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Chapter 20

White rooms. There is nothing comfortable on them and they seem bare and boring. But when you know that there is something much worse than white, bare walls then you can even enjoy these white walls.

Lorelai made exactly this experience during the last 48 hours. The uncertainty about not knowing what would happen together with fear and desperation…

But all this was over now. She was lying in her white hospital room and luckily she wasn't alone either. Her wonderful husband was lying beside her whose presence calmed her immediately. Her head was on his chest and he had one arm around her protectively to hold her as tight as possible. He never ever wanted to feel this horrible feeling of loosing her or being without her again.

Together they looked to the side. There beside their bed, sleeping peacefully was the greatest fortune the couple had. After all these stresses and strains of the last few days there was nothing more relieving for Luke and Lorelai than just having their healthy babies in their arms. Nothing was more relaxing than to listen to the slow breathing of their kids.

They were lying there like that for a few hours now, since Lorelai and the babies came back from their examination and they probably would still lay there in a few hours if it wouldn't have knocked on the door. Without waiting for an answer from inside the door flew open and Lorelai suddenly had a thin, crying bundle with brown hair in her arms.

Luke was the first one to act again and wanted to stand up but Lorelai kept him down. At the next moment the arms of the bundle also looped around Luke. Lorelai stroke soothingly over the hair.

"Mom, you're alive. You're healthy. I was so worried!" Rory said while the tears still ran down her cheeks. She had dark circle under her eyes and didn't look like she had slept that much the last few days. Lorelai who had seen that just hugged her daughter even tighter and whispered: "Everything is ok. I'm ok. The babies are ok. Calm down honey."

Rorys head suddenly shot up and she looked at her mom totally freaked.

"The babies! Mom, you're not that fat anymore. What happened with my little siblings?" she asked and sounded really panicked.

It seemed that she didn't hear that Lorelai said that the babies were ok.

Rory was now sitting at the end of the bed and starred at her mom, so Luke took the opportunity, stroke with his hand through his hair and went behind the little beds. Rory watched every move of him and when he came to a halt behind the beds she finally saw the babies. Carefully Luke took Leyla out of her bed and handed her over to Lorelai. He himself took Linnea in his arms and sat down beside Lorelai again. He let Leo sleep because it was hard to get him to sleep. Rory looked at the little human beings in her parent's arms with her eyes wide open. After Lorelai looked at her baby for a moment and then turned Leyla so that Rory could see her face.

"This is the eldest of your siblings. Leyla. Say hello to you big sister my baby" the last sentence Lorelai said to Leyla and looked at her with a lovingly look. When Lorelai was done talking Leyla turned to Rory and held her small hand out to her. Everyone had to laugh. Rory was totally overwhelmed and a smile spread over her whole face.

"Oh mom, she is so cute and she looks so much like you. She'll definitely have your hair later." Rory said. Lorelai was relieved that Rory was so exited about her new siblings. She was always scared that Rory may be jealous.

"I know, honey but look at her face. It's totally Luke's." Luke just started to smile at what Lorelai said.

"The little one in Lukes arms is your youngest sister, Linnea." Rory look from Linnea to Luke and back to Linnea again. Her smile grew bigger.

"Luke, she looks exactly like you." Lukes smile grew wider too and you would think that it must hurt so wide was it but then he started to blush and looked down. Lorelai and Rory started giggling. With her free hand Lorelai stroke through Luke's hair.

"No reason to blush, honey. She has to have something from you because from e she'll definitely get the coffee addiction."

"God help me" was all he said and rolled his eyes. Lorelai looked at him lovingly for a moment and looked then back to Rory.

"And the little tot over there is your brother Leo." Rory looked over to the bed and looked at the little sleeping baby.

"You wanna hold her?" Luke asked suddenly and pointed at Linnea in his arms.

„I don't know… I'll probably drop her or something." Rory answered hesitant. Lorelai had to laugh. Luke handed Rory the baby and she took it hesitantly in her arms. Lorelai handed Leyla back to Luke and laid her head back down on his chest. Luke put his free arm around her and stroke gently over her back. Lorelai looked at her eldest and youngest daughter together and enjoyed the moment. One of the best moments in her life.


Half an hour later Rory was gone. She wanted to inform Sookie that everything was ok.

Luke just came out of the bathroom when someone knocked at the door and a nurse came in.

"Mr. And Mrs. Danes, someone left this letter for you at the reception." The nurse said, gave Luke the letter and left the room again. Luke looked at the letter for a moment but saw no return address.

"Honey, from whom is it?" Lorelai asked.

"I don't know, there's no return address." Luke answered and sat down on the bed beside Lorelai. He slowly opened the envelope and unfolded the letter. He recognized the handwriting immediately and started to read the letter out loud.

Dear Uncle Luke, Dear Lorelai,

I'm sure the police told you already that I sent them to the place you were kept imprisoned and I'm sure you're confused now why I write you this letter and don't came to talk to you in person.

I just don't wanna meet Rory.

Ok, I was at the Central Park when I saw Luke. I was about to go over to him to say hello but then I suddenly saw how someone knocked him out.

I somehow managed to follow the person because it wasn't really far away and so I was able to tell the police the address.

I hope everything turned out ok and that you and the babies are healthy.


Neither Luke nor Lorelai could believe what they had just read. Jess had saved them.

They were lucky that it as Jess who crossed their way that day.

Who knew if anybody else would've followed. Lorelai didn't wanna imagine to still being in that ugly room. She snuggled closer to Luke and nestled her had on his chest. They were both happy that everything turned out ok and they both thought about how to thank Jess for that.


Three days later the little family was allowed to leave the hospital.

Lorelai was happy to finally bet at home again.

Rory picked them up at the hospital and drove them home. They didn't tell anyone in Stars Hollow that they would come home today because they wouldn't have a quiet minute then.

Rory turned into the driveway of the danes-house and stopped in front of the garage. Luke took Leyla and Leo out of the car while Rory had Linnea in her arms. Lorelai was talking to Sookie over the phone. Together they entered the house and went upstairs into the nursery. Lorelai followed a few seconds later still on the phone. Lorelai finished her call a few minutes later and opened the door to the nursery but stood still at the doorframe and looked at the scene in front of her.

Her heart jumped when she saw how Luke and Rory put the babies to bed. Here in this room was at this moment everything Lorelai whished for. A loving husband whom she loved more than anything and her 4 amazing children. This was the family she always wanted. Her little family. Her whole package.

The End

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