Title: Once Upon a Time

Author: Michaelover101

Summery: Prequel to "Story Time", the story of Rory and Colin.

Rating: T… Might get bumped up later.

Beta: Flynn

Notes: Once again, this is the prequel to Story Time. It really doesn't matter which one you read first in the long run. Nothing will be spoiled if you read this one first than Story Time… or Story Time than this one. So have your pick.

Also I would like to thank my Beta for the Title of the story! So thanks Flynn, you're right, lets' keep in the spirit. lol.

Part 1: Egotistical Jackasses

"God, I hate him."

Logan turned away from his date, Whitney, to face his friend who was staring at something in front of them.

"What are you talking about?" He asked.

"Him," Colin said pointing to a brown haired guy who was talking to a slim brunette.

"And what'd he ever do to you?" Finn asked, his voice thick with his Australian accent.

"He acts all superior to us when all he does is serve drinks."

"Well," Finn chuckled, "If that's not calling the kettle black, then I don't know what is."

"Just don't do anything stupid," Logan warned as they began to walk that way. Finn walked ahead of them, nervously biting his nails, knowing full well that Colin was up to something.

"So how was your summer?" The bartender asked. The girl next to him sighed, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Well, we so should have started with me."

Logan watched as Colin took that as his cue to ram his shoulder into the bartender's, causing Logan to wince.

"Something stupid like that," he muttered as he steered Whitney over.

"Oh sorry," the bartender said. Logan wanted to shake him for his sincerity and plain stupidity at pretty much handing Colin his calling card.

"No, seriously, you couldn't see me there?" Colin asked causing Finn to smirk and double back, swinging an arm around Colin's shoulders. Logan stood next to them with Whitney.

"Not everyone is staring at you, Colin," Finn said widening his eyes and staring at him to contradict his own statement. Might as well play, Logan thought.

"Hey. I know you," Logan said pointing at him. "No, wait-wait, don't tell me. I'm seeing a uniform of some sort."

"Maytag repairman!" Finn put in. Logan watched Colin's smirk grow.

"I've bartended for you… For your parties."

Colin smirked. The guy was just baiting them and completely oblivious to it, but apparently from the annoyed look on the girl's, who he had been talking to, face, she knew what was going on.

"That's right, you have. You're a talented man," Logan turned to the girl. "He makes a kick-ass margarita."

"Thanks," the bartender said nervously with a little chuckle.

"It's good to see you again. What's your name?"

"Marty." He gestured to the girl next to him. "Uh, this is Rory."

Colin looked at her. He could tell she was having a hard time keeping her mouth shut with probably some scathing comment or another. He found himself actually wanting to hear what she had to say.

"Hi," Logan greeted, then turned back to Marty. "So, assuming your services are still for hire this year, your financial situation hasn't changed at all?"


Colin and Finn smirked, he had finally figured out that they were mocking him.

"Good. Okay, I'll give you a call. Where are you living now?" Logan asked.


"Oh, excellent… Branford. All right, good running into you," Logan turned and walked away with Whitney, leaving Colin and Finn. Finn turned with one last look at Marty before walking slowly away, waiting for Colin. Colin was about to turn, but found he couldn't resist one last comment.

"Excellent shirt," Colin remarked dryly, then turned to the girl. Was she glaring at him? "I can see what you see in him."

"Don't be an ass, Colin!" Logan shouted back to him.

"Me? Never!" He replied walking backwards towards them. "I'm a friend to all people, large and very, very small." He turned around and walked with Finn who swung an arm around his shoulder.

"Yes, mate, 'cause that wasn't ass like at all."

"He bugs me," Colin shrugged.

"And apparently the sheila was bugged by you," Finn pointed out.

"She was, wasn't she," Colin said proudly, a satisfied smile gracing his lips.

"I don't think she was that impressed, Colin," Whitney told him, looking over her shoulder at him.

"What? Now you talk?" He asked. He had always been annoyed by Whitney, she had been trying to get into Logan's pants since they met freshman year and now that she had, well, she seemed to have the superior attitude down.

She was the one of many who thought they could change Logan Huntzberger to commitment. Boy, was she wrong.

"You're just mad 'cause he was with a pretty girl when you just get Logan's leftovers," Whitney told him. Her nose couldn't have been higher and she couldn't have hit him hard enough.

He smirked. "Oh, well, I guess you'll be in my bed later tonight, won't you?"

Whitney huffed and faced forward. Colin shook his head in pity. "I'll just see you guys at the party later," he said stopping. Logan and Finn stopped as well to look at him.

"You sure, man, I'm paying for lunch?" Logan said.

"Yeah, I'm not that hungry."

"All right," Logan shrugged, turning and walking away with Whitney.

"You know she's full of shit, right?" Finn asked. "She's just acting like that because she's Logan's first girl of the year."

"Yeah, that she knows of," Colin muttered.

"You all right, mate?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"See you tonight then," Finn said clapping his arm and running after Logan.

"I said I was sorry," he heard Whitney say even though he could tell she wasn't sincere.

"Look, Whitney, let's get something straight," Logan said calmly. Finn hid his smirk. Oh, was she in for it. "Just because you're dating me this week, doesn't mean you can treat Finn and Colin any way you want. Because both of us know, Whitney, that the women Colin takes to bed are ten times better than you'll ever be, and that has got to say something for my standards."

Finn bit the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing.

"So," Logan said turning to Finn, "Lunch?"

"Please," Finn smiled rubbing his stomach for effect.


Rory was walking back to her dorm from lunch with Marty when she saw him. He was walking with his head hung low, running a hand through his hair in frustration. She bit her lip. What she was going to do was probably going down to their level, but she couldn't help it.

She had ranted to Marty how they shouldn't have treated him that way, but he just shrugged and said he was used to it. She would have said something to them, like her mother taught her to do. Speak her mind and all. But she was afraid that Marty might not appreciate a girl sticking up for him. Guys were weird that way.

But this guy had no right to treat her friend that way. She walked towards him and bit her lip, her mother would probably be proud.


The things Whitney said shouldn't have gotten to him. He knew they weren't true. He didn't sleep with any girls that Logan had ever slept with. Hell, they had a rule against it. They even separated their girls by hair color. Logan dated blondes, Finn dated redheads and he was into brunettes. And if Whitney was a brunette, he wouldn't have touched her with a ten foot pole!

He was about to walk back to his dorm and just go and unpack everything that was left when he felt someone ram into his shoulder. He turned around and saw a girl walking away. She turned around and smiled, giving him a shrug.

"Sorry," she yelled after him. "Didn't see you there!"

Colin frowned, She looked... His eyes widened. That was the girl standing next to the bartender. He started running after her, but she ducked around the corner. When he made it around, she was already gone.

"Shit," he muttered running a hand through his hair. He looked around the grass and saw no one that had short brown hair and blue eyes. He sighed and started back to his dorm. Didn't matter anyway. She seemed too pure for his tastes.


Colin gave another groan of frustration as they left yet another dorm hall, following Finn as he looked for his supposed soul mate.

"You do realize that that's the fifth dorm we've hit and he still hasn't found her, right?" Colin asked Logan who was watching their Australian friend in amusement.

"Yep, and I'm getting tired."

"Really?" Colin asked. "'Cause that smile on your face proves otherwise."

"It's always entertaining watching Finn, Colin. Have you learned nothing from the past ten years that we've known each other?" Logan laughed.

"Apparently nothing?"

"Hey, you all right?" Logan asked.

"Fine, why?" Colin asked, uncomfortable with the topic of conversation.

"Just… you've been acting weird since yesterday. Even at the party you seemed out of it. You turned in early and everything."

"Just deep in thought is all. So how drunk was Finn that he can't remember the name of the girl?" Colin asked, hoping that Logan would get a clue and drop the subject.

Logan raised an eyebrow, but let the topic drop ad let Colin segued into something else. "Smashed. He had to be dragged to his room last night, much to his protests."

"I can only imagine," Colin agreed as they walked down the Branford hall towards the dorms

"Okay, Finn, last building," Logan told him.

"Please, say it looks familiar," Colin begged of him, rubbing his temple.

Finn looked around the hall eagerly, hoping to get some clue of familiarity. "Ahhh... Uh..."

"Apparently it doesn't look familiar," Logan said with a roll of his eyes.

"No, hold on. Hold. On," he said turning the corner. Colin looked around hoping to see what Finn was looking for. "Yes. Here. This is where she lives!" Finn said as he turned the corner.

Colin sighed in relief and followed Finn to a dorm room, Logan following. He heard the distant voice of a girl.

"Excuse me, can I help you?"

"No, thanks," Logan dismissed following Finn and Colin to the door where they gathered around a white board.

"Don't put your number, don't put your number," Logan told him walking up to them.

"I'm not putting my number, I'm putting your number," Finn said gesturing to Logan as he wrote down on the white board.

"That's my room," they heard a voice say. They turned around and looked at the slim brunette standing behind them, holding flyers and tape in her arms. Colin crossed his arms over his chest and looked at her. She looked familiar.

"Okay," Logan smiled looking her up and down, "Put my number."

"Are you sure this is your room?" Finn asked. They both looked at Finn in amusement.

"I'm sure," the girl told him.

"I could have sworn it was her room," Finn said, clearly upset that he had gotten it wrong again. This had happened four times during the course of the day.

"What's her name? Maybe I know her."

"Uh." Colin could tell Finn racked his brain for a total of five seconds before responding with. "It was short," he said using his fingers to prove a point.

"I can understand your disappointment, losing a potential soul mate like that, but that is my room."

Logan decided it was probably a good time to step in. "I'm sorry about the mix up. My friend here means no harm. He just has to learn that Guinness and blondes, they don't mix."

"Redheads," Finn corrected. Logan gave him a small 'shut up, I'm working on it' signal, then turned back to the girl.

"We sincerely apologize, and we will now leave you to finish putting up your poster of..."

"Come on," Finn told Colin. "Follow me."

Colin gave a sigh and gave on last look at the girl before following Finn up the stairs. He started looking around again. Then it hit him. "Finn."

"Yeah?" He asked distractedly, looking at the rooms.

"That's the girl that ran into me."

"What?" He asked, turning to Colin.

"Yeah, that girl, she ran into me. She was the girl standing next to the bartender, Um..." He snapped his fingers to remember the name. "Marty," he finally said.

Finn frowned, crossing his arms over his chest. "Yesterday?"

"You know, the bartender?"

"I know, but I don't remember the girl."

"She was annoyed by us, didn't say anything."


"Well, she ran into me when you two were at lunch."

"Are you sure that's her?"

"As sure as you are that the girl you're looking for is on this floor."

Finn smirked. "Well then, if you're so right, let's start knocking on some doors." Colin sighed and followed Finn as he began knocking on doors.

"Finn?" They heard a female voice ask after the fifth door got slammed in their faces. They turned and saw a redhead standing there with a raised eyebrow.

"It's you!" Finn said going over to her.

"Yeah, I've been trying to call you all day, but I keep getting your voice mail."

"I'll go let Logan know you found her," Colin laughed as they began talking. He just hoped that Finn actually remembered to ask her name. He started walking down the stairs and looked over at Logan. He was about to tell him when he heard what the girl was saying.

"Yes, my friend Marty. You talked to him like he was dirt and that's why I'm looking at you like this."

Colin smirked. Ha, so he had been right.

"I'm sorry," Logan said. Colin could tell he was surprised by the way the girl was talking to him. "What did I say that was so bad? I said hello and I think I said he made a kick-ass margarita."

"It's not what you said, it's how you said it."

"How'd I say it?" Logan asked.

Colin watched her think for a second before saying. "Like Judi Dench."

"Ouch," Logan said, clearly amused. Colin held in the laugh and turned to get Finn's attention. Finn turned and frowned at him, but said good bye to the girl and walked over to him.

"What?" He asked irratated at being inturupetted.

"Listen," he said pointing to Logan and the girl.

"Just because somebody doesn't have money or a fancy family doesn't mean they're inferior to you," the girl told him.

"I agree."

"And just because somebody is a bartender at a party for you and your friends, that doesn't mean that you can talk to them like a servant." She turned to leave, but Logan started talking again.


She turned to him and looked at him in disbelief. "What!"

"Oh, that got her mad," Finn muttered as they walked slowly down the stairs to stand next to Logan.

"I hired him. I paid him. He served. That's what a servant does."

"Are you serious?" She asked incredulously.

"For the sake of argument," Logan shrugged.

"He was doing a job," she told him frustrated.

"A job he took willingly," Logan pointed out.

"Some people have to work, unlike you three," she said, casting a glance over Logan's shoulder and glaring at the Colin and Finn.

"And I bet if you ask him, he'll tell you he made excellent tips that night. Because my friends, they tend to enjoy their refills."

"We do enjoy the re-fill, don't we, Colin?" Finn asked.

"That we do, Finn."

She gave them a glare that clearly said 'shut up'. "That's not the point."

"To a bartender, tips are very much the point." Logan said.

"Just because you pay somebody, it doesn't mean that you can speak to them as if they're beneath you."

"Actually, the fact that this is a free country means I can speak to anyone in any manner which I choose. However, the rules of a civilized society may frown upon a certain obvious show of snobbery, so if that's your argument…" Logan asked trailing off.

"I don't have an argument," she said quickly trying to finish the conversation with Logan.

"I can give you a moment to formulate one if you want to continue."

"I'm busy!" She said looking down at the flyers in her hand with a sigh of frustration.

"You concede."

"I don't like it when people hurt my friends," she said in a calm voice, looking at all of them.

"And you react when goaded."

"I am not goaded. I am so far from goaded. Get out your compass and I will show you how far from goaded I am."

"I think we've got a serious debater in our midst, boys," Logan said to Colin and Finn.

She gave another sigh. "Look, you hurt Marty, and I don't like it," she repeated. "How would you feel if someone hurt one of your friends with some undertoned insults? Or hit their shoulder with no cause?"

"He ran into me," Colin interjected. "Just like you ran into me."

"You ran into Marty," she said looking at him, ignoring Logan.

"No, I'm pretty sure it was him that ran into me."

"Rory?" The door to her room opened to reveal a girl wearing all black, a pipe held to her lips.

The girl, Rory, sighed. "What is it, Paris?"

"I heard yelling. Oh, you've got the face."

"What face?" Finn asked.

"The face where Rory thinks you're all idiots and is about to tell you."

"And all I wanted to do was find my redhead," Finn sighed.

"No," Rory said looking at the guys, each in turn. "I'm done."

"Look," Colin said as Logan and Finn looked at her in stunned silence. "I would like to apologize for our behavior," he said with a sigh. "We were wrong in treating the bartender that way."

She raised an eyebrow. "If I was stupid, I would have thought that was actually sincere You're an ass."

"Excuse me?" Colin asked.

"You heard me," Rory said, sending him a glare. "You're all asses. No, wait," she said holding up a hand. "I'm sorry, you're all egotistical jackass, rich boys who wouldn't know fashion if it bit them in the ass," she said sending him a glare. "My advice to you is to get the sliver spoon that's permanently glued into your mouth out and start acting your own age."

"This from the girl that ran into me to stick up for her friend," Colin argued. "Who wasn't acting their own age then?"

"I had a reason to do it. You did it because you could!"

"Ah, but you had a choice. So did we, we chose to not act our own age. And for a girl who is preaching to act our own age, is certainly ruining her point by not acting it."

Paris looked at him confused for a moment as did Logan and Finn, while Rory glared at him. She looked him up and down, then met his eyes.

"Do you like your shoes?" She asked.

Colin frowned and looked down at his new Italian loafers. "Yeah, just got them," he replied

"Too bad," she said lifting her foot and slamming it down on his own. "Ass," she said as her and Paris walked back into their room and slammed the door shut in their faces. Colin groaned as he lifted his foot slowly and leaned against the wall to rub it.

"I'm in love," Finn said placing a hand to his heart.

"She certainly is a little spitfire, isn't she?" Logan asked. Colin stood up, the foot still had a dull ache, and gave a nod.

"Yeah, she certainly is."

They turned and walked out of the Branford's dorms. Colin gave one last look at the closed door and gave a small smile. That girl intrigued him and he had a feeling he was going to be seeing her more often.


AN: So there's the first chapter of Once Upon a Time! I hope you all enjoyed it. Remember in Story Time, Colin somewhat exaggerated the story, so things might be different from the story he told.

This is a Colin and Rory story. There won't be any Logan and Rory, trust me. If you've read Story Time you know what's going to happen! lol.

I'd love to see what you think!