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Title: High School Drama!

Summary: Hogwarts is not the magical school, it is a preppy private school that Lily is accepted into as a scholarship student. She's not rich though she's looked down upon which doesn't bother her, because all she wants to do is make it through the four years of High School and dance the rest of her life away!

-Chapter One-

Lily looked up at the hulking high school that would be her home for nine months of the twelve in a year. She was not looking forward to it, but then she didn't have a choice in the matter. Her parents were already walking up to the doors; they were the ones who had made her take the scholarship test to get in. Lily not believing that she would actually get in did so without a fight. But three months later when the letter came to tell her she was accepted she felt the world crash around her. She would live in a room with three other girls who she had no previous knowledge of and who were filthy rich. Lily walked up and joined them as they beckoned her. As she walked through the rooms following a man she stared around her grimacing more and more as she saw the area. This was a place of money, not for the likes of her.

Lily liked her public school life, it suited her perfectly. She had enough friends, she wasn't popular by a long shot, but she had her friends and that was all she needed. Plus she had enough time to go to dance lessons at a local school that she paid for with her money she received in an allowance and her work that she did around her neighborhood. But now that she was going to the private school there was no more lessons and she had already read the book about the school, they did not offer dancing classes. She resented her parents for making her do this in the first place. If she hadn't sent the thing in the first place, if they hadn't make her take it she would be at a lesson this very minute instead of miles away from home.

They finally reached a door that had Headmaster written on it in elaborate letters and was taken through and sat down at three chairs. The man said that Headmaster Dumbledore would be here in a few minutes, and was sorry for the delay. Her parents assured the man that it was no trouble; Lily on the other hand slouched down in the chair despite what her parents were telling him. They kept saying that she was going to make a bad first impression. She didn't care though and ignored them she took out an CD player and began to listen to it already imagining the kind of choreography she would want to do with the music and slightly moved her feet in what she was imagining. Her parents seeing this only shook their heads. They knew it was going to be hard for Lily to adjust, especially since there wasn't a dance class, but this was an opportunity of a life time one that she would eventually like the outcome of.

Finally Headmaster Dumbledore entered, he was not really an old man, but he was aging, and had a long beard and twinkling eyes. His face was kind, and with a tap of her foot from the direction of her mom she turned the CD player off and stuffed it back in her bag and looked at the man. She let it show on her face that she wasn't a happy person but if he saw it he showed no signs of such.

"Forgive me for being late; there was an emergency that called my attention. So you must be Lily?" She nodded her head ignoring the looks her mother shot her at her disrespect. "Well I am very glad that you could join us here at Hogwarts School. I feel you will fit in here, when you go to your room you will find three uniforms for you, wash days are on Wednesday and Saturday. Saturday's and Sunday's you will have to yourself, though some of the other students can get extra classes on that day. If you're having trouble in a class you too can have extra classes."

"Thank you Headmaster, I'm sure Lily will love this place. I know it'll be a wonderful place for her to go to school." Lily's mother said when Lily remained quiet.

"Yes well I'll let you say your goodbyes, and then someone will come and take you to your dorm room I guess you could call it." And then he stood up shook hands with her parents and walked out. Lily's parents turned to her shaking their heads again.

"That was very disrespectful Lily!" Her dad said looking at her with a stern gaze in his eyes.

"I didn't even want to come here!" She said her voice fierce as she stared defiantly back.

"Then why did you take the test." Tired of hearing her say it was their fault.

"Because you made me, and what was the chance that I would be the one that they picked." She yelled back at them.

"Well you were the one that was picked, and you're staying. One of these days you'll thank us for the outcome of these years. I am sorry that you had to leave your friends and your dancing, but education is more important!" She said her voice cold and her gaze hard.

They turned and after a hug headed out just as they were about to step out back to the car they heard Lily's voice. "Just because you had a crappy childhood with no fun doesn't mean you have to do the same to me." And then she closed the door in their faces as she sat down waiting for whoever it was that was supposed to take her to the room that she would be staying in. It didn't take long. It was a girl who looked to be a few years older then Lily was but her face was kind.

"Hi, I'm Elsa; I'm here to take you to your room." She said smiling and then Lily picked up her small backpack with a single strap that looked like an overlarge purse. She followed Elsa and let her point some things out and finally asked Lily's name which she said. "Well no offense but you don't look real happy to be here." She said smiling with a small amount of laughter.

"That would be because I don't want to be here." Lily said her voice less harsh then it was with her parents. "I was fine with my life the way it is."

"I see, well Hogwarts is a really nice school, I'm sure it'll take not time for you to join in and begin to think of this as a second home. I know when my father transferred me home from the other private school I hated this place. I came to get to love this place though, so I'm sure you will." Lily only shrugged her shoulder, and finally Elsa showed her the door. "I'll be showing you around so I'll come tomorrow morning, you'll get your schedule tomorrow morning. I do hope you like this place." And then she was waving good bye to Lily and walking down the hall leaving Lily to brave the room by herself.

When she entered no one was there she guessed they were all in the middle of class since it was a Monday and only three o' clock. Her bags had been placed on a bed that was right next to the window; the others had personal touches on them, which showed everyone that they were claimed already. Hers was dreadfully plain with cream colored sheets and a simple and plain comforter. She dumped her back pack on the bed and took a deep breathe that she really needed. There was a small wardrobe next to her bed and when she opened it, it was empty and ready for her clothes to be placed in. Not knowing what else she did just that and began to unpack.

She was able to hang up most of her clothes, place others in the dresser at the bottom of the wardrobe and was about to start with all her other things she brought when the other girls entered talking and laughing and Lily grimaced mentally. All of them were pretty with the perfect hairstyle and accessories. She had been stuck in a room full of what was more then likely, the popular people. They stopped their talking when they saw her. The main girl walked up smiling.

"You must be the new girl. I'm Kali, this is Jasmine, and that's Beth."

"Lily." She said short and to the point.

"So you're from London, what does your father do, I bet my father knows him."

"I doubt it!"

"Why?" Her voice was turning snooty fast and Lily knew that the next year was going to be a living hell.

"Because I'm a scholarship student, and your father is more then likely a very important and high up man." She said trying not to speak slowly and insult the girl. She was going to be sleeping in the same room for a year it would definitely help if she didn't piss her off the first day.

"You're a scholarship student." The look on her face told her that the snubbing would now begin and she was right. "Well then let's get a few things straight; don't expect us to take pity on you. Don't get above your station with the guys in this school especially James, Sirius and Remus, they're off limits to people like you. And the only way that you can become popular is if you work way hard, or your father becomes rich, so don't get your hopes up about thateither."

"Well then I guess I won't be popular, what a shame." She said sarcastically but continued before they could even open their mouths. "Also I'm not interested in guys, for your information I'm gay, which is very lucky for me since I'm in a room with you three, because you three are pretty." She said her face showing interest and seriousness.

Kali wrinkled up her nose. "You are sick!" and then turned around. "C'mon we have a free period let's get out of this place."

Just as they walked out of the room Lily flicked off their backs and then began to finish her unpacking, 'Yes,' she thought 'It's going to be a lovely year.' And then grabbed a book and some paper and began to write to her friend back home.


Hey what's going on with you, my first day here and let's just say I already pissed off the more then likely popular girl in the school. I can see the headlines of the school paper. "A mere scholarship girl pissed off the richest girl at school. A law suit ensures!" I can't help with every minute here resent my parents more and more. How are things going with you? I wish I could be dancing right now, but I have no idea when the bimbo's will be coming back. In fact I doubt I'll have friends this year. But I have to stop this is getting way too close to self pity! My classes start tomorrow, I don't know what I have yet but after I get your reply I'll tell you. Well got to go write to me the minute you get this!


Lily immediately grabbed a blank envelope and stuck it in, sealed it and addressed it. She then having nothing else to do until supper time she grabbed her CD player and turned on the CD that was in there and began to doodle, she wasn't that bad, but she would never cut it as a professional. She must have been at it for a while because the next thing she knew the girls had re entered and were getting ready to change for Supper. That's when it dawned on Lily that she was going to have to follow then to the Dining room because she had no clue where it was. The thought of following them and them looking back sniggering ather made her want to throw up. They were getting ready to leave when there was a knock on the door and the face of Elsa peeked through and looked at the girls.

"Hey guys, Lily are you ready to go?"

Lily immediately felt relief and incredible happiness to see Elsa and nodded her head. She placed the things back on her bed and walked out the doors ignoring the girls as she followed Elsa down the hallway.

"So what do you think of your roommates?"


"Yeah Honestly."

"I hate them! But then my judgment is a little weird as are my standards!" They were silent I think Elsa was a little shocked. "Thanks for coming and getting me, I don't think me and my room mates are going to be getting along."

"It wasn't a big deal, I don't get why you four wouldn't get a long I mean Kali can be a snob sometimes but she's usually really nice."

"Yes but I'm a scholarship student."

"That's not that big of a deal there are four others in the school so you're not the only one."

"But let me guess they're not that popular either?"

"Well yes, the people here don't like the people without money, it's really stupid thing. People can be very prejudiced." She said as if thinking on something of the past.

"What grade are you in?"

"Me, I'm a junior, what grade will you be in, you look like you could be a senior you're really tall." And it was true Lily was 5'10 and was still growing, not that she minded it helped with some of the dance moves that she liked.

"No I'll be starting my sophomore year."

"Only, you're kidding."

"No I just have some really tall genes."

"Wow I wish I could be that tall."

They made it to the Dining room then and people looked up and looked down until they did a double take since Lily was new, and I guess you could call her news. She ignored them all most of them could tell that she had an attitude. But the guys were looking a lot, because Lily was very pretty, even if she did have an attitude. Elsa walked over to a small group of three other girls who looked like they were also nice. Elsa sat down and motioned for Lily to take the seat right across from her and Lily did so. The other girls smiled and immediately asked Elsa question and Lily began to feel completely out of place. Actually there was no began she had become uncomfortable the moment she set foot in this enormous school. Her three roommates entered a little later and sat down with as Lily began to call them the 'pretty people' and when someone pointed towards her they looked made a face and said something that Lily knew must have been bad considering the reaction it was given by those that heard it.

Elsa saw her looking at them and then looked back at Lily. "See anyone you might like to know the name of?" She asked trying to draw Lily into a conversation.

"Actually my room mates said something about a Sirius, James and Remus, mind if you point them out to me."

All four of the girls smiled and immediately pointed to the end of a table a few down from their where three guys were sitting and talking amongst themselves. They were cute, Lily would admit that but they weren't that cute. The only other explanation that they would say they were off limits was if they were highly rich, which was more then likely since just about everyone in here was rich.

"Those three are the most sought after guys in the school, not only are they very good looking but they're also the wealthiest of everyone in here." One of the girls said confirming Lily's idea, another girl spoke up.

"Why are you interested in them?"

After taking another look at them she turned back. "No thanks, I'm not into the whole relationship thing." She said and then listened to them begin to talk again. It was a few minutes later when quiet enveloped the dining table, it was such a turn around from the regular noise that Lily's eyebrows rose in surprise wondering who could make the whole room completely quiet. That's when she saw that it was the Headmaster.

"Welcome to another Year at Hogwarts for some of you , and a new one for others. That's really all I wanted to say, lets eat." And then workers brought in the main dishes and other things and laid them on the table as the students began to talk again and push and shove to get the food.

Lily who wasn't very hungry only took a little and ate while she listened to the others talk. Lily only interrupted once and that was to ask how they mailed letters, and when she knew how she didn't really open her mouth unless someone else asked a question. Elsa after supper showed her the way back to the room and promised to pick her up in the morning and show her the way to her classes. Lily thanked Elsa warmly and then entered to find that she had beaten the roommates of her and smiled happily. She went to the bathroom and took a shower washing away the grime from her journey and then got out to find that they were back and all on Kali's bed. She ignored them and crawled into bed and turned her back to them trying to drift off to sleep and ignore their giggling. She fell asleep quickly and sighed. Life here, she knew was going to suck!

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