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Sound Waves

When on solid ground of the earthy quality she was a force to be reckoned with. Confident and powerful, she could more than make up for her disability with her bending skills. The water was another element entirely (and literally) for her.

In the water she was everything she never wanted to be and was exactly what her parents expected her to be. She was helpless.

Earth is steady and secure. Water is ever changing.

With the soil beneath her she could analyze the vibrations and 'see' through her feet in a sense. But the water bent and gave way beneath her soles. Currents moved through it without stop, the wind sent waves rolling over its shifting surface. In the water she truly was blind.

She also had trouble keeping her head above the surface. Her parents, seeing her as a weak child who could die at the slightest stimuli, never allowed her in a larger body of water than the bath at home. She herself had never seen the point in learning to swim. And - even now she refused to admit it out loud - the water had scared her, with good reason apparently as her present predicament showed.

She floundered desperately, her weak cries went unanswered and terror seized her.

She struggled to hear the slash of the water against the beach, against anything solid that could spare her from this doom. But the rush and roar of the ocean drowned out everything else. She could've been deaf too and it wouldn't have made the slightest difference.

She felt a gust of wind at her back and her first thought was Oh spirits, here comes another wave. But to her surprise there was no wave, just a comforting and warm presence at her back.

A soothing voice that she recognized with some relief whispered in her ear against the screaming torrent, "Sh, it's okay - I've got you now."

Gentle arms embraced her and turned her around. The voice came again, urging her to hang on tightly. She embraced the lithe body and shivered as the comforting arms withdrew from around her waist.

She felt the air tug at her gently and clutched her savior all the tighter. They slipped from the water and she felt it streaming down her body, sprinkling on the raging sea below her.

Then she was flying. Soaring through the calm sky, feeling the breeze ruffle her hair. They spiraled upward, defying gravity, the water falling away below them as they gained altitude. And suddenly, Toph wasn't so blind anymore.

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