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Don't Say A Word Chapter One

The carriage pulled to a stop outside the black iron gates. The swirling M loomed out at the frightened passenger's inside. The gate creaked open and carriage lurched forward, moving into the large driveway. The stones under the wooden wheels crackled as the thestrals did their work at pulling the prisoners inside. One looked up at the white brick house in disgust. They didn't want to be there, but knew escaping would be pointless – death would be punishment and that could not happen.

The trees were lifeless, only the skeletons of the branches and trunk remaining. The air was thick with mist of the Dementor's they had bred so much they were now hovering over France, Germany and moving towards all of Asia.

The carriage stopped once again. The door swung open and a masked man yanked the closet prisoner out. They cried out and fell to the ground as the other's tumbled out to avoid rough handling in. In total there were six. The masked man cracked his whip in the air and shoved them towards the open doors of the large manor.

Inside was dark and heads of dead animals peered at them with black, lifeless eyes. The front door snapped shut and soon the carriage was heard moving away leaving them behind to their fate, a fate none of them wished to have but were forced too. Apperating away was even pointless. Detectors would have them found out instantly.

As they stood in a terrified silence, footsteps entered the room with candles lighting up around the room. There, standing before them were three blonde haired people, each wearing a smirk of pleasure. The oldest one stepped forward and walked along in front of the six before stopping directly in front of one. He turned and faced her chuckling.

"Well, well, well," he said, "Look who we have here amongst all you mudblood's. Hermione Granger."

The brown-eyed girl glared up at the man and earned a hard slap across her cheek. She stumbled backwards and fell to the ground in a heap. She was weak, tired and hungry having gone four days without any food since being captured.

"It about time you were put into your place, mudblood," snarled Lucius Malfoy, his cane pressed against her throat as he stood over her, "Pity Potter and Weasley aren't here to save the day. Then again, aren't they the one's hiding away from the world?"

Hermione breathed deeply ignoring the jibes from her 'master'. Lucius stood up and stepped back.

"Get up you worthless witch," he hissed before moving back in between his wife and son, "Look at you all… disgusting mudblood's who are lower then the scum on the bottom of my feet. Did you honestly think that the fall of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named would make life better for you all?"

None of them dared to answer not even a sore Hermione, who had managed to stand, even though she was swaying dangerously on the spot.

"We have only let trash like you in to be treated like slaves, which is the only treatment you all deserve," continued Lucius in a cold tone. He pulled his wand out and waved it. In front of each muggleborn appeared a black outfit. The female slaves wore a toga like one, whilst the males wore long black pants and a black top, "You wear these every day. Nothing else. Wash them once a week. You eat once a day – a meal of bread, water and perhaps a bit of meat if any is left over from dinner. Body cleansing is twice a week. You will all sleep in the kitchen and do everything we say – no matter what is asked of you."

The female muggleborn's each dared a glanced at the younger Malfoy son, who smirked suggestively.

"Follow me," snapped Narcissa Malfoy with a click of her fingers.

They each collected their new clothes and followed the well-dressed woman through the hall and down a flight of well maintained stairs. They all stopped a few steps behind her as she opened a black door. As she entered the candles lit up to show a large kitchen, where in the corner gray blankets were stacked with small, thin pillows.

"This is your home," she said coldly, "Get changed. When one of us calls you, you will each hear a tinkling noise and the name of the room we are in. The Manor is easy to find your way around. You each will have only three minutes to get too whomever calls you."

The six watched as she turned and left. Hermione slowly sat down, holding her head in her hands as she remembered the day she was captured, despite being in hiding for well over a year… nearly two.


"Oh really, Ronald!" she snapped slapping his hand away from her meal, "Surely you have eaten enough. You have had three bowls of the soup already."

Her friend glared at her and moved away glaring at the table. These days even the littlest comment sent anyone into a bad mood. They were all sick of hiding away. But it had been that way since Harry defeated Lord Voldemort. The whole world had hoped it would end the war and bring life back to normal once again. But it didn't. Death Eater's all over the world banded together against the world's hero and his companions and took over, achieving Lord Voldemort's plan – pureblood superiority. Muggleborn's all over the world began being captured. If they weren't tortured and murdered they became slaves to the pureblood's. Muggleborn's soon went into hiding along with any muggleborn supporters. The Order was powerless against the Death Eater's and with Dementor's breeding even more everyday the mist in the air became a common feature.

Law's were made that all muggleborn's were not to perform any magic, or apperate. Any form of this and an instant detector would have them found and captured, also if any muggleborn slave was found escaping the instant punishment was death. England was the most unsafe place in the world for muggleborn's, with Australia being the safest. The Ministry their still had control over the Death Eater's.

Harry now spent hours in his room trying to find a way to possibly bring a stop to the Death Eater's but nothing seemed to work. Hermione joined him on occasions, but even she knew it was a pointless thing to try.

"I have it!" he cried exiting out of his room in the underground hideout, "I know how to get Hermione to safety."

"Me?" said Hermione looking up at him, "Harry I am not leaving you all behind."

"Hear him out Hermione," said Lupin from where he sat reading a two month old Daily Prophet.

"The muggle world is only just beginning to be affected by the Death Eater's. If we can get into muggle London, you can get on a plane and fly to England. It's not using magic… and they wouldn't expect that" said Harry seriously.

Hermione shook her head, "No. Not without any of you."

"Hermione I have to stay here and fight," said Harry seriously, "These people need me."

"And you need all the support you can get. I will not leave you."

Harry walked over to Hermione and sat beside her, "Then go to Australia. Get support from the Ministry there."

Hermione bit her lip, "Okay… but I will come back with or without support."

"That's fine with me. Now the question is how do we get into muggle London, without magic?"

"My parents can drive here and get me. We will get them to park two kilometers from the hideout and we will risk the run to the car."

Harry nodded and Hermione hurriedly wrote a letter to her parents, getting Ron to seal it with countless spells so only her parents could open it. Using Pig, they sent the letter on its way and Hermione went to pack her things.

As she packed her bag, Ginny came in and sat on her bed watching her.

"I told him to do it," said Ginny quietly.

Hermione looked at Ginny confused, "Why?"

"You are our only source of help. Even though you are the most wanted witch, you are the only source of help we have. Get to Australia and tell them who you are and what is needed."

"I will Ginny," said Hermione seriously, "I swear I will."

An hour later they received a reply from Hermione's parents saying they would be at the pick up point at 6pm.

At 5:50pm with Harry, Ron and Lupin, the four left. They ran through the forest carefully, watching for any Death Eater spies. None could be seen, but despite the law's Hermione still held her wand as protection.

"We are close," said Lupin to them, a little breathless, "Keep up the pace."

Harry stumbled and fell to the ground. He got back up but as he took a step a Death Eater dropped from the tree, grabbing him around the throat.

"No!" cried Hermione pointing her wand at him.

"Hermione, don't! Keep going," said Harry urgently, struggling against the hold.

Ron went to fire a spell, but another Death Eater jumped down and stunned Ron and Lupin, leaving only Hermione to defend herself. Harry was going blue in the face from lack of oxygen. Even though it could mean death or slavery for her, Hermione couldn't watch her bestfriend's get killed.

"STUPEFY!" screamed Hermione angrily, knocking the Death Eater out holding Harry.

The one who stunned Ron lunged at her but Hermione hit him with the spell.

"R-run H-Hermione," gasped Harry on the ground.

"What about you?" she cried.

"I'm f-fine, now g-go before more c-come."

Hermione grabbed her bag and started running, panic streaming through her veins. The mist became thicker as more Dementor's began swarming above her. She slowed a little at horrible thought's entered her mind.

"There! Grab her!"

Hermione cried out as she was hit with the stunning charm just as she saw her parents car. Her parents cried out in anger and climbed out to help… the last thing Hermione saw was her parents being killed.


"Hermione… Hermione."

Hermione woke up, startled and looked up at the young girl kneeling in front of her. Her blue eyes were full of concern for her friend.

"Sorry Bridget," mumbled Hermione, "I fell asleep."

"I know. You were screaming out 'Mum, Dad'. Here," said Bridget handing her a plate of bread, "It's dinner time."

"How long have I been sleeping for?" asked Hermione taking the plate and biting into the bread. It wasn't fresh but wasn't stale either.

"Four hours. None of us have been called yet. They have gone out for dinner. No one is home we think."

Hermione looked at Bridget in interest, "Are you sure?"

Bridget shrugged, "All I know is Scott heard the front door open and close with voices going out them."

Hermione stood and opened the kitchen door. The five others looked at her in shock.

"What are you doing?" hissed Scott, running over, his brown eyes narrowed, "We are to stay in the kitchen."

"Since when did I start taking order's from a Malfoy?" replied Hermione angrily.

"Since we were captured!"

"To me that doesn't mean anything. I would rather be beat up a hundred times then be a slave to scum like them!"

Hermione walked out and shut the door behind her. She stepped quietly up the stairs and into the dark hall, praying the lights wouldn't light up. Thankfully for her they didn't. She ran into the entranceway and began looking in every door through the manor until she found an office with paper and quills with ink. She ran in, shut the door and grabbed a sheet and a quill. She dipped it into the inkbottle and began writing away, furiously.

As she folded it, she heard the sound of voices in the hall. Hastily she found the bag of floo powder on the fire place mantel. She hissed 'The Three Broomsticks' and threw the letter in, knowing Rosemerta would see it delivered to whom it was for. She put the fire out and walked quietly towards the door. The voices passed as they headed up stairs. Hermione slowly opened the door and crept into the hall. She shut the door and made he way quickly down the hall, towards the kitchen.

"Sneaking around are we?"

Hermione froze on the spot, her heart pounding a mile a minute. He stepped out of the shadow's, reminding Hermione of the Phantom from her mother's all time favorite Opera. The thought of her mother made Hermione nearly break down in tears.

"What were your snooping for, Granger? Something to use against us? Like any blackmail would do you any good. Dumbledore can't save you, neither can Potter."

He stepped closer and grabbed her under the chin to force her to look at his sneering face.

Hermione met his cold gray eyes with her angry brown ones, "I needed to use the toilet. I don't know where the mudblood bathroom is."

"Well, Granger, let me show you," snapped Draco grabbing her roughly by the arm.

Hermione stumbled along behind him, finding it hard to keep up due to her weakened status. She nearly fell twice, but Draco merely yanked her up. They walked past the kitchen entrance and into the colder part of the manner. They reached a staircase, leading downwards.

Here, Draco stopped walking and turned to a breathless Hermione, "Down there. It's the only door. Enjoy."

He turned and walked off and Hermione stumbled down them, falling down the last four. She groaned and managed to stand up, her legs wobbling underneath her. She pushed the door open and walked into a stone walled and floor room. In the far corner was a dirty toilet beside a grime-covered bath. The sink in the corner near the door had a leaking tap and a cracked mirror above it. Hermione walked over to the sink and saw how dirty her hair was. She closed the door and filled the sink with water and began to try and clean her hair a little by wetting her fingers and running them through the water.


Hermione groaned in her sleep and tried to ignore the tinkling noise in her ears. She rolled onto her back, before realizing the noise. She stood up and instantly knew that Draco was calling her. It was as if each tinkling noise had it's own tone. She left the kitchen and followed the annoying noise. It grew louder the closer she got, so loud in fact that she would have to restrain herself from murdering the heir of the Malfoy millions when she reached him.

Outside his door, she took a deep breath and entered, looking at him expectantly. He looked at her waiting for her to speak. Hermione realized she was to ask him what he wanted.

"What would you like?" she asked calmly.

"A massage. My back is tense," he replied pulling his shirt off and laying on his stomach on his bed.

"What from?" muttered Hermione coldly, but nonetheless, she walked forward and stood beside him, kneading his back with her hands.

Draco closed his eyes, an arrogant smirk on his face. After a few minutes he opened them and looked at Hermione, noticing she had tidied her hair up.

"Granger, that isn't achieving a relaxed back. Perhaps you should kneel over me and do it."

Hermione looked at him scandalized but she didn't disagree, wanting to remain as healthy as possible physically and mentally. She climbed up onto the bed, holding her toga style dress down. And knelt over him and pushed harder on his back, emitting a groan from her 'master'. Hermione cringed from the noise but continued her duty. She kneaded his back a little faster, wanting to escape him as soon as possible.

"Now, now Granger. No need to be in such a rush," he said in a mocking tone.

"I'm tired Malfoy. All I want is to go to sleep," snapped Hermione pushing a little too hard on Draco's back, causing him to stiffen.

"Argh!" he grunted, rolling onto his back and grabbing Hermione by the wrist with a tight grip, "You filthy little mudblood! Don't you know that is going to bruise?"

"Oh dear, won't be able to get laid for a month," snapped Hermione, glaring at him, "Such a tragedy. Honestly, Malfoy are you that vein?"

Draco gripped her wrist more tightly and pulled her a little closer. His free hand was clenched into a fist and he watched as her eyes flickered to the free hand before looking back at him with pure hatred.

"Go," he ordered, "Get out and return to the kitchens… you filthy little mudblood."

Hermione didn't argue. She slid off the bed, gracefully and hurried out of the room, shutting the door behind her ever so softly, as to not disturb the other sleeping Malfoy's or the rude paintings. She walked briskly to the kitchen's and shut the door behind before laying back down on her blanket beside a lightly snoring Bridget.

He didn't hit her, she was grateful for that but knew next time she may not be so lucky. Without another thought to the matter a tired and hungry Hermione rolled to her side and was soon in a deep slumber.


"They have been after this one for ages," grunted a woman, shoving Hermione with her shoe, "Found her trying to escape with some muggles. People will pay plenty for her… Harry Potter's bestfriend… a slave. Stick a sign at the door."

Hermione slowly sat up as the woman walked away, slamming the iron door behind her. She leant on the wall behind her and frowned, looking around the room. Where on earth was she? Closing her eyes again and placing a hand on her forehead she thought back to the last thing she could remember. Running through the forest… Death Eater's attacking… stunning them to save her friend's… running for her parents car… seeing them murdered.

"Oh Merlin," chocked Hermione with a sob her eyes filling with tears, "Oh Merlin no… not Mum and Dad."

"A-are you alright?" asked a girl crawling from the corner, her robes ripped and torn with blood dried along the hemline.

Hermione looked at her before whispering, "Are you a muggleborn?"

"We all are," she said, her voice thick with an Irish accent, "This is where they sell us to some pureblood. Bridget Dew."

Hermione shook her hand, "Hermione Granger."

Bridget looked at Hermione in surprise, "People have been after you for ages! I never thought you would get caught."

"I didn't plan on it. None of my friends and family did," Hermione held back her tears and bit her lip looking down at the ground, "What day is it?"

"Sunday. They brought you in last night. I've been here for a week now. Same with Scott and Sophie."

Hermione nodded, "I don't suppose there is any water?"

"Only a little. It gets filled tomorrow from what Sophie said."

Bridget crawled through the low ceiling cell and brought back a small cup of water. Hermione drank it in one gulp, glad that her throat was no longer dry. She looked up at the window in the door, actually wondering who would buy her.

"If Albus Dumbledore were alive, we would not be in the situation," said Scott darkly from where he sat beside Sophie, "The Order is powerless without him."

"The Order are trying to work out a way every day to stop what is happening," snapped Hermione angrily, "I was on my way to escaping to Australia to get help when Death Eater's attacked! For all I know, my two bestfriend's could be dead!"

Scott remained silent and Hermione moved to an empty corner, crying silently for her loss and situation.


"Wake up," hissed Hermione walking round and shaking everyone, "They want breakfast now!"

"Since when did you start taking order's from the Malfoy's?" asked Scott sitting up.

"Since I sent a letter to my friends. There is still hope."

Scott gave her a surprised look but said nothing as he helped her wake the others. Within minutes the kitchen was full of noise. People were cooking, arranging food onto plates or hurrying back and forth from the dining room and kitchen to set the table or do other requests.

Hermione and Scott had taken it upon themselves to supervise and help out when needed. They were the two oldest, Hermione being nineteen and Scott, twenty-two.

"They are in the dining room," hissed a red haired girl as she stumbled in.

"First tray's out!" ordered Scott helping Bridget arrange a plate of cut up fruit. Hermione grabbed one of the bigger tray's full of bacon, kipper's, hash brown's and eggs. Two other's followed her out of the kitchen and down the hall to the dining room. Sitting in three of the twenty-five seat's sat the Malfoy's. Narcissa was sorting through the mail, Lucius reading the Pure Prophet and Draco writing a letter.

The three muggleborns walked over to them and set the tray's down without making eye contact with any. They stepped back, bowed or curtsied and left as the remaining tray's arrived.

Once in the kitchen the clean up duty began. Dishes were washed by hand and wiped, other's swept the floor clean for them to sit on.

As Hermione sat down the tinkling noise entered her mind. She instantly stood and hurried out, into the dining room.

"Yes Mr Malfoy, sir?" said Hermione curtsying for the eldest male Malfoy.

"Mudblood Granger," said Lucius coldly eyeing her, "You will be accompanying my wife and son on a shopping trip to Diagon Alley. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir," nodded Hermione as politely as she could, "Anything else, sir?"

"Yes. Clear away these plates with your slave friends. I expect my bacon to be less burnt tomorrow, or else you shall receive ten whips."

"Yes, sir," curtsied Hermione before she cleared away the plates of food.


Rosemerta walked into her office and spotted a bit of folded paper laying on the ground. She bent down and picked it up to read whom it was from.


Rosemerta instantly understood hurried over to a small cage in the corner. She opened it and pulled out one of her rats. She folded the letter smaller and tied it so the letter hid underneath it's stomach. She carried the creature over to her window and opened it a crack.

"Take this to Harry, Millie," whispered Rosemerta before letting the clever creature go, "Pray the girl is alright."

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