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Hold me close

Chapter 1

"Oh my god! Are you sure?"

Lorelai sat at her gynecologist and looked at her totally shocked.

One hand rested on her belly and the other hand played nervously with the ring she wore.

"Yes, Mrs. Danes. There is no doubt. You are pregnant in the 4th month and so you can say it with 99 percent probability." The gynecologist answered with a big grin on her face.

"Oh my god!" Lorelai repeated and fixed a thing on the wall behind her gynecologist. "

You aren't very happy about it?"

"Yes, of course I am." Lorelai answered quickly. "But it comes so unexpected. I... I should go."

Lorelai put on her jacket and said goodbye to her gynecologist.

"Okay, Mrs. Danes, we'll see us then in 4 weeks."

And with these words Lorelai left the practice.

Oh... how can I tell Luke? He will be shocked. I mean... well... after that he will be happy but first he will be shocked. We are just 2 month married. How should we manage this?

Lorelais thoughts circled around the words of her gynecologist and about how she could tell it Luke and how he would react.

She didn't notice that she was getting slower until a honk pulled her out of her thoughts. When she looked outside the window the first time consciously she noticed that she was almost in Stars Hollow.

She rather wanted to go to Luke instantly after the medical examination with the newest ultrasound picture but now she couldn't do this.

She didn't know how to say it to him. Not yet. Instead of that she drove home, parked her car in front of the house and went to the little lake, where she sat down on the bridge.

Why is it so hard for me to tell him about that? It is a wonderful thing. When I had told him, that I'm pregnant, he was happy too. But what if it is too much for him? Luke doesnt really like kids. What should I do?

Lorelai sat nearly one hour on the bridge until her cell phone rang.

Without paying attention, who was calling her, she picked up the phone.


"Lorelai? Where are you? You wanted to come to me after the examination!" Luke asked worried.

Um...what should I say now?

"I... um... I was at home an then... um... I fell asleep on the couch."

Uh, stupid! What a stupid excuse.

"But a few minutes earlier I called you at home and no one picked up the phone."

Damn it! Caught!

"Because... um... I left the house 5 minutes ago. I... um... I'll be right there."

"Okay. Bye, and I love you."

"Bye. Love you too!"

She hung up the phone and got up.

Okay... I can't hide it any longer. He's my husband and I must tell him that. Certainly he will be glad like when I had told him, that I'm pregnant... I hope so!

The short way to the Diner she thought about how she could tell him the news and decided that she wanted to make it spontaneous. That was the easiest way for her.

At the Diner she saw through the window. It wasn't crowded. Only Kirk sat on a table and read a newspaper.

Luke was wiping the counter.

Lorelai grabbed the handle, took a deep breath and opened the door.

As Luke heard the doorbell he looked up.

"Hey there you are. I was worried."

"Hey Lukie-sweetie!!!" She went to the counter, kissed him and sat down.

"You won't get coffee!"

"Why do you think, I want coffee?!

"Because you always want coffee and since your pregnancy you don't get any coffee!"

"Ewwww, you are so cruel!" She smiled at him and Luke rolled his eyes.

One moment they looked at each other and one could see the love sparkling in their eyes. Then Lorelai broke the silence.

"Luke, can we talk?"

Okay, Lorelai... take a deep breath... in... and out... in... and out...

"Sure!" He answered.

"Not here... can we go upstairs?"

Luke looked confused at Lorelai but nodded. Then they went upstairs.

His old apartment looked like it ever did but with once difference: all cupboards were empty. Since their engagement they lived together at the Twickham House.

Lorelai sat down nervously on Luke's old couch.

"What's wrong, Lore? Is there any problem with the baby?"

"No... um... Yes...um... well, we won't have a baby."

Oh Lorelai... what the hell are you saying?

Now Luke was totally confused.

"We won't have a baby? Don't tell me, that we'll have puppies?!"

Lorelai had to laugh.

"Since when do you have such a humor?" She asked.

"Don't change the subject!"

"Okay... well… um...No we won't have puppies but we also won't have a baby. We'll have babies!"

Luke's eyes widened.

"You mean we'll have twins?"



"Luke, we'll have triplets!"