Summary: There's something Neji wants to see again, but Tenten won't let that happen! Now, Neji needs a plan. NejiTen

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It's a fine day in Konoha. Neji and Lee are at the training grounds, for some reason, Lee's looking awfully odd, and Neji's just meditating despite the fact that Lee's being annoying. "Gai-sensei… Gai-sensei… Where are you, Gai-sensei…" He kept on chanting over and over again.

"Lee, I told you; he would be back later on! He's just talking to Hokage-sama. Can't you understand that?" Neji said, but Lee continued to croon his stupid words.

"Good Morning!" Tenten greeted as she entered the clearing. "Lee? Aren't you supposed to came with Gai-sensei?" At the mention of Gai's name, Lee began to cry hysterically. Tenten blinked in confusion, and Neji sighed.

"Gai-sensei has to talk with Hokage-sama, he won't be back for moments." Neji explained, which made Lee more forlorn.

"Well then, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't be training all this time. Come on, Lee! Stop whining and do your warm-ups!" Tenten said as a matter-of-factly.

But still, Lee continued to cry.

And cry.

And cry.

And still cry.

"Tsk tsk tsk." Tenten clicked her tongue. "And to think Gai-sensei is proud of you. He's proud of somebody who wouldn't stop crying like a baby." Tenten grinned, this would be Lee's motivation.

"NO! I AM NOT CRYING! I WILL MAKE GAI-SENSEI! EVEN IF IT… KILLS ME!" Lee said, or better yet yelled.

"Lee, even if you're saying you're not crying, you really are crying!" Tenten frowned a bit, when Lee's crying he really acts stupid. No… stupid –er!

"I am not!" Lee argued.

"Is too!"

"Am not!"

"Is too!"

It could've continued for hours, IF Neji hadn't interfered.

"Lee, how 'bout if you run five thousand laps around Konoha?" Neji suggested, just so Lee would leave and he could become stronger! Yes, he's that anxious to train. I wouldn't be doing so, if I were him.

"What a great idea, Neji-kun!" Lee responded and dashed away.

"Neji-kun…?" Tenten repeated with a slight twitch, Lee called Neji, Neji-kun!





"What's with him?" Tenten asked, turning to Neji. He didn't reply.

Tenten sighed, training again, and again. "Fine." She muttered.

While they are sparring, something happened… Neji threw two kunais, aiming for her shoulders, but she ducked… yet that isn't enough. She thought the kunai missed, but…

"Oh crap!" Her hair bounced down to her shoulders. "Great going, Neji." She rolled her eyes, as Neji stood there with wide-eyes, his jaw hanging. The kunai hadn't missed; it hit Tenten's hair ties, enough for it to break.

"What's with you?" Tenten asked, as she noticed him gaping at her.

Neji got a kunai, "where's Tenten! Who are you?" He asked, with a glare, but she noticed that dreamy glint in his white eyes.

"Wha-…?" Tenten paused and thought for a while. "Oh God! Why is it that everybody's acting weird to day!" She complained as she rubbed her head.

"Neji, it's me, Tenten." She stated, Neji's eyes widened again.

"T-T-Tenten?" He stuttered.






"What the hell is wrong with you?" This time, her brows were furrowed. She dug down her bag, and got two hair ties, while Neji still stood there. Dumb-founded, looking edgy like he just saw Gai in a bikini.

She was about to put her hair up again, but a hand stopped her. "What the hell!" Tenten turned, as Neji and Tenten's face were inches from each other.

Neji stepped back, in his head he's screaming… She's cute! She's cute! Oh my God, she's cute!

Tenten raised a brow, and tied her hair up again. Neji looked disappointed. "Come on, Neji! We still need to train!"

Neji faced his back against Tenten, "… I'm not in the mood."


Neji left, leaving Tenten, still full of bewilderment.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, GUYS!" Tenten screamed, as she grumbled in frustration. "And to think I won't be found here tomorrow."

"You know what will happen tomorrow, do you?" Tsunade asked to the Jounnins before her.

Kakashi, Asuma, Kurenai, and lastly Gai nodded. "This would be interesting! I hope she would finally join the celebration!" Kakashi smiled.

"She has to," Tsunade grinned wickedly. "We'll force her!"

I need a plan. Neji thought. How can I get her to put her hair down again?

Neji thought.
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