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Can She Keep A Secret?

Sam was lying down on her bed, hoping her parents wouldn't read the newspaper. Suddenly, a knock was heard on her bedroom door. She sighed and sat up on her bed.

"Come in." she called out to the person at her door.

Her mother walked into Sam's dark bedroom and Sam noticed the folded up paper in her hands. Sam's mom didn't look too happy as she held up the paper to show Sam the picture. Sam didn't know what to tell her mother.

"What were you THINKING?" Sam's mother asked her.

"I don't know… I wasn't thinking." Sam lied to her.

The truth was that she was thinking, she was thinking about Danny and how good he is at kissing. That kiss that was printed on the front of every newspaper in town was the best kiss Sam had ever experienced.

"Well, please don't get involved with this ghost, he is trouble and we don't want him to hurt you." Sam's mother told her.

"Mom, I can take care of myself, I won't get hurt. I'm going to Danny's house to tell Jazz something." Sam said as she left the room.

Sam's mother sighed and walked out behind her daughter. She turned right and headed for her own bedroom. Sam ran out the front door and slammed it shut. She ran behind houses to avoid the people who were hanging around the streets, looking for Danny or her.

Danny's ghost sense went off and he peered out his bedroom window. A crowd was in a huge circle, looking in at something. That something was a ghost and not any ghost, it was Walker. Danny sighed and moved away from the window to make sure that he was out of sight. He transformed in his bathroom and flew invisibly down behind Walker and listened to what he was saying.

"Just wait people of Amity Park, he shall be here soon." Walker said.

"Mind if I crash your party?" asked Danny as he appeared next to Walker.

"Well well, if it isn't that ghost child who escaped my prison, where YOU belong, IN THE GHOST ZONE!" walker yelled at Danny.

"Sorry to burst your bubble but, I don't belong anywhere. I will go where I want, when I want. What do you want anyway?" Danny asked.

"Well, I want to ruin your life again, it is SOO much fun!" walker told him.

Danny rolled his eyes and sucked walker into his thermos. He turned to fly off when he heard his name being called out. He turned around to see a few news reporters shoving microphones in his ghostly face.

"Danny Phantom! Danny Phantom! Is it true love?" one reporter shouted.

"Danny Phantom! Smile for the camera!" another shouted.

Danny sighed and turned invisible. He was glad that he was a ghost; he could get away from people who really annoyed him. Danny needed some quiet and decided to go to his hiding spot where no one had ever found him. He flew invisibly into his house, grabbed his laptop and flew into a tree.

Sam saw a crowd gathering around something. She guessed it was Danny and looked in to see that they were staring at nothing. Maybe it WAS Danny. Sam sighed and turned to walk away.

"MS. MANSON!" cried out a million reporters.

Sam turned around to see that everyone had noticed her and tried to make a run for it but was swallowed up by the crowd.

"Sometimes I wish I could go invisible like Danny." Sam said to herself.

"Who? Danny Phantom? Smile for the camera sweetie! Is it true love?" a female reporter asked.

"Yeah, I'm talking bout Danny Phantom." Sam rolled her eyes and ran from the crowd.

She didn't know where she was going but she knew that she had to get out of there. The first place she headed was Tucker's. She banged on his door and looked behind her to see no news vans or people. Tucker opened the door and Sam ran in and slammed the door behind her.

"Sam?" Tucker asked, confused.

"News… vans… need… to… live…" Sam panted.

Tucker grinned and remembered the picture on the front of the paper.

"You and Danny got together, didn't you?" Tucker asked.

Sam sighed.

"Yes Tucker, we got together, happy?" Sam asked.

"yes." Tucker laughed.

Danny opened his laptop and signed on using his normal account. He saw that Paulina was online. He decided to talk to her, so he went to click on her name but was too slow; Paulina had beaten him to it.

Spanish.Goddess: hey! Nice photo! What's up? You still didn't answer my question…

Can.Ghosts.Breath: really? It is soo annoying how people keep asking me questions, I hope they don't find me. I'm hiding from people in case you didn't know, what question?

Spanish.Goddess: well, I asked you what a halfa is and you signed off.

Can.Ghosts.Breath: oh, THAT question… well, I guess I could tell you, just try not to tell anyone else. Well, a halfa is a half ghost and half human creature and there are only two in the world, Vlad and I.

Spanish.Goddess: wow, can I know who you are?

Can.Ghosts.Breath: NO!

Spanish.Goddess: I guess you do deserve a little bit of privacy. Man, Fenton is going to be mad at you.

Can.Ghosts.Breath: … why?
Spanish.Goddess: because he likes Sam.

Can.Ghosts.Breath:O! N… he has to… get over it… listen Paulina, I have to go now.

Spanish.Goddess: alright then, have fun, bye!

Can.Ghosts.Breath: you too, bye!

Can.Ghosts.Breath is now offline.

Danny sighed.

"That was close." Danny said to himself.

He flew back to his house and changed back into Danny Fenton in his bathroom. It was best if he lay low for the next few days, unless he really had to go ghost. But it would be bad because he could only kiss Sam or hug her in ghost mode. What have I gotten myself into?

Danny saw Sam and Tucker, standing outside the school, looking his way.

"Hey Danny!" Tucker greeted him.

"hey." Sam said.

"Hey guys." Danny greeted them with a fake smile.

"Are you annoyed too?" Sam asked.

"I mean SERIOUSLY! They wont stop following me!" Danny told his friends as they walked into the school.

"Tell me about it. Just because I kiss a ghost… wait… that means I can't be your girlfriend when you are human!" Sam finally figured out.

"That's what I'm complaining about." Danny complained.

Dash, Paulina, Star and Kwan walked up to Danny, Sam and Tucker.

"Hey Fentoad, you upset?" dash asked.

"No, why would I be?" Danny asked.

"Because your girlfriend kissed a ghost." dash laughed.

"First of all, she isn't my girlfriend and second, she can do whatever she wants." Danny said as he walked off.

"Oooo!" Paulina called after him.

Danny caught up with Sam and Tucker who were getting things out of their lockers.

"I get it enough when I'm fighting ghosts but now, at school too?" Danny asked no one in particular.

"Well, at least they don't follow you around ALL day." Sam said.

"Yeah, aren't your parents mad?" Danny asked Sam as they walked to their homeroom class.

"Nah, they are glad I finally got a boyfriend." Sam told them.

They walked into the classroom and Mr. Lancer came into the classroom as the bell went.

"Settle down!" Mr. Lancer told them.

The kids that had gotten to class in time became silent and the rest of the kids walked into the classroom.

"Now, I know I am not your teacher for this period but today is different…" Mr. Lancer started to say.

Danny looked out the window and saw his breath exit his mouth. He blinked and looked at the sight in front of him. Skulker was outside the window and was waving his arms around, obviously trying to get Danny's attention. When Danny didn't respond Skulker hit his head and disappeared.

"MR. FENTON! What ARE you looking at?" Mr. Lancer asked him.

"There was a ghost outside, waving his arms around." Danny told Mr. Lancer the truth.

Suddenly Skulker appeared in front of Danny and everyone looked at Danny who had been telling the truth.

"I tried to get your attention whelp but you didn't get up and walk over to me so I HAD to come to you." Skulker complained.

"I didn't want to go near YOU!" Danny told him.

"So, are they annoying you yet? You can't do anything without them watching your only move." Skulker taunted him.

"Well, at least I'm not a failure like you." Danny said to Skulker.

"Well, since you aren't going to do anything, I'm going to put your pelt on my wall FINALLY!" Skulker shouted loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Sam, get your boyfriend!" Paulina yelled at her.

"No!" Sam was being stubborn.

Skulker smiled; his plan was going well. Danny wouldn't do anything in front of his peers so Skulker would kill him right then and there. Skulker looked at Danny who was yawning.

"Why are you yawning?" Skulker asked him, everyone could hear their conversation and listened.

"Because you are boring me." Danny told him.

"I am much stronger than you are and I can crush you… well, I can right now but if you fight back then… I don't want to go there." Skulker said.

"You are smaller than me, I can crush YOU!" Danny said to him.

"But I have my suit." Skulker told him.

"Not anymore." Danny smirked.

He kicked skulkers stomach and the suit fell apart.

"Pretty cheap too." Danny said.

He reached into the head and pulled out a small blob.

"Hmm, I COULD torture you but… I don't want to." Danny said to Skulker.

Everyone was shocked that Danny knew all this and wasn't even scared. Danny held Skulker with one hand and searched through his bag with the other. He pulled out a Thermos and sucked Skulker inside. He put the cap on and put the Thermos away.

"Hey, that's the same Thermos Danny Phantom has!" someone from the back squealed.

"He stole it off my parents; they make me take this to school." Danny sighed.

The bell rang, signalling it was time for their next class.

It was lunch time and Sam, Tucker and Danny were eating their lunch. Sam, being ultra-recyclo vegetarian ate a salad while Tucker and Danny ate a burger and chips. A blue mist escaped Danny's mouth and he swallowed his burger.

Danny looked around outside and rolled his eyes when he saw Technus, looking at an electronics store that was near the school.

"Guys, I have to go, Technus." Danny told them.

"Don't you dare pay me a visit or I will kill you." Sam warned.

"Don't worry, I have to be quick anyway, the crowd may gather." Danny told her before he rushed off.

Danny ran outside and into a close alley. A blue ring appeared around his waist and split in two. The top one travelled up while the bottom travelled down, turning him into Danny Phantom. Danny flew off to fight Technus, unaware of the two eyes that were watching him.

Danny kicked Technus from the back and knocked him into the cafeteria doors. He went inside the cafeteria and Danny sighed, now he was going to have to go inside. Danny didn't waste any time and followed Technus into the cafeteria.

He noticed that Technus was sitting with Sam and Tucker, pretending to be human and hoping that Danny wouldn't notice that he was actually a ghost. Danny wasn't THAT stupid.

He flew up to Technus and sent an energy beam at Technus, knocking him into the wall. Everyone watched the fight and noticed that Danny Phantom and Sam didn't say a word, she didn't even care that he was there.

Danny sucked Technus into his Thermos and disappeared without kissing Sam or even saying goodbye. Everyone found it pretty weird, they were meant to be boyfriend and girlfriend, weren't they?

Danny walked into the house and went straight into his room. He opened up his laptop and signed in. he noticed that he had 106 emails, partly because he hadn't checked them that day. Someone started to talk to him. Danny noticed that it was a three-way chat.

Spanish.Goddess: now, I have noticed that you two were online so I need to tell you something.

Darkness.Is.Life.And.Life.Is.Death: umm, why are you talking to me and why should I listen to you?

Spanish.Goddess: because I have something to tell you that is about your boyfriend that you know and you don't know I know.

Can.Ghosts.Breath: what?

Darkness.Is.Life.And.Life.Is.Death: what?

Spanish.Goddess: I thought you weren't here!

Can.Ghosts.Breath: I'm here, I just don't feel like talking.

Darkness.Is.Life.And.Life.Is.Death: of COURSE you don't.

Spanish.Goddess: are you two having a fight or something? You didn't talk to each other one time at lunch.

Can.Ghosts.Breath: are we… having a fight? Ha ha!

Darkness.Is.Life.And.Life.Is.Death: she thinks we are having a fight!

Spanish.Goddess: anyway, I have to tell you something.

Can.Ghosts.Breath: oh, damn it! Listen, it's the Box Ghost, I will be back in a minute.

Darkness.Is.Life.And.Life.Is.Death: you don't even need a minute, you never do.

Spanish.Goddess: who is the Box Ghost?

Darkness.Is.Life.And.Life.Is.Death: pathetic ghost who is obsessed with boxes… oh, he also proposed to me…now whenever we see each other it is really awkward. Also, he is angrier at Danny now, HA! But he couldn't harm Danny.

Spanish.Goddess: did you know your boyfriend is a halfa?

Darkness.Is.Life.And.Life.Is.Death: … you KNOW?

Spanish.Goddess: settle, he told me.

Can.Ghosts.Breath: sorry I took so long, I decided to get something to eat.

Spanish.Goddess: anyway, as I was telling you, I have something to tell you.

Can.Ghosts.Breath: well, what is it?

Darkness.Is.Life.And.Life.Is.Death: yeah, what is it?

Spanish.Goddess: I know that you are Danny Fenton.

Can.Ghosts.Breath: …………………………………

Darkness.Is.Life.And.Life.Is.Death: WHAT? HOW?

Spanish.Goddess: well, you are always disappearing and I always guessed you two would end up together and I saw him, I was following him to see if my theory was right.

Can.Ghosts.Breath: where?

Spanish.Goddess: in an alley at lunch.

Darkness.Is.Life.And.Life.Is.Death: you HAVE to promise not to tell ANYONE!

Spanish.Goddess: don't worry, I haven't told anyone that Danny is a halfa, I won't tell anyone.

Darkness.Is.Life.And.Life.Is.Death: you better not tell anyone, Danny could squash you.

Spanish.Goddess: I won't. So THAT'S why that ghost came and started talking to you and then you just yawned and told him that he was boring you and then you destroyed his suit, grabbed him and sucked him into the exact same Thermos Danny Phantom has, because YOU are Danny Phantom!

Can.Ghosts.Breath: damn, dinner, already! Listen, don't tell anyone, only Sam, Tucker, Jazz and you know, bye…

Can.Ghosts.Breath? Is now offline.

Darkness.Is.Life.And.Life.Is.Death has left the conversation.

Danny went downstairs and began to eat his dinner.

Danny, Sam and Tucker had discussed the conversation that took place last night and Tucker wasn't sure that Paulina could keep a secret either. When they past Paulina she winked at Danny and Sam and walked up to them.

"So, are you still whining about your girlfriend and Phantom?" Paulina asked.

"Umm, she's not my girlfriend and I was never whining." Danny played along.

"Why don't you just admit you have feelings for her?" Paulina asked.

"Because I DON'T have feelings for her; she is my best friend, no more." Danny told her.

She winked and started to laugh and walked off. Danny put some things in his locker and saw a note in it. He pulled it out and unfolded it, reading what it said in his head. Sam also read the note.

Dear Danny,

I promise I won't tell, settle down…


Danny looked up and smiled, Paulina wasn't all bad…

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