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Title: High School Drama!

Summary: Hogwarts is not the magical school, it is a preppy private school that Lily is accepted into as a scholarship student. She's not rich though she's looked down upon which doesn't bother her, because all she wants to do is make it through the four years of High School and dance the rest of her life away!

-Chapter Six-

When Lily woke the next morning it was with a feeling of weight settling over her, not a physical one, but more like she had been dealt an emotional blow that had somewhat crippled her, and she realized that she had. She sat up slowly and glanced around the room to see that all the others were still asleep, which she was very grateful for, she wasn't sure she would be able to handle all their concerned looks this early in the morning. Her hand automatically rose to where the newly repaired necklace was resting against her chest; she clasped it and felt a brief wave of panic overtake her before she was able to squash it down. Perhaps she should look into getting a stronger chain, or maybe even a bit of leather to hang it on. While she was fairly sure the marauders weren't going to mess with it again, not after the beating she had given them, she didn't want to take a chance on it. She scrambled out of bed, her body needing to move and do something before it imploded, gathered up everything she would need for the day, scrambled into her school uniform and headed out even though it was ridiculously early.

Automatically she headed to the one safe haven she could think of, the dance room in the abandoned part of the school. Once inside she sat down in the middle of the floor, took out a notebook and pen and even though she had written to Amanda not too long ago and hadn't yet received a reply she knew she needed to write to her again. Everything she had been bottling up for the last few hours poured out on the pages, she didn't bother trying to cast herself in a better light because she knew she had probably overreacted by everyone's standards, perhaps even her own but Amanda would never judge her because of it. In fact she could imagine her reaction as she read the words, she would smile that smile of hers and shake her head in part amusement part exasperation. Just thinking about it brought a smile to Lily's own lips and as she finished the last of the letter she felt the tension that was still hanging on slowly release itself. She folded the letter, placed it in an envelope she had brought, addressed and sealed it then continued to sit there, her hand rising back to the necklace slowly fingering it as she drifted through a sea of memories.

Travis last night had done a wonderful job of fixing the chain, it hadn't even taken him five minutes before he was handing her back the finished work. She probably could have kissed him right then and there but that would have been awkward on so many levels so she had just thanked him with so much sincerity that he had to know how much it meant to her. She then pleaded being tired and headed to the bathroom to take a shower, if her eyes were a little more red than when she had entered no one bothered to mention it and she had fallen asleep shortly after it. She shook herself from her musings and glanced at the clock to see it was just about time for breakfast. She gathered the letter and anything else she could spot then made her way to the great hall.

The minute the first person caught sight of her there was a sudden outbreak of whisperings and pointing that spread like a wave. She ignored it, she was used to it after all and she was made of a lot tougher stuff that a few whispers were hardly going to hurt her. If she also noticed that people tended to move out of her way a little more quickly she didn't really care either, after all it was a perk in crowded hallways when sometimes you could hardly move the congestion would get so thick. It was almost as if the entire school expected her to snap and go all berserk on someone, sort of like a side show attraction. She reached the entrance to the great hall just as Sirius, James and Remus did and there was a sudden hush as everyone snapped to attention.

Lily's eyes narrowed slightly and then she turned her head sharply and thrust past them, completely ignoring them. She may have heard a slight release of breath, as if they had been holding it but she wasn't sure and she didn't care. She was finished with their little prank war, she would be ignoring them from now on, because these days her reaction wouldn't be to prank them back, it would be to hit them back. She headed to the usual table to find all the others were there, including Travis and Marc she smiled at them all and she sat down. They smiled back, though the girls at least still looked a little worried.

"So many stares, I'm sure to get a complex." She commented as she helped herself to the food set out on the table and the atmosphere relaxed slightly.

"You left early this morning." Nadia mentioned slowly.

"Yeah, I needed a quiet place to be this morning, and I had a letter to write to a friend."

"So everything okay?" Nat asked.

"Yeah, everything's good."

The talk ranged from there and with each passing moment things seemed to get more normal though there were still whispers and pointed stares all around. When it came time for class to begin Lily, Nadia, and Nat headed to science, the others heading to their respective classes. They took their usual seats got out all that was expected of them, including the homework that had been assigned and waited for Professor McGonagall to show up, which didn't take long. She started out with her usual, making sure everyone was there, gathering up homework and assigning punishment/detention to those that didn't have it then she stood back up in front of them all.

"Now that we've got most of the basics and refreshers out of the way I will be assigning you a lab partner. This will be your partner for the remainder of the school year, there will be no swapping or switching of any kind or I will fail you so quickly you will not know what hit you. Do I make myself clear?"

The class nodded, almost in unison, there was never any doubt that she meant whatever she said just as there was no doubt she would really fail people if they didn't do exactly as they were instructed to. She stared at them for a moment more, her sharp eyes taking in every single one of them and Lily hoped it was just her imagination when it seemed that her eyes seemed to linger on her a bit longer than others. She nodded her head in satisfaction then raised a clipboard that had the list of partners on it. She called them out one by one, some of the pairs making satisfied looks, others less than satisfied though none of those dared to voice their objections out loud and finally she paused before calling out the next one.

"Ms. Evans you and Mr. Lupin will be paired together."

There was a moment of fierce whispering and it finally clicked on Lily that Lupin was Remus.

"Professor! But…" Her mouth dropped open and she was so dumbfounded at the choice she couldn't even get the words clamoring in her head past her mouth.

"No exceptions Ms. Evans. Life is full of things we can neither control nor choose, consider this a lesson in life."

With that she continued on with the rest of the pair and Lily glanced over at Remus, who looked a bit paler than he usually was and she glared, as if this was his fault somehow. Professor McGonagall finished up the list and set the clipboard aside and glanced at all her students.

"Now, I don't want to hear anything more about the choice of your partner, you will from this day forward sit next to your partner as every class there will be situations where you must work with them. For certain lessons you will be graded jointly keep this in mind as well, now I will give you a few minutes to rearrange where you will be sitting and then we will begin the lesson."

There was a large clamor as almost everyone stood and rearranged where they were sitting with the exception of Nat and Nadia who had been fortunate enough to be paired together and Lily who was still in a bit of shock. Remus came and sat down next to her and neither of them looked very happy at the circumstances that had suddenly thrust the two of them resentfully together. Once everyone had been seated McGonagall went over the lesson for the day, including detailed instructions on the experiment they would be working on then turned over a board near the front to show detailed instructions. With that finished she told them to begin and sat at her desk, beginning to review the homework from the previous lesson.

For a moment the two of them just sat there then Remus sighed and began to bring out all the things that were required for the day.

"I guess we should begin." Lily bit her lip slightly, ignoring these people would have been a whole lot easier if she hadn't just been lumped together with one of them for the rest of the school year. She could see Nat and Nadia shooting her sympathetic glances before scooting over a ways so they could be in front of their own working burners and such. Remus glared slightly at her.

"Look I'm not exactly thrilled to be paired with you either but I want a good grade so maybe if you stopped being a bitch and sitting on your high horse we could manage to work together."

At this Lily snapped her head and looked over at him. "Excuse me! What did you call me?!"
"You heard me and I'm not going to apologize for it either because it's true. If you have bothered to pay attention I only pranked you that first time because its tradition which, granted, is a stupid reason to do something but I am one of those people who follow blindly sometimes. After that for several times I didn't take place in any more pranks, but you included me in all of yours so I stopped feeling guilty when I began to help out. And while that doesn't exclude my behavior in regards to your necklace I feel justified in everything else."

Lily stared at him for a moment incredulous. "Well you know for someone who watches their friends prank people who aren't able to defend themselves you've got a lot of nerve calling me a bitch when you are a slimy weasel yourself." Remus blinked in surprise and he opened his mouth to retort but Lily continued on before he could start in. "But…you're also right…" She said slowly and Remus's mouth closed with an audible click. "Thinking back you weren't involved in those first few pranks, your friends just pissed me off and I figured guilty by association."

Remus blinked several times, as if he had lost his train of thought. "What, you don't think I'm capable of admitting when I'm wrong."

"Honestly not really." He replied slowly.

"Well I can, god knows I am as far from perfect as you can get but I can usually notice when I'm being an ass." She shifted in her seat slightly to where she was facing him better. "So look, we have to work together for the next year and I'm like you I would really rather not screw this grade up so why don't we compromise?"


"Yeah, I say I'm sorry, which I really am only partly sorry but we can pretend it's for everything and just forgive and forget."

Remus smiled just a bit at her play on her words. "Forgive and forget." he thought it over then nodded slowly. "I think I can do that."

"Okay then." She held out her hand. "My name if Lily, what's yours."

Remus grinned for real this time and took her hand, shaking it firmly with his own. "Hello Lily, my name is Remus."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Remus."

"Likewise Lily."

The two of them tentatively smiled and then turned to their work. They began to set up all the stuff and Remus paused before they began. "By the way, I'm sorry too." Lily glanced over at him slightly confused. "For your necklace, if I had known it was that important I wouldn't have messed with it." Lily could tell that he was being honest and sincere.

Her hand moved to the necklace that was resting under her shirt and nodded slowly. "Thanks." She said quietly before clearing her throat and finishing setting up the last of the items.

"So I should probably tell you I am not very good at science so you may have to do the heavy lifting." Lily glanced over at him.

"What exactly do you mean heavy lifting?"

"I mean, my penmanship if great, I mean really, really great. I've been complimented on it several times."

Remus burst out laughing causing several people, including Professor McGonagall to glance up in surprise and to continue staring when Lily laughed along side him.

"So you're telling me I'm pretty much going to be doing everything on my own?" he asked when he finally stopped laughing.

"Not everything, I'm also really good at fetching stuff, kind of like a dog, only don't even think of referring to me as one, we're not that good of friends yet. I'm more saying when it comes to volatile chemicals being mixed and needing to be mixed in a specific way it is much safer for everyone if I don't handle it."

Remus was grinning. "I take it you're speaking from experience."

"At my last school we didn't have partners so you had to do everything yourself so this one time we were doing this experiment where you had to mix two ingredients at the same time with the temperature just so and if you didn't…" she trailed off trying to come up with the best scenario. "…do you remember those old horror films where there's like an ooze that slowly creeps up on you and it'll climb up the sides of buildings, it'll suffocate people and there's like no way to stop it."

"Of course those are some of the best movies."

"Well imagine that, only the ooze movers much faster, its smelly and doesn't come out of clothes, then add in an entire classroom full of screaming girls and you will have one of my more tamer experiences. It really is safer for everyone that I be no where near volatile chemicals."

Remus laughed again. "Alright then I will do the heavy lifting as you call it."

"And I will dazzle you with my writing and research skills."

The two of them worked together surprisingly well as the class progressed. While Lily was being completely honest about all the mishaps she had around chemicals she could understand the basics and reasoning behind the practical use and could answer almost al the questions posed to her. The two of them kept the talk centered on science and the class since this new tentative friendship probably wouldn't have withstood anything too serious. Just before the class ended Lily turned to Remus.

"Look Remus, about this agreement we've made." She paused and he nodded slowly. "This only pertains to you, not to your two friends. I'm not prepared to forgive them nor do I have any desire what so ever to try."

"That's fine Lily, I'm allowed to have other friends than them, and it's none of their business. Why don't we also make a deal not to talk about them if we can help it? Anything you say to me I won't tell them just like anything they tell or say about you I won't tell you."

Lily grinned. "That sounds like a perfect compromise."

"Good, because surprisingly I really enjoyed class today, we work pretty well together."

"Yeah we do."

As the class finished up for the day Professor McGonagall came by to view all the work to give out the points that would be awarded. She nodded at their work giving them high marks and moved on. Everyone cleaned up their work stations and listed as she gave out their homework assignments, some of which was individual work but there was also a project that would include working with their partner as well. Just as the bell rang she called out over the noise.

"Ms. Evans will you please come and see me."

Lily looked over surprised, thinking she hadn't done anything wrong since last night, at least nothing that she could think of. Nat and Nadia shrugged at her and she waved to them before heading up to Professor McGonagall's desk, standing and waiting to be addressed.

Professor McGonagall waited until the last of the students left; it seemed she had an empty period after this one since no other students walked in.

"Ms. Evans as you will no doubt notice in the next week or two the amount of work you will be given in your classes will increase dramatically. We teachers generally take it easy the first month so it's our policy that for those that are given detention you will only serve it during the week days and you will no doubt need the weekend to catch up on the schoolwork."

"Okay, so that starts this week?"

"Yes Ms. Evans this week. You will still serve your seven days of detention; you just won't do them on the weekend."

Lily personally thought this sounded a little backwards but then again that did mean she now had her weekend evenings to look forward to so she wasn't about to start complaining. "I understand, thank you professor."

She handed Lily a note that allowed her to be late for her next class and with a nod of dismissal she headed up to her history class. Kel and Nadia were waiting for her, as history was the most boring class, and the teacher was so old he hardly ever noticed what was going on in his own room it was pretty safe to talk without getting in trouble. She handed the note to the teacher who only nodded then went and joined them near the back table.

"So what's this I hear you getting along with Remus?" Kel asked quietly as they pretended to make notes, every once in a while actually jotting down something real.

Lily glanced over at Nadia who grinned slightly. "What, you should know that nothing travels faster than gossip."

Lily snickered then addressed Kel's question. "We made a compromise, and as you were forever telling me, he isn't as bad as I thought he was."

"Still it's almost a miracle."

"Shut up." Said Lily with a laugh.

The rest of the afternoon passed by quickly, her friends giving her the same sly and knowing glances that Kel had greeted her with and she generally ignored them which seemed to amuse them. They all came together for dinner that night and Travis and Marc joined them as they usually did and even they glanced over at Lily as if surprised.

"You know I feel like we haven't made any kind of progress since this morning, what with all the staring."

"Well that depends on how you look at it." Kris began. "Because now we're staring at you for an entirely different reason so that's got to be something doesn't it."

"I suppose that is one way of looking at it."

"We just didn't exactly expect this new development is all." Nat said quietly.

"Surely there's something else that will keep you more entertained than this." Lily commented dryly.

"Oh no, this is like our own soap opera." Nadia said laughing at Lily's expression.

"That is so wrong."

"Well at least you guys are only science partners so there shouldn't be too much gossip going around." Marc pointed out kindly.

"Remus isn't that bad once you get to know him and while I'm not sure of his abilities to pick friends he himself is okay." Lily said slowly.

"So are you guys like actually friends now?" Travis asked slowly, being one of the only ones actually willing to speak the question out loud.

"Maybe not friend friends more like tentative friends that could lead to full on friendship. It really just depends."

"Well even if you were friend friends it'd be a bit awkward wouldn't it?" Kel asked.

"Why would it be awkward?"

"He sits with James and Sirius all the time, their best friends and I can't see you becoming even tentative friends with them."

"Absolutely not, I'm more likely to hit them again than become friends but I don't see how that's going to be a problem with my talking to Remus."

"You'd be okay with talking to Remus in front of the two of them."

"Yeah, why not?" They all gave her slightly disbelieving looks and she glared at them. "See now those expressions you're giving me are like a challenge and you know that I can't resist a challenge." She cried then stood and turned to the table where Remus was sitting.

"Wait Lily you're not-" Nadia began but Lily was already walking down the aisle, ignoring the rise in volume when it became obvious just which table she was heading to.

She stopped just a ways from the table and completely ignoring the other two as completely as she had been all day she addressed Remus. "Hey Remus."

He looked up a bit in surprise but smiled warmly. "Hey Lily."

"So it appears my detentions are suspended on weekends, some policy or another they have here…" Remus nodded in understanding, having been on the receiving end of several detentions himself. "…so I was thinking that this weekend we could get together to work on that science homework."

"Sure that sounds good to me." Remus replied ignoring the incredulous looks that James and Sirius were shooting him. "What day would be good for you?"

Before she could reply James spoke up. "What a minute you're not serious Remus are you? You can't possible be working with that creature." Obviously he hadn't been keeping up with the rumor mill that would no doubt be working over time with this new development.

"He's right she almost killed us yesterday." Sirius added indignantly.

If Lily wasn't determined to ignore them no matter what, she would have loved to make a snarky little comment along the lines of how he had no idea what he was talking about. She hadn't even hit him as hard as she could have, she could have done a lot, lot worse but she wouldn't give them the satisfaction. Remus glared at them and glanced up at Lily a little worried on what her reaction would be, since the two of them were making progress, and was surprised to see her face still had that pleasant open look, she was still looking only at him almost as if she hadn't heard a single word that they had said.

"Saturday would probably work best for me but I don't really care about times, anything work best for you?"

"Are you a morning person or a night owl?"

"Eh I wake up early most mornings but I'm pretty good for the majority of the day."

"Why don't we just meet up after breakfast then?"

"Okay, in the library?"

"Works for me."

"Very cool, see you later Remus."

"Bye Lily."

They smiled at each other than Lily headed back to her table hearing Sirius behind her. "Remus, what the hell was that all about? !" before she was out of hearing distance. She sat back down at her spot and smiled at the expressions of her friends.

"You've got balls Lily, I'll definitely give you that." Kris said with a laugh, shaking her head in appreciation.

Lily grinned. "Like I said I hate backing down from a challenge, even if it's an unspoken one, now let's talk about something else please!"
They obliged the talk turning to books and movies that they shared in common with Travis and Marc since they were still getting to know the two of them. Lily left a little early so she could get to her detention and get it over with. As she passed the table where the three of them were still sitting Remus glanced up at her as she passed by she winked at him and he grinned in response before she was out the door. If someone had told her this morning when she had woken up that she would have a civilized conversation with Remus, let alone consider him a potential friend in the making she would have through them insane or mocking her, which would have earned them one of her excellent death glares. As she gathered up her cleaning supplies for her detention she couldn't help but smile, Remus as a friend would certainly make her life a little more interesting, but then all the best of friends did that, so maybe it was a sign.

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