Under His Terms

By: Spring Goddess

Chapter 1:

"Hawaii is much more beautiful than Bali…" Athrun Zala commented,

Tall, fair complexion and well-built body, that is Athrun Zala one of the most eligible bachelors. Already on his late twenties but still a lot of women are craving for him, but he shows no interest to them.

"Sir a party will be held tonight and your presence is very much needed…" his butler reminded Athrun

" Yes… I will go. Just need to roam around"

The place is astounding the beach is so tempting and a lot of beautiful women with their signatured bikinis are meandering around the beach. Some of them looked at Athrun with seducing expressions, but Athrun as no time for girls.

"I think I should rather be in Paris than here in Hawaii…ok Stellar ring me back after your show ok… " A blond girl talked with her cellphone.

Twenty-four year old blond girl, her name is Cagalli Yula Athha, heiress of a multi-billion company. The girl she was talking to was Stellar Loussier her cousin, but many people mistaken them as sisters.

'This girl is hard to please' Athrun said to himself and then continue walking. He loves being here than in the city.

The night came and the party started a little late, Athrun was wearing a pair of trousers, a cotton shirt and slippers to finish his attire. The invitation card says it is a swimsuit party, so no need to be formal.

For Athrun the party is boring, but for many it is enjoying everyone was dancing and some of them are already drunk to be specific, Cagalli Yula Athha is already drunk and worst she is dancing with a man that at first glance you'll know he is a pervert.

The truth is Athrun is also drunk but still he can control himself. He already wants to go back to his en suite and rest but he can't its too early to leave. After two hours of torturing himself he stood up and went to his hotel to rest. And he left Cagalli dancing with the pervert guy

A lot of things happened in such a short period of time. Now a man was dragging Cagalli to her room and his motive was pretty obvious. Kissing her hungrily and yet passionately. They make out the whole night giving all the left energy they have.

The following morning Cagalli woke up as if nothing happened, actually she can't remember anything all she knows that she is drunk last night and now she needs to take a bath.

Covered with her negligee she went to her bathroom but when she heard something moaning or stretching (like the one you did when you wake up,) thinking if it was a monster or a ghost she turn her back and saw someone is in her bed covered with her blanket.

She pulled her blanket off and then she saw a man that is completely naked. The man was also stunned to see a girl in his room.

"AH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE AND…AND WHY ARE YOU NAKED?" Blushing like a tomato and almost killing the man with her scream, he answered her.

"Hey wait… don't tell me we make out last night," answered the man, it was a statement rather than a query, because it's pretty noticeable what happened last night,

To Be Continued


A/N: To make things clear Kira and Lacus are not in this fic and so are the others, I just want to focus on one pair (I'm not a good author so I can't have two pairs in one story)… sorry if maybe some of you are a little disappointed but please continue reading this fic. Thanks