Heartless Plains

Care Bear Countdown, 4, 3, 2, 1

Who's that comin' from somewhere up in the sky?

Moving fast and bright as a firefly

Just when you think the trouble's gonna pounce

Who's gonna be there when it really counts?

Do the Care Bear Countdown

And send a wish out through the air

Just do the Care Bear Countdown

When you need them they'll be there

Don't be afraid when trouble's brewin' in your heart

If you can dream just send a wish out in the dark

And do the Care Bear's Countdown

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

The Forest of Feelings, a lush forest that's home to the care bear cousins. The Heartless Plains, which border The Forest of Feelings, are the complete opposite.

More like a combination of a desert and a wasteland, it is the home of the heartless, heartless have several types the most common are the critters.

Critters are mindless, they resemble normal animals though they are darker and have a broken heart on their bellies. These creatures are currently scrambling to get out of the way as a small group of care cousins move through this land.

The one in the lead is named Fight4Heart, a blue cat. Following him is Heartpaced, a red rabbit.

StrategyHeart, known more often as GetyHeart, a pink and purple raccoon.

TonsofHeart, a green elephant.

And last is TeamHeart, a yellow lioness.

All of them unlike the care bears and the other cousins have dark fur instead of bright.

"Fight4Heart why are we out here again?" the rabbit asks, never really liking having to enter the plains.

"I've found the location of the new wizard, UnHeart."

"What's with the heartless and their names anyway? I mean we have a DarkHeart, NoHeart, ColdHeart, and now an UnHeart."

"Well look at the names of the care folk, Heartpaced, StrategyHeart, TonsofHeart, Fight4heart, we have the same situation."

Heartpaced stops a second as he thinks about that. "Man we need to find new names for us then, cause that's weird."

"We don't need new names, we are care folk after all."

Heartpaced blinks, "oh right, guess that makes sense then."

They stop as a castle suddenly pops out of the ground in front of them. A signal from Fight4heart tells Heartpaced to do his thing. The red rabbit revs his feet then zips ahead, and all around as the others begin to walk forward.

Heartpaced activates traps as he runs around, cages appear in some places, as does holes in the ground/clouds, and the last kind of trap has lightning striking an area. The fast rabbit waits at the gate to the castle for the others to finish walking past all the traps.

Immediately TonsofHeart and TeamHeart step forward and begin pushing the door, which slowly opens. Once it has Heartpaced takes up where he left off and runs down the halls, so as to activate any traps in here and to check the rooms to find out where the wizard was.

The others find Heartpaced waiting in front of another door, this one open where as all the others had been closed. They get in front of the door quickly and strike a fighting pose; feet ready to dodge if something's thrown at them.

Inside the room looks like a throne room, but instead of treasure there are books and bookcases. In a corner stands a small table with a crystal ball on it.

Sitting in the only chair in the room is who they are here for, UnHeart. Unheart is dressed like NoHeart, though the clothes are gray, his eyes don't seem mad to see his visitors but gloomy.

"Fight4Heart nice to finally meet you." he speaks in a raspy old voice.

"How do you know me, wizard?"

"The crystal ball over there, it showed me you and your friends would one day come for me." after pointing to the corner where the ball sits, UnHeart stands up and raising his hand throws a lightning bolt at the care folk.

They jump out of the way, Heartpaced knowing his job in a fight dashes forward and pounces off of UnHeart's head. The wizard tries to ignore the obvious distraction but gets irritated as the rabbit jumps on him several more times.

Switching from firing at the slower care cousins he begins to shoot at the one who's been hopping onto his head. This is what the others had been waiting for as TonsofHeart runs forward and picks up the wizard. The elephant then tosses the humanoid through the air; TeamHeart already ready leaps into the air and kicks him towards the wall, where he lands on his side.

Fight4Heart walks over, as UnHeart begins to chuckle sadly to himself. "What's wrong with you now?"

"The crystal ball did more then show me I'd meet you Fight4Heart it also showed me I would be defeated by you, each time I saw this battle it was different but ended the same, my defeat."

"So you know it's helpless to continue to fight us then huh?" UnHeart stands and goes over to the crystal ball, Strategy understanding there won't be more fighting walks over to a bookcase and tries to find something not full of magic.

UnHeart grabs the ball and turns to the others, GetyHeart currently has a book in her hands looking through it. "Here Fight4Heart take the crystal ball, I'd rather not wish upon the Earth the devastation that would happen if NoHeart learned of this and used his magic to pull it from my destroyed castle."

Fight4Heart takes the ball but raises an eyebrow, "a wizard actually not wanting to cause devastation."

"There is one other thing, a book." Unheart twirls his hand and causes a vision of a somewhat large book to appear. "This is a very special book Fight4Heart, it has spells inside that make it like a creature here in the Heartless Plains."

"It drains the caring of those it's used on, and the person using it."

"Yes, very good, it does also drain theirs. It is currently on earth at a circus in the hands of a human named Nicholas. Now sad to say I can no longer help you, the fight left me drained and helping you, this much, has used more of my energy." the cousins stare as UnHeart sets in his throne, the wizards eyes disappear, his fingers shrivel and turn to dust before the cloak is blown away by the wind.

"That was slightly disturbing he came so close to actually caring and just died."

"Yeah just hope that wouldn't happen to any creature that lives hereā€¦" the walls suddenly begins to vanish and fall, the cousins back against each other as the castle completely crumbles and vanishes before any of the stones that made it up could reach the ground.

"So what're we gonna do now?" the raccoon asks.

"You guys take the crystal ball back to our base and put it in the storage house, I'll go get the book." the others nod and walk off. Fight4Heart looks around and spots a small white cloud passing by, he walks over and touching it causes it to turn into a rainbowroller.

Fight4Heart frowns as he flies over the city that had been under the books influence the longest. "This is so terrible, the only way to fix it is to stop that book." soon he's flying over the circus and lands.

He gets out of the car and hearing something runs over to a nearby tent and looks around it to see a castle.

The Care Bears and Care Cousins are in front of it, the bears using their stare and the cousins calling out. Fight4Heart watches as their energy soon gives, some fall over from loss of energy while others support each other. Suddenly two humans run towards them calling out to the other human, Nicholas, who's currently under the book's influence.

Soon the battle is over, the bears and cousins won. Fight4Heart silently growls to himself as he sees the two groups of animals leave back to Care-A-Lot taking the book with them.

"Now I'll have to get the book from them back at their place, sigh oh well."

After following the bears and cousins, Fight4Heart peers through the door into the main room where they are, the book on a shelf on a wall.

He quickly dashes over and grabs the book. He turns to see a small heart giving tummy symbols to the cousins; he raises an eyebrow and watches it for a second.

He soon shrugs but stops mid-step to leave as the heart circles his stomach. A pair of boxing gloves hanging from a heart, appears on his stomach as the heart moves to a bear, stops, then flies back onto TenderHeart's stomach.

Fight4Heart stares at the symbol for a second before he notices the others getting ready to dance around to the song floating in the air and dashes out the door. Outside he parks his rainbowroller and watches as the bears and cousins cha-cha out of the building.

"Hey bears, cousins!" they stop and look up and stare at him. "Don't worry about the book. The Care Elite can watch over it better then you since we know how to stop those after it." with that he salutes and takes off.

"Okay does anyone know who that was?" Grumpy Bear asks. The other bears and cousins shake their heads. "I do." everyone turns to see NobleHeart and TrueHeart standing nearby, TrueHeart is looking at him as well.

"First off I'd like to congratulate you all for finding each other." TrueHeart takes her eyes off NobleHeart long enough to say her congratulations as well, and the two recap why they had to split the cousins from the bears before NobleHeart tells how he knew the cousin who flew away.

"Now I met another group of cousins a while ago. When you were still cubs. After putting the last cousin cub to bed I decided to explore the forest a bit more to get more acquainted with it. What I soon found was another group of cousins."

Me: sorry but this is getting a bit long so I plan to put the story as a flashback at the start of the next chapter.