"Hurry up she's coming!"

"This will teach that little slut; maybe she'll go back to the box she crawled out of"

There was a giggle around the desk; then the girls dispersed and innocently returned to their seats.

"Good morning everyone!" Sakura chirped waving to her classmates with a put on smile walking toward her desk.

As usual there was no reply and Sakura sighed dropping her sack to the floor about to sit down in her chair, when she noticed it. She gasped; the girls around her breaking into laughter. How horrible…the desk was covered in green paint; some of it dripping, and words like "Brown nose" "Bitch" "Go back to hell" decorating it. Tears filled behind the wide frames of her glasses and she ran from the classroom past the teacher.

"Ah Mrs. Haruno?"

Sakura sniffled in her position on the roof curling her legs in as she tried to clean her glasses with her shirt.

"I didn't even do anything…" she whimpered; pink bangs falling over her eyes.

Nothing worked here; if she was nice then they didn't like her, if she was quiet they didn't like her, if she let them walk all over her they still didn't like her!

"Stop it I have feelings too! That's what I want to say…" she sighed and put her glasses back on.

Even the boys here were no good; she shivered at a memory hugging her knees tighter to her.

"I-I hate the boys and the other girls are the worst," she mumbled frowning at the ground.

"Do you always talk to yourself four-eyes?" Sakura squeaked at the male voice and glanced up…oh no he'd found her!

"Zaku-zaku-San…" she stuttered slinking back against the wall. He sneered down at her and snatched her glasses away.

"Even with these you're still ugly, forehead."

"Please give them back Z-zaku she whispered softly; eyes wide as she watched him toy around with her precious glasses.

"Oh come on I'm only here to have a little fun..." He dropped her glasses to the ground and pushed her against the wall.

"Are you sure you're a girl four-eyes…you don't even have curves" he teased tugging slightly at her shirt.

Sakura shook her head trying to get past him and to her glasses but she was trapped. "P-please don't…"

Tears started to form in her eyes again, but he didn't seem to care and she shivered at the feeling of cool air against her skin as he easily tugged off her shirt and started on her bra. 'Oh god is he going to rape me?'

"G-get off!" she yelled with the ferocity she'd never shown anyone at the school. He was bit taken back but just laughed and continued.

"Well so you aren't a total cry baby and wow a girl too…usually I wouldn't do this but you've really been asking for it haven't you? Getting me in trouble yesterday and all."

Sakura shook her head roughly and kicked at him fighting tears that wanted to fall at how scared she was.

"I SAID GET OFF!" "You little bitch!" He moved his hand back to slap her, but it never came.

"Nani?" she mumbled her eyes still dazed without her glasses so the image before her looked like a blur. Almost soothingly she was handed her shirt and a pair of broken glasses.

"The principal wants to see you Miss Haruno." She blinked wondering what happened with Zaku, but anything was better than this.

Shakily she slipped on her shirt; sticking her arms in the sleeves as she stood up placing on her broken glasses with a sigh, at least one the lens was okay and she could see.

"I'm ready…" she said softly following after the man who had saved her; he looked like one of the teachers; hmm she'd never seen him before.


"Your presence at this school has become quite a disturbance Miss Haruno so I'm sorry to inform you that you can no longer stay."

Sakura stared at her principal; eyes wide.

"You're just going to kick me out?" she asked angry that they would really do that when she hadn't done anything but try to be nice to everyone and they'd been nothing but mean to her.

The bald man sighed with a look of irritation; shaking his head and holding up a paper.

"No you'll be transferring here; you're parents will be moving and its all been paid for."

A look of confusion filled her face, but she noticed the hidden smile in his eyes and gave a sigh in defeat hiding a smile of her own; the old hard rounded guy really did care.


"I want your locker cleaned out and you out of this school by the end of the day. Don't even bother returning to your classes; your teachers are well informed already."

She nodded and stood to leave, but his voice stopped her.

"And one more thing Sakura. Good luck at your new school."

She gave a shy smile and left.

"Oi loser why weren't you in classes today?" A girl in Sakura's second class leaned back against the locker beside Sakura's a smirk on her lips.

Sakura sighed to herself and continued taking things from her locker. It only amused the girl and she continued to pick on the pink haired girl.

"What turning into a chicken forehead-girl? I don't like being ignored; maybe we'll punish you for it."

Sakura inwardly rolled her eyes and put the last few things in her pack picking it up as she pushed down her fear of the other girl and her 'friends' and gave her a sweet smile.

"No, jeez you know your voice is just so loud and annoying I thought a mouse was talking to me, but now that I see its just you...it's nothing but a big rat."

The girl's mouth dropped and she stared at Sakura before glaring at her in anger her hand twitching.

"You little slut how DARE you! We'll get you for that later!" she hissed.

But Sakura's smile didn't fall and for the first time she gathered the courage she'd needed all along, pulling down her eyelid behind her glasses she stuck out her tongue.

"No way! I'm out of her so you can find SOMEONE else to pick on losers!" she took off in a run leaving her bullies in shock and for the first time she felt free.

'A fresh start is just what I need! I'll change and make friends at my new school, no shy, loser girl!'

She pushed ahead of her racing out the doors into the warm sun a real smile on her face.


"Ah look at her? Who is she I've never seen anyone with pink hair like that? She's kind of cute!"

Sakura smiled blushing a little at the voices around her; she'd promised herself a new start and this was a good beginning. She sighed softly to herself remembering how she'd really nothing back in her old home; even her parents had some friends to say goodbye to, but they were still nice enough to not get mad at her for having to move. If there was one thing in this world she loved then it was her parents; poor as they were.

"Wow so little time I better hurry to class!" She mumbled to herself; patting down her school uniform skirt and rushing ahead...right into someone and falling on her butt.

"Ugh…" Sakura looked up dizzy at the male glaring down at her; jade eyes blinking.

She really had to watch where she was going; even with out her glasses she did have contacts she'd saved up to buy before they left and they DID work.

"Sorry" she said.

"Watch where you're going." Sasuke glared at the pink haired girl; just what he needed running into him another fan girl.

Sakura sighed and started getting up. Great, trouble already.

"Sorry again…" she went to move past him but he caught his wrist and stopped her.

"Get down and beg."

Sakura's eyes widened and she stared up and him; blinking at the hand on her wrist. "Nani?"

"You heard me." His expression was stoic as he stared at her inwardly smirking; now that he knew she wasn't one of fan girls he wanted to play with her a bit.

Sakura gave a nervous laugh.

"Hahaha…you're kidding right?" she smiled; nodding. Sasuke didn't smile.

"I'm not kidding; get down in the dirt and beg for forgiveness."

She blushed.

'I-I can't believe he's serious…what do I do?'

She glanced away from him; it didn't look like she was going to be saved anytime soon all she saw were looks of fear and some jealous looks her way from some of the girls. Sakura gave him an innocent smile and shook her head lightly.

"I can't it's my first day and I have to get to class…so sorry!" she pulled out of his grip and ran off toward her first block.

Sasuke stared after her then shot a glare at the other students and watched them scatter.

'Hm she's new huh?' he gave a small smirk in the direction the new girl had gone and slipped his hands into his pockets. She wasn't like other girls and that drew his attention…yes the pink haired girl would be a great toy.


Sakura sighed in relief as she sunk into her chair and buried her head against the cool wooden desk.

"'That was too close," she muttered inwardly starting to drift into a light nap…she was really tired from moving everything the past few days.

A few minutes later she felt a tap on her shoulders and heard a slight mutter of irritation from above.

"Huh?" she groggily answered lifting her head.

"You're in my desk," a calm voice replied. Jade eyes looked up into pure white.

"A-ah but there aren't any assigned seats so how can this be your desk?" she mumbled a bit irritated at being woke up; she'd even asked the teacher Kakashi if the desk was empty so she wouldn't make the mistake.

"I sit there now move," he replied with a small amount of irritation though his voice remained light and cool.

Sakura sighed; she didn't want trouble but she wasn't about to move just because someone wanted to steal her new desk.

"No." She grumbled and placed her head back against the desk sleepily.

She heard what sounded like a growl but ignored it; what could the guy really do?

Well her doubts were quickly answered as she felt incredibly light and a squeak escaped from her lips; eyes wide as the boy picked her up out of the chair.

"Put me down!" she cried trying to grip the chair ends; fighting to keep her seat.

He made an 'oomph' sound, but fought back and within a few more seconds she was plopped on the desk and he sat in his chair grinning up at her.

"Ugh jeez what's so special about this desk anyway!" she grumbled hopping off where he'd set her.

"Nothing." He replied oh so mockingly still grinning at her with a look of victory; the jerk.

"You still didn't have to pick me up like that…" she muttered aloud glaring at him briefly as she looked for a new seat.

"Like what?" He smiled at her with an innocent expression; moving back his chair and lifting up his feet on the desk where she'd been sitting a few minutes. Sakura scoffed and turned back to him with crossed arms.

"You know well as well what…"

"Oh like this?"

Before she knew it she was lifted off of her feet and in his lap.

"H-hey you can't do that so freely."

Her face went dark red at how close she was; slowly noticing his tight white sleeveless shirt and the muscles that were oh so visible.

'He's really hot!' the voice suddenly shouted from inside her head. 'Eh who are you? I'm your Inner you baka! I express how you really feel; now sneak a kiss while you have a chance! W-what? You heard me; he is one hot sexy man candy; hurry!'

Sakura ignored the voice and struggled out of his grip blushing like mad.

"D-don't do that you jerk…jeez"

Neji had to force himself not to burst out laughing; he was right, this girl was pretty amusing and not like those fawning seductress women always wanting his attention.

"I think you liked it; you're blushing."

Sakura's face went even darer.

"Shut up you—"A hand suddenly clamped over her mouth and she was tugged away from Neji by a brown haired girl.

"Ha, I'm sorry about that Neji-sama I think she's new," she motioned for the girl to stay quiet; Sakura blinked.

"Then shouldn't you tell her the rules Tenten?" he replied icily all humor gone from his voice. He'd been enjoying himself for a moment but now they were interrupted.

"H-hai! Come along you…" Tenten mumbled pulling Sakura away from Neji and toward a group of girls.

"Mph!" Tenten shook her head; and pulled the new girl into a chair sitting in the one beside her and removing her hand.

"What's your name?"

"Haruno Sakura…"

Tenten nodded with a sigh.

"Well Sakura you're pretty brave but you shouldn't talk back like that Neji-sama."

"Nee why not is he that bad?"

"Eh well…Sasuke, Itachi, Sasori, Gaara, and Neji are kind of the most fawned over and cruelest boys in the school and Neji himself…if you get him mad enough he can get pretty cruel; he made a girl so scared she begged the school to get her out of the class. The class she shared with him and all she did was ask the time."

Sakura frowned.

"That's horrible…" 'It sounds like my old school.'

Tenten nodded sighing again.

"So do your best to keep clear of all of them and when you do run into them be completely respectful…still I've got to give you credit girl; that was some real spunk you showed."

Sakura smiled slightly and nodded.

"It was nothing…"

Tenten gave a soft laugh when she saw the girls face go a slight red.

"Well anyway wish we could meet at some better time, but my names Tenten as you probably already know," she held out her hand in greeting.

Sakura took her hand and shook it.

"Yeah it's nice to meet you and thanks for the save back there…ah by the way where did the teacher go?"

"Oh Kakashi-sensei…eh well he tends to disappear."

Tenten gave a dramatic sigh which made Sakura giggle.

"This is an interesting school…"

"Yeah welcome to Konoha High I'll be your first friend."

"Thanks Tenten-Chan; I was afraid I'd get lost in this big school."

"No problem! I'll look out for you Sakura-Chan!"

"Ha, thanks a lot that makes me feel a lot better!"

The two girls talked for a bit; though Sakura didn't tell her anything about her old school; finally there teacher walked in and their class chorused out a "LIAR" with the exception of Sakura and Neji.

Class began as usual and she was introduced; smiles and a few nods and then they began taking notes and the pink haired girl rested her cheek on her hand murmuring over her day. New school, running into a pompous guy who wanted her to beg, being picked up by some unknown guy then finding out he's the worst guy and best guy possible to run into, and then gaining her first friend and being promised protection and help from Tenten.

Welcome to Konoha High indeed.

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