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"NEJI!" Tenten screamed as she tried to cover herself. Oh, by the way, Tenten was wearing a very small, sleeveless shirt and very short shorts! Please… don't get the idea that she's bare-naked. She isn't.

"AIEE! Why are you still standing there? Get out! GET OUT!" Tenten shrieked, Neji left after he rolled his eyes as if nothing happened. "He… doesn't look too surprised or affected by it." Sakura said. Ino nodded, symbolizing her agreement.


"Okay, you can enter now, NEJI." Tenten growled between her gritted teeth. Neji yawned and entered the house. "What took you so long? Such a typical girl." Neji grumbled.

Tenten twitched. "I'm not any typical girl, NEJI." She turned her back against him. "Don't ever say that to me, NEJI, or you might want to find another sparring partner, pal!" Tenten spat out.

Okay, Neji was sooo disappointed. He had only seen Tenten's hair for a minute when she was lying on the floor, and now her hair's on two horrid buns again!

"That's so unfair…" He whispered to himself.

Being a ninja Tenten is, "what's unfair?"

"That I haven't seen your hair down for a long time." Neji abruptly said, not thinking about what he just said. But nonetheless, he kept his cool stance.

The two stared at each other for a long time. Sakura and Ino was somewhere in the kitchen… "fixing" something.

It seemed eternity for both of them. But could Neji last eternity? Noo. He pulled Tenten's hair ties and run away from her. "GET BACK HERE!" She yelled. "No way!" He retorted.

He hid in her cabinet and watched amusingly as she tried to look for him. "Neji, please don't tell me you're in my cabinet. Anything but that." Tenten had a worried look on. "And what if I'm inside it?" Neji asked.

Tenten had a faint blush on, "Neji, all my clothes are in there." She had her hand up her forehead. "So?" He didn't get it.

"I mean everything! What do you actually wear?"



"High-class shirt, high-class pants, high-class forehead protector, high-class shoes, high-class pouch, and of course my under-… Oh, okay." Neji responded foolishly.

Neji quickly got out of the furniture and apologized. "Sometimes I really don't get you, Neji. I don't know if you're a gentleman or a prankster."

"But you look cute with your hair down!" Neji exclaimed.

"You're acting very out of character, Neji. Are you really alright?" Tenten placed her right hand on her hip, which Neji thought as a very cute pose. "One question… why are Sakura and Ino forcing you to wear something you hate?"

Tenten heated up as she remembered the words Ino and Sakura said.

Come on! We just want to make Neji nuts over you! I mean, it's obvious that he's so onto you! You're just too dense to notice it!

Tenten shriveled by the thought of Neji confessing to her. Such a bad sight. "Tenten, I like you. So now you shall be my girl friend and you can't protest."

Uh-uh! NO. Never! Nah-ah.

"Hey Tenten? I just asked you something, so answer me!" Neji looked dismayed. Tenten shook her head, "you might as well not know."

"Oh Tenten! Guess what Sakura and I think…"

Tenten groaned, "what now?"

"LET'S GO SHOPPING!" Sakura and Ino squealed as they entered the room. "We already called Hinata-chan!" Sakura turned to Neji and: "Of course you'll be coming, too."

"What? Heck, why?" Neji blurted out.

"Because that way Tenten would come without any doubt," Ino stated while Sakra giggled at her companion's antics. Tenten had a faint blush on and we all know who was staring at her all the time. Wow! Cute… Neji thought.

"All righty then…" Tenten announced, afterward started to tie her hair in those two buns again. She got the hair ties from Neji when he was awfully preoccupied. Neji glared at her, while she smirked contently.


Tenten almost cried as Ino and Sakura dragged her to another store. This will be the thirty-sixth store… Damn it! How many stores does this mall have?

Hinata shook her head, "I think T-Tenten-chan's having a-an awkward s-s-situation. L-Look at her… S-She seems s-so t-tired!"

"She is?" Neji asked with raised brows.

She could train for hours and yet… what a very strange girl!


Hinata and Neji could hear Tenten's screams of terror!

"We better help her out!" Neji exclaimed and walked quickly towards the wretched store. "Oh n-no, Neji-san… If you come in, obviously she'll die of embarrassment."

"Why?" Whatta genius he is.

"E-er… s-s-s-s-she said it was a s-s-s-s-s-s-secret!" She dropped the conversation immediately and strolled off without Neji tracking her steps. She sighed a relief and entered a café just to… hide from Neji. "T-that was c-close… Surely I-I w-w-would f-f-f-foil the p-p-plan if I-I spilled the s-s-secret t-that…" Hinata's reverie was cut short when the waiter came.


"Well… what do I do now?" Neji rubbed the back of his head, "hmm… maybe I should get ready for… oh yeah!" An idea hit him and he wandered off. Hmm… What could that be.


"Come on, Tenten! You need to look your best when the festival later on! Try this…" Ino shoved a piece of clothing towards Tenten. "Seriously, Ino, I need clothes. Clothes have to cover you… That is a bundle of rugs that covers me barely!" Tenten scowled.

"Why? I think it's cute, don't you think, Sakura?"

Sakura rubbed her chin, "I don't know, Ino… I kinda agree with Tenten. I mean do you not know the saying. Simplicity is the best policy!" She said with her forefinger up.

"I though that was honesty, not simplicity."

"Whatever… I think we should just make her wear something simple and… and…" Sakura lit up as her emerald eyes caught something perfect.


"SEE! SEE! IT'S CUTE! IT'S PERFECT, I TELL 'YA!" Sakura cheered.

Tenten frowned, "there's only one problem, guys." The two's jaws dropped, "whaddya mean? It's perfect"

"I'm not going to the festival… I mean, this festival is all about girls and boys turning to princes and princesses at least just one night. That only means, everybody should show his or her best! That only means that I should get my hair down and wear tight clothes! That only means that there's a chance that somebody might propose to me! Do you know what I'm saying? Do you understand me?" Tenten ranted.

Sadly… "Tenten, what're you babbling about? Don't you want that Neji to completely pass out?"

"Neji? Pass out?"

"Massive nose bleed! THAT WOULD BE A GREAT BLACKMAILING THING, don't you think?"

"Nose bleed? Blackmail? Massive?"

Tenten turned her back against them. She began to giggle evilly, "that gave me an idea."

Yes! YES! YES! Tenten… completely fall for our plan! We shall conquer this! OH YEAH!