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Emotion or Obligation

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Summary: Sakura, a temple maiden, the next high priestess was send to the main temple for an ordeal. She must not be tempted to do any intimacy towards a certain guy and be "pure". SasuSaku AU


Cherry blossoms petals swayed with the wind as a woman with red tresses walked in a temple and ambled towards a cherry blossom tree. The tree was located in the middle of the temple grounds and a temple was situated not far from the tree.

The tree was surrounded by ropes hanging on poles as it formed a square shape. It was by farthest, the largest tree in the vicinity.

The woman's crimson locks swayed by the gust of the wind as some petals got caught on her hair. The moon illuminated the figure as she embraced a bundle of cloth tight. As she pulled out from the clinch, the lunar orb made it possible to unveil what the bundle of cloth hid, seeing as the surrounding was relatively dim.

A baby.

A baby with pink tresses and was sleeping soundly. The lady glimpsed at the infant with a sad air, tears welling in her eyes. "My child… my newborn…" she muttered as a lone tear fell from her eye and onto the little one's cheek.

"You've come," a groggy voice came. The scarlet haired lady instantly turned to the source of the voice with wide eyes and lips apart, fear written all over her face. The voice came from the opened sliding door of the temple. The darkness of the hinterland helped to hide the person, but she didn't need to see the person's face for she knew who the person was.

"Ye…yes…." She replied hesitantly, not sure if she should've spoken at all. But bearing in mind that it would've seemed rude if she didn't, and being a person in her caliber, she knew better.

"It's good you've kept your side of the bargain." The voice spoke once more, stepping out from the darkness and revealed a woman in her mid ages clad in white robes, holding a staff with a ring at the end; ornaments dangling on it, at her side.

"But then again, you have no choice in the matter," she said.

"You were the one who's at fault for going with that man," her voice a bit remorseful. "Asuza".

The said girl bit her lower lip, holding still on the infant with gentleness.

"Is falling in love a sin?" she half yelled, holding the infant closer to her.

The woman looked at numbly, "If you must know, it isn't," she replied. Asuza had a look of surprise as she continued.

"But you are—no you were a temple maiden! You were supposed to be the next in line for the role of the High Priestess! But no, you went off with that man! You were supposed to take over me!" she yelled. Asuza flinched at the tone she used; anger, remorse and most of all, disappointment.

She looked down, feeling disenchanted with herself but as she saw the child's sleeping face, the negative feelings she bear seemed to have gone away, even if it was perhaps only temporarily. She then held a determined look and turned to the woman in white.

"Yes, I know that. And I'm terribly sorry for it… I… knew that your expectations were high and everything but… this is what I chose," Asuza spoke as she shifted the child in her arms, making the infant possible for the woman to see.

The woman had quite a surprise look not only from what she saw but the words Asuza said. It helped a little to calm her but her anger was dominant. And to forgive was not a choice for her.

"I have emotions and if ever I made mistakes, I can't do anything about it. I'm only human and like all other, I'm bound to make mistakes as well…" the red haired woman explained. "This baby is the result of our love; his and mine. My mistake as you would call it. A life. My own flesh and blood. Sakura. Haruno Sakura."

The High Priestess narrowed her eyes as it formed wrinkles. "I do think there is something you can do to 'correct' your mistakes," she smiled emphasizing on the word, 'correct'.Asuza looked at her incredulously.

"What do you mean?" she asked askance, not liking the smile the woman had on her dry lips.

"I demand that you leave the child here," she announced all of the sudden. Asuza's eyes widened, clearly shocked at what the woman had just said.

"You're… you're kidding, right?" Asuza was scared, frightened to hear the inevitable answer.

The woman's smile turned into a grim line, "Afraid not my dear."

Asuza was terrified as she took a step back, looking still at the woman in skepticism. She was about to open her mouth to protest but the woman beat her to it.

"There's no one else to replace me since you left. No one was pure enough. But with, Sakura is it? With the temple raising her, she would be the purest. I'll make sure," the woman explained.

"No… no, you can't do that! I won't let you!" Asuza disputed.

"You've lived here in this temple for most of you life." The woman's voice was stern. "You should be grateful we nurtured you, taught you, raised you, everything! Therefore it's appropriate that you leave Sakura here in return. In gratitude."

Asuza held Sakura closer to her. "I… can't. I won't!" she yelled as she began to run away.

"You won't get away!" Asuza heard her say. "I'll get Sakura from you even if it's by force," she muttered as she smirked.

Asuza headed towards the temple gates but her way was blocked by other temple maidens.

"Asuza, just follow what the High Priestess say," one said.

"Yes… please! We don't want to hurt you! You're like a sister to us!" another voiced out.

"If that's true, then let me pass!" Asuza said.

"We… can't. We're sorry, but we can't. You know the consequences, Asuza. We're really sorry! We don't want to do this to you."

Asuza looked at them and smiled.

"I understand." The maidens were quite surprised with what she said and felt guiltier.

"However, I will not surrender my child," she continued as she ran past them, unfortunately more came and she was caught.

The High Priestess came not long after. Asuza was held back, but she had no intention of letting Sakura go as she struggled but she was outnumbered.

"You have no choice in the matter, Asuza. Sakura is ours." The High Priestess said as she called out a raven haired woman.

"She's you're closest friend, is she not?" the woman said. "It would be best if she's the one who'll take Sakura away from you," the raven haired woman's eyes widened in fright.

"It would give you a sense of security, knowing Sakura's in good hands." The raven haired woman's tears fell. Asuza had a look of shock as she shifted her glance towards the raven haired woman who was crying.

"You're horrible!" Asuza commented loudly, directing it to the High Priestess. The said person ignored her remark as she commanded to restrain Asuza.

"Now, take Sakura away from this traitor," she said to the raven haired lady. She looked at her friend, crying.

"Now." The High Priestess said, using a tone of superiority. She took a step towards Asuza.

"No…" Asuza muttered. "Please no!" she pleaded.

The raven haired woman neared her as her tears continued to fall. She stopped right in front of her as she kneeled down.

She looked at Asuza and hugged her.

"I'm sorry… so sorry…" she whispered, making sure only Asuza heard it. She then took the child from Asuza as the others continued to restrain Asuza.

"NO! PLEASE! GIVE SAKURA BACK! SAKURA! GIVE HER BACK!" Asuza grew frantic as she yelled, tears falling nonstop. The raven haired woman was told to leave the vicinity. And leave she did, mouthing an 'I'm sorry' to Asuza before she did so.

Asuza understood her. She knew they were being controlled but she couldn't help but be hurt. She felt like she was being killed slowly. She began to struggle intensely but soon halted as she saw a man being dragged by some other men, priests or monks, she could care less what status they were in, her attention was on the dragged man.

He was bruised and was definitely beaten up.

"You… what have you… oh my god, how could you…" she muttered. "You… beasts!" she yelled.

"First you take my child away and now this! How could you! Why involve my husband! He did nothing to you!" Asuza screeched with hateful eyes.

"On the contraire my dear," the High Priestess said calmly. "How can you forget he's at fault too. For taking you away from your obligations."

"You beasts! Animals!" she cursed. She couldn't help it, she wasn't one to curse or say anything offending but they were pushing her to the limits.

"Say whatever you want, I don't care," the High Priestess retorted. Asuza rolled her eyes.

"You insist on a pure soul for the High priestess…" she trailed, earning the attention of the woman.

"You used to tell me that a High Priestess must contain a pure soul."

"What are you implying?"

"Oh nothing. I was just wondering how you were able to become one." Asuza smirked, her tears still falling. "You're not pure. Not at all. You're soul is pitch black, not even a single drop of puri—"


Asuza held her cheek with wide eyes as she turned to the High Priestess but she still smirked arrogantly. "Hit you hard, haven't I?"

The High Priestess seethed in anger as she suppressed the urge to do any violent reaction further. She tilted her head as Asuza's brows knitted. In a second her husband was tossed to her as she yelped, holding him close and protectively, glaring at the High Priestess.

She only smirked and said, "Since you were once my apprentice, I'll let you go. Yes I will. I'll even give you a cup of tea. A tea made from oblivion herbs." She smiled. Asuza's eyes widened as she continued to sob. She held her husband tighter, crying. It was the only thing she could do as her hope was crushed.

She looked at her once master.

"How could you, Sayuko…" And she felt herself losing her consciousness.

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neon kun