Ooookay, I finally broke my writers block, as I said, and am celebrating by writing almost nonstop. So here's the prolouge with its funny name. This is dedicated to Becky Yuy who gave me this idea a long time ago.

"Heero! Are you alright?" Heero Lowe opened his eyes to see Relena and Odin bending over him. He sat up and rubbed the back of his head where he'd hit it when he fell.

"I'm fine." (A/N: this might be just as Heero's saying it.)

"What about your friend?" Odin's eyes flashed.

Heero's eyes fell. "He's gone. Went home."

"Lucky him," Odin helped Heero to his feet, "You're mother would have eaten him alive."

"She'd have to beat you to it," Heero rubbed the back of his neck as flashing lights lit up the hall. "What's that?"

"The police must be here," Odin turned to Relena, "Do you want to face them or go straight home?"

"Home." Relena didn't even pause to think. Odin motioned for one of his men and told them to escort Relena home quietly. The man took Relena and disappeared.

"We're going too," Odin got a firm grip on Heero's shoulder and pulled him down the hall. They exited out a side door and Odin pushed Heero into a small, black car. The ride back to their house was silent, both men lost in thought. Odin pulled up to the door and they both got out.

"Your room, now." Odin followed Heero through the door and watched to make sure he went into his room. Heero shut the door and turned to collapse on his bed, but froze at the sight that met his eyes. Trowa Bloom was sitting at his computer and staring at the information Heero had left up when he left.

The brown-haired boy turned when the door opened and stared at Heero. "You're covered in blood."

Heero blinked in surprise and looked down to see himself covered in the greasy-haired man's blood. He shifted uncomfortable and ignored the comment, "What are you doing here, Bloom?"

"I came to get my backpack; I left it here when we went sledding. Your mom thought it was yours and put it in your room," Trowa swiveled the chair back around to face the computer. "She sent me up here and I saw this."

Heero changed shirts while Trowa talked and went to stand behind him. The screen showed a blueprint of the building he had been in and information on the terrorists. Trowa scrolled down and continued to read the page.

"How did you find this? It's a military page on those guys that kidnapped Relena," Trowa glanced around while Heero dug through his drawers for a change of clothes.

"Yeah, so? A friend of mine showed me how to find it."

"So you went with your dad to help her?"

"No," Heero stood with a pair of pants in his hand, "we just met there."

"You went in alone?" Trowa looked disbelieving. Heero nodded and he snorted, "There's no way you'd have made it there alive."

"Trust me; I have a friend that knows how to do it."

"That we've never met?" Trowa asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You met him, you just didn't realize it," Heero sat on his bed and smiled at Trowa, "He's been in my head for the last couple of days."

"Su-ure," Trowa laughed, "You're parents should check you into an asylum."

"That's way I didn't tell anyone, no one would believe me," Heero pushed Trowa off the computer and closed down the information he'd hacked into. He signed onto his email and typed in a new one. Trowa leaned over his shoulder as he typed the message.

"Who's that? And, uh, Heero? Duo's dead."

"It's my friend that you don't believe exists and Duo's alive in his world." Trowa shook his head as Heero spoke and straightened, "Sure."

Heero's eye twitched and he glared at Trowa, "Fine, I'll prove it. Stay there for a minute."

He did what Heero had showed him and hacked into the database he had previously closed. He hacked in further and found the security tapes. "Ha! There, watch that."

Trowa leaned over Heero's shoulder and watched as the tapes played back Heero's escapades. By the end of it he was staring at the computer with his mouth wide open.

"What the-?"

"My friend," Heero answered shortly, closing down the database again.

"Trowa! Are you still up there?" Mrs. Lowe shouted up the stairs, "Your mother wants you home now!"

Trowa tore his gaze from the computer and grabbed his bag off the floor, "See you tomorrow, Heero."

"Yeah, you too." Heero watched as Trowa ran down the steps and out the door. (Well, that was interesting.) No voice answered his and his face fell. It suddenly hit him that he wouldn't get to hear Heero's cold sarcasm. His computer beeped and he saw a new email.

Duo's reaction was good; he stopped talking for a whole minute. But he didn't get to ask anything, Quatre came in and Duo covered it up really well. Tell your parents I'm sorry, but I actually saved your Dad's life.

Heero Yuy