Harry Potter- Fullmetal Alchemist x-over Many OCs. Ed goes through the gate and ends up in London, WITH AMNESIA! He's invited to Hogwarts where he meets many 'peculiar' people, but there's a feeling of loneliness and loss in him. What's the real purpose behind his presence in the school? R&R!


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True! I almost forgot! I will be using some vocabulary from other languages (It's not like I speak them, though -.-u) due to some of the characters' nationalities. You can find the definitions at the end of the chapters.


The Way of No Return

by Dark Mornie

Chapter 1. - Past, Present or Future…?

The room was dark; the moonlight coming from the window only showing a bed, the single object in that place. On the bed, a person was sleeping. It was short and its blond hair shone in the twilight.

The silence was almost mortal; as if it could choke someone with it; disturbing. But it was interrupted, first by the door opening, then by footsteps the individual on the bed.

The man had the same blond hair as the sleeping child… only a child. He put his hand on the kid's forehead feeling the heat.

"Ed? How are you feeling?" the kid opened his eyes just enough to see the figure talking to him.

"Where am I?" he asked making a great effort.

"Don't worry. You'll feel better in the morning. Sleep now." The man answered standing up and leaving.

Outside, his face looked sickly worried. He had found Ed unconscious in the street two days ago. It was rainy and Ed had a terrible fever. He brought him home an took care of him, but he wouldn't stay there long.

The man went back to his studio where he had left his guest to go check up on Ed.

When he went in, he saw the tall man with long, gray hair and beard looking at some of his alchemy books on his desk.

"How is he?" the old man said without taking his eyes from the book.

"He's going to be OK," the other man said throwing himself on one of the couches in front of the chimney. "He can't remember anything though."

"Is that bad?" he came back to sit next to his friend.

"I don't know. Maybe it's better this way. So much has happened… maybe this is how it's supposed to be." He talked more to himself than to the other.

"Is that a 'yes' to my proposal?"

"I guess." He wasn't sure of what he was doing or what he was supposed to do, but there was no choice.

"The son of Hohenheim of the Light. We'll be more than happy to have him at Hogwarts, that's for sure."

"Won't it will look too suspicious, Albus?"

"Not at all. There are going to be more students from different years attending, too." Both of them had their eyes fixed on the fire.

"This will be interesting, alright." Said the one called Hohenheim of the Light.

"It sure will." Completed Albus Dumbledore.

They remained quiet, enjoying each other's company along with the warmth and comfort of the fire coming from the chimney.


Ed was looking at his suitcase trying to remember what had happened that summer.

The man that had found him explained to him that he was his father and that he had been looking for him for him since he "run away from home for some 'reason' he didn't know." When Ed asked him about his automail, he said that they both had had a car accident few years ago that had ended that way for Edward.

They had excessive training sessions where Hohenheim had thought Ed alchemy and self-defense, warning him just to use then in extreme cases. After that, Ed had received a letter from the school Hogwarts asking him to join then the first of September along with some other exchange students that were to join that same year. His dad convinced him to go, but the simple idea of magic, unequivalent exchange, creating things out of thin air, was just too hard to believe for the young alchemist. Something about it, and the story Hohenheim had told him about himself, didn't fell right. Something was missing.

Again, that loneliness, that strange feeling of loss, overcame Ed making him feel sick as it had happened so many times during the summer. He was suddenly out of breath.

He put his hands on his chest. It felt as if something was going right through it, right through his heart. He felt a strong necessity of crying, but he didn't know why.

"Ed, it's time to go." His father's voice brought him back to reality. Ed just nodded and followed him out of the house.


"The Leaky Caldron? It's rather a strange name." said Ed looking at the desolated place.

"Let's go." said Hohenheim going in.

To Ed's surprise, the place actually pretty full. The people inside wore strange robes and pointy hats, and talked enthusiastically while drinking or eating.

"Can I help yeh with s'mthin'?" the man behind the bar asked them.

"A room for two, please." answered Hohenheim. The man nodded and told them to follow him and taking their suitcases.

"So, you goin' to Hogwarts, eh kid?" asked the man while walking up the stairs.

"Aha" said Ed with not so much enthusiasm and thinking to himself: 'Who is he calling a kid?'

When they finally got to the room, Hohenheim gave a tip to the man for taking their suitcases as he left. Then he turned to Ed.

"We'll go tomorrow to buy your supplies." He said

"OK" answered Ed uninterested.

"I'm gong downstairs to relax a little. Do you want me to bring something up for you?"

"No, thanks" Ed was unpacking with his back at him. His stillness was more than obvious even in that position.

"Do you want to come yourself?"

"Sure" he still wasn't looking at him.

"You don't have to do this if you don't feel comfortable with it, Edward." Hohenheim finally said after a moment of silence. He knew it was hard for the young alchemist to accept all this, but he still did.

"It's important to you…" Ed turned. "Right, dad?" Hohenheim felt warmth inside him. Each time Edward called him 'dad' he felt that way.

"I'll be downstairs." And he left.

Ed turned to his suitcase again thinking to himself why he was doing all this. He was in debt with that man, that's why.


After unpacking, Ed thought that drinking something didn't sound like a bad idea.


One second he was going down the stairs and the other he was looking straight at the ceiling with a pain in his head.

He sat on the stairs looking at the one he had crashed with. It was a girl; tanned skin, dark brown hair, and honey eyes.

"Hay! Perdon!" she said in a different language. She was in the floor, too. "Estoy tan apurada! Con todo esto de la nueva escuela; el intercambio, ya sabes. A ti tambien te transfirieron?(1)" Ed was just looking at her with a confused look that showed that he hadn't understood a single word she said.

She put her hand on her mouth, blushing even more than before.

"Hay! Was I speaking in Spanish? I'm sorry. I haven't gotten used to speaking English all the time. Please forgive me." She said.

"Sure" was the only thing Edward could manage to say. She talked fast.

"I'm Margarita. Mari, for short." Ed felt a sudden anger when he heard the word 'short'. But he didn't show it; instead, he shook her hand and said:

"Edward Elric" she blushed even more… if that was even possible.

"Umm… I have to go now. Guess I'll see you later." She started going up the stairs again.

"Sure… later." He said without turning.

"Edward!" Hohenheim called when he saw his son. He was sitting on a table for two, drinking coffee.

Ed was walking towards the table when he felt a soft push on his stomach. A second later, he found himself on the floor… again.

'I feel like a target today' he thought sitting up, noticing that everyone was looking at him. He blushed.

The embarrassment didn't last long. It was replaced by the surprise of finding a flat-faced, orange cat looking right at him.

"Crooshanks! No!" a girl with bright brown, poofy hair picked up the cat. "I'm sorry. Are you alright?" she asked helping him to stand up while holding the cat with one arm.

"Yeah. I think I have to pay more attention to where I'm going." He said with a hand behind his neck.

"Hermione!" a redheaded boy shouted from the exit; murderous eyes fixed themselves on Ed.

"Oh! I have to go!" the girl said walking away. "And again, I'm sorry!" she left.

The redheaded boy was still looking at him when the girl passed him by. Then he followed her.


"Dad…" Ed and Hohenheim were sitting in a corner, drinking. Since they had arrived there, they had distanced themselves from the witches and wizards; they did it without thinking. It was really uncomfortable, especially for Ed, the feeling that this wasn't their place to be, but worse, the fact of not knowing the right place was.

"Yes?" asked Hohenheim with the smile he always gave trying to hide his fear of whatever question Ed might ask.

"I knew all this stuff. I mean alchemy. I knew it even before you taught me. Everything came to my mind while I was reading." Ed was spacing out.

"What do you mean by 'everything'?" he asked a little nervous. This attracted Ed's attention to him.

"It was like it wasn't the first time I'd read those books. I knew exactly what the book was going to say before actually reading it. Why's that?" Hohenheim sighed with relief.

"It's a little complicated. Let's see… what reminds you of me?"

"An alchemy book, I guess…" answered Ed not knowing what the question had to do with anything. "It… gives a good feeling. It reminds me of the times we practiced together, you know, like a family." He was blushing a little. For some reason, having a good relationship with his father was really important for him… for both.

"Well, those are happy memories of me. Like you said, they remind you of the good times we spent together. The stronger the emotions tied to events are, the easier it is for the human brain to register them as memories. It is called 'Episodic Memory'. And when you memorize words, it is called 'Semantic Memory'. Both of them are processed in different parts of the brain. Amnesiacs like you often suffer disorders in the episodic memory. The fact that you can carry on in your daily life indicates that your semantic memory is all right. (2)" he finished smiling, indicating that there was nothing to worry about.

"I see." Ed was spacing out again.


"So, that means… that I've been studying things over and over again?"

Hohenheim laughed. "You could say that, yes."

"But, what about the Episodic Memory? How do I get back my memories?" Hohenheim stopped laughing.

"Well…" he really didn't want to do this; bring back those memories to Ed was the last thing he wanted, but… "There's a way. They say that by looking at some things that may look familiar to you, or if you see someone doing something that would normally remind you of something else, can bring back your memories." He looked at Ed, who was looking at the table. Then the question popped out. "Has it happened to you, Ed?" the minor looker up surprised.

-.-.-FLASH BACK-.-.-

Ed woke up three days ago, but he was still in bed. He was dizzy, weak, tired, confused, and unable to move, so, he decided to 'try' himself.

He moved his fingers; first left hand, then right hand. Left. Right. Left. Right. He noticed something. Left; the cloth covering him was there. Right… was his right hand uncovered? Then again, he couldn't feel the coldness of the room, but neither the heat of his body.

Closing his eyes, he used the little energy he had to lift his right arm and put it in front of his face. He didn't feel the movement.

'Is my arm… dead? But then, how can I move it? Am I even moving it?'

He opened his eyes. A reflection of light welcomed them as they stared, shocked, at the metal posing in front of them.

A metallic arm.

He suddenly went dizzy as shady images started to appear in his mind. He couldn't distinguish anything… except a voice.

"What? You broke it? AGAIN?" he saw a quick flash of light reflecting from a metal piece; then a pain in his head.

After that, the flash of light repeated itself, and he was looking at his metallic arm again.

-.-.-END FLASH BACK-.-.-

"Ed? Has it happened to you before?" Hohenheim repeated the question.

Ed remained silent a second, "No" he said.


(1).- "Oh! I'm Sorry!"... "I'm in such a hurry! With all this about the new school; the exchange, you know. Did they transferred you too?"

(2).- This info, I got it from the manga "The Mythical Detective, Loki Ragnarok" vol. 1, page 59-60. 3.

A/N.- Maybe you noticed that I have absolutely no idea on how to use 'in' and 'on'. Everything in here was writen as how I felt sounded better. -.-u

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