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She shouldn't really be jealous. In fact, everyone else should be jealous of her, or so she thought to reason with herself. I mean, come on: I'm definetly the hottest of all the girls, I'm agressive, I know how do do things and how to get my way... who wouldn't look up to me? Ino thought, sticking her chin out with her arms crossed. She sat on a bench in one of Konoha's parks, in her favorite field of flowers, (A/N: Oooh, i just made alliteration! i could use this in English...) watching them sway in the breeze with the long grass. This was where she came to think in times of trouble. Well, technecally this wasn't big trouble, but it counted as a troubling matter.

A month ago she'd woken up, went to the market, and thought she was still in the nightmere that had kept her screaming for hours on end. Everywhere, they were everywhere... holding eachother's waists, pecking eachother's cheeks, "accidentally" giving eachother hickeys. And smiling. They were all happy and didn't worry about the world. It could blow itself up for all they cared. I could blow myself up for all they care, she thought bitterly.

She spat in the grass. There was Neji and Tenten, her following him around and him not minding with the ghost of a smile. Naruto and Hinata, her clinging to his arm and burying her face in his arm whenever he announced themselves to the world. Shikamaru and Temari walking hand in hand with her leading him and his exhasperated but flushed face around. The grown-ups had even gotten active: Asuma and Kurenai finally admitted to eachother what the entire nation had already printed in the world-wide newspapers, Iruka had been spotted sneeking out of Anko's apartment early one morning, and for some reason Kakashi was "secretly" meeting Shizune every other night (a/n: sorry i could'nt think of anyone for him! Ayame the ramen lady seems too much like a fangirl.).

But the worst by far was when the news spread to her that her archrival/best friend was going out with Konoha's resident hottie. Apparently Sasuke had finally said, "Hn, why the hell not?" and that was that. No one thought that it would last a week, but it turned out that Sasuke actually (insert gasping here) responded to Sakura's love... in the form of her pregnancy. Now the Hokage declared that Sasuke was obliged to take care of the baby and Sakura because his honor was at stake, and for another reason no one knew yet.Ino had sent good luck cards and had went to the baby shower along with all the girls and most of the boys, but had left as soon as Sasuke put his arm around Sakura's waist and kissed the forhead that had once been cursed (the curse, it was rumered, had been uplifted upon Sasuke's sacred lips coming in contact with it).

So now here she sat, in the middle of a field of flowers, about to bawl her brains out but too stubborn to admit to herself what was true: no one wanted her. No one liked her, no one cared for her. And there was no one for her to love. Okay, now she was already bawling her brains out. Face in arms, rubbing her nose on her hands and wiping the snot on the underside of the bench, she cried.

Mother Earth must have sensed her mood and sent some clouds to accompany her. The rain wept along with her, merging with her tears and almost drowning out her sobs. The drops landed on the thirsty flowers, oblivious of the soul unfolding before them.


Shino was minding his own buisiness, (as if he had any) just walking along the trail and listening to the conversations of the insects around him. He was just taking in the fact that an innocent fly was about to have it's brains sucked out by a spider when an unfamilier sound reached his ears. Was that... crying? He picked up his lazy pace toward the sound; it was only just up the trail.

Sure enough, through the rain and his shaded glasses was the figure of a woman crouched on a bench, whimpering. He couldn't tell who it was though, damn shades. In any case, he resolved to see what was up. After all, he had nothing better to do. Wait, was that Ino? What the hell? Damn it, he cursed his bad luck, what now? Well, I guess...


Ino's sobs prevented her from hearing the soft footsteps approaching. Thus she was completely taken by surprise when a set of arms circled around her neck. "What the fuck!" She jerked her head upward--

--and smacked the back of her head against someone else's forhead. Hearing an "Oof", and letting out one of her own, she rocked herself forward and onto her feet, got into a fighting stance, and then dropped her mouth open. "S-Shino!" she shreiked.

The boy in question winced slightly, preoccupied by rubbing his forhead. However, he did manage a grunt in response.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!"


"You'd better have a good excuse!"


"Answer me!"


She let out a huff and caught her breath. This guy would definetly not answer to yells; he wanted to discuss things rationally, and somewhat calmly. Screw that, she seethed, this guys got another thing coming! She regained her composure to some measure, drew herself up to full height, and stated, "You must be a mental case." Then she turned and began to walk, intending to get as far away as possible.

She didn't get three steps before his mouth opened. "At least I wasn't the one wiping snot on public property." She whirled around and glared.

A split second and she was inches away from his face. "Any word of this gets out," Ino hissed, "and Konoha will never find your remains." Then she stomped away onto the trail, calling over her shoulder, "And this never happend!"

He shook his head. What had he gotten himself into? He couldn't remember one time when he had came in contact with another human in a semi-affectionate way, let alone a female. A deep sense of regret was already surging through his brain, and he could feel the blood rush to his face. His bugs stirred, sensing his discomfort. He brought his hand up to his face, pushed his shades up, and trodded down the trail again. He just needed some sleep. Oh, fuck it all.

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