. Kyle, Lucas," she ran through a quick introduction.

"Kyle, hi. Just too cute. Boyfriend?"

She grinned shyly, "Yeah. For about a month."

Kelly suddenly pounced on him, "Luke – y ! So glad you could make it! Where's your boi?"

He smiled, shrugging her off. "Probably looking for me."

"Okay. The drinks are over in that corner," she gestured for the three of them to the corner she meant, "Dance floor – don't tell anybody – but karaoke's over there – DDR, and if you're really up for it… Johnny made me put out the foosball and his pool table."

"Yes!" The other two three turned to look oddly at Kyle, "Ahem. Sorry. I love to play pool. And foosball," then suddenly he turned to Hannah, "Babe – I can finally teach you how to play pool."

She scoffed, "I know how to play ya douche."

"Fine. I'll finally get to beat you."

As Hannah rolled her eyes a raven haired, ivory skinned man came, looping his arms around Lucas's waist. "There you are babe – been looking everywhere."

The blonde snorted, turning his head to speak, "No you weren't."

He smiled and replied, while Hannah noticed how much tighter Kyle suddenly was holding her. She looked up with questioning eyes, but she only saw an awkward, uncomfortable gaze resting on Lucas and his date chatting with Kelly. " – so thanks." Slightly dazed the young star noted dully her host squeezing her on the arm in goodbye and waving brightly to their group.

Kyle squeezed her side lightly, and she jerked back to reality, smiling reassuringly up at him. She felt Kyle laughing beside her, and smiled, the two boys were talking. "No way. You are not – "

"Puh-leeze. You know you want to."

Lucas scoffed, "Not all night." His date grinned in cocky response. "Hannah, are you going to knock Tommy boy here off his high horse?"

"I'm sure she will – but I've got first dibbs!" And with that Hannah let her supposed boyfriend hurry away from her, rushing toward the DDR set up.

She followed, shaking her head, when someone caught her by the arm. "Hey Joe! Hi!"

"Nice to see you again."

"You too."

"Manage to find someone special with two days notice?" Joe joked, walking with Hannah toward the platform.

Her laughter tinkled over the music, "Yeah – I did." Motioning to the figure standing watching, she went on, "His name is Kyle. I've actually had him for about a month."

He appeared flabbergasted, "Lucky dog!" They both laughed, "Always got some cutie don't you?"

"So what about you? Who've you got?"

His arm made a spastic motion in the direction, and he ducked his head, mumbling, "'is name is Max."

"His name?" she stood, mouth open for a second. Joe nodded shortly, and she hit him on the chest. "No!"

"Yes. But – no – Hannah. It's not like that." She crossed her arms, torn between amusement and bewilderment. "He's my friend, and I couldn't find anyone. We're pretending," he gauged her reaction, which was still quiet amusement. "C'mon – you know how it is – I'd be so dead if I didn't come."

Shaking her head and grinning Hannah turned to look at the group of guys surrounding Dance, Dance again. "It's too bad, he's really cute."

"I know."

She gasped, hitting him again, "Joe Jonas!" At his guilty, sheepish look she had to laugh a little. "Ooooh – so you do wish it was 'like that'."

He rolled his eyes at her air quotes and pleaded with her, "Yes. But youcan't tellanybody!" Joe looked over her head at the mouse colored hair boy that was Max. "He already freaked out when the paparazzi got a picture of us when I thought we were alone in a corner."


"No! Get your head out of the gutter," he pushed her playfully.

"Well it probably wasn't even them. Lucas is walkin' around with a camera," she reasoned.

He sighed, looking at his date, who had the higher number flashing in front of him, again. "No – it was them." Hannah turned around completely to face him, "Yeah – I know. But I talked to Kelly – they're allowed in here. She actually invited them."


"Something about them getting the facts instead of whatever they can come up with." She could only ogle up at him, so he added, "She's even letting one of them do a whole story on her party."

Hannah sighed and turned back around to see Lucas and Kyle teasing a defeated Tom on the mini-stage. Her eyes turned to the bright smile of the stocky, fair haired beauty that was Max. "Good luck tonight. With the whole Max thing."

Joe smiled down at her, "Thanks Hannah. You too." And with a smile of thanks, the two turned as one to gaze fondly at their dates, if only for a little while.

"I don't get why you're doing this."

"I told you."

Jackson rolled his eyes at Lilly as he watched her sort through the Stewarts' game closet. "You already found Monopoly – I think we've got the 'tradition' part covered."

"Ooh! Battle of the Sexes! We've got to play that." She shoved the box onto the three other Jackson had tucked into his arms.

"Lilly – " he complained, leaning against the wall, "they're all still going to be here." She started to pull down Yahtzee and he warned, "Last one!"

She glanced back at him, slowly replacing the game, "Cruel man."

"I know – but seriously – "

"Oh my gawd!"




"I haven't played this in forever!" she squealed – pulling down a folded mat on top of the matching spin board.

"Last one?" he asked uncertainly, taking it onto his pile. Jackson waited for an answer, but Lilly simply ran into his sister's room, slamming the door behind her. Rolling his eyes he mentally began to count to ten, vowing to drop his stack at ten and leave.

Again, Lilly surprised, revealing herself at six, completely changed into plaid capris and a looser, lower cut shirt, duffel bag in hand. "Okay, downstairs," she chirped brightly.

He followed, dimly aware of the fact he was taking orders, "Why not up here?"

She scoffed lightly, "There's no room."

"My room – "

"Has less space than the hallway." She dropped her load on the floor, heading over to the fridge, "At least for Twister." Grabbing a drink and container she added, "And there's food down here – moron."

Jackson rolled his eyes, dropping the games onto the couch in retaliation.

"Food, Mr. Moron? Or should I beat you in Twister first?"

"Oh, it's on." And in record time, the two were sprawled, slightly tangled, on the plastic mat. "I told you – left foot yellow!"

"I think you're lying, but I can't see the board."

"Well I'm not lying! And if you don't get your freaking – "

"Ha!" Lilly exclaimed, having fixed her left foot onto a yellow dot right below Jackson's waist. "How – do you – still – ah! – have a free hand?"

Easily reaching over Lilly's unsteady form he grabbed the spinner. "Because I'm awesome – and this board likes me." He spun once, and looking down at his companion added, "But just for you I'll put my left hand where – green." Twisting his body back he reached his hand along the floor, tickling Lilly's foot on his way past. "Got it."

"Well then spin for me now."

A couple of grunts later came, "Green."


"Uhmm, foot."

"Which – one?"


"Okaaay." Jackson tried to cement his weight as she wriggled her body into a new position under him. He felt her hip bump into him several times, but before he could complain – "Ta-da! Your turn." He saw her smirk clearly now, and he vaguely noticed how close her newfound backbend position put her to him. He started to scramble for the spinner and she interjected, "Forget it."

"Call it?"

"Blue," she giggled a little bit.

"Foot?" he started shaking with imbalance and amusement.

"Left?" she shook from laughing too, as he lifted his foot, grinning defiantly in her face. "Oof!" A split second later, Jackson realized his limbs had given out, landing him on top of Lilly; leaving both laughing.

A flash of light blinded them both for a second, and the two looked up simultaneously. They saw Cooper and Max laughing on the front porch, camera in hand. "Dude we so got you!"

"Yeah we did!" They high-fived each other, a gaggle of guys chuckling behind them.

Jackson stormed over to the doors, opening them to say smoothly, "Thanks. Nice to know you losers don't have anything better to do. A buh-bye." With that he slammed the door in his friends' faces, shutting the blinds too.

When he turned around, Lilly was sitting serenely on the back of the couch. Nonchalantly, she asked, "So I just won, right?"

He simply gave her a gentle shove, and she fell backward onto the couch, feet perched comfortably on top, smile still in place.

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