Danny's A Girly Guy.

Order of stories: Not Just A Date, I'm Not The Same As You, Danny's A Girly Guy.

Hi guys, I wasn't going to do another sequel but, I couldn't keep the ideas outta my head! So, here it is, the sequel to I'm Not The Same As You which was the sequel to Not Just A Date. If you haven't read them, I suggest you do, otherwise you may not know what a Fregher is. Anyway, I better put the description in, so, here it is!

Description: a mysterious man gave Paulina an interesting tape; of Danny Fenton transforming into Danny Phantom! She watches it and tells Danny that she is going to show everyone. He is doing everything possible to get the tape back before anyone else watches it. Will he be able to fool Paulina and make her think that Danny is actually a girl? This is one of the hardest plans yet but Kelly and Kirstyn know what they are doing. Danny decides to not keep one of his biggest secrets secret and tells everyone that she is half ghost. Maddie, Jack, Jazz, Sam, Tucker, Valerie, Kirstyn and Kelly all know the plan but what will happen if someone realises it is actually Danny Fenton, pretending to be a teenage girl? Read on to find out! Don't forget, Read and Review! Love Kirst…

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom or anything that is related because If I did, no one would be watching… so thank Butch Hartman for Danny Phantom, it wasn't me! but who WOULD think it was me? I don't have talent, he does… I should shut up now, bye!

Chapter One: Mysterious Men with Fangs.

Danny was walking home from the bowling alley with his little sister, Kirstyn and his girlfriend, Kelly. It was quiet and none of them really felt like talking; they had just eaten a whole pizza, each.

"ok, that was TOO much food for me." Kirstyn suddenly complained, clutching her stomach.

"you alright Kirstyn? You look… black." Danny asked her.

"I'm fine, I go a bit black when I eat too much but that's all, I don't end up getting too sick. If I turn pink AND black, that's a problem." Kirstyn informed him.

"wow, you better be careful, that could lead to a few more people discovering your secret." Kelly told her.

A few meters away, Vlad was laughing to himself. He was hiding invisibly in a nearby bush as a human and held something in his hands.

"you should know that you can't hold Vlad Plasmius in a cage." Vlad laughed to himself as he looked around to make sure no one noticed.

Vlad would always find a way out of anything that he was trapped in, no matter what it was. You just couldn't keep that man away from the people he truly hated or loved in Maddie's case. In Vlad's hands was a small video camera that was ready to go. He pressed a button and it was on.

Suddenly Danny felt a shiver go down his spine, Kelly felt the same thing. Kirstyn, being a Fregher, got a message through her head that a ghost was nearby. They looked around but didn't see a thing.

He suddenly felt something hit against his face and fell back. Kelly felt herself getting kicked in the stomach and moaned in pain, landing next to Danny.

Kirstyn was smart enough to move before she got hit. She ran up to Danny and Kelly and asked them if they were okay. They told her that they were fine and looked for the ghostly culprit. They looked ahead of them and saw Ember.

"hey dipsticks, ready to rock and roll? When I say rock and roll, I mean rock around and roll around!" ember told them.

"no thanks, I would rather get my ears cut off than listen to you." Danny told her.

"well, since your not going to do anything, I will!" ember shouted as she turned a knob on her guitar.

"oh, don't worry, you don't have to bother." Kelly told her as she transformed into her ghost half, Kelly-Go-Boom.

Ember smiled and remembered her instructions. Danny soon transformed as well, leaving Kirstyn the only human, for now. The black and pink ring appeared around Kirstyn's waist and ember FINALLY got to see the Fregher that everyone was so damn scared of. She doesn't look so scary, I wonder if she will join my band… FOCUS EMBER, FOCUS!

"so, what do you want this time?" asked Danny.

"well, I wanted to do something about you and also meet the one and only Fregher that lives in Amity Park." Ember told them as a smiled appeared on her face.

"well, you made a REALLY bad decision!" Kirstyn told her as she lifted into the air.

"oh really? Do you even KNOW who I AM?" ember asked her.

"yeah, you're ember, the hopeless rock wannabe." Kirstyn said.

This made ember angry, she definitely was NOT a wannabe or hopeless! She twisted the knob and began to play a tune on her guitar. A fist popped up and grabbed Kirstyn.

"let go of me! I ALREADY HAD A SHOWER!" cried Kirstyn.

"I DO NOT STINK!" ember yelled, absolutely furious.

Suddenly ember's guitar floated away from her and into Kelly's hands. Kelly held it above her head and Danny destroyed it. The hand that was holding Kirstyn disappeared and Kirstyn fell onto her feet.

"you little dweebs have defeated for the LAST TIME! YOU ARE GOING BACK TO WHERE YOU BELONG! IN A CAGE!" ember yelled.

She held up her fists and they started to glow a purplish pink. Danny was a quick thinker and sent an ice blast at ember. Kirstyn made the ice hit the building, with ember in it. The ice cracked and ember fell to the ground.

When she got up her make-up was ruined and she looked like a mess.

"I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE, YOU'RE GOING DOWN, PHANTOM!" ember screamed at the top of her lungs.

Kelly, Danny and Kirstyn just looked at her. Kirstyn made the Fenton Thermos appear in her hands and she sucked a furious Ember inside. She closed the lid tightly and made it disappear again. They all changed back into humans and started to walk off again.

"so, want to go to the arcade tomorrow?" Danny asked the two girls beside him.

Vlad snickered and pressed the off button that was on top of the video camera. He pulled out a disk and transformed. He disappeared in a wisp of smoke and reappeared at his destination. He rang the doorbell and a butler came down.

"what would you AHH! GHOST!" cried the butler, dropping the towel in his hands and running back into the house.

"ooh, it could be someone I want to see!" squealed a girl.

A Spanish girl ran to the front door and was speechless when she saw a mysterious man with fangs.

"can I help you?" she asked.

"Well, Paulina, I believe that you know Danny Phantom and would like to know more about him." Vlad said professionally.

"yes!" squealed Paulina.

"I have something interesting here for you but don't share it with your friends until you contact Danny Phantom, ok? I want him to suffer." Vlad chuckled and disappeared the same way that he did before.

Paulina shrugged and walked into the house with the disk. She walked over to her plasma screen TV and popped the disk into the DVD player. She grabbed the remote and took a seat on her pink couch. She turned the TV on and pressed the play button.

On the screen:

A ghost appeared behind Danny, Kelly and Kirstyn. It then disappeared and Danny was sent flying back.

Paulina laughed; it was funny watching losers get beaten up.

Kelly got kicked in the stomach and started to moan and was sent flying next to Danny. Kirstyn moved out of the way before she got hit. She ran up to Danny and Kelly and asked them something. They got up and noticed that the ghost had reappeared.

"Hey dipsticks, ready to rock and roll? When I say rock and roll, I mean rock and roll around!" the ghost told them.

" No thanks, I would rather get my ears cut off than listen to you." Danny told her.

"Well, since you're not going to do anything, I will! The ghost shouted and was seen turning a knob on her guitar.

"Oh, don't worry, you don't have to bother." Kelly told her.

Suddenly two pink rings appeared around Kelly's waist, one travelled up while the other travelled down. Soon the loser was turned into one of the ghosts that protected the town.

The ghost smiled when she saw this. A blue ring appeared around Danny's waist and it slowly split into two, both travelling in different directions. He was soon the hunky ghost boy, Danny Phantom that Paulina had a huge crush on.

A black and pink ring appeared around Kirstyn, the black ring went up and the pink went down and she was now that Fregher that only showed up a few weeks ago.

"So, what do you want this time?" asked Danny.

"Well, I wanted to do something about you and also meet the one and only Fregher that lives in Amity Park." The ghost told them.

"Well, you made a REALLY bad decision." Kirstyn told her as she lifted into the air.

The rest was just talking and fighting, leaving Danny, Kelly and Kirstyn the winners. Paulina realised that it was Ember, that pop singer! Soon they all changed back into humans.

"So, want to go to the arcade tomorrow?" asked Danny.

The camera turned off.

Paulina was shocked, she had nothing to say. What would YOU say if the ghost boy that you've been crushing on turned out to be the loser that you had been using. Paulina soon thought of what she would do. She picked up the phone and dialled a few numbers. She didn't care how late at night it was; she had to do this.

"Hello, who's speaking?" asked a voice while yawning.

Paulina instantly knew that it was Danny because it was a male voice and it didn't sound like Danny's father, Jack.

"Hello, Danny Phantom." Paulina tried to hide her giggle.

"What?" asked the voice.

" I know it is you, I saw a video of you, Kelly and Kirstyn transforming, and a man with fangs gave it to me. You know, the one with Ember." Paulina said coolly.

"Plasmius." Hissed the boy.

"Anyway, I called to tell you that I know and when I get back on Monday I am going to show everyone and tell them. I have proof, it's on DVD. Your doomed." Paulina could really be evil when she wanted to.

A voice was heard in the background.

"Danny, get off the phone, you can talk tomorrow, we need you in the lab RIGHT NOW YOUNG MAN!" yelled a lady who was probably Danny's mother.

"I'm sorry, I have to go, who is this?" Danny asked with complete confusion.

"It's paulina, bye freak." Paulina said.

She put the phone on the holder and started to giggle. She was evil, very VERY evil. She would get that Goth freak back by telling everyone that Sam's best friend was actually the ghost boy, Danny Phantom.

Alright, it's quite short but I REALLY wanted to post it by today. I posted 3 today yay! I got a bit distracted because I wrote a one shot today and one the other day and I have been writing this for ages, I just have SOO many ideas for stories so don't push me to get the next chapter up, it should be up in about 1, 2 or 3 days, I wont take forever, I promise! Read and Review! Love Kirst…