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Chapter Eighteen

"Draco," said Hermione as Ginny got in before her after Harry and Ron, "Draco I want to say-"

"Don't say a word," said Draco placing his fingertips to her lips.


"Because I don't want to say goodbye."

Hermione looked at him in silence with her mouth partly opened. She closed it and nodded silently before climbing into the carriage and sitting beside Ginny. Draco climbed in shutting the door behind him. As he sat beside Hermione the carriage lurched forward moving away from the safety of the castle.

"Least Luna will be safe," said Ron trying to find some form of comfort in this coming battle, "No one can get into the castle… can they?"

Ron was looking at Draco who frowned.

"Why are you asking me?" he asked angrily, "I regret what I did back then and I don't think there is any other possible way to get in unless the school itself lets you."

"The fireplaces."

"McGonagall went around putting guarding charms on them today. They'll last for up to five weeks," replied Hermione quietly as the carriage left the school gates.

They all fell silent. The afternoon sun left them at the school gates and soon the carriage was swirling in mist.

"Well this is just wonderful," said Ron dramatically, "We go into battle and there are Dementors all around us."

"Yeah and they fight for Lucius Malfoy," added Harry.

"No they don't," said Draco, "Lucius never got their trust. They fight for themselves."

"If you need to take one down have someone with you," reminded Hermione, "One to use the patronus the other to remove their cloak completely."

They all nodded and fell back into silence. Finally the carriage came to a halt around the bend from Hogsmeade. Draco opened the door and climbed out followed by Hermione, Ginny, Ron and Harry. Walking in a line they walked down the dark road, wands at the ready. There was enough daylight left for them to see the road ahead. The mist was thick and heavy with sadness but the five managed to keep their thoughts away from sad times and focused on what they had come to do. The town of Hogsmeade came into view slowly and grew bigger the closer it came.

Hermione's heart was pounding as she saw the spot where her parents had been murdered. Their car was still in view. It was Harry who recognized it. He walked beside Hermione his arm around her comfortingly.

"You okay?" he asked softly.

Hermione nodded, "Yeah. When this is over I'll be able to deal with it once and for all."

Draco's heart thudded at Hermione's comment and understood what it meant – saying goodbye to a loved one.

Finally they stepped into Hogsmeade. Harry let go of Hermione and was once fully on guard. His expression was one of complete determination. They all looked around them for any sign of Lucius and his followers. The group came to a stand still in the town centre. Draco stepped forward a little.

"Alright… show yourself. It's obvious you are here," said Draco smirking.

A cold cackle of laughter rippled all around them. The five stood tall and calm. They would not be scared so easily by a pathetic laugh. All were adults and had faced far worse things in their life.

Torches lit up around them brightly. The five spun around following the path of the light before being back the way they were at the beginning. Standing before them was Lucius with Snape, Senior Crabbe, Senior Goyle and another Death Eater behind him. Draco had no idea who he was, only that he didn't like him. But it was only Draco who did know that the Lucius who stood before him was a fraud. The question was did Snape know this little secret?

"So my betraying son faces me today with his pathetic little friends and mudblood lover?" smirked Lucius.

"Why are you here, Lucius?" asked Harry coldly, "Didn't you know Pansy was meant to be meeting Draco?"

"It appears," spoke Snape quite slowly and coldly, "That Miss Parkinson has betrayed you lot and told us of your meeting."

Ginny laughed in disbelief, "You mean she lied to you about the non-existent meeting. Pansy is working with the Order. She lied to you just so you would foolishly come out here."

Lucius and Snape looked puzzled realizing they had been tricked. Without warning Lucius snapped his fingers and around him over two hundred Death Eaters appeared varying in ages. A mixture of men and women looked at the five in disgust.

"I am assuming you five a terrified," said Lucius smirking.

"Oh no," said Hermione before she gestured towards the woods, "You don't know what we have in there."

A thundering noise shook the ground and Harry smiled looking at Hermione. Grawp was coming to have some fun. Naturally Hagrid wouldn't let him miss out on his chance of fighting for his friends.

"That is called a giant," said Ron slowly for all to hear.

A loud cry followed by smoke and fire shooting up from the forest caused a few Death Eaters to whimper. The two Weasley's laughed.

"See the two days between Tonks returning and Hermione and Draco here escaping we have been planning on how to destroy you all," said Ginny, "That was just one of the five dragons we have… oh and you hear that," Ginny paused so they could hear a strange shrieking sound, "Veela's mingling around the hippogriff's."

"You think they scare us?" roared Lucius his face red with anger, "I am more powerful then you all think I am!"

Beside Hermione, Draco staggered a little feeling a strong surge flow through him. Hermione looked at him worriedly but Draco regained his composure quickly before saying in anger.

"It's your power that will kill you!"

Letting out an angry cry Lucius fired a spell at Draco, which he dodged. The Death Eater's charged forward but nearly fell back as from the forest ran the Order and in the sky flew dragons, hippogriffs and angry Veela's. Hagrid and Grawp ran out lastly with Grawp swiping down at the ground carefully knocking over twenty Death Eaters at a one time.

Hermione was quickly in a fierce battle against a female Death Eater. She was of Hermione's age roughly but she lacked in defense spells greatly. Hermione ducked and hit her with a strong body bind. She jumped over the body and moved onto another battle. Around her the seventh year students battled as furiously as any around her. A sudden scream in the air caused Hermione to whirl around to see where it came from. The Death Eater grabbed Hermione around the neck chocking her.

"Let her go!" roared Ron knocking out the Death Eater who had hold of her, "What's going on?"

"I don't know. I heard a scream and I think it was Ginny!" shouted Hermione over the noise.

Her and Ron ran through the battles, knocking out whom they could before seeing a smashed shop door. They ran in, stunning two Death Eaters in unison. Hermione blasted a door open and ran up the staircase with Ron hot on her heels. From a room at the end of the hall they could hear an angry, yet screaming voice. Hermione ran down the hall but kept silent and held up a hand for Ron to do the same.

"What you gonna do, witch?" snarled a voice, "I have your wand… your powerless."

The sound of a smashing vase hitting the door startled Hermione.

"Come near me and I will physically kick your arse," came Ginny's threatening, yet shaking voice.

Ron blasted the door open and hit the Death Eater with a curse. Hermione ran over to Ginny hugging her.

"Are you alright?" she asked worried.

Ginny nodded as Ron handed her wand to her, "Let's go," said Ginny turning and running down the hall and stairs.

Ron gave Hermione a worried look. Hermione just shrugged and ran after Ginny. They came down to the veranda of the store and saw the battle was coming to a close. The dragons were shooting fire at any moving Death Eaters. The living Order members were finishing off every other remaining Death Eater. But standing in the middle stood Lucius and Snape against Draco and Harry.

Hermione ran forward but Sirius grabbed her and pulled her back.

"No. It's their fight," said Sirius, "Harry has unfinished business with Snape and Draco wants to end the nightmare of his father."

Hermione slumped in Sirius' arms but he kept a hold of her. She watched as Harry spun and ducked throwing constant spells at the man responsible for Dumbledore's death. Draco was doing the exact same actions a look of pure hate on his normally pale, calm features. Hermione tried not to blink as the battle became faster and more furious.

Then it happened. A spell hit Draco and he fell to the ground with a thud. As Harry fired a spell at Snape him and Lucius disappeared like a screen going blank on a muggle television.

Hermione screamed out in terror as she forced Sirius to let her go. She stumbled through the bodies on the ground and destroyed bits of buildings.

Tears were falling down her cheeks as she made her way to Draco and fell beside his body. His face was pale and his lips no longer pink.

"No, no, no!" cried Hermione hitting his chest, "This is not happening."

Harry looked at where Snape was a second ago frowning, "What happened?"

"Holograms," sighed Lupin shaking his head, "Merlin dammit!"

Sirius ran forward and knelt beside Draco and felt his pulse, "F-find Narcissa."

"She's unconscious," said Moody, "Is he dead?"

Sirius nodded sadly, "He's gone."

"NO!" screamed Hermione falling back onto her backside from her knees, "He's knocked out."

"Ron, Ginny take Hermione back to Hogwarts. Actually all of you, back to Hogwarts," said Lupin pulling Sirius up, "We will come back later."

Hermione screamed against being taken away from Draco. She fought against Ron and Ginny's hold as they lead her away. Ron pulled his wand out and tapped it on Hermione's head making her fall into an instant sleep.


He waited another twenty minutes to be sure they were gone. Slowly he pulled his wand out and muttered the counter spell on himself taking away his death appearance. He stood up and took in the scene around him. Then Hermione's heart broken face came back to him. He almost began running for the school, back to her. But he couldn't. Not yet anyway. He had to kill his father once and for all… along with his sick sidekick Snape.

With a deep breath he left with a crack and opened his eyes to be standing in his father's office. Lucius had his back turned to him. He was being sick into the wastebasket.

"Hello father," snarled Draco pulling his wand out, "Power a little too big to handle?"

"Draco," he said spinning around and grabbing his wand, "I saw you die."

"No you saw me cast myself to look dead, you fool."

Lucius glared at his son and stepped around the table, "So you worked out my little trick?"

Draco smirked, "I did. But did you see the sky? Dragons were killing the Dementors, burning their cloaks. Soon the skies will be free of them… and all of your Death Eaters are either dead or going to be killed. All you have worked for has come to a crashing end, so why not take you out with it?"

Suddenly Draco was struck from the back. His knees buckled and he fell to the ground, his wand rolling away from him as his body seized up.

"Well done Severus," smirked Lucius as Draco could do nothing but look up at Lucius and Snape powerless, "We have our prisoner back once again."

Severus smirked, "So we do."

"You see Draco. This is a minor set back. In no time flat I will soon have my power back and the world will be well on its way to becoming a pureblood dominated world."

Draco wanted to scream out to his father but that it was pointless; he would only be crushed again.

"Take him away," said Lucius in disgust, "Whip him while you're down there. And be has harsh as you like but keep him alive."

Snape grabbed Draco by the scuff of Harry's blue shirt and dragged him away to be punished once more for being right in everyone else's eyes but wrong in his own father's.


Hermione woke up screaming. Sweat covered her body in a thin layer. Her dirty clothes clung to her body as did her messy hair. Sitting in a chair beside her bed was Harry. He was sleeping with a soft snore escaping his lips.

"Harry, Harry," said Hermione shaking him after she stood, "We have to find Draco."

Harry jerked awake and blinked a few times before pushing his glasses back up. He shook his head to clear his mind and answer Hermione's request making her look at him confused, "Hermione… Draco is dead. He died fighting Lucius… or who I thought was Lucius."

"No, that was a dream," said Hermione determinedly gripping onto Harry's shirt tightly, "It was a dream!"

Harry stood up and released Hermione's grip on his shirt gently. He set Hermione down on the bed and looked at her with the calmest look she had ever seen from him, "I'm sorry Hermione, but it was real. Draco died in battle."

Hermione looked at Harry her eyes welling up with tears that slowly fell down her cheeks. She laid back down on the bed, drawing her legs up until she was in a fetal position, "Go away, Harry. I want to be alone."

Harry slowly stood and walked out only to have Lupin beckon him away from the hospital wing completely. Once in the entrance hall corridor Lupin spoke to him gravely.

"Draco's body has gone missing. Sirius, Hagrid and Arthur have searched all over the battlefield for it. I think Lucius and Snape came back and took it," said Lupin with deep sadness in his tone.

"Merlin," said Harry shaking his head and running a hand through his already messy hair, "How did Narcissa take it?"

"Sirius is with her comforting her. How is Hermione?"

"She thought it was a nightmare. She wants to be alone at the moment."
Lupin nodded, "All we can do is be supportive and help them all through this terrible time."

Harry nodded. Lupin patted Harry on the shoulder as Ginny walked out of the Greta Hall. Her brown eyes were red from exhaustion and crying.

"Kingsley's niece was in the battle. She died," said Ginny sadly, "Her wounds were too great for Pompfrey to heal. Poor girl bled to death."

Harry pulled Ginny towards him and hugged her tightly, "I'm glad you survived. Hermione is awake."

"How is she coping?"

"Not good, which is to be expected."

Ginny sighed, "Come on. She needs us to matter what she says. Mum would never leave her alone."

With a nod, Ginny and Harry turned and headed to the Hospital Wing to be with Hermione through her darkest days, yet.

To Be Continued

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Like a tape that's being played at the wrong speed,

Can't breath, gotta run, gotta hide,

From what we need.

Like a fire that burns in my heart,

Like a siren screaming in the dark,

Like the blood that's pounding inside of me,

Can't let them see,


All the stars, bow their heads in shame,

Coz they know, you cannot speak my name, you cannot speak my name,


Hush, hush, don't say a word,

Sound carries in the night, carries in the night,

Hush, hush, don't say a word,

Sound carries in the night, carries in the night,

Wrong place, wrong times, still we cannot erase

All the pain that we have to face,

Each and every time you know we can't stop,

Gotta walk (across that line),

Relive this life that's such a waste,

Living in denial, it's too fast, too slow

We finally know, right place, right time,

We have to hide,


I refuse,

To hide my head in shame,

Coz for now, you cannot speak my name,

You cannot speak my name,


Hush, hush, don't say a word,

Sound carries in the night, carries in the night,

Hush, hush, don't say a word,

Sound carries in the night, carries in the night,

Don't say a word, don't say a word, don't say a word,

No, no, no

Hush, hush, don't say a word,

Sound carries in the night, carries in the night,

Hush, hush, don't say a word,

Sound carries in the night, carries in the night,

Hush, hush, don't say a word,

Sound carries in the night, carries in the night,

Hush, hush, don't say a word,

Sound carries in the night, carries in the night,

Hush, hush don't say a word,

Don't say a word.

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