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Anyway, heres the description:

Description: Danny is reading fan mail on his Phantom account as Sam comes into the room and she mutters "no guy would like ME enough to write a romantic email to me, your pretty lucky Danny, who are ya gonna choose?" Danny discovers his feelings and decides to be the one to write Sam that romantic email, except he decides NOT to sign his name. What happens when he does? How will Sam feel about this and most importantly, will she return his love?

Disclaimer: I must remember that I do not own Danny Phantom, how could I ever forget? Maybe I was wanting to live a dream life…

Someone Cares.

Danny sighed as he opened up his laptop. He was sitting on the floor of his bedroom and waiting for Sam to stop by. He decided to check his emails so he signed in on his account where he was Danny Phantom, not Danny Fenton. He had 27 new messages, all from that day.

He checked his email every day because the emails kept piling up. It all started when people found out Danny Phantom had an email address, and what it was. Danny believed it was Tucker who told the community, he wanted Danny to 'score some hot chicks and bring them and their friends to meet me.'

He began reading the first email.

From: Sasha.Matt

To: Do.ghosts.breath?

Subject: oh, my, GOSH!

Oh my gosh I can't believe I am sending an email to the one and only DANNY PHANTOM! Anyway, this is Sasha, you can call me Sash. Will you please come online sometime soon; I really want to talk to you. You are soo gorgeous, I love how you work on your own and protect this town, and you're my hero!

Will you be my boyfriend? I really like you; I am your BIGGEST fan! I really want to meet you, please reply to this email, that's if you want to or if you're not busy fighting those evil ghosts. I love you soo much!

Love from Sash XOXOX.

"Wow, no guy would ever write ME an email like that, telling me that they loved me… you're pretty lucky Danny. So, who are ya gonna choose?" Sam asked as she sat down on his pale blue bed.

"Oh, Sam, I didn't notice that you entered. What do you mean? They are all outta their minds, I don't know what they see in ME! So, what did you want to tell me that was too important to say over the phone?" Danny asked as he left his computer and sat next to Sam.

"I didn't want to tell you something, I wanted to borrow something." Sam corrected him.

"Well, what do you want?" asked Danny.

"Can I borrow a thermos? I have a feeling that a ghost is following me." Sam asked him.

Danny realised that that ghost was him!

"Uh, sure you can, uh, borrow a thermos… there are two under my bed, just grab one." Danny told her as he pointed to the gap below his bed.

"thanks." Sam thanked him as she reached down to grab the thermos.

When she had the thermos in her hands she got up and walked towards the door with Danny following.

"Have fun, I should be online soon." Sam said as she walked out of Danny's bedroom.

"You too, I will see you later, Sam." Danny said as he waved her goodbye.

He watched her figure walking down the footpath and sighed. He was never going to be confident enough to admit that he was in love with her. He remembered what she said. I've got it! I will send her an anonymous email telling her that I love her and I HAVE to make sure I don't sign my name. At least it is kinda off my chest and she's knows that SOMEONE likes her. Now, I just need to make up a new email address.

Danny walked back upstairs and into his room. He sat down and started to type things on his computer. He made sure that his details were almost all fake.

Given Name: Anonymous

Surname: Person

Country: America

Gender: Male

Town: Amity Park

DOB: 17-3-90

Desired Email Address: Sam.Manson.Is.My.God.


Confirm Password:

Danny pressed enter and a message came up telling him that it was successful. He went to new message and put in Sam's email address. He knew exactly what to type.

To: Darkness.Is.Life.And.Life.Is.Death.

From: Sam.Manson.Is.My.God.

Subject: Samantha, this is important.

Dear Samantha,

You may not know who this is but all I can tell you is that it is someone you know. I have to tell someone something that I have been keeping secret ever since I found out. Well, Sam, the secret is, I love you. I always used to deny it but I have realised that it is true, I do love you. I try to tell you but, it is too hard, I can't say it. So don't even think that no one loves you, I do, even if you don't know who I am. One day I hope to get the courage to tell you the truth, but now I have to go.

Love Danny XOXOX.

Danny clicked the send button and opened the door to see his older sister standing there, waiting for him to answer her knock.

"What do you want Jazz?" Danny asked her as he leaned on his door frame.

"I was just seeing if you were here." Jazz told him.

She walked back into her room and Danny shut the door. His stomach started to make noises and Danny walked into his bathroom, shutting the door behind him. After a minute, a flush was heard and the tap was running. Danny washed his hands and walked out.

He walked over to his computer where the message he sent was up and on top it said Message sent, it should arrive in his/her email inbox in a few moments. Danny looked at the bottom of the page. He re-read the email he sent and liked the sound of it, until he got down the bottom. He read those last two words and cursed.

He was so stupid, it was meant to be anonymous and he signed his name at the bottom! He continuously hit his head against his wall and heard the door downstairs open. He heard his dad booming up the stairs. Danny noticed that he stopped outside of his room.

"DANNY! I WANT TO SHOW YOU A NEW INVENTION!" Jack called out to Danny.

Danny really didn't want to see the invention so he thought quickly. He transformed into his alter ego, Danny Phantom, grabbed his laptop and flew out of the house. Jack opened the door and looked around the empty room.

"I could've sworn I heard someone in here." Jack muttered to himself as he walked back downstairs.

Sam was sitting on her bed, humming a tune. It wasn't a nice tune, it was a dark tune. Sam was looking at her laptop, half wishing that it would start talking and the other half hoping that it would just disappear. It was just sitting there, it was so boring.


Sam's eyes widened as a little box appeared. 1 new email message. She clicked the box and it opened up another window. She sighed as she waited for it to load. She started to read it, eyes widening as she went down. She decided to read it aloud.

"Dear Samantha, You may not know who this is but all I can tell you is that it is someone you know. I have to tell someone something that I have been keeping secret ever since I found out. Well, Sam, the secret is, I love you. I always used to deny it but I have realised that it is true, I do love you. I try to tell you but, it is too hard, I can't say it. So don't even think that no one loves you, I do, even if you don't know who I am. One day I hope to get the courage to tell you the truth, but now I have to go. Love Danny.WHAT?" Sam shrieked.

Danny flew up into a high tree where he was out of sight. He opened up his laptop and signed into his account. Suddenly a window popped up.

Spanish.Goddess: Hey! That's Inviso-Bill, right?

Danny decided to talk to Paulina, maybe she could help. He doubted it though, if he told someone, then he might feel better. Anyway, it would make her jealous.

Can.ghosts.breath: no, it's Danny Phantom, not Inviso-Bill, I hate that name.

Spanish.Goddess: oh, sorry! I can't believe I am talking to you! Why do you have a computer anyway? Aren't you meant to be a ghost?

Can.ghosts.breath: yeah, I'm a ghost… I like to chat to people in my spare time, I have a life, and it's just a little different to average teenagers.

Spanish.Goddess: really? Is it hard defending the town?

Can.ghosts.breath: no, not really, I get used to it.

Spanish.Goddess is inviting you, Can.ghosts.breath? To have a Cam Convo. Do you accept or decline?

Danny thought for a second and remembered that he was in his ghost mode. He had to make sure that he was in ghost mode so he looked at his arm, black and white. He smiled to himself and clicked accept.

Spanish.Goddess: I thought you weren't there for a second, cool!

Can.ghosts.breath: nah, I was here, I was just thinking bout an email I accidentally sent…

Spanish.Goddess: oh man, its STILL loading… who did you send the email to?

Can.ghosts.breath: that's none of your business at this moment, I want to keep my life away from the public.

Spanish.Goddess: why? Everyone really wants to learn about you!

Can.ghosts.breath: but that's the thing, I don't WANT everyone to learn about me, what I am or who I am! Vlad will kill me because if I tell people, then they will find out about him.

Spanish.Goddess: what ARE you on about? I'm worried, this seems bad… how could he kill you? You're already dead.

Can.ghosts.breath: I'M NOT DEAD!

Can.ghosts.breath: oh, my, NOO! I didn't mean to say that…

Spanish.Goddess: what do you mean by your not dead?

Suddenly the computer froze and a message came up saying that the webcam was on and Paulina could see him.

Can.ghosts.breath: I mean what I said.

Spanish.Goddess: but how could that be? Where ARE you?

Can.ghosts.breath: I'm in a tree, hiding. Anyway, I can't say anything more or… wow, that guy's amazing.

Spanish.Goddess: who are you hiding from? Phantom? Where did you go?

Suddenly the laptop falls but gets caught in mid air. Paulina continues to look and wonder. On the screen she can see a ghost that is holding Danny Phantom by the throat. Danny Phantom has a very annoyed look on his face as the other chucks him around. A conversation can be heard. Paulina JUST hears it.

"Vlad, I didn't say anything so get off my case!" Danny yelled at the other ghost.

"Well, Daniel, don't you think you are going a bit far here? In two seconds that dumb girl could know your identity." The other ghost known as Vlad said to him.

"Nah, if you do anything, I can do something to YOU! Hurry up and go, I'm busy, I have a problem because I accidentally signed my name on an email…" Danny told Vlad.

"Did you send your dark girlfriend a love letter? How sweet! Oh, that look again, I'm off." Vlad said as he disappeared in a wisp of smoke.

Danny ran back to the laptop and flew off into the sky. Paulina watched him fly onto a roof.

Can.ghosts.breath: sorry bout that, Vlad is soo annoying.

Spanish.Goddess: what IS he? What did he mean by me being dumb and a dark girlfriend?
Can.ghosts.breath: listen Paulina, I really have to go sort something out, sometimes Vlad takes things too far, he is a halfa and he meant dark girlfriend as in a girl I like who wears a lot of black, bye.

Spanish.Goddess: WHO? What's a halfa?

Can.ghosts.breath? Has signed out.

Sam was pacing around her room. Was that really Danny? If it was, did he mean what he wrote? This is hard… it must've been an accident, maybe it was a joke. Sam had very big feelings for Danny and had always hoped that he returned them. But, what if it was just a joke.

Suddenly the room got colder and Sam looked at her open window. It didn't look windy in there but she was cold. Maybe I'm just feeling things that aren't here. Suddenly a figure appeared in front of her.

"BEWARE!" yelled the ghost.

The next thing that happened was quite surprising. The box ghost bent down on one knee and got out a box.

"Samantha Manson, will you marry me?" asked the box ghost.

"Is this play jokes on Sam week or something?" Sam asked no one in particular.

Suddenly the room got colder and she saw the box ghost get sucked up by something. The Fenton thermos. Sam turned around to see Danny floating in the air, shaking up the thermos. She didn't know how to act around him anymore. He looked pretty nervous but flew up to Sam anyway.

"Listen, Sam, I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable, I just needed to tell someone who I trusted. But it is true, I love you, even if you don't love me." Danny told her, bravely.

Sam lost all her worried feelings and threw her arms around Danny. She felt her lips touch Danny's and they shared their first real kiss. It lasted for a while, Danny joined in.

"Danny, I love you too." Sam told him.

He smiled and he picked her up.

"Where are we going?" asked Sam.

"You'll see." Danny replied.

Sam looked over the town. She saw that the sun was about to set. She saw some trees and then saw a hill. It had no trees on it and it looked very green. They landed on the hill and watched the sunset.

"Oh Danny, it's beautiful." Sam sighed.

"Just like you." He chuckled.

Sam giggled and Danny put his arm around Sam. It was truly the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. They stood up and Danny kissed Sam before they left. They didn't notice a flash of light as they were about to fly away.

The next morning Danny and Sam both looked at the newspaper and were totally shocked; on the cover was Danny Phantom and Sam kissing. Danny went online and saw that Sam wasn't online but someone else was.

Spanish.Goddess: hey, so is she the girl Vlad was talking about?

Can.ghosts.breath: yeah, I guess…who the hell took that photo anyway? What a nerve? I could break him with one hand, but I wouldn't.

Spanish.Goddess: who cares? I call her freak and a loser at school but deep inside I know she is a good girl, she will make you very happy.

Can.ghosts.breath: I know, thank you Paulina, I'm going offline now, and have fun, bye!

Spanish.Goddess: bye, you have fun with Sam too :)

Can.ghosts.breath? Is now offline.

Danny was shocked at what Paulina said. Maybe everyone has a heart? Nah, she was probably trying not to show how upset she really was. Danny collapsed on his bed and was thinking about how Sam reacted to the newspaper article. He didn't care that everyone knew he love Sam Manson, he didn't care that people called him a loser, he knew Sam would always be there for him…

The End.

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