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Jennifers House

Jennifer looked at her small, royal blue, over night bag, deciding what else she needed to put in. She shrugged and checked what she had in her bag already. A brand-new mini-skirt with ruffles at the end and a pink ribbon woven in and out before the hem that she had gotten that day from Hollister, an extra-small white polo with navy blue stripes that she bought from Abercrombie & Fitch, a pair of white lacy leggings from Hot Topic, and a pair of black, buckle-up boots from Hot Topic aswell. She smiled, seeing a purple object in her bag. Her vibrator, she wouldn't go anywhere without it, hopefully, the three girls would be sound sleepers.

" Hmm.. " Jennifer muttered to herself, looking around her room, which had light blue walls with various shapes of designs, either white, dark brown, or light brown. She had set her over night bag on her king-sized canopy bed, with sheets that matched the walls and her rug. She had two brown chairs, around a glass table , shaped as a circle. She sighed, looking at herself in the full-veiw mirror, she hadn't bothered dressing in her pajama's, so she was left in a black bra with pink lace and lacey black underwear that showed off her cute, firm buttox.

She sighed and pulled on a pair of tight black shorts and a light pink muscle shirt with the words ' I'm too Hott for You ' in black Roman letters. She put on her black slippers with pink little fluff balls at the end and grabbed her car keys and her black trench coat, not to mention her over-night bag. She walked through the lonely 2 story house that she lived in and made it to her black fire-bird before she left the house and on the way to the 3 spies house, forgetting to call before she went to their house.

Sam, Clover, and Alex's House

Sam sat on the only recliner, and the only 1-seater, in the house, trying to keep her eyes on the TV and not on her two friends who were laying ontop of eachother giggling at the TV Screen. Sam couldn't help but notice how happy they seemed. She sighed and walked over to them. " Sit up you two. " Sighing, the two girls sat up while Sam ordered a large Veggie pizza with a 2 Liter of CocaCola, and breadsticks. " ...$20.86 will be your total. " The speaker said on speakerphone. " It'll be there in 20 minutes. " " Thanks, bye! " Sam said, hanging up while pulling out a twenty and a 5 to tip him.

The three girls jumped up, preparing to attack when the backdoor opened. A maroon hair girl with startling light gray eyes screamed as she was tackled outside and into swimming pool before she was knocked out. " Oh no! Sammie! It's Jennifer! " Clover said worriedly. " I'll take care of this! " Alex declared as she pinched Jennifer's nose, tilted her head back and opened her mouth. Alex took a deep breath and began to blow in Jennifers mouth. After a few more tries, she started to breathe on her own, after they got all of the water out of her throat of course. Alex looked at Sam and Clover as the doorbell rang, " Go, I'll handle it! " The two girls nodded.

' And handle it will I.. ' Alex thought to herself before she stradled her legs on either side of Jennifer's body, laying down, she heard her heart beat at a regular pace. Smiling slyly, Alex planted a kiss on Jennifer before she regained conciousness, but even when she did, Alex didn't stop. Jennifer tried to say something, but when she opened her mouth, Alex began to French Kiss her. Jennifer struggled and accidently threw Alex into the pool. Alex came out, soaking wet. " I'm so sorry Jen! I didn't mean it, honestly.. " Jennifer shook her head. " It never happened? " She offered, Alex nodded greatfully. Jennifer began to shiver as she walked back inside.

" Jen, I grabbed your bag on the way inside again, I'll take you to my room to get changed. " Sam offered, Jennifer nodded eagerly as the two other girls began to eat. Sam smiled, opening the door. Jennifer stripped down into her underwear, and Sam couldn't help but gawk at her perfect figure. She shook her head, stopping as she grabbed Jennifer's wet clothes into the laundry shoot. Sam tossed a towel at Jennifer. " Feel free to grab a pair of my clothes to wear. " Jennifer nodded, " Thanks. " Sam smiled and left, fanning herself as she walked back downstairs.

Jennifer sighed after she dried off, and searched for some pajama's. She smiled, pulling out a pair of long white, silk, sleep pants and a soft blue tank to wear aswell. She walked out of Sams room, and down the hallway to the stairs. She slid down the railing and grabbed a slice of pizza. " Wassap? " She asked her friends, who had all finished eatting by now and had their eyes glued to the TV.

The three girls shrugged, mumbling " Nothing. " in unison, whiched sorta scared her. She finished eatting her pizza, and sat down on the white shagg rug on the floor infront of the table. ", what to do... " She said with a sigh. " Let's crash, it's pretty late. " Clover suggested, seeing that it was almost 3 in the morning. " Good point..I can't believe that I came over at 2! " Jennifer said aloud. The four girls giggled and rolled out the sleeping bags that were set by Sam.

The sleeping bags were set in a circle, the best they could anyway. Sam clapped her hands and the lights went off. Moments later, Jennifer opened her eyes and sat up, hearing a vibration sound. ' What the.. ' She thought to herself as she saw a figure walking down the stairs.! She felt the sleeping bags around her, all empty. She lay back down, pretending to be asleep. " We should just ask her. " Sam's voice.. " She freaked when I frenched her, think she'd say yes! " Alex hissed slightly. " Yeah, if we asked her NICELY. " She felt her sleeping bag being pulled from under her slowly.

" Stop! " Jennifer hissed, " I'm awake! " Sam clapped, the lights coming back on. Jennifer quickly saw what made the vibrations, a silver vibrator. " Hey..I have my own in my bag. " She said, aloud. 6 eyes widened. " Go get it Alex. " Clover demaned. Alex nodded her head and ran upstairs, finding what she needed, she pulled it out and smiled before she ran back, holding it in her hand. " Got it! " She yelled from the top, before she tripped and rolled down the stairs, and ontop of Jennifer who was actually on her way up to get it herself.

Alex blushed, she they were in the same position that they were in by the pool. Jennifer felt herself become horny. Her hands grabbed Alex's butt, squeezing it. Alex let out a soft moan. " Hey, what about us! " An upset duo cried. " Do eachother. " Jennifer hissed, rolling over so that she was ontop of Alex. Alex smiled, pulling down the silk pajama pants and tossing them on the couch. Jennifer let her ass go and pulled the soft blue tank, tossing it at the couch aswell. She stood up and leaned against the wall, her hands behind her head, a seductive look on her face. Sam and Clover wear in their underwear, thongs and push up bras, Sam in green and Clover in blue.

Alex through off her over-sized shirt, which was her pajama, leaving her in a creamy lace set. " Oh Alex, you look so good..Come and get me. " Alex wasn't the only one that went after her, Sam and Clover helped themselves to Jennifer aswell. They all tackles her onto the couch, stripping her of her underwear. Alex slid her fingers into Jennifer's pussy, which was easy since it seemed lubricated. Sam put the purple vibrator in Alex, switching it on so that she'd get pleasure aswell. Jennifer let out a moan as Clover began to suck on her nipples. Sam took off her clothes, giving herself the silver vibrator, sitting on the couch as she worker her magic with Clover's lubricated pussy aswell.

Sam grabbed her own breasts, squeezing them in pleasure. Sam kept repositioning herself, to get into a position that made it hurt, but feel good. " ..Oh..Ohh...Ohh! " Sam moaned aloud as she felt herself reach her limit, cumming on the couch and her leg. Clover stopped sucking on Jennifers nipples, pulling out her vibrator and licked it clean of Sam's cum, sliding it in her. She pushed Sam down, licking her pussy of the cum and the juices, licking her inside and out.

Jennifer moaned in sweet, sweet pleasure, as Alex slid her two fingers in an out quickly, running over her G-spot. " H..Ho..Hold on.. Jennifer. " She groaned, falling on her back, arching her stomach as she came all over the couch. " Hello! Totally hott bisexual over here who hasn't cum yet! " She said angrilly, before she layed down on the glass table that was clear of things. Sam and Clover worked on sucking her nipples, while Alex disappeared upstairs and camp back with a strap on.

" Oh Alex! This is sooo good! " Jennifer moaned as Alex began to go in her quicker and quicker. " Better...t..tha..than any...guy..I...I've..done... " The girls looked shocked, " Yea...I..I'm ..not a Go faster Alex! GO FASTER AND HARDER! " She demaned. Alex quickly nodded and pumped harder and faster, using all the muscles in her hips to thrust. Minutes later she came, all over the table, the strap on, and Alex's stomach. The 4 girls moaned, tired and worn out. Alex laid down on the rug, relaxing. The girls began to clean eachother off with their tongues, crawling, because they were too sore to walk. And so, they fell asleep, like that, naked.


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