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" I'm sooooo pooped! " Alex cried softly, falling on the yellow couch in the living room, wearing a pair of black, tight shorts and a light blue shirt that showed her mid-riff. She never had to worry about her black hair, that seemed blue, getting everywhere, it only came past her earlobes. Her brown eyes were closed tight, not wanting to see the light.

Soon after Alex fell, a blonde followed pursuit. " You said it Alex! " She blew her golden-blonde hair out of her face, tucking it behind her ear. She wore a pink mini skirt and a pastel blue short sleeved shirt, wearing white panty-hose underneath. Her royal blue eyes seemed glazed over, she had gotten back from a very tiring mission after all.

Only one girl seemed dignified enough to sit down on the yellow chair that had laid next to the couch. " You two really should've sat down, you'd have more room. " She pulled her long red-orange hair in a high ponytail. Her emerald green eyes seemed dull and tired. Her outfit didn't do much for them either, a pair of dark brown pants and a soft yellow, short-sleeved, T-shirt.

The three girls sighed in unison, thinking of their plans for the weekend. " Only one more day of school 'till our weekend. " Clover said, draping her long legs over the right arm of the couch, Alex doing the same but on the left. " I don't know about you girls, but I'm going to take a long hot shower.. " Sam said, stretching as she stood up. " The shower will be free in an hour or less. " She said as she got her things ready, grabbing a bra, underwear, and a long, short-sleeved T-shirt to wear to bed. She grabbed her emerald green towel and walked into the bathroom, stripping down to her underclothes.

She turned on the hot water and the cold water at the same time, making sure that they mixed easily, and so that she got the perfect temperature of water. Steam started to fog up the mirrors as Sam stepped into the shower, stripped clean of her clothes. She let the warm water, that was more hot then warm, run over her creamy white skin, letting the water relax her sore muscles. Sam grabbed the white wash-cloth and lathered it up with Dove soap, letting the scent of roses fill her nose. She slowly began to wash her arms, all the while staring at her breasts.

Clover and Alex

" Clover? "

" Yes, what is it Alex? "

" R..Remember what we were doing lastnight in the hottub? " She asked, timidly.

" Yea, why? " Clover asked, rolling on her stomach, staring into her brown-hazel eyes.

" Well.. " Alex rolled onto her stomach aswell, staring into her blue eyes that held the most love in the world. " Sam'll be in their for an hour or less, so let's finish. " Clover looked at her and pulled her up. " Let's go to my room this time, it's farther from the bathroom. " Alex nodded and they snuck past the bathroom on their toes, making their way to Clover's room.

Momen'ts later Alex was pinned underneath Clover, at the edge of her bed, and locked in a deep, passion filled kiss. Clover's legs were on either side of her,stradling even, making it easier for clothing removal. Alex ran her hand through Clover's golden-blonde hair, loving the feeling of the tangle-free enviroment. Clover's hands slid down from Alex's shoulders to her waist, tugging at the pair of black shorts that she wore. Alex helped Clover momentarily by pulling them down and kicking them off. Clover pulled back slowly and glanced down at Alex's orange thong. Alex groped Clover's right breast with her left hand and ran her hand down her skirt, past her pink, lacy thong. Clover shivered in excitement as Alex's cold hands touched her hot womanhood. Clover groped underneath the bed-sheets and pulled out a smooth, silver vibrator and shoved it in Alex's damp pussy, turning it on as she did so.

Alex shuddered in pure pleasure, letting a moan out occasionaly. " A-Alex.. " Clover moaned, pleasured, purring as a cat as Alex split apart her pussy lips and slid a finger in slowly, finding it surprisingly easy. She moved it in and out of her pussy slowly. " Ooohhhh... " Clover and Alex moaned softly, enjoying all the pleasure. " Alex, I wa...want you to make me cum.. " Alex nodded in agreement, sliding a second finger inside of Clover. " Okay Clover.. " She slowly slid her fingers in and out of her, causing Clover to moan a bit louder. " C-Clover, this working a little too well.. " Alex was close to her climaxing point. " Alex...I..I'm almost there. " Clover breathed out, feeling her walls tighten around Alex's fingers.

" Alex..I'm gonna cum. " " S..So am I.. " Alex said, panting slightly. When both girls were getting ready to explode, they moaned loudly, cum exploding ontop of Clover's bed. Alex slid her fingers out and liked the cum away. Clover quickly took the vibrator out and turned it off; licking the cum off of it.

Alex climbed up and crawled until her pussy was in Clovers' face, and Clover's in hers. Slowly, both girls began to lick the other girls' pussy, lapping up the juices and the remaining cum away, both girls moaning in sweet, sweet pleasure. After they were both clean, Alex crawled back over ontop of Clover, rolling onto her back so Clover was ontop.

Clover, smiling, moved her hands up and lifted up Alex's shirt and unhooked her bra. She slowly began to work her tongue around Alex's dark nipples, playing with it occasionally to make sure that her nipples became hard. After the right breast was taken care of, she moved onto the left on, doing the same.

Alex was having enjoying herself while Clover worked on her. She planted kisses on Clover's neck and shoulders, she ran her fingers through her hair will she did so. Alex was enjoying the things that Clover did, but she decided to pay her back. She ripped off Clovers shirt an unhooked her bra, freeing her milky-white breast from the silky prison. She let her hands run over Clover's milky-white breast, tweaking and pinching her nipples, trying in her best whim to get her hard.

" Clover! Sam's done with her shower.. We need to get back to normal and quick! " She pushed her off and pulled her thong and her shorts back on. Alex hooked her bra up and slid her shirt on. Clover dressed quickly and grabbed a new shirt, putting it on. She slid the vibrator underneath the bed, and threw her sheets down the laundry shoot. " Okay, let's go back to the living room, Sam'll be looking for us. " Alex said softly. They hurried down the the living room, their legs wobbling. They sat on the living room couch, flipping the TV on, flipping through channels.

Sam walked in the living room, looking at both of the girls. " The showers free... " She said, slightly suspicious of the two. They both looked even tireder than usual. She could've sworn that Clover was wearing a different shirt.

" Anyways, I'm going to invite Jennifer over, okay? " The two girls nodded and smiled as Sam dialed the phone number. " Hello? Yea. Come over and we'll have a slumber party, okay? Okay, see ya. " She hung up the phone and smiled at the two. " Go wash up, Jennifer's gonna come over in about an hour or so. " " Okay, we'll be ready by then. " Clover and Alex chimed in unison. Clover shut off the TV and went upstairs to get ready. Alex walked upstairs and said she needed to write somethings in her journal.

Sam quirked an eyebrow, but thought nothing of it. " Okay..see you guys in a bit.. "

The two nodded and ran upstairs, going into Clover's room, they kissed passionately, feeling eachothers warm bodies, before they set off to do their own things.

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